joy land


Omg!!! MCM is practicing a 4Lo!!! I don’t know if he plans to do this at 4CC, but now I’m even more hyped!!!


I wanna be free
From the good and the bad.
I won’t accept my thrills cheap,
I want them to cost me everything I have.

My milk and honey
is like a stranger in a foreign land
My joy in November
is seasons away from where this love began.
When you walk into the world,
Feel blissfully free to go
but my heart has to stay on it’s throne…
So that I’ll always know ,
the reason why you call my temple “home” .
So please, tell me we’ve been restored into another life.
A chance to do things roughly right this time, Because I believe we’ve spend enough of it
Getting to much or not enough of it.
An opportunist for my love, he is.
From the endearment rested on my forehead.
To the busses softly placed on my nose.
Expressions of adoration pecking down my neck. A unison sensuality that takes me to new dimensions
Where we want to be ,
where we are now ,
& where we’ve been
It all runs thorough me at once like lightening in the eye of the storm
Startling my peace and keeping me warm.
Calmly , lustfully, lovingly
and counteractively whole
I can crescendo the metaphors
And Selah on the tongue tied aphorism that is our love.
We are art in its most imperfect form
With a time signature on entirely new sheets harmonizing on a new quarter and wholistic down beats.

“We love to adore flowers in full bloom
But seldom do we take pleasure in watching them grow.”


Jasmine ✙ Trae Taking Love To Paris, France

And remember to do the “Jazzy Jump For Joy” when you land at your fun place.

signs skating
  • Aries: freaks out when their shoe tears due to tricks
  • Taurus: sits on the skateboard and eats tacos instead of actually skating
  • Gemini: falls spastically off the board
  • Cancer: cries because they can never land an ollie
  • Leo: takes photos of the skateboard but doesnt even try skating properly
  • Virgo: just cruises around bc they can
  • Libra: skates more than they should and screams with joy everytime they land a trick.
  • Scorpio: nails every single trick possible
  • sagittarius: skates for 2mins *im done bye*
  • Capricorn: switches on cool music and skates for the atmosphere
  • Aquarius: finds impossible ways to sit on the skateboard and move at the same time.
  • Pisces: falls on their ass and still looks indie somehow
Take joy and thrive

Take joy and thrive

no matter what you do.

Take joy and thrive

to receive all that comes to you.

Take joy and thrive

when hope seems far, but still is near.

Take joy and thrive

to abolish unsought fears.

Take joy and thrive

to conquer abundant, unseen lands.

Take joy and thrive

to open up stubborn, closed off hearts.

Take joy and thrive,

so your contentment may expand.

Take joy and thrive,

and greatness will impart.

-Jerry Harris III