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Welp-its been crazy last two months- and though things didn’t go the way i would have liked,  thanks for the ride anyways kishimoto- it was quite a trip.

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Them getting all bundled up in big coats and scarves and gloves and hats and running out into the snow and having a full out war of snowballs.

Keith hardly wearing anything and making everyone else go nuts cause like c'mon Keith you’re gonna hekn die in that hoodie

Allura not needing much cause of her sick ass alien abilities so she pulls off the gorgeous winter model look without actually freezing to death

Hot chocolate or tea or any other warm drink/food afterwards and cuddling up on the couch damp, tired, sore, smelling distinctly of snow on yarn, and out of their goddamn minds with joy

Taking all the aesthetic pictures of the snow and everyone laughing and throwing snowballs or making snow angles or snowmen, standard action shots ya know


Matching sweaters, matching hats, matching scarves, they’re all hekn matching and it’s beautiful like always

Thank you for your time

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After hearing Mighty’s countless tales of strange and wonderful new zones, Tails grew so curious that he built a camera for him.  Though Mighty admitted being quite witless with technology, the thought of other people seeing all the places he wandered filled him with joy, and he now takes pictures at an enthusiastic rate (+ some selfies from time to time).

A Brand New Dawn - Chapter 3

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing(s): Ladynoir, Marichat, Adrinette, Ladrien (and a little DJWifi)

Summary: It’s a Miraculous Ladybug college fic!

Notes: Since I was blessed with a SNOW DAY today and didn’t have to go to school, I took it a step further and neglected all my homework in favor of writing this chapter! Consider yourselves lucky ducks, because now I really need to get other work done, and might not be able to write much in the next week (But I’ll sure try!) 

ALSO!!! In response to an Anon request, I will be putting this fic up on FF and AO3, so it will be easier to follow and give feedback! You can find the links to these pages under the My Links tab on my blog (I am still waiting on the invite to AO3 to come through, which will take a couple more days, but it will definitely be up and running no later than the 7th!) 

Until then, thank you so much for the feedback on my first two chapters! :}

Word Count: 6,834

Previous Chapters


Marinette felt her cheeks burning as it slowly sunk in what was happening. Adrien, the boy she had crushed on for the entirety of their teen years, was actually holding her hand. She felt how warm his fingers were as they laced easily around hers, warm and gentle. 

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BJD Negativity Needs To Stop

I am so sick of all the negativity in this hobby. I don’t understand why people care so much about what about people do. It’s ridiculous. Why does it matter if someone sells their dolls frequently? Who are you to say someone’s doll is ugly or the worst? And why are people so OBSESSED with copying? You do realize that it is entirely possible to come up with a similar idea that someone else has had? And even if someone did “copy” an idea it will never be 100% the same since they will never be in your head.

Do your own thing! Have fun, and spread joy! Take pictures, make videos, post on the forums, talk about how excited you are! Don’t be afraid of this hobby. There are so many more positive people that want to see what you do then negative ones who try and bring people down. Don’t be afraid to make your OC or to dress your doll a certain way! 

Just remember what this hobby really means to you. If you feel sad, let someone know. Don’t hold onto these feelings and let them fester. Talk about your experience and let’s make a change!

There is something so wrong with people being scared of this hobby. This hobby shouldn’t bring sadness or hate. 

Let’s spread positivity and love! Let’s not make this hobby something it never should be. Let’s share, be inspired, and kind! 

Bright days (final part of the umbrella series)

“Okay so you hit the guy’s dick with your umbrella then invited him to coffee and then he slept in your house, scratch that, in your bed and you didn’t have sex?” Selena furrowed her eyebrows, confusion written all over her face as she took a sip of her Coke.

“That sounds about right,” Taylor nodded, Karlie and Selena eyed her curiously, silence taking place instead of all the questions. “Will you stop staring at me!”

“Well sorry, what the fuck is wrong with you, Swift? You had a hot guy in your bed and you didn’t do anything with him not even a fucking kiss?” Karlie shook her head in disbelief, her eyes widening.

