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still YA, but I just love YA with mentally troubled teenagers ♥
Mezzo-Soprano, Pappano's Classical Voices - BBC Four
Exploring the role of the mezzo-soprano, who often plays the rival or the villainess.

This episode is scheduled to air on BBC Four on July 12. Description from the BBC website: 

Series in which conductor Sir Antonio Pappano (music director of the Royal Opera House since 2002) explores the great roles and the greatest singers of the last hundred years through the prism of the mainclassical voice types - soprano, tenor, mezzo-soprano, baritone and bass. Through discussion, demonstrations and workshops, Pappano explores every aspect of the art of great singing.

The lowest female voice type, and the one closest to a woman’s natural speaking voice, the mezzo-soprano only rarely plays the name part. But when she does - in Carmen, Samson et Dalila, and La Cenerentola - the fireworks begin. More often, she’s the rival, and the villainess.

Antonio explores the particular effect the mezzo voice has on the audience. Her low, sultry tones make her voice perfect for the earth goddess, but also the enchantress, the siren. But she has to sing nearly as high as the soprano. So how does she do it? What is the ‘chest voice’ and what effect does it have? How do you sing ugly to convey the evil of a character without destroying your voice, and at the same time unearth some redeeming qualities?

Antonio finds out what makes the mezzo tick by looking at great performances from Giulietta Simionato, Kathleen Ferrier, Marian Anderson, Shirley Verrett, Cecilia Bartoli and Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, and taking soundings from Janet Baker, Christa Ludwig, Joyce DiDonato, Felicity Palmer and Sarah Connolly.

FIc: Eikonoklastēs (Blaine/Kurt)

Summary: Blaine tries to explain to his therapist why marrying Kurt wasn’t a rash move. Reaction fic to Glee 6.08, “A Wedding.” PG-13/Teen & Up. ~2,800 words.
After “A Wedding” aired, januarium made a post about wanting fic where Blaine and/or Kurt tell their therapists they got married. I started writing but let it drop. Then lalalenii and whisperyvoices got me to pick it up again, unbeknownst to them. Thanks to chiasmuslovesme and nachochang for patient betaing.
Notes: My headcanon says that Kurt and Blaine were back in Lima for a couple days before the events of 6.10 “The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester” transpired. And “profiterole” is a fancy word for “cream puff.” Also, Dr. Joyce is a recurring character in my s6 fic. Here’s her tag.
Warnings: psychotherapy, clinician being overly clinical (but it all works out in the end), brief flirty allusion to BDSM

Also on AO3.

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Kurt and Blaine leave for their honeymoon three days after the wedding. They both have therapist appointments scheduled for later in the week, but if there was ever a good excuse to cancel, surely this is it.

Blaine calls Dr. Joyce’s office while he and Kurt wait for their plane to take off. He tells the receptionist that he had to go out of town on short notice – no, nothing’s wrong; in fact, a wonderful opportunity came up – and could he reschedule?

He enters the new appointment into his phone calendar and turns to Kurt with a smile. “I have no obligations for the next ten days but you.”

Kurt smirks and reaches for Blaine’s hand across the armrest. “I’m an obligation now, is that it?”

“My lucky ball and chain,” Blaine says. He’s so happy his face is getting sore from all the grinning.

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