joy of sake

Something I constantly notice is that unembarrassed joy has become rarer. Joy today is increasingly saddled with moral and ideological burdens, so to speak. When someone rejoices, he is afraid of offending against solidarity with the many people who suffer. I don’t have any right to rejoice, people think, in a world where there is so much misery, so much injustice.

I can understand that. There is a moral attitude at work here. But this attitude is nonetheless wrong. The loss of joy does not make the world better - and, conversely, refusing joy for the sake of suffering does not help those who suffer. The contrary is true. The world needs people who discover the good, who rejoice in it and thereby derive the impetus and courage to do good. Joy, then, does not break with solidarity. When it is the right kind of joy, when it is not egotistic, when it comes from the perception of the good, then it wants to communicate itself, and it gets passed on. In this connection, it always strikes me that in the poor neighborhoods of, say, South America, one sees many more laughing happy people than among us. Obviously, despite all their misery, they still have the perception of the good to which they cling and in which they can find encouragement and strength.

In this sense we have a new need for that primordial trust which ultimately only faith can give. That the world is basically good, that God is there and is good. That it is good to live and to be a human being. This results, then, in the courage to rejoice, which in turn becomes commitment to making sure that other people, too, can rejoice and receive good news.

—  Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI

If you think Ronald Bilius Weasley wouldn’t accept Harry dating someone who makes him happy, regardless of their gender, then you don’t know him like I do.

Why is no one talking about how absolutely pure Team Voltron looks when Shiro wakes up after being put in the healing pod??? 

Everyone was literally so scared because their leader-no their friend has been badly injured and close to death and to top it off he’s twitching in his sleep obviously having reoccurring bad memories so when he finally wakes up everyone is just so glad that he is okay.

Coran is in the background with his mouth open happily like he is relived that the healing pod was able to heal Shiro, of course he knew that but it still makes him happy

Allura as well has a soft opened mouth smile, when the scene beginning we can she her turn to face Shiro her hand seeming to have been on Coran’s back as if giving comfort before hand and now she is happy to see Shiro

Hunk has an expression of pure joy, for heavens sake he has his hand pressed against the healing pod with a mouth open grin just happy to see him back and just overall waiting for him to wake up

Lance kinda has this smug expression that just says “See guys, our Shiro is strong! He can take anything!” his smile is soft but his face says everything the eye one of his eyebrows are quirked in a typical Lance fashion

Pidge looks like their are about to open the pod themselves and give a big hug to Shiro, their mouth is also open wide and their eyes are excited. They literally look like they are gonna lunge before anyone else gets too

And Keith has this soft yet powerful expression, his eyebrows are curved upward making him look relived and his eyes hold so much sentimental value as he stares at Shiro with a soft smile just so damn relived he is back

Basically what I am trying to say is that Team Voltron is one big happy family and they all care about each other a lot and you can pry this from my hold dead hands.   

“Something I constantly notice is that unembarrassed joy has become rarer. Joy today is increasingly saddled with moral and ideological burdens, so to speak. When someone rejoices, he is afraid of offending against solidarity with the many people who suffer. I don’t have any right to rejoice, people think, in a world where there is so much misery, so much injustice.

I can understand that. There is a moral attitude at work here. But this attitude is nonetheless wrong. The loss of joy does not make the world better - and, conversely, refusing joy for the sake of suffering does not help those who suffer. The contrary is true. The world needs people who discover the good, who rejoice in it and thereby derive the impetus and courage to do good. Joy, then, does not break with solidarity. When it is the right kind of joy, when it is not egotistic, when it comes from the perception of the good, then it wants to communicate itself, and it gets passed on. In this connection, it always strikes me that in the poor neighborhoods of, say, South America, one sees many more laughing happy people than among us. Obviously, despite all their misery, they still have the perception of the good to which they cling and in which they can find encouragement and strength.

In this sense we have a new need for that primordial trust which ultimately only faith can give. That the world is basically good, that God is there and is good. That it is good to live and to be a human being. This results, then, in the courage to rejoice, which in turn becomes commitment to making sure that other people, too, can rejoice and receive good news.”

- Josef Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI), Salt of the Earth: Christianity and the Catholic Church at the End

Sorting Daredevil


But no, we mean it, really. There’s one major character without Gryffindor in their primary or secondary– and it’s Vanessa

(Hello out there, for people who haven’t played this before– this is our favorite way to play sorting. When we say “primary” we mean values, priorities, ethics, systems of reality– WHY you do things. When we say “secondary” we mean methods, actions, interactions– HOW you do things. This doesn’t have to do with ability exactly– it’s more about what skills you value rather than what skills you excel at (though these often overlap). If you want more details, here’s a link to our basics post.)

Matt Murdock is a Gryffindor Primary with a Slytherin Secondary– he knows what’s right, and he will take any path to achieve it. The Slytherin secondary or method is reactive, intuitive, and flexible (this can seem slimy, but isn’t inherently so). Instead of planning or charging, Matt adapts to whatever comes at him– whether it’s punches, interpersonal conflict, or coming up with a new lie about why he’s bruised black and blue. 

Matt also has a Slytherin Primary model. A “model” means a person can understand and even intuit the value system of another primary or secondary House. When they can, they often try to make decisions that incorporate the values of their model– but when forced into a corner, the model’s values would be reluctantly but righteously discarded for the priorities of the primary. 

