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hey!! i kinda need some advice about high school, whats something you wish you understand then?

idk if this is actually going to be any help or what you’re asking for but i wish i realized back then that high school is literally not going to matter once it’s over. i guess it’s different if you actually have friends, but i didn’t by my senior year so once i graduated, nobody i went to highschool with (besides my bf i was still dating) mattered at all and nothing i did there (good or bad) mattered either. so that makes me wish i actually did more/put myself out there more, stood up for myself and others more, and just didn’t care so much about what everyone else thought so i wouldn’t have had to spend every single day with so much anxiety (about the way i looked, talked, acted, everything) that made me scared to do anything. because i swear once it’s done it’s not important so you might as well just do what you want, do your best in school but dont wreck yourself over it, and when it gets hard just TRY to remember that this is such a short period of time in your life that will eventually end and that you more than likely won’t even care or think about once it does. promise

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psychology !

my biggest flaw & how it makes me better: i have quite a few flaws the main ones being that i hide from problems & pretend they don’t exist and i worry about things. sometimes i can procrastinate a lot too and i’m very indecisive which makes the worry worse :p i suppose my anxiousness makes me better in that it shows i care deeply about things/people in my life. my indecisiveness means that i am more considerate about others because i always think how my decisions affect others. hiding from problems makes me more creative as i spend time creating worlds in my head to avoid reality

thank you for asking @joycemanor & sorry i took so long to reply, i thought about this a lot haha

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I’m entering into a national amateur slam poetry competition, and our entries must be submitted via YouTube. Views gathered are part of the judging process.

I hate to be an attention seeker, but please please *please* like, comment, and share this video (emphasis on share!). If you send me a message saying you watched it, I’ll write you a poem about whatever you tell me to. Bam, there’s your incentive.