“We did kiss, just not in my bed.” Taylor smirked, her cheeks red as she though about their kiss. “I wasn’t going to have sex with the guy, I just met him. I don’t do stuff like that.” She rolled her eyes at her friends.

“But he slept in your bed and you were wrapped around each other. You definitely don’t do stuff like that either.” Selena pointed out, Karlie nodded agreeing. Taylor let out a soft sigh, they were right about something but she didn’t know why she felt so comfortable around Adam. It was a mystery to her but she didn’t want to stop seeing him or thinking about him, she couldn’t.

“But you like this guy right?” Karlie wondered eying Taylor carefully as she blushed looking down at her food. She did like him, more than she should. But he had something in him and she couldn’t quite put her finger on it, he was like a breath of fresh hair. She had never met anyone like him. So funny and charming and well, hot. “And you kissed each other. How was it?” Karlie raised an eyebrow and Taylor smiled.

“It was amazing. He’s a great kisser and it was different. He was so sweet and gentle and like passionate at the same time. It was nice.” Taylor said dreamily and her friends smirked.

“Damn, Tay Tay. If this is just about a kiss I don’t want to imagine what it would be like if you had sex with him.” Selena giggled and Karlie joined her making Taylor blush again. “You’ll tell us about it when you do.” She winked. “I mean you are seeing him again right?”

“Yeah, I’m calling him tonight.” Taylor grinned. “Maybe I’ll ask him if he wants to hang out. I don’t know.” She trailed off.

“You definitely should. Ask him to sleep in your bed again.” Karlie winked at her friend.

“Stop it.” Taylor pointed a finger at her her shaking her head. “That was a one time thing because I hate thunderstorms.”

“Excuses, excuses…” Selena sing sang and Taylor rolled her eyes.

“It won’t be a one time thing if you keep seeing this guy, trust me. It’ll be a regular thing.” Karlie told her, grinning.

She went back to work after lunch, she had a two clients that had called for photo shoots and she needed to be at the store in case anyone showed up. She still had an hour until her first client that had scheduled came so she decided to busy herself with looking through the photos she had taken that morning of a little girl, beautiful and charismatic who was a joy to take pictures of.

“Hello, I was looking for this amazing photographer, she took pictures of me before. Her name is Taylor.” She hadn’t even noticed someone walking into the studio until she heard his voice, she looked up from her computer to find his green eyes looking at her, a smile on his face. “She’s also a really good kisser. Do you happen to know her?” He smirked and she stood up from her chair.

“I might.” She grinned walking around her desk so she was closer to him. “What are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t wait to see you again. It’s quite frustrating, did you know that? You’re a hard woman to let go of.” He smiled.

“I was going to call you, you know? After I left work. Turns out you are a hard man to let go too.” She told him grinning.

“Yeah?” He raised his eyebrows, stepping closer to her and setting a hand on her waist, pulling her to him. She held her breath licking her lips and staring at his. His face was inches away from hers and she could feel his breath on her lips. She looked into his eyes, a smile on her face.

“Are you going to kiss me or what?” She smirked and he laughed softly.

“You don’t have to say it twice, Miss Swift.” He placed his lips on her. Her hands were pressed to his chest, her eyes shut as he explored her lips.

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry.” They heard a voice making them pull away instantly. Taylor blushed scarlet and Adam tried to contain his laughter.

“Oh no, it’s okay. I’m sorry. Come in.” She cleared her throat. It was her client, Lily. She had already worked with her and Taylor considered her a friend. “You can go and change. I’ll be right there.” Taylor smiled at Lily who nodded her head, walking away from them. “I have to work. Um…I’ll call. Tonight. You can come over if you want or we can just go somewhere.”

“Okay, I’ll look forward to seeing you again, Taylor.” He grinned, placing a kiss on her lips before walking out of the door. She sighed, she could still feel his lips on hers. Damn it, why was he so perfect?