In this case, modeling Slytherin Primary means that when Matt has the bandwidth, he wants to value and prioritize the people closest to him. He invests strongly in individuals and is willing to sacrifice great things and allow massive vulnerabilities on their behalf– I would like to point everyone to the episode Nelson v. Murdock and watch the boy cry, okay. But this modeled Slytherin Primary (the House where you make “true friends”) falls away when faced with the needs of Matt’s Gryffindor Primary. When he can manage it, Matt would never hurt Foggy– but he’s not going to let Foggy’s hurt keep him from fighting for justice in Hell’s Kitchen. 

Foggy is a Slytherin Primary with a Gryffindor Secondary that he hides very well under a Gryffindor/Hufflepuff model. Most of the time, Foggy is happy to be driven by his Gryffindor Primary models ideals (some of which have been shaped and directed to ally better with Matt’s) and his Hufflepuff Secondary model’s kindnesses. 

When he brings out his Gryffindor Secondary however, this kid is suddenly loads more effective. While Foggy often plays with his Hufflepuff model–buying cop’s moms cigars, taking a stressed Karen out drinking, his general role of the “heart” of the group–it tends to be interpreted as “cute” and “aw, Foggy.” But his Gryffindor is able to win over Marci

One of the first major times we see his Gryffindor Secondary come out in full force is in his talk with Marci at the bar. His Gryffindor Secondary has of course underlain all his reactions up until this point, but it hasn’t quite been let loose (Karen, meanwhile, has been waving that Gryffindor Secondary all over town; loudly enough that even Wesley comments on it and tries to threaten her into using her magic Gryff powers to stop Ben). 

Hufflepuff secondaries, which Foggy often pretends to be, build foundations to great effectiveness– in communities, work, reputation. Gryffindor Secondaries inspire, whether trying to lead or just living their lives. They have a way of making other people, uninvested people, believe that their right is the right. When Foggy’s playing Hufflepuff secondary, Foggy makes people relaxed, happy–there are no large stakes. When he settles into his Gryffindor secondary fully however, he gets even the classically amoral lawyer Marci to start risking her job (and, in this city, life) to start feeding him classified corporate information on clients–because it’s the right thing to do.  

Matt built a Slytherin primary model for Foggy, and Foggy built a Gryffindor primary model for Matt. It’s part of why the betrayal stings so hard in Nelson v. Murdock. For Matt’s sake, Foggy built up a system that was going to protect the little guy, to use the law and the privileged education he and Matt had earned to help the place they had come from for a greater good.

And that’s not to say Foggy didn’t care about the little guy and Hell’s Kitchen before he met Matt, but it was for Matt’s sake that it became enough of a priority for him that he built it into his career and his lifestyle. He decided to leave the big law firm that was going to give him power and money and prestige and take a chance being Nelson & Murdock. He decided to make this work, both for Matt and because it’s a good thing to do. Foggy likes his Gryffindor model. He is and would be a good person without Matt’s influence; it is the direction and intensity of his cause that Matt influenced. There are many things Foggy could have attached himself to, in order to do good in the world, but this one is important to Matt, so it’s important to Foggy, too. 

Even within that context though, we see Foggy making jokes about personal gain over what’s right. Not wanting to take a losing client because it’s going to be awful for business and not make them any money. Taking an extra helping of joy in success for the sake of success, even while he’s also taking pride in doing good.

When Foggy discovers Matt is Daredevil, he has a host of responses. There are few people more important to him than Matt Murdock; Foggy traded one life goal for another on Matt’s behalf, and Matt had apparently decided independently that Nelson & Murdock was not enough. This was supposed to be about the law, and Matt abandoned that. The conversation begins with spiraling discussions of Matt’s Gryffindor v. Foggy’s Gryffindor model (what is right?), but by the end devolves into the deeper betrayals here– trust, loyalty, and betrayal. 

Fisk is a Hufflepuff Primary with a Gryffindor Secondary. He’s happier away from Hell’s Kitchen, and the years he spent far far away from it have been some of the best in his life, but the city and the community are a part of him in a way that is unwilling to sacrifice. His Hufflepuff Primary won’t let him just run away from the horrors that live there and go find happiness elsewhere; he needs to help, he needs to fix, he needs to work to better his community by any means necessary. 

And these means are Gryffindor. He charges. He’s willing to blow up buildings and kill the Russians. He’s not one for manipulation, and while he might have an appreciation for subtlety, those are not where his skills lie. Lady Gao knows this about him, knows that the place his power rests is when he’s genuine and honest with himself and the world. She warns him that by playing a double life he’s not using his strengths and it will lead to his downfall. 

For all his violence, Fisk is worried about being a monster. He detests cruelty for the sake of cruelty, and one of the reasons he’s so dangerous is because he’s so intensely well-meaning with his power. He isn’t out for money or personal gain. He wants to help his community even if it means gutting it himself. 

When Fisk meets Vanessa, he develops a Slytherin Primary model. Hell’s Kitchen is still the most important to him, but he’s willing to kill and destroy anyone who threatens her or their relationship. The community is more important than Vanessa, but Vanessa is more important than any other individual in the community. 

Loyal, efficient Wesley is a Hufflepuff secondary.  People are inherently people and inherently useful.  He talks to individual people, sets the pieces, and lets them affect the larger scale.  His Slytherin primary has bonded itself to Fisk.

