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TJ Lanes time line the morning of shooting

The video taken from a security camera in the school cafeteria shows that on February 27, 2012, at about 7:30 a.m., appellant is sitting alone at a table in the cafeteria with his book bag on the table. He watches a group of eight to nine students
who are talking to each other at a nearby table. Appellant then moves to a table directly
behind this group of students and continues to watch them.
One of these students, Nick Walczak, is standing at the end of the table and the others are seated, some with their backs to appellant and others facing in his direction.
After watching these students for about eight minutes, appellant goes through his book bag.
He pulls out a handgun and a knife, stands, aims his gun at the group of students in front of him, and starts shooting.
Appellant shoots Russell King in the back of the head. He also shoots Nick Walczak who falls to the floor.
Appellant then walks around his table and along the victims’ table while repeatedly shooting at them.
He shoots Demetrius Hewlin in the head and also shoots Daniel Parmertor in the head. Two other students, Nate Mueller and Joy Rickers, are also shot.
Everyone in the cafeteria runs out. Appellant also runs out of the cafeteria with his gun and knife.
The video taken by a security camera in the adjoining hallway shows a large group of students running frantically from the cafeteria and down the hallway.
While Nick Walczak is limping down the hallway, appellant runs up to him from behind and shoots him again, this time in the back of his neck at close range.
While appellant is running up to Nick, one can see across the chest of appellant’s long-sleeve, pullover
shirt in large bold letters the word, “Killer.” Nick falls to the floor and appellant runs away from him.

On February 27, 2012, high school student TJ Lane stood up in the school cafeteria during breakfast and began shooting, causing chaos. He was chased from the school by Frank Hall, the school’s football coach. 

TJ was sentenced to three life sentences without parole. After entering the courtroom at his sentencing, he took off his dress shirt to reveal a white T-shirt underneath which had the word “Killer” handwritten across the front. He smiled and smirked during the hearing. After being sentenced, Lane said to the victims’ families and the courtroom, “This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. Fuck all of you”, while giving the middle finger.


1. Daniel Parmertor, 16 (killed)
2. Russell King, Jr., 17 (killed)
3. Demetrius Hewlin, 16 (killed)
4. Nate Mueller, 16 (minor injury to ear)
5. Nick Walczak, 17 (shot multiple times in his neck, arm, and back; a bullet also lodged in his cheek; paralyzed)
6. Joy Rickers, 18 (injured; released from hospital after approximately 24 hours)

video of his statement 

anonymous asked:

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  • I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.
  • It’s not just “Russians” that are “fuckin sick” about Lane.  It doesn’t matter what country you’re from.  People from America are “fuckin sick” about Lane too.
  • Who cares if people are posting his address everywhere?  His address isn’t PRIVATE, it’s PUBLIC.  You can access ANY INMATE ADDRESS through ANY DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS WEBSITE.
  • Poor Lane?  Poor Lane…why?  Because he’s getting…FAN MAIL?  Poor Daniel Parmertor, poor Russell King Jr., poor Demetrius Hewlin, poor Nick Walczak, poor Joy Rickers, poor Nate Mueller.  Poor FAMILIES AND FRIENDS that lost someone that day, that were injured, or directly hurt by his crime.  
  • The prison could give a shit that he’s getting mail, he could give a shit that he’s getting mail.  He disposes of 99% of it anyway.  What on earth is wrong with you?
  • I’m Russian.  Fuck off.