joy shannon and the beauty marks

A Day with Shan Shan

Today, I woke up and went out to the Piazza della Signoria to meet my amazing former high school teacher, Ms. Shannon! I guess I could call her Joy, now that she’s not my teacher anymore, but thats weird so Ms. Shannon. We had been trying to meet up for weeks. I probably said I’d meet her and then canceled about 12 times before this. So I was excited that this was actually working out!

I sat up on the loggia for a bit and waited for her to arrive. It was past our meeting time and my “meeting people” anxiety kicked in. But she showed up just a few minutes late. I can’t blame a gal for getting lost in a city she has never been in before. 

First thing we had to do: selfie.

Ms. Shannon was in town because there was a tattoo convention going on in Florence. She is going to be a tattoo artist full time now. So since she was in the convention the whole time, I was charged with showing her the best of Florence in an afternoon! Not to mention showing Shanti!!! Man, I love that dog.

So first off we went to the Bargello to check it out real fast. She didn’t feel the need to go inside (and I don’t think Shanti wanted to go through the security scanner machine in her hiding bag) so we just went to find lunch. I went to the 5 euro panini place! Cause its the best! I did the regular “you choose” approach and got something awesome as always. Ms. Shannon only ate half of her’s. I ate the whole thing cause I’m fat like that. (I also  ate a whole pizza just now… like a 4 - 6 serving pizza… but let’s save that for the next blog)

We sat and talked for a bit. Let me just say Ms. Shannon had to deal with a lot of bullshit up to this point! Italians can be major butts! So I was really happy to hear that she is moving to Stockholm and being a tattoo artist! I’m sure things are only going up for Ms. Shannon from here. She is such a beautiful, intelligent, kind person and she deserves everything to go her way! I swear! 

Next up, we walked to the Ponte Vecchio and got some of the best gelato in Florence across the bridge! I hope she liked it! We ate it on the bridge and enjoyed the view of the dirty dirty Arno. I told her all the fun facts I learned about sending dead people to Pisa and Cosimo walking on gold. It was so nice to be able to give some of my art history fun facts to the person who gave me all of my first art history fun facts.

Shanti took none of my shit though. Shanti is all business.

Then we went to the Duomo so Ms. Shannon could get a good look at it. It really is spectacular. I took some good pics of her and Shanti there. I had to do a super soccer mom squat for this one.  

(I stole this off her facebook. I hope she doesn’t mind. COPYRIGHT JOY SHANNON!! Ok. We good.)

Then we took a quick trip up to the markets. I think Ms. Shannon wanted some leather gloves but she didn’t end up getting anything. Too bad! I tried to show her the central market too but its closed on Sundays. 

Next, we walked up to where her hotel was and sat in the park nearby. Shanti enjoyed the park quite a bit! Mostly getting her ears and paws full of leaves. She’s so cute! Then Ms. Shannon had to get on a train and I had been procrastinating everything I had to do for too long. So we parted ways. I hope I will be able to see her again in the future! I don’t know how long she is planning to be in Europe but I wish her all the best!

Then I went home and was pretty boring. I think that’s when I started feeling sick too (fyi, am sick right now). I basically spent my evening watching Parks and Rec and writing blogs. I didn’t do anything I was supposed to do like get groceries, do laundry, or unpack from Milan, lol, but I did flop around on the couch a lot! 

Since I hadn’t gone grocery shopping, the only food I had in the fridge was: chocolate, eggs, leftover fries, old bistecca, and two miserable mozzarella balls… So I ruined some bistecca by heating it up and ate that. It was kinda gross and sad. I was gross and sad. But that’s what you get for being too cozy to go shopping!  

And that’s all I did! Tada!!!