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“Savage!” Blared Bogo, Savage turned from Judy, softly removed her paw from his arm and stood at attention awaiting Bogo’s orders. “On me Savage, Lets shut this thing down, NOW!”

“Sir, yes sir” replied Savage.

“I’ll deal with you later Hopps” explained Bogo pointing his hoof at her, followed by a scorn.

Jack reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his gun, and then with his other paw, pulled out a silencer softly twisting it on “A hunting we will go” he sung softly to himself in a whisper. He took a breath, and fell onto Bogos flank running forward, towards the main entrance.

Judy pulled her gun out, staying close on Jack’s tail, Bogo smashed the front door down like a battering ram bursting in full power, the room was silent and the lights flickered, the aisles of the mart were dark and dingy and the smell of fox was in the air, but none could be seen. Lighting tore the sky followed by thunder, “Keep your eyes peeled lads” grunted Bogo, who then twisted his head in a nod, a symbol for the other officers to split up into different aisles.

Judy took the furthest aisle on the right taking slow steps and making sure to check all blinds spots as she had been show in her training, she was halfway down the Aisle when she came to a door, she heard talking behind the door it was faint but she heard it, it was Nick! “I’ve made the animals Savage now we gotta go!” Judy’s ears fell to her side at the words savage, she turned around slowly, her heart started racing, she pointed her light up towards the roof only to see a tail flutter by on top of one of the shelves. She slowly turned her light off and put her back to the wall. “Oh, this is bad”, she reached her paw to her radio “copy Bogo”.

Bogo took the centre Isle. He didn’t know however that the ZPD officers were being hunted his radio sounded, it was faint as he had turned it down and to crackly to make out, all he knew was it was Judy “Come again officer Hopps?” he spoke back, the Weather making their radios useless

“savage, Bogo, the hostages are sav-“ she stopped suddenly taking a deep swallow as she looked up to see a Jaguar walk by he was looking left and right on the hunt, Judy stayed Perfectly still “please don’t see me” she prayed.

Bogo spoke into his radio “come in Judy, I repeat I lost transmission,, you’re breaking up, what’s happened to Jack Savage?” the radio was silent and so Bogo knew it was useless he sighed and rolled his eyes. Lighting flashed and above the isles sat two jaguars, down on all fours and on the Prowl, Bogo’s ears twitched as he walked a few more paces, matched only by the Jaguars, he came to the end of the aisle and his eyes widened “somethings not right” he muttered. At the end of his row were ropes sprawled out across the floor and scratches on the tiles “savage he muttered… Not jack savage, the hostages have GONE savage” he spoke to himself realising what Judy was trying to say.

Bogo turned and shouted as loud as he could “Hostages have been turned Savage! Watch your SIX”. At the end of his sentence the two jaguars that had stalked down his aisle Hissed loudly, jumping at him, the first knocking his gun out of his hand and the second bowled him over, he threw his head forward tossing one off him like a rag doll, his size and strength making him a worthy adversary “come on!” he shouted Shuffling his hoof to get traction and pointing his horns at the one that had knocked his gun away.

 Jack was the first to Bogos aid flying around the corner “Bogo!” Shouted Jack coming into the aisle to see him in duress fighting one of the Savage animals, The Jaguar with its mouth latched to his right bicep and the Sergeant in turn had it in a headlock screaming “let go Kitty!”, while slightly punching it to try and loosen its grip, each hit looking as though it was making the Jaguars grip tighter.  Jack saw the other jaguar slowly making its way to Bogo’s blind side. It was about to jump when Jack picked up a can of peas and hurled it hitting the Jaguar in the side of the face, it turned hissing and began towards Jack, it was about to attacked when one of the aisles smashed open. Everything was in slow motion as in came Fangmyer and his partner Delgato fighting a bear that had turned savage. “It was an ambush” he cried as he was being thrown around with the bear, he had in a headlock, the bear trying desperately to get him off.

Jack who had been knocked off his feet by the scuffle slowly raised rubbing his head, his eyes blurry but he could see the jaguar had already steadied itself and was ready to pounce it was mid-air when Judy took a shot at it coping it in the face, with the anti-Night Howler serum, The Jaguar fell to the ground at Jacks feet unconscious

“Good shooting Hopps” he sighed in relief placing his hand on a shelf to steady himself, Bogo and the others had detain the other two, who were still savage, but under a muzzle and with paw- cuffs on limiting their movement.

