Double standards: Loyalty

I was thinking and Ive came to the conclusion that women are more loyal than men…because once they find the guy they “know or feel” is the one they stick with him and if the man is doing his job and holding it down then there is no room for any infidelity in the relationship..she’s a keeper and she’s there to stay… BUT it”s sad because with men, there are always double-standards… AND what makes the man unloyal and creates the double standards… is the penis. It gives them options…go from women to women and it not mean anything to them…but if a woman goes from man to man she’s seen as a whore,fast,easy thirsty, whatever…but the problem is the “men" of this generation DO NOT want a “good girl” with self-respect and values… they want hoes! And the reality of that is the unloyal/unfaithful men… are the real hoes! And it will never change unless they find a women they really like who IS NOT interested in them…and turns them into a real man by making him chase her or making her interested in him and by the time she accepts to go on a date with him…he’s already in love…now thats the man you dont have to worry about…but until men are put to a challenge …a real challange…they are very unloyal until they meet the one so dont expect just any man to commit to you without being sure that you fully have his heart because you will be played in a heartbeat and get cheated on (not all men cheat but most of them just want to have sex with other women but still reap the benefits of a relationship until it gets old..then there on to the next one! Ladies be careful and aware)…but majority of classy self-respecting women are less unloyal to men in general when it comes to a relationship because then they would be a classified as whores..which they’re not…double standards

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Virtues and Vices
sweeteners and spices
I found the American Pie
now Im getting my slices
the firms raising they prices
its a new age crisis
decade long recession
got me feeling like Tyson, Mayweather, Pacquiáo-NO
so smooth Pac’s piano
higher than Kilamanjaro
mountain peaks through the clouds
Im high off life
not from the sticky or the loud
like a post it note
yo I’m sticking around
Virtues & Vices
Melodies & sounds
from pesos to pounds
down in Londontown
the old mainstream is the new underground
let your love abound
just let it adorn
I cry when you weep
I weep when you mourn
asleep in the morn’
awake through the day
Virtues & Vices
what a price to pay,
Life is good, life is good
something nice to say
teaching lessons
with Smith & Wessons
and maybe AKs
Violence isnt the answer
it’s hard to wrestle with but Ma’
you gone beat cancer
downplaying it
saying your friend is just a dancer
sister she’s a stripper,
Virtues & Vices
as the next man tips her
she starts to likes it
he looks deep in her
eyes and realize its his daughter
he never raised
Karma always returns
its always pays
Virtues & Vices, Vices & Virtues
the truth will set you free and I aint tryna hurt you….

Before college dropout when Kanye West was shopping his demo hitting up labels/A&R’s..people said he sucked..he couldn’t rhyme…but look at him now.. many successful albums, numerous Grammys,exclusive shoe line, women clothing line…he’s more than a “rapper” he is truly an artist and a visionary. The head honcho of GOOD music..anything is possible guys..follow your isnt always the way…yes it can open doors but it can also leave you locked in a closet of debt with a useless degree…DO YOU!

if anyone cares

wrote like 4 new songs today…more like poems or whatever its very hard for me to continue to do music because 1) Im a big fan of music and I’ve been doing it since 14 but then all of a sudden every nigga is a rapper, so I get overlooked and not taken seriously lol. Idk if it’ll be different for me because im still black lol but Im a female so hopefully ppl will care what I have to say and hopefully they see the substance and effort. But in Jan im releasing a trailer for my mixtape and maybe releasing a short EP late DEC/early Jan just to muster up a following of some sort lol… Flaws x Insecurities… J23

Flaws & Insecurities update: I do alot of spoken word, and poetry..

and its very hard to get inspired to write sometimes…i mean very hard haha…all my artists know this…but you know I thank God because lately i have been so inspired and have written alot of great material for my mixtape/EP set to be released next yr “Flaws & Insecurities" under CAQ Records…im very excited…Im amazed at the support I’m getting on this project…wont disappointing ..promise yall

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"Dreaming of a land where I can be free, cause we still bound in chains way past slavery, freedom of speech, naw its called bravery, cause they’d like you to think that you free to say whatever, but what you say CAN and WILL be used against you etcetera" -Joycelynn23