Karen, terrifyingly enough, sorts the same as Fisk: Huffledor with a Slytherin primary model.  Matt and Foggy fall into her family in two ways, as the family she is loyal to and as belonging to her Slytherin primary model’s loyalties.  She charges to catch every loose end of Union Allied, sometimes (often) without looking.

Her Gryffindor Secondary is not necessarily more powerful than Foggy’s, but it’s more obvious and she uses it more. This show frames this type of inspiration as a dangerous one–Karen’s drive forward, her recklessness, and the way she spurs tired hearts like Ben’s into action can all have tragic consequences. Wesley, a sober Puff Secondary, seems to consider this strength of hers to be maybe magic and demands she turn backwards it on Ben. 

Fisk, too, shares this Gryffindor Secondary, further adding to its position in the show as a dark sort of power. Karen feels guilty and traumatized, as the story continues, by what her secondary has wrought– her conversation with Ben’s widow, however, reframes this within this show about heroes and their paths. There are things worth fighting for, charging for, being reckless for– and dying for. 

Ben’s Gryffindor primary coincides well with Karen’s Gryffindor secondary. It’s what allows them to speak the same language (most of the time).  He’s steady about justice, in a weathered way–a stripped Gryffindor who’s lost faith that things will ever turn out right but wearily trudging on. 

Vanessa is a Slytherin Primary with a Ravenclaw Secondary. When we meet her, she has no people close to her that we know about. She runs an art gallery and it’s her life’s joy. When she meets Fisk, she decides she likes him, checks to make sure that he is going to treat her well, and then attaches completely. Without an idealist bone in her body (except for maybe one that helps her value art), she isn’t bothered by Fisk’s various immoralities. He can murder, torture, maim, burn people alive, break various laws, and that’s all fine with Vanessa as long as he’s honest to her. It’s her one rule, and it’s a very Slytherin Primary rule.

It draws an interesting parallel to Foggy’s friendship with Matt, actually. The thing that most upset Foggy about Matt’s betrayal wasn’t what Matt was doing as Daredevil, but that he had lied about it. To Foggy. These two Slytherins, Vanessa and Foggy, base their relationships on trust. They know how completely they attach, and so honesty is their most important, least bendable rule. 

Vanessa is a Ravenclaw secondary who systematic approach is most evident when she talks about art.  She loves art because art is knowledge in a multifaceted way.  There’s knowledge of the physical medium, stories behind art, and emotions caused by art.  Art isn’t right or wrong or a passion, it’s something to interpret.

Vanessa’s Ravenclaw secondary also comes out in her first couple of dates with Fisk.  She tests him with questions in increasing importance, as if she has a ranked exam for him stored in her head.  While she is very driven by her people and passions, her decision-making process is very logical and measured.  If I like this man and he passes my test, then he is mine.  If staying in the shadows comprises us, then we will step into the light.  If people hurt what is mine, then they must be destroyed.  If I can do nothing by staying, I will leave.

Today, I will gently remind myself why I chose nursing. Today, I will recall where it all began, the journey of nursing school that was endless exams, frustrations, and intense first time joys. Today, I will remember, or look forward to, the thrill of graduation where I am grateful to be among my fellow classmates as we honor the Nightingale pledge of service to all future patients. Today, I will be kind to myself in memory of the mistakes and bumpy road that is a new grad’s life. Today, I will be humble in the realization that mistakes aren’t only for beginners, and struggles are a part of every day nursing life. Today, I will be appreciative of the support of any nurse, and make it a priority to be their foundation when they aren’t looking which is when they may need it the most. Today, I will just be grateful that I am able to be there for others during their darkest hours, as well as their immense joys; Not for the sake of getting through the day with satisfaction, or the glory of a title - but for the ability to touch another person’s life in the most extraordinary of circumstances.
—  Nurse X
Thanks for everything + Bonus


As expected, the scandalous Fairy tail, celebrated the return of Lucy with the best party they have ever done. The guild was reborn. Full of happiness again. Everything was left behind, they would enjoy every moment from now on. All were around Lucy, telling her some new things that had happened in her absence.

—I..Is that true, Levy-chan?! —She asked all flushed when she heard from Cana that Levy and Gajeel were now a couple.

—Y..Yes.. Lu-chan! — Levy answered with her flushed cheeks.

—Ge-he..—Gajeel smiled putting a hand in his girlfriend’s head.

— I see.. —She smiled at them.

— Juvia too.. — She jumped in happiness. —Juvia has earned the love of Gray! —Juvia shouted with joy.

—For God’s sake.. —Gray said flushed with a drop in the hundred.

— We aren’t at the back neither! —Elfman screamed showing his wedding ring to Lucy with Evergreen next to him.

— N..No! —She screamed in surprised. —I don’t believe it! —The blondie say again.

—Ara.. ara.. —Mira said smiling. —It’s so noisy again.. —She confessed.

—Mira left everyone behind.. Didn’t you, Mira-chan? — Cana said looking at Mira’s stomach.

—..O..Oh god.. For real?! —Lucy stood surprised.

—T..That’s right, my grandson is coming! —Makarov said in comic tears

—W..Who is..—Lucy couldn’t end

—Who else? —Laxus said scratching his hair.

