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ifightandgoforward  asked:

Di cosa parla il tuo libro?

Il libro parla di una ragazza di nome Joy. 
Joy aveva tutto, poi si sveglia un mattino e non ha più niente. Non ha più nessuno. E’ sola. 
Parla di una ragazza forte, che non si è mai arresa. 
Parla di come alcune cose, semplicemente, sono destinate ad essere. 
Parla di sogni, di speranze, d'amore, di litigi. 
Descrive la vita di una adolescente e tutto quello che le passa per la testa.

The Machine (and Root) Prove Finch Wrong About His Creation

Finch: It’s not a divinity. I programmed it to pursue objectives within a certain parameter but it’s grown out of my control. One day, to suit its own goals, it’s possible that The Machine will try to kill us. We’re only numbers to it. Code.

Root: No. The Machine cares about us.

Finch: If it fools you into thinking that you’re special, that ASSUMPTION may doom you.

Root: You’re wrong.

Finch: The second that a bullet enters your brain, The Machine will cast you off and replace you.

Root: She loves us, Harold.

Still, Finch was never convinced by Root’s absolution about The Machine’s love and care for her human agents.

Until now….

The look on Finch’s face says it all: Total disbelief that Root has been right all this time. That The Machine he created is different. That The Machine cares about them and loves them. He has created a benevolent Artificial Intelligence.

Oh, Root. Her utter look of pure fear for The Machine’s fate and helplessness seem to convey: “You see, Harold. I told you. She loves us. She cares about us. So much so that she’s sacrificing herself for our lives!”

Noteworhty: Amy Acker and Michael Emerson’s performances are a blessing to the show. Utterly mesmerising to watch! Especially when they do scenes together, spewing dialogue like they’re in a stage play. Constant engagement with and total control of their speech that’s just….hypnotic. So natural. So smooth. So powerful. So engaging. Pure joy.

I’m so happy that POI is shedding light on the endless philosophical debate about whether A.I., when singularity is reached, will ultimately destroy humanity. By showing us 2 sides of the same coin: A benevolent A.I. and a destructive A.I. Highlighting on the human causes of whether an A.I. is good or bad: for instance, under Finch’s careful coding, endless teachings about humanity, constant moral lectures, The Machine ultimately learned a lot to a point of benevolence. On the flip side, when an open source, A.I. left unchecked falls into the hands of greedy, evil corporations, it is inevitable that it would ultimately deem humanity irrelevant and expendable when singularity kicks in.

If you think about it, it’s like child-rearing, innit? 

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the show expand more on the very thing that is coming our way very soon - the rapid growth of A.I. in our daily lives and how it is going to affect us as a collective society living in this digital age. No other television show has been able to humanise the topic of artificial intelligence and all things technology without resorting to giving it pure science-fiction format and style.

Until Jonah Nolan came into the picture and gave us POI which deals with what’s happening and what’s coming in the world of A.I. A very relevant subject matter that is both scary and exciting. And blimey, nobody does dark like Nolan and some of the writers on the show! Fuck Yeh! The world is grey. it can be dark, it can be messy. Even insidious at times. Especially when we’re experimenting with advanced science and technology like singularity.

Bring it on, Nolan!