She made her way over to Lily who was waiting for her. Lily smirked as she saw her approach.

“Who’s that hot guy you just kissed?” She raised an eyebrow and Taylor laughed.

“Just a guy.” She murmured, getting her camera ready. “Don’t know what he is yet though.”

“Possible boyfriend?” Hopefully, she thought to herself.

“I don’t know.” She cleared her throat. “Let’s get to work then.” She smiled.

The rest of the day went by quickly and Taylor was closing the studio. An excited grin made its way onto her face as her mind filled with thoughts of him.

He sat on a table next to the window at the little coffee shop him and Taylor had been to the day before. He sat with his lap top open, words flowing easily in his mind as he typed every word. Taylor Swift was one of a kind, someone worth millions of stories. He knew it was probably slightly creepy to be waiting for her to come home from work but he couldn’t help himself and who’s to say he didn’t just enjoy the place and wanted to write inside, with a cup of coffee on the table. Every thought he had was about her, he just couldn’t stop thinking about her eyes and her lips and how nice her voice sounded.

She walked down the street to her house, headphones in her ears, a love song playing that was becoming far too familiar to her, the lyrics almost describing her thoughts and her life. The blonde green eyed tall man caught her eyes as she passed by the coffee shop and she stopped to take a closer look. Her eyes weren’t deceiving her, there he was, sitting at a table. She smiled and her stomach filled with butterflies. She stood in the middle of the sidewalk for a few seconds before going inside. She took a few steps to his table, giving Hailee a quick smile before looking at him again.

“Are you stalking me, Adam Wiles?” He stared up at her, a grin planted on his face.

“Hello again.”


“So you stalked mom?” The blue eyed girl questioned, amused. She laid back against the couch. “Creepy, dad.”

“I didn’t stalk her, Emma.” Her father rolled his eyes.

“Dad, how weren’t you mad at mom for hitting you?” Chris furrowed his eyebrows making his mother smile at him. He looked just like his father.

“Because it was an accident, bug.” Adam ruffled his hair and the boy giggled. “And also because your mom is really pretty.” He whispered.

“So what happened next? Did you and mom start dating?” Emma wondered, resting her head on her mom’s shoulder.

“Not right away but we did start seeing each other more.” Adam answered. “And I’m glad we did because now we’re married and we have two little idiots.”

“Hey!” They yelled at the same time making their parents laugh at them.

“Now you know how we met.” Taylor said, kissing Emma’s head.

“And we totally understand why your didn’t tell us sooner. You hit dad downstairs. My four year old self wouldn’t want to know that. Amazing.” Emma smirked, letting out a laugh.

“Same.” Chris agreed, nodding his head.

“Alright, it’s late. You guys should go to bed, my loves.” Taylor told them and a groan sounded from both of them. “Nope, come on!” The two teenagers looked at their dad.

“You heard your mom!” He laughed. “Goodnight, kids!” Adam stood up and kissed Emma’s forehead after kissing Chris’. Taylor did the same and then the kids climbed up the stairs to their rooms leaving their parents alone. Adam grinned, sitting next to his wife. “And it all started with an umbrella.”

“I’m really glad it was raining that day.” She kissed his cheek.

Even the rainy days turn into the brightest.

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Portuguese photographer José Quintela uses the app Layout to create whimsical pictures that are a joy to look at.

Quintela takes pictures of cars parked on the streets of Lisbon, then flips half of the image and aligns it along a tire. It’s deceptively simple to do and endlessly satisfying to look at. The photos filling his Instagram look like strange cousins to BB-8.

MORE. Instagram of the Week: You Could Park These Cars Anywhere—If You Could Fit in Them

140409~140415 A Hottest's Trip to LA

Lol this took me a week to actually post, but at least I actually stuck with it! I usually write these things and never do anything with them. Sorry in advanced for how rambling this is. It’s a journal entry, NOT a fan account, so it’s going to be long. After this, I’ll get back to my regular reblogging. haha

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