—I wonder who’s next.. —Cana said with a impish look to Erza and Jellal

— I.. I see.. —Lucy said smiling. —So you all.. —She couldn’t finish

—Although we haven’t celebrated it as due.. —Erza confessed looking at her.

—I…I’m so happy to be back.. —She showed them a sincere smile.

—Then.. Natsu.. —All the guild looked at him. —You’re next! —Gray pushed him towards Lucy.

—Gray.. You bastard! —Natsu looked at him.

—N..Natsu?—The blondie looked at him confused.

—Er.. L..Lucy.. —The fire mage looked at her flushed.

—Go ahead, Natsu! —Cana cried raising her sake.

—Y..You guys are.. —Natsu said embarrassed.  —C..Come, Lucy! —Natsu took her hand. —Let’s get out of here! —He said and ran out of the guild.

—Good luck! —The whole guild shouted in joy.

* * *

—W..What’s the matter..? —Lucy said holding her knees, agitated for the run when they were far enough from the guild.

—L..Lucy.. I.. —Natsu was nervous with his cheeks slightly flushed.

—E..Eh? —Lucy realized. —W..W..Wait, Natsu! —Lucy stood and looked at him flushed. —Y..You don’t have to do this.. I mean.. W..We are already… —Lucy tried to say but Natsu interrumped her.

—I.. I really want to do this, Lucy. —He confessed looking at her eyes, with his flushed cheeks.

—N..Natsu.. —Lucy was surprised for Natsu’s seriousness.

—D..Do you remember when you said…—Natsu kneeled in front of her. —… that you wanted to be with me.. right? —He asked her.

—N..Natsu.. —Lucy shut her mouth with her hand, amazed.

— I..I hope that proposal it’s up.. yet.. —He said looking for a little box in his pocket.

—…. —Lucy started to drop tears of joy.

— Lucy. —Natsu looked at her holding a ring in his fingers — Would you be my wife? —He asked waiting for her answer with concern.

—A..Are you.. —Lucy laughed. —… even asking? —She asked with tears of happiness.

— I..Is that.. —Natsu showed her a big smile.

—It’s a yes.. Of course. —She smiled and extended her finger to him.

—Y..You don’t know how happy you just made me.. —He answered entering the ring in her finger.

— I might have a clue.. —She said and kneeled in front of him as well. — Because you just did the same to me.. —She took his cheeks, putting their foreheads together.

—I love you, Lucy. —Natsu confessed putting his hands on her shoulders, attracting her to him. He opened his lips slightly and grabbed hers. A tear dropped from Natsu’s eye.

—I love you, too. —She replied when they looked at each other.

—Wanna kiss me again? —He asked impish.

—I wouldn’t say no to that. —She smiled and pressed her lips against his. Then he smiled —W..What are you doing?! —She screamed when Natsu held her in his arms in princess style.

—Isn’t it obvious? —He pressed his lips giving her a quick kiss. —Taking you back! —He said and started to walk.

—I..I can’t walk! —She cried in his arms.

* *  *

—T..This is embarrassing! —Lucy kept fighting with a flushed face. —Let me go, Natsu! —Cried again.

—H..Huh? —Everyone looked at the door.

—It’s done, bastards! —The fire mage kicked the door with joy.

—I..It’s about time! —Gray answered.

—Lucy and i will be a family now! —The dragon slayer said again leaving everyone surprised.

—H..Hold on a second.. —Gray walked towards him. —W..What did you just ..said? —He asked again.

—We’re getting married! —He answered happily.

—T..Thats cheating, Natsu! —Gray cried.

—Juvia wants to marry too! —She jumped in Gray’s arms with hearted eyes.

—O..Okay..—Gray flushed. —Will be a double wedding! —He shouted with Juvia in her arms.

—H..Hey, don’t you have something to say?! —Levy asked Gajeel flushed.

—I..It will be triple! —Gajeel approached too.

—Q..Quadruple! —Erza yelled taking Jellal to the group.

—S..So? —Natsu looked nervous. —We’ll have 30 children! —He said challenging the competition

—O..Oe.. Oe.. —Gray said looking at Natsu with a drop in the hundred.

—N..Natsu.. —Lucy looked at him flushed. —Y..You know how babies are made.. right? —She asked nervous.

—Of course i know! —He looked at her. —Wanna start now? —Natsu asked looking at his girl.

—E..Ehhhhhh?! — Her face turned red and smoke was coming out of her head and so were the heads of the whole guild.

—T..That won’t happen.. —Erza clenched her fist. —.. Until the wedding! —She screamed flushed kicking Natsu and taking an unconscious Lucy in her arms.

—You’re an idiot little flames! —Gray yelled flushed.

—H..How did you call me, ice cubes?! —Natsus stood and face Gray clenching his fist.

—You’re both idiots! —Gajeel said between them.

—Shut up metal head! —Natsu and Gray shouted at the same time.

—How did you two call me? —He asked joining the fight.

—M..Moooooo… —Lucy said watching the fight while smiling in Erza’s hands.

All the members of Fairy tail were watching this comic scene, lauhing, celebrating in joy. The guild that once was sad disappeared. Now they were all togehter, and no one would take their happiness again.


* * *



“Dearest stepmother, by the time you read this, I will be dead. I understand that you will never have love in your life because of me. So it’s only fitting that I’ll be denied that same joy as well. For the sake of kingdom, I hope my death satisfies your need for revenge, allowing you to rule my father’s subjects as they deserve With compassion and a gentle hand. I know what you think you’re doing is vengeance. I prefer to think of it as sacrifice, for the good of all. With that in mind, I welcome the end. I want you to take my last message to heart. I’m sorry, and I forgive you.”

