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lordemusic: behind the scenes of a world i dreamt up and brought to life with my favourite crew. grant, what a joy to make things with you and spend hours talking shit in directors’ chairs on beaches at midnight. i love you!!! 🍧 hope you guys enjoy the video in all its joy, boredom, pain, self-medication and surreality 🌙🌴🍾

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Do you have any tips on trying to stay positive???

A few tips to stay positive:
1. Learn to express self-love! Compliment yourself on one thing everyday and make sure to congratulate yourself on your achievements, even the small ones.
2. Remember that today is ONE DAY of many. There is always tomorrow.
3. It is okay to make mistakes; the only way to learn and get better at anything is to make mistakes. Learn from what you’ve done wrong, and move on. Everyone makes mistakes, you are no exception.
4. It is important to take breaks; if things get too rough, take a step back. Do a calming activity (ex: knitting, coloring, getting a snack, doodling, reading, etc.) and come back to what is giving you trouble at a later date.
5. Life is a lot of work and stress. You have to have fun sometimes, too. Take one day of the week and make that your “all play no work” day. Dedicate this day to doing what makes you happy and make sure to do as little work as possible! You can do the rest of your work the other 6 days of the week.
6. Remember you are loved.
7. Take deep breaths. Look up breathing exercises on the internet; they help improve one’s singing and are good for those with anxiety.
8. Make sure to drink and eat throughout the day. This is important! Also remember to take your medication (there are many apps which can help you set reminders for when to take your medication!)
9. Don’t care about what others think; just do what makes you happy. People are going to judge you no matter what, so might as well just do what makes you happy anyway! Be weird. Be unique. Be yourself.
10. Spread the positivity! Giving other joy and positivity is a good way to also give yourself joy and positivity. The more positivity spread, the better!!!

Hope this helps 💕

I wish that I didn’t feel so sick so easily and often. I could plan my day out and stick to it, get everything done on time. But sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed, especially after a long night of frequent trips to the bathroom. I get behind on my to-do’s. I’m tired. I wish I didn’t have to take long naps that took away time from studying. I wish I could concentrate on my schoolwork without any breaks. I want to feel okay for more than a few hours at a time, for more than a few days at a time. I wish I wasn’t prone to infections and slow healing. It takes so much time away from living normally and feeling good. I wish I had more of an excuse to miss school, but it’s never anything new–every few days is an off day. It’s rarely bad enough to have to take a sick day. But I’d rather be home in bed. I wish I had more guts and care for myself to say no when I don’t feel well enough to go out. I wish I didn’t feel guilty for canceling plans. I wish I had a better appetite and more energy and more happiness to share. Feeling abnormal is my normal. My good days are amazing but they are fleeting and infrequent. I wish I could have more days where I feel perfectly fine.
—  on being physically unstable

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Can I request some characters pf your choice reacting to Shimadas' dragons in tiny sweaters?

[Too cute, I die]


- Was more then likely the one who got the little sweater for Genji’s dragon, and would have made himself and Genji matching ones.

- He floats there in his own sweater, the dragon curled up on his lap fast asleep, happy in the warm hand knitted sweater while the gentle robot strokes his head like a cat.

- Genji comes home and is confused at the pair in them.. Then blinks when Zenyatta proudly holds his one up saying he’d made it himself for him

- Genji is both touched and embarssed as he puts it on, Zenyatta clapping his hands in pleased gesture as he cuddles the dragon close to him.


- Hanzo is in the shower when he comes over and he see’s the two dragons in matching sweaters curled up on the sofa. He is a little confused but then makes an ‘awww’ sound as he walks over.

- Is amused and touched that Hanzo has such a soft side but also hopes there isn’t an ugly sweater coming for him in his future.

- Holds up one of the sleepy dragon noodles to admire the little sleeves they have, someone, more then likely Hanzo went to great lenghs on the details.

- Had no idea that Hanzo was good with crafts and can’t wait to tease his boyfriend.


- Not alot phases him any more, he had to be honest, he thought he had seen everything when he lived in the outback but seeing two giant blue dragons fly by in vibrant colored sweaters was one thing that he never thought he’d see.

- What the fuck

- Why

- And where could he get a sweater like that? he was freezing his nuts off out here while two giant dragons were warm and comfy. Those dragons got treated better then him he thought in annoyance.



- Suggests all three of them should wear ugly Christmas jumpers so she could have the photo on her desk for the festive period.

- Likes to also put matching hats on the tiny dragon in her arms, this brings out a rarely seen child like joy in the medic.

- Will always look for baby sweaters to mod for the dragon, and also scarves.

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Hi! I just want to ask for some tips and advise I could use to survive as I become the lowest kind of species in the hospital barely a week from now. Thank you so much in advance! God bless you! :) I hope residency works smoothly for you. :)

Alright, Here are: 

Dr. Dre’s Top 10 Tips for Excelling as a Third Year Medical Student

1. Be on time!

For Christ sake, be on time! Every time. It is the most simple thing you can do but that simple thing becomes excessively complicated when you sleep a MAXIMUM of 4 hours a night on your transplant surgery rotation. Set 10 alarms if you have to. Don’t let being late be something that shows up in your evaluation. 