Bogo and the others were dragging them outside the shop when Bogo turned back “Secure this place you two, we’ll handle these guys!”

The door slammed and Judy and Jack stood side by side, under the flickering light. “well that was exciting” burst out Judy, laughing and punching jacks arm, he rubbed it as if it hurt and smiled back at her, his ocean aqua eyes held her purple, violet, moon crescent eyes “Judy…” he Began as he placed his paw on her face, which obviously took her by surprise, she blushed nervously and but before he could say anything she turned pulling his hand from her face and began walking away “We need to clear the area, you go that side and we will meet up at the back wall. Our radios are messing up so if you need me holler out, understood?” jack who was hurt by Judy’s abruptness, shrugged it off with a smile “yes ma’am” he stated with a salute.

Judy did spot checks but headed straight to the door she had heard the voices coming from, she put her ear to the door and there was nothing, just silence. She slowly placed her paw on the handle opening it and peeking in, it was dark to dark to see, she lifted her flashlight and turned it on, there was rows of Racking that seemed to be as high as skyscrapers. She took a breath, rolled in and pulled her gun out in one fluid motion, stopping in a kneeling position, she checked behind the door over near the racking and towards a small office like structure.

The fox who knocked Nick out and was standing above him smiled “looks like we have company”, he stated pulling Nicks gun from his holster.

There was nothing in the room she stood up straight and began to shine her torch around. Then it hit her, her ears twitched, she wasn’t alone, she could hear his breathing just to her left, she turned her head and slowly raised her torch, she saw red paws on the ground in front of her “Oh Nick, you frightened me” she began as she raised her torch to illuminate his face, but just before she got to his face she saw his arm outstretched with a gun, “Nick”. “Sorry Carrots” said the fox his voice almost mirroring Nicks, he sighed pulling the trigger, the bullet tearing past into Judy’s arm making her fall over.

The torch dropped from her hand and rolled facing him, his face still unilluminated. “Sorry Carrots, you know I wouldn’t do this if I had another way” he stated, “Nick why are you doing this? Were partners!” cried Judy, The fox aimed the gun at Judy’s head he was about to squeeze the trigger when three shots rang off over Judy’s shoulder, bullets missing the fox barely, who escaped on all fours into the darkness of the warehouse. In the door way stood Jack his body concealed behind the door “you okay Officer Hopps, I heard the shot and came running as fast as I could, who is that”. Judy chocked the voice was unmistakable “it’s…its Nick”.

Judy could swear she heard Jacks teeth grinding together “bloody fox’s untrustworthy criminal” he spar to himself in fury, a fury Judy had never seen him have.

The fox walked over to where Nick lay unconscious, he was wiping Nick’s gun on his shirt and gently placed it back in his paws. “See you soon Kiddo!” stated the Fox slapping Nicks face playfully. Nick shot up suddenly aiming his gun around the room “Was it a dream….what…what happened?” Nick spoke to himself confused and disorientated. He got up, the blow to his head making him dizzy, he stepped, fell a little, then shuffled some more, leaning on the racking to keep his balance. He came around a corner and saw Jack holding Judy up, her arm over his shoulders, bleeding. They both looked at him as he came into view. As quickly as he could Jack placed Judy down carefully who took a knee.

“Carrots! are you alright?” asked Nick going to walk forward, he was about to pass Jack, who also walked forward, when Jack palmed Nick in the chest hard making him fall back two or three steps, “That’s close enough Fox, your gun, give it to me!” stated Jack his hand over his holster. “What?” spat Nick, “I’m not giving you my gun…?” he stated looking down to the gun in his hand and tightening his grip “I need to make sure my partners alright”. He went to walk past once more, when Jack grabbed his arm, locked his paw and twisted it using his years of Ju-Jitsu training and broke the gun from Nickls hand, sliding it across the floor and again palmed Nick in the chest making him fall back onto the ground. Nick had his paw over his chest breathing hard “what the hell is your problem Savage?” Jack didn’t reply he simply loosened his tie throwing it to the ground and rolled up his sleeves. Nick looked past him to Judy “Carrots? What’s going on?” Jack stalked over to him “No more playing dumb con-man” he growled, Nick got up and went to speak when jack did a sliding elbow into his stomach, winding him, Nick falling to his knee holding his guts, but jack wasn’t finished, He came up with an uppercut putting Nick on his back. Nick moved one hand from his stomach to hold his injured jaw.

