joy ride: mine


joy ride and mirror gem parallels 

lapis has five interlacing diamonds but peridot has only four

if the rose diamond theory was correct and that there were 5 original diamonds, this means that peridot is indeed much younger than lapis and it would make sense that peridot wouldn’t recognize rose as a diamond any longer

the thing is that was peridots pod

and what would incline lapis to create that symbol on her own and not in the presence of any homeworld gem? She had to question whether or not Steven was a crystal gem so I don’t think lapis recognized steven as his mom. 

I’m just wondering if these symbols were personal symbols rather than universal symbols

because these two might have a some connection somehow 

clenches fist

Earlier I made a post about Buck Dewey and Garnet having some connection, but I just noticed the physical similarities between the teens and the Gems (Sour Cream = Pearl, Jenny = Amethyst, Buck Dewey = Garnet), and I realized that they are suppose to represent Steven’s human side. While the other Crystal Gems only want Steven to do gem stuff, the teens want him to have fun and be a kid like a normal human.