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joycemanority said: This is partially what my last text post was about. I used to write for fun and I loved it. I’m still an awesome writer but I don’t enjoy it as much. It’s mostly because I’m happier now, so at least it’s a good reason. But yeah. Sucks.

I wrote for so many reasons: it was fun, and I couldn’t go through a day without doing it. My feelings were too fiery and my responsibilities were low. It was fun, but it was my only real source of productivity as well. I see how being happy could ruin much inspiration, but I feel as though I was happier then, and I think now my productivity goes into so much more (maintaining my job, actually having to put forth effort to make my boyfriend happy and keep my relationship going well, school) that I have simply not had the passion.

Whatever the reason, it sucks more than anything. I feel so crummy right now. I hope you rediscover your talent and passion soon. 

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okay here goes

spell your name out with song titles:

M: Message Man- twenty one pilots
A: Always- Panic! at the Disco
R: Raise Your Weapon- deadmau5
Y: Young Volcanoes- Fall Out Boy
C: Cosmic Love-Florence + the Machine
A: Angels- The Xx
T: Touch- Troye Sivan
E: Equinox- Skrillex

4 things people call you: MC, MC Hammer, midget, munchkin (also giant meme)

4 jobs you’ve had: none bc I’m not quite old enough for a legitimate job but
I have babysat and dogsat plus I’ve done meal shifts at camp

4 movies you’ve watched more than once: the heat, high school musical (1,2,&3) hairspray, the perks of being a wallflower

4 places you’ve lived: Illinois, Texas, Iowa, Georgia

4 places you’ve been: California, Michigan, Kentucky, Florida (just some states basically, I’ve never left the U.S.)

4 foods you don’t eat: I can’t eat very much frozen yogurt, gnocchi, that’s kind of it

4 things you’re looking forward to: fob concert, going home (on vacation atm), seeing my friends for the first time in a long time (miss u guys sm) and getting my laptop

4 things you watch: oitnb, young & hungry, baby daddy (but only kinda) and I’m starting parks & rec

4 things you’re saying: “same/me” “dude” “nice” “u trash can”

list 10 fave characters:
•Sirius Black
•Eliza Pancakes
•Dil Howlter
•Alex Vause
•everyone and everything basically

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“And you’re alive again..”
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I was tagged by bowtiesbooksandsociopaths for the 10 song shuffle thingy:

1) drawn out acoustic - Mat kerekes
2) clairvoyant - the story so far
3) I can’t do this alone - balance and composure
4) or nah - the weeknd
5) keep awake - 100 monkeys
6) ten - citizen
7) six - la dispute
8) the child we lost - la dispute
9) bottled - seahaven
10) evening coffee - moose blood 

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okok I was tagged by bishibashitroye for the random facts tag (babe<333)

1. my name is mary cate and I spell it with a C (is that weird)

2. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue

3. i have a turtle named steve (I was like 10 when I named him shh)

4. my hair is partially blue n purple n grey

5. I’ve never left the usa

6. one time a lesbian girl I met at a hotel said I was hot so I mean clearly I’m gorgeous (lizzy if ur reading this, thx)

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Meet the Blogger

My lovely friend joycemanor-and-skittles​ tagged me in this. Here we go!

  • Last drink: water
  • Last phone call: mom
  • Last text message: “Yo are you up?”
  • Last song you listened to: Numb Yourself- citizen
  • Last time you cried: a few weeks ago

Have You Ever

  • Dated someone twice: nope
  • Been cheated on: nope
  • Kissed someone and regretted it: probably
  • Lost someone special: yes
  • Been depressed: yes
  • Been drunk and thrown up: no
  • List 3 favorite colors: black, pink, green

In the Last Year Have You

  • Made a new friend: yes
  • Fallen out of love: no
  • Laugh until you cried: yes
  • Met someone who changed you: i don’t think so
  • Found out who your true friends are: yup
  • Found out someone was talking about you: not really
  • Kissed someone on your FB list: yes


  • How many people on your FB do you know IRL: all
  • Do you have pets: yes!! a bulldog named Lilly
  • Do you want to change your name: not really
  • What did you do for your last bday party: hung out w friends :)
  • What time did you wake up today: 8:40am
  • What were you doing at midnight last night: on tumblr like always
  • Name something you cannot wait for: being able to drive
  • Last time you saw your mother: 10 min ago
  • What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: $$$$$$
  • What are you listening to rn: untold stories of the ER on TLC haha
  • Have you ever talked to a person called Tom: yes
  • Blood type: good question
  • Nicknames: DJ ca$h money, gracie, blue-eyed funk machine
  • Zodiac sign: cancer
  • Relationship status: lovin my bf
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Favorite TV shoe: parks and rec, orange is the new black, how i met you mother, and american horror story
  • Height: 5′7
  • Do you have a crush on someone: yes
  • What do you like about yourself: ok i’m pretty cool and i’m a really good friend
  • Tattoos: none……yet
  • First surgery: tonsils removed :p
  • First best friend: Courtney
  • First sport you joined: the lil baby soccer league
  • First vacation: California
  • First pair of sneakers: no idea

Right Now

  • Eating: nothin
  • Drinking: water
  • I’m about to: answer the next question
  • Waiting for: people to reblog my pictures haha


  • Kids: yes
  • Get married: yes
  • Career: forensic psychologist, psychiatrist, photographer

Which is Better

  • Lips or Eyes: eyes are so cool
  • Hugs or Kisses: hugs
  • Shorter or Taller: taller
  • Romantic or Spontaneous: both!!!
  • Sensitive or Loud: depends
  • Hook up or Relationship: depends
  • Troublemaker or Hesitant: again, depends

Have You Ever

  • Kissed a Stranger: nope
  • Drank hard liquor: yeah
  • Lost contacts or glasses: constantly
  • Sex on first date: no way
  • Broke someone’s heart: yeah
  • Been arrested: no
  • Turned someone down: yes
  • Cried when someone died: yes
  • Fallen for a friend: multiple times

Do You Believe

  • In yourself: heck yes
  • Miracles: yes!
  • Love at first sight: yes
  • Heaven: unsure
  • Santa: no
  • Kiss at first date: maybe

I tag: gillivnxmurphy

x-joycemanor asked:

What makes you the happiest?

Being with friends

And I don’t mean doing anything like concerts or movies or anything like that, My friends and I just drive around and do random crap, and there is nothing more I enjoy than it. People I love, doing fun stuff, it’s just a great thing!