“Refusing joy for the sake of suffering does not help those who suffer. The contrary is true. The world needs people who discover the good, who rejoice in it and thereby derive the impetus and courage to do good. Joy, then, does not break with solidarity. When it is the right kind of joy, when it is not egotistic, when it comes from the perception of the good, then it wants to communicate itself, and it gets passed on.”

— Joseph Ratzinger, Salt of the Earth

  • Me (teacher): "What were the lands that Empress Maria Theresa ruled?"
  • Student (8th grader): "The Czech Republic."
  • Me: "Well, it was not a republic back then, but the territories it covers were included. What else?"
  • Student: *deep silence*
  • Me (trying to help): "She ruled from Vienna."
  • Student: *awkward glances to the ceiling*
  • Me: "Vienna is a capital of which country?"
  • Student: "Poland."
  • Me: "What?!"
  • Student: "Germany!"
  • Me: *staring at this 15 year-old in utter disbelief*
  • Student: "Sweden?! France?! Russia?!"
  • Me: .....
  • Me: "Oh for God´s sake!"
Damon And Elena: Begin Again

“Something tells me you’re not packing for our honeymoon.”

Okay I have to talk about it. 

I have to talk about what this means because I feel deep in my bones that this is foreshadowing. And the more I think about where this completely innocuous line is leading the more I feel my sanity spiraling into oblivion. 

There’s no way this was an accident. 

Not after how fucking married Damon and Elena have been acting this season, and really for the entire duration of this show. 

We are getting a Delena proposal. 

I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but it is happening. 

And when it does my mind will fall off the edge of the earth. 

Because that’s the dream. 

Damon and Elena’s relationship has always been so painfully real and human that the very concept of them getting married brings me untold amounts of joy. For gods sake, they already behave like a married couple. Their relationship, even when it was just a friendship, has always resembled a marriage. 

And never more so than this season, when they have been living together, sharing a bed, and looking after Jeremy. 

Its in their every interaction, their bickering, flirting, teasing, fighting, bantering, kissing, EVERYTHING. Their dialogue, their mannerisms, it is all eerily reminiscent of marriage. 

Which means there is a proposal and a wedding on the horizon.

And really, the time is ripe for it. 

The juncture we have reached in their story completely allows for this. Its the next step. The logical one. 

The metaphors for maturation through vampirism allow for this latitude even though Elena is only nineteen. She is living an adult life. She has an adult relationship, adult problems, adult responsibilities. There is no question that she has come to a place within herself where marrying her true love would not be out of character.

It would certainly bring a satisfying end to this beautiful angst ridden love story. 

And there is definitely precedence for it.

From the very beginning, Damon and Elena’s relationship has been grounded in the idea of the future. It’s one of the millions of parallels in their bond as twin flames. It’s one of the thousands of reasons that they have such a solid foundation as a couple. It’s one of the hundreds of things that set them so forcefully apart from Stelena. 

Since the night they first met it has always been about their future. 

In fact, it was the very first conversation they ever had.

“Got into a fight with my boyfriend.”

“About what? May I ask.”

“Life. Future. He’s got it all mapped out.”

This was intentional. Especially because we didn’t even know about it until 3x22. Until we had already spent three seasons witnessing how Damon and Elena’s bond is rooted in the future. In possibilities and potential. In the uncertain and the unexpected. 

Much like their trademark “right now” it is a powerful testament to how everlasting their love is. And has always been.

And I don’t believe it is any coincidence that the writers chose to show us this moment right before Elena drowned beneath Wickery Bridge and woke up in transition. Right before the possibilities of her human future were stolen from her.

A large piece of Elena’s arc throughout the series was that underneath all the supernatural bullshit she was constantly forced to deal with, she still wanted a human life. Or as close to one as she could get. She made it very clear she never wanted to be a vampire. And I think that is because she saw it as a metaphorical death for all the potential in her future. It stole opportunities from her because it would freeze her in time. 

She was already limited by her existence as a doppelgänger and the prevalent presence of vampires in her everyday life. But those weren’t things she had any control over. So she strived to have as normal a life as possible under the circumstances.

And once she went off that bridge with Damon’s blood in her system, it was all shot to hell. Any attempts she had made to secure even the smallest ounce of normalcy in her life died with her underneath that bridge. 

Like many things in Elena’s life, this sounds unbelievably tragic. Like a hopeless situation that she would never crawl out of. And I suppose that would be true if she were anyone else.

But she’s Elena Gilbert. The consummate survivor. With a bastion of support and encouragement behind her always. 

And standing at the helm of that citadel is Damon. Above everyone else in her life he represents the most realistic possibility of a future for her as a vampire. Of a life in death. 

And the very evidence of this is in what brought her back from the dead in the first place. What gave her a second chance to continue living her life, no matter how unorthodox. What allowed her to even HAVE a future. 

Damon’s blood. She went off that bridge with Damon’s blood in her system.

Which couldn’t be more significant. 

She is still walking around right now in season five because Damon’s blood is running through her veins. 

And people think Stelena is endgame. 

Which is impossible. Damon’s blood literally resurrecting Elena is merely one of an endless list of examples for why Delena is the endgame. 

