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When You Get Fired from Your Magazine & Your Kickstarter Gets Funded in a Single Day

The blogosphere went berserk this month when it was revealed – a day after a launch party for its latest issue – that GOOD magazine had laid off most of its editorial staff (prompting two additional stragglers to quit). This week, the departed team launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund its next act – a one-issue print magazine called Tomorrowwhich reached its $15,000 funding goal in less than 5 hours. We talked to Ann Friedman, GOOD’s former executive editor, about the project – and how she’s managed to master the art of the GIF.

So one day you’re out boozing with your staff, the next you’re being escorted from the office, and now you’ve got a new magazine in the works. What’s the thinking behind Tomorrow?

A lot of us share a belief that print magazines are artifacts people like to hold onto. That we now have a little bit more flexibility to do more with color, or make it oversized, or let the design sing, is really exciting. We will put it online and make it available in digital form, but we haven’t quite figured out what that’s going to be. Time-frame wise, we’re taking pitches for the next two weeks. In the meantime, we’re going to be having more conversations about things we want to assign actively, reaching out to folks.

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