2. Always say YES! (to the dress)

I don’t care if it is a rectal exam, abscess drainage, fecal disimpaction, SAY YES! Your goal should be to try at least everything once. You don’t know you don’t enjoy prostate exams until you have done 10 of them. “No” is not in your vocabulary during third year.

3. Read up on your patients.

I prefer UpToDate, which I unfortunately have no stock in. Each patient presents an opportunity for learning. Try to read in real time after you have seen the patient, if there isn’t time, read that night. Not only will it help with your shelf exams but also impress those you work with.

4. Act like the specialty you are on is the one you are going to go into.

You are on urology, pretend to be the next greatest urologist. You are on OB/GYN, you live and breathe OB/GYN. Getting into this mindset will: make you want to study more for that specialty, make residents and attendings want to show you more cool stuff and give you greater tasks, it will give you a true window into the specialty and if it is the right one for you.

5. Be upfront with your superiors “I want to do well on this rotation”

One of my best rotations, I started by telling the residents “Hey, I want to get honors on this rotation, let me know what I can do to get there.” Why be shy? What is wrong with wanting to do well. Let the residents know I wasn’t messing around. They challenged me and gave me constant feedback on my performance. Crushed it.

6. Let others know where you are going and when you will be back.

I hate hearing “Where is the medical student?” It is simple, tell the resident where you are going, how long you will be there and when you will be back. They can then tell you how to find the team when you return to prevent you aimlessly wandering the hospital halls. Or sending an annoying “Yo, where you all at?” page. I have heard from many colleagues who had evaluations read “Medical student was missing and unreliable.” Don’t let this be you.

7. If you don’t have enough to do help out with other residents patients.

On one of my easier rotations, I was so bored because my patients were not active. I wanted more to do. During rounds, I would listen to the “To Do’s” for the rest of our team’s patients and write them down. I would pick easy ones I could do quickly, Hey I can call speech language pathology for you, Oh I already looked at her urine bag, no blood.

8. Nurses can be your GREATEST asset.

Love them and respect them. They will really save your booty with your patients. They know more than you so listen to them!

9. NEVER EVER EVER ask if you can go home! 

This right is reserved for second semester 4th year medical students. instead, always ask “Is there anything else I can do for you?” I know I know, you want to get home, eat, study, sleep but this is the way it goes. Some residents are cognizant of your needs and let you go. they remember what it felt like to be in your shoes. Yet, some are just plain mean. Making me check a patient for hypocalcemia symptoms at 8pm at night!


Ok I don’t want to be cheesy but 3rd year is a whirlwind blast. THIS is what you have been waiting for, have been working towards. Patient care here you come. You get to pretty much play doctor. None of this sitting in lecture bullspit. People are going to start calling you doctor by accident and it is going to feel SO GOOD. Be a sponge and absorb as much as you can because everything is new and exciting. Relish these moments.

@wanderingxrivers: Omg your cast is pepto pink!

Isn’t it magnificent?  I think it‘s swell.  It brings me great joy to look at.  I get a new cast in two weeks when they cut this one off to make sure my foot is healing well (and to remove the twelve or so staples they used to help seal the wound).  Maybe I will get a light blue cast.  Pink and light blue are nice colors.  I also should draw on my cast so it is more fun.

Here’s a section of my grimoire, detailing a simple joy potion. The whole process is wonderful and simple! All you do is combine dry cocoa powder, sugar(maybe half to a third the amount of the cocoa, to taste), and a few pieces of chopped cinnamon. Pour freshly boiled water in, stir together while thinking of good memories. Add cocoa to taste to make it indulgent, this has gotta be a really chocolatey drink, still should taste the cinnamon though. Between sips and drinks until it is done, to partially make sure the cocoa doesn’t settle and cinnamon releases its power continually, stir as before with positive memories. This is wonderful for relaxation and general joy but my thoughts on how rich it can be is it may even help through tough times. This is magic though so you have to let it, and it’s no substitute for medical help. If you need help or an ear, I’m here, but do seek a doctor if needed.

How to Avenge 101 [Part 14]

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A/N: Thank you for all the support from the last chapter! :) It was my favourite one to write so far (plus my lucky number is 13 …) THANK YOU FOR READING THIS!

Word Count: 2,510

Warnings: Injuries (including blood), injections, bad language

Sadly you didn’t pass out. It was probably a result of your body being trained up over the years to withstand a large amount of pain. However that meant you were all too aware of the intense agony coming from your leg, whilst your head continued to swim and your vision blurred in and out of focus.

“She needs medicine.” Said Pietro immediately. Your face must have been looking pale. He moved towards you but Bucky tensed up immediately. Pietro sized the man up, not seeming to like the way that the soldier was standing in front of you. You didn’t know who would win – Bucky had ridiculously fast reflexes and was standing so close to you he might be able to block off Pietro, even with his super speed.

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