Its nothing but further proof of what he represents in her life. Of how he simply is her future. And has been since the night her parents died. The night that ensured her life would never be the same again.

A night where minutes before she went off Wickery Bridge for the first time she was having a candid talk about the future with a mysterious stranger. 

“So Damon. Tell me. What is it that I want?”

“You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure and even a little danger.”

You have to just appreciate the irony of her having this conversation with the very person who would provide her with all of this. Who would give her the future she had been yearning for. Who would bring to her life what Matt and Stefan were not able too. 

Because underneath the alluringly seductive element in those words from Damon is the picture of a life filled with possibility. 

Elena wants options. She wants the freedom to live her life without the constraint of expectation from someone else. And Damon figured that out in under five minutes. 

And now in just under five seasons Damon has given that to her. Even though her life as a vampire seemed void of all positive potential from the outset Damon has proven to Elena that death isn’t the end for her. She could still be happy and adventurous and free as a vampire. 

In fact, she could be more so.

Because becoming a vampire freed her from the overbearing confines that had plagued her life as a human.

Elena’s dissatisfaction with her relationship with Matt came from the notion of a future that was being planned for her by someone else. He had grand ideas of marriage and children and living in Mystic Falls for the rest of their lives. And they were not even seventeen yet. 

Her disgruntled talk with Damon about her fight with Matt reflected how much she didn’t want that typical vanilla lifestyle with the white picket fence. And she especially didn’t want it if it was being decided for her.

I’m certain she believed that she had found something much better when she met Stefan. Despite her immediate misgivings, discovering he was a vampire also piqued the interest of that wild animal she harbors deep down. The one that craves freedom. It was an opportunity for her to have a relationship whose trajectory wasn’t being mapped out by another person. 

Or so she thought.

We now know that the basis of Stefan and Elena’s relationship is in the supernatural. Literally.

Their love for each other did not develop naturally. It was the product of an outside force throwing them in each other’s path and pushing them to fall in love. 

I’m inclined to believe that human Elena might have been willing to overlook this had she known about it while she and Stefan were together. Stefan was her ‘first love,’ the man who pulled her out of the depression that had rattled her since she lost her parents. Finding out that the universe had had some hand in it probably would not have upset her too greatly.

But human Elena is gone. She’s grown up. She’s moved on from Stefan. She’s suffered triple the amount of agony she endured while she was human. She’s a vampire now. 

And she’s not to be fucked with anymore. 

Especially not when it comes to her love life.

She won’t let anyone make decisions for her about her future. She won’t let anyone tell her who she loves, who she’s destined for. She won’t let the universe take her freewill away.

In fact, she started taking back control of her life within days of completing the transition. 

She stopped orienting her every decision around the whims and judgments of her friends.

She broke up with Stefan. A man she claimed she would always choose.

She jumped right into a relationship with Damon despite the objections from the people around her. 

And the most brilliant part of it all was that she was sired. She’d gone from one supernatural bond dictating her life to another. 

And irony of all ironies, Elena being sired actually gave her back her freedom. It broke her connection to Stefan. It blew open the cage inside her that housed her reckless impulses. 

And it finally let her go to Damon. A choice she was never able to commit to before because of the sway of the doppelgänger bond. 

Even better, once she embraced her feelings for Damon she didn’t hold back. She dived right into the love she’d been harboring for him for months. And she did it unapologetically. No shame, no regret, no remorse. 

After she let go of Stefan and moved on to Damon she never looked back.

And for the first time possibly ever, she started to make plans for her future.

That is, if 4x13 is any indication. 

Elena (to Damon): “So things are hard and you’re just gonna push me away now? That’s what you do Damon. You think that you don’t deserve something so you ruin it. I’m not gonna let you pull that this time. Take the cure with me. That’s how much I know this is real. That’s how certain I am that I’m gonna love you even after this is all over. Take the cure. Be human with me. We can be together, grow old together, this doesn’t have to be hard anymore.”

I don’t seem to recall Elena ever proposing to Stefan. I don’t remember Elena giving any elaborate emotional speeches to him about how they would grow old together. How she would still love him, vampire or not. How she wasn’t going to give up on them just because things were hard. 

And that’s because they never had that kind of potential. 

Elena had barely been a vampire for a few months when she said this to Damon on that island. She’d barely had any time to process everything that had happened to her both before and after the transition. All the trauma she suffered. The people she lost. There was no time to heal emotionally. Hell, she was just getting the hang of being a vampire. 

And she still had time to come to the very firm conclusion in her own mind and heart that Damon was her choice, vampire or otherwise. That she wasn’t going to make the same mistake that drove her off that bridge and killed her. 

And there’s no way you can blame any of this on the sire bond. Being sired doesn’t include daydreams about a bright future with the man you are sired to. The man you are only sired to because you’re in love with him, and have been for much longer than a few rocky months as a vampire. 

Elena was right. Things had been hard. And they had earned the right to a life without so much conflict and pain. 

But that’s the beautiful thing about Delena. They flourish in hardship. They fell in love in the midst of hellish difficulties. Their love is built on a solid foundation of survival and strength. 

Which is nothing but further evidence for their impending nuptials. 

Because the only person in the world who could ever be a viable life partner, a husband, for Elena Gilbert is someone who will stick by her through everything. Through every bump and rough patch, every loss and every fight.