“You want to shoot officer Hopps, you will be punished by the law. You are under arrest”. “I have no idea, what you talking about” spoke Nick Getting up and spitting out a small bit of blood, his nose also bleeding, “but if you want to go, let’s go, pretty boy” Nick Lunged at Jack, who maneuverer to quick punching him in the ribs, a loud crunch being heard, his ribs obviously broken under the immense punch from Jack, who then followed up with a seven part destruction of Nick, hitting certain pressure points points, Nick threw lefts and rights but Jack was to quick.

Nick was finally on the floor, finished, not an ounce of fight left, one arm prying him up the other holding his broken ribs “Stay down Nick” whispered Judy. Nick shook his head defiantly and again spat blood trying to clear his mouth. Savage had walked over and picked up his tie, Nick went to get up, but Jack, who seemed to be in some sort of trance, immediately put the tie around Nick’s neck tightening it so he would have a better grip and cutting off Nicks air supply and began to hook in across Nicks face each Punch making Nick less and less conscious “Confess, Confess!” Jack kept shouting. Judy watched on in horror as Jack tore apart her Partner, ”Confess Fox!” then it got too much “JACK STOP! You’ll kill him.”

Jack suddenly came to a halt like the dark that seized control of him was suddenly washed away his fist a few inches from another hit on Nick. He dropped Nick and took two big steps back, looking at his blood soaked fur around his knuckles, he shook his head as if running away terrible thoughts. Jack began running his paws over his ears to flatten them, before tugging on the bottom of his shirt to straighten the wrinkles, “I…I’m sorry”. His eyes wide, his face stained with small dabs of Nick’s blood.

Behind Judy in the hall sat the other officers all in shock. “Now, you know why they call him savage?” Laughed Nick through his pain, coughing a little blood at the end. “I…I think its best I wait outside…arrest him” finished Jack before removing himself.  

The other officers walked into the room, Bogo leading them, they all had their torches on Nick, whispering, Fangmyer and his partner Delgato grabbed Nick under his arms and lifted him up, he was like a rag just hanging their unable to stand. Bogo walked over to where Nicks gun had landed and picked it up, clicking the release so the clip fell out, it was one bullet short, Bogo raised an eyebrow, convinced and Judy was lost for words, “Hopps?” asked Bogo showing Judy the clip, Judy looked at Nick, his fur was saturated in seat, his uniform covered in Blood and his left eyes was swollen and bruised. She looked down to where her arm was bleeding and remembered the voice, “it was Nick” she thought, She chocked on her words as she answered Bogo, she couldn’t believe what she was about to do. “Muzzle him” she whispered.

Nicks eyes widened and strained open his mouth dropping as he was lost for words, he starred straight at her with his big green eyes, Pleading his innocence, never had he felt such betrayal or hurt “Jud-“he began, “You heard her boys” interrupted Bogo.

 Fangmyer was shocked, He felt awkward, and sad for Nick, but softly placed the Muzzle over Nicks head, but before it was on, Nick began to Kick and fight “No, please, guys no” he cried “not that”, the lights from Bogo’s Flashlight to eerily similar, but they forced it on him and put his paws in cuffs, he was on his stomached, with Delgato reading him his rights, he starred at Judy who held her fists cupped by her side, unable to look back at her partner and when Nick realised she wouldn’t looked at him he turned his head placing it on the cold concrete and passed out.

Nick was carried to Bogo’s Police car by Francine who put him in the back.

Jack was sitting in the driver seat of his cruiser, staring vacantly and grasping the steering wheel so hard it looked like the skin on his knuckles was about to split and Judy, defeated, just walked the two blocks alone in the cold back to her police cruiser.

Nature as we know it is built up out of imaginative fictions. Strip as we will, we will never be naked. People fall in love because poets have talked up that sentiment … people are not only affected by the works of art that are written down, but by the works of art that are lived.
—  Richard Ellmann, “The Uses of Decadence: Wilde, Yeats, Joyce” in a long the riverrun