joy malou schubert

Sometimes I get stuck. I can’t look to the left nor to the right. When I saw your eyes it kind of blew me away, I couldn’t even look straight. You have a beauty that no one can ever explain. I just sometimes get stuck in the way a person can shine. How can they shine so bright I ask myself. I still don’t know the reason how, but I do know why. You are beautiful, that’s really all I wanted to say. I hope you really, really see it and embrace that every single day because that’s something truly, truly extraordinary!
—  Joy Malou Schubert

Why love the fame of killing someones name? I’m a kind of person who is proud of being human so I am also the kind of person who is filled with respect and dignity, thanks to my amazing mother who raised me and the dream of having my own kids just makes it stronger. She taught me.

It doesn’t matter anymore if I’m ugly or if I’m not that beautiful as “you should be” because I earn my respect. I choose to love so I don’t have to force it and in return I get heard. I get seen, people will actually listen to me. Maybe not all of them will love me back though, there are always darkness where it’s light but that’s OK I’m not surprised.

I don’t have a perfect body, I’m aware of that thank you. I actually see myself unattractive most of my days, even when I smile the pain away. I have a scarred soul and I have a bruised heart, it’s impossible to hide, but most of the time I really feel beautiful somehow. I wanna stand tall and never ever fall and No One should ever be able to steal that away from me. Not even me
—  Joy Malou Schubert