Some might say, someone who would stick by her for better or for worse. In sickness and in health. 

At some point or another everyone else in Elena’s life, whether by choice or by force, has bailed on her in a time of need. 

Except for Damon. 

Through the worst of it all Damon has always been there. Even when she didn’t want him to be. 

And because of that she has developed a deep reliance on him. He’s become her safety and her love in the never ending darkness and despair of her world. 

Which brings us to 5x17. 

Or as I like to call it, endgame: the sequel. 

On the heels of that crack from Damon about her packing for their honeymoon came the break up we had been expecting. The breakup that sounded so much like the prelude to an engagement that it makes me hyperventilate with excitement. 

“It’s about us. It’s not just that we’re bad for each other, it’s that when we’re together, we do bad things for each other. And I can’t live like that.”

“I’ll drive you to Whitmore.”

“If you do that then I’m gonna spend the entire car ride thinking about your hand next to mine… And even though I’ll try, I won’t be able to stop myself from taking it, or from letting you kiss me. And we’re never gonna get to where we need to go. We’ll just end up back here, where we started. That’s why I need you to let me go.”

Holy shit. 

Seriously all I heard was endgame. That’s all this is. 

They’re supposed to be breaking up for real, no spontaneous sex or subtle manipulation, just a straight break up for very valid reasons and she can’t even get through telling him to let her go without bringing up her absolute weakness for him. 

She loves him so much that even though the break up is currently necessary for the sake of their sanity she still knows she would cave if she spent too much time alone with him on the drive to Whitmore. 

Because he’s become the solid ground in her life. 

Because they have been sharing a space, a room, a home with each other for (if my timeline is correct) close to a year.

Because they spent months together without anyone else in the middle, cuddling on the couch, flirting on the phone and apparently, holding hands in the car. 

They are each other’s normal. It has become a habit for her to do things like end fights with sex and hold hands while they drive god knows where and kiss before they part ways. And she still wants those things, regardless of how bad she claims they are for each other. You can hear in her voice how much she wishes they could go back to their happy, blissful summer. 

But she also recognizes that they couldn’t live in a bubble forever. They can’t ignore the problems they have, the darkness that has begun to brew between them because of how strongly they affect each other.

They have to deal with the consequences of their miscommunications from earlier in the season, the secrets they kept from each other, the mistakes they’ve made, and the dangerous codependence they share.

What’s so interesting about this speech of Elena’s is that nothing she is saying is meant to be final. She can rant all she wants about how they have become a bad influence on each other but that doesn’t take away from the very positive effect they can also have when they are together.

Damon and Elena have always been a marriage of opposites. 

Not in terms of their shared soul. In that respect they are very similar.

But the way in which that soul manifests itself in each of them has made them incredibly complementary of each other. For every dark part of Damon’s character or past, there’s something light in Elena to balance it out. And vice versa.

And anything left over is something they share, something they have in common. Something to confirm their bond as twin flames. 

“We’re never gonna get to where we need to go.”

Does this sound like its over to you?

I didn’t think so. 

Because it isn’t. 

This is not something you say when things are finished with someone. This is something you say when you have an idea in your head of where you want to go with that person, but in order to reach it, you have to have a little distance and perspective.

Elena’s intention here is clear. They need space because if they don’t take time to work through their problems they will stay in their current cycle of bad decisions and dangerous compromises. Damon will keep giving into his dark impulses and Elena will keep letting it go for the sake of their relationship. 

Elena isn’t wrong. They need time to handle their respective personal crises and determine some other way of coexisting that doesn’t involve so much negative fallout for the people around them. 

“We’ll just end up back here, where we started.”

In other words, nothing will change if we don’t force ourselves to spend some time apart. 

And in order for them to move forward together, they absolutely must figure out how to eradicate the darkness that spawns from the raw, brutal all consuming love they have for each other.

They have to find a way to cut off the ripple effect that their addiction for each other seems to have. 

“That’s why I need you to let me go.”

She wasn’t begging or cajoling or demanding. She simply stated it like a fact. Something that had to happen to ensure their future together. 

This is all temporary.

This is all necessary. 

This is all for the greater good of their love story.

And they both know it.

Which is why Damon didn’t fight it, mock it, or react rashly to it. 

Because he knows as surely as she does that this is far from over. They are just getting started.

So he walked right over to her and kissed her forehead.

Much like when he let her go for the sake of her relationship with his brother, he is completely calm and resolute about it.

He knows it has to be done. 

He knows this isn’t goodbye. It’s until we meet again.

It’s until the time is right. 

And when their time comes back around they will solidify their unparalleled majestic love, their sovereign bond of trust and devotion with a tangible promise that this really is for always, even though they never say it.

Damon kicked off this season by telling Elena nothing would stop him from building a future with her. 

And you better believe that that is just as true today as it was when he said it. He will fight for her. 

And based on this agonizingly ingenious speech, she will fight for him. She already is fighting for him. 

This was the first step to ensuring their survival. Together.

And they always survive. 

Every ending Damon and Elena have ever had has really been the beginning for them. A fresh start after a host of terrible choices.

This is no different. 

You want a Delena endgame?

They have to begin again. 

“Something tells me you’re not packing for our honeymoon.”

You can bet your ass that by the end of this series she will be. 

Because the proposal is coming.

The break up confirms it.

