Taking Time for God

As the short (very brief this year) Ordinary time winds down and we prepare for celebrating Lent, I am looking forward to spending some time on retreat. Taking Sabbath time for rest, renewal and spiritual growth is important for my well-being.

The spiritual life can be thought of as a series of concentric circles, each representing the cycles of our practice. The moment by moment mindfulness of God that is called “praying always” is held inside the cycle of daily prayers and scripture reading. That process in turn is held within the weekly cycle of meditation, contemplation and worship. Surrounding that we find the calendar of festivals and holy days and the stories of the church year, which in turn is held in the pattern of being called away to times of solitude and refreshment. Beyond that are the multi-year processes of formation and study and the framework of life passages held within the span of our years.

I chose the graphic of the circles with an offset center to show how every one of these cycles are grounded in the presence of God, from the moments to the lifetimes. I ask for your prayers for a fruitful retreat, I hope that if you’re reading this you might be drawn to greater mindfulness of one of these cycles in your life. Let’s be grounded in God together!