Just as surely as it confirms our glorious endgame.

5sos preferences #27: New Year's Kiss

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A/N: Happy new year lovelies! With a new year comes new year’s kiss imagines ofcourse! I hope all of your wishes come true and that 2015 brings lots of love,laughter and joy. ^-^ xx

Calum: “For God’s sake Calum, be careful.” You said, watching your crush fire off the fireworks, standing much too close. You sipped your beer casually, watching yet another flare burst into the sky. He walked up, looking down at you. “Nothing’s gonna happen, Y/N.” He grinned, taking the bottle from your hands, putting it to his own lips. “You’re always so careful.” He said, swallowing a big gulp. “I don’t want to see you get hurt by stupidity, that’s all.” You said, smiling lazily, staring into his dark eyes that were even more shadowed by the night. Giving back the bottle to you, he pulled the lighter from his pocket to light the firecrackers he was holding. Looking back at you with a smirk, holding onto them too long. He threw them away causing them to burst a few inches away from his hand, hearing a loud yelling sound escape his mouth. Dropping your bottle, you hurried to him, holding his hand in yours. “Fuck, Calum!” You shouted, looking at it to see how bad it was. “Fuck, you’re lucky.” You sighed in relief, kissing his finger that swelled up. Looking up at him, you caught him stare deeply into your eyes. “Y/N?” He murmured. You held your breath. “Yes?” “Have you gotten a new year’s kiss yet?” You shook your head. “Can I change that?” You just nodded. As he placed his hand on your cheek, he pulled you close, pressing his lips firmly on yours.

Ashton: “I’m so sorry for messing up your new year’s eve.” You sniffled, tissues scattered around your bed. “No, no. Don’t be.” He smiled sadly, the tickets for the New Year’s party left on the table to not be used. “Please, just go, take a friend. Have fun.” You coughed, sick as a dog on NYE. “No, I’m staying. You’re my girlfriend, I’m so not leaving you to this alone. I want to spend this with you, I don’t care how.” He smiled as he got up. You yelped slightly when the bed started moving. “Ash, what are you doing!” You giggled. He moved the bed right under the window, just like he would do when you guys wanted to gaze at the stars. He lit candles around the room. “Sorry babe, I didn’t bring champagne but let’s just pretend.” He chuckled, pouring apple juice instead. He crawled back into bed with you, handing you a glass as the countdown started. Ashton’s soft voice counted too, his eyes smiling at you, kissing you tenderly when the window lit up with beautiful flares. “Happy new year, love.” He said, clinging your glass, taking a sip. “Happy new year.” You croaked, smiling at his lovely gesture. He pulled you close to his body, as you both looked up at the perfect view, cuddling the night away.

Luke: They started the count down from 10 to 1 and there was still no sight of your boyfriend Luke. You were at a party that had gotten too crowded for your liking, losing Luke in a sea of faces. “10.. 9.. 8..” You pushed past couples and tall people, getting more and more desperate with every literal second that passed. “7.. 6.. 5.. 4..!” It echoed through the room. “Luke!” You shouted in the hope he was near. “Damn it..” You murmured, pushing yet another couple out of sight. “3..! 2..!” You gave up hope, standing still feeling the tears come to your eyes. As the last second echoed, Luke’s hurried face came into view, struggling through an ocean of bodies, tripping into you, crashing his lips on yours as cheers roared through the room. “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!” You heard them yell, confetti popping everywhere as you and Luke kept kissing, you holding his arms tight. “Happy new year, am I on time?” He chuckled. You smiled brightly. “I don’t care. You found me.” You giggled. “Of course.” He replied, moving your hair. “Those bright red lips I saw from miles away, getting to you was the hardest part.” Luke chuckled, holding your chin up, pecking your lips. “Let’s get out of here and watch the fireworks huh?” He smiled lightly. You nodded as he took your hand, taking you away from the crowd.

Michael: “Party, at Y/F/N’s house, tonight. You in?” Michael asked you on the phone. “Nope.” You sulked. Michael frowned. “Come ooon, you can’t miss out on this.” He tried to push you. “Michael.. I’m not in the mood to go to a party where HE will be, with his new girlfriend and all those fucking happy couples kissing each other at 12 am and I’m standing there without anyone, being totally miserable. No fucking way. I have too much self respect.” You explained, slightly angered. “You have me.” Michael tried. “You’ll find someone there, I’m sure. No thanks, just go, I’m fine here with my parents.” You lied and hung up. It was almost 12 am, just 30 minutes to go, watching a concert on TV with your parents who began to get tipsy. You sighed as they dragged you outside to watch the fireworks as soon as the New Year would start. The people on the streets cheered, your parents laughed and kissed but you looked up at the sky lanterns that all held different wishes. You tried, and silently wished upon them as well. A slight tap on your shoulder got your attention, turning around you saw Michael standing there. You were surprised. “Michael..” You smiled. He put his arm around your shoulder, squeezing it for support. “You’re my best friend, parties come and go and to be honest, I’d probably just kick his ass if I would see him.” He chuckled. “God, you are the best.” You said, hugging him, hiding your face in his neck. “The best for the best, you know that.” He whispered, holding your chin, making you look up at him. “I’m a little late, but..” He didn’t even finish his sentence, but he finished it without words as he pecked your lips softly, easing you into the new year a little happier then how you left the previous one.