joy killers

Some songs to make a perfect playlist 👇

Fluorescent adolescent- Arctic monkeys
Machu picchu- The strokes
The sound- The 1975
Sweater weather- The neighbourhood
Kathleen- Catfish and the bottlemen
Best friend- Foster the people
Runaways- The Killers
Westside- The kooks
Time to pretend- MGMT
Take me out- Franz Ferdinand
Fever- The black keys
Things we lost in the fire- Bastille
Live this nightmare- The griswolds
Sun- Two door cinema club
Reflektor- Arcade fire
Distant past- Everything everything
Unbelievers- Vampire weekend
Inhaler- Foals
Emoticons- The wombats
Satellites- Mew
What a pleasure- Beach fossils
If I ever feel better- Phoenix
Aviation- The last shadow puppets
Trouble- Cage the elephant
Do I wanna know- Arctic monkeys
Islands- The xx
Joy ride- The killers
You- The 1975
Girls like you- The naked & famous
Howlin’ for you- The black keys
26- Catfish and the bottlemen
High enough to carry over- CHVRCHES
Naive- The kooks
Alien days- MGMT
Evil eye- Franz Ferdinand
Oblivion- Bastille
Horchata- Vampire weekend
Someday- The strokes
Awkward- San cisco
Prey- The neighbourhood
Greek tragedy- The wombats
Something good can work- Two door cinema club
Trojans- Atlas genius
Everything is everything- Phoenix

You can listen and follow this playlist here:
  • Do you ever not want to share your music with anyone because it's like no... that's mine.
  • Person: what's your music taste?
  • Me in my head: twenty one pilots, taylor swift, alanis morissette, nirvana, billy joel, panic! at the disco, amy winehouse, the killers, melanie martinez, foo fighters, britney spears, weezer, fleetwood mac, lana del rey, vance joy, cage the elephant, florence and the machine, the offspring, ed sheeran, frank sinatra, imagine dragons, john lennon, ke$ha, spice girls, disney, every broadway soundtrack ever. the list does not stop. there is no coordination.
  • me out loud: umm I like alternative haha

Stop waiting for friday, for summer, for a boy to fall in love with you.     Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make something of the moment you’re in right now.

+love on the road ; a playlist for those moments in the car where both of you just enjoy the music and each-other. 

[twin shadows, the killers, jack’s mannequin, vance joy, andreas moe, last lynx, kings of leon.] 

Name/ nickname: My name is Mykah but I don’t really have a nickname? Feel free to come up with one.

Favourite colour(s): Yellows of any kind!! Also light purple, olive green, and pink!

Last song u listened to: Guess who doesn’t remember, lmao (hint: it’s me, I don’t remember). Just pretend it was something Cool like Joy Ride by The Killers.

Favourite tv show(s): I don’t really Like shows? They just exist.

First fandom: Warrior Cats lmao, R.I.P. (the embarrassment still haunts me).

Hobbies: I mean? I do art sometimes, I don’t really like it though so idk if that counts.

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten: Seaweed probably. It’s gross and I think I may or may not be allergic to it. Also cilantro. Cilantro tastes like gross.

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came across this video with quite decent quality + speech about Anton Corbijn

tinchentitri  asked:

I really loved the new chapter! I can see so many problems coming to Anna because of her work, and Tyler, but I can't wait to see how that'll play out. And I'm excited see the fluffy times, and the "normal" relationship stuff between Anna and Tom as well! I'm seriously so excited to see what you've planned for them!

Oh, @tinchentitri​. You are just the loveliest human. Thank you so much!!!

This chapter had a lot of set up for what’s to come so I’m glad you enjoyed it! Work and Tyler are real joy killers! But don’t worry, we have some adorable fluff coming up quick in chapter 7 (I already started it!) 

Chapter 6 of Built For Longing is now live if you missed it!

Thought I would share my vinyl collection with you guys! Here’s a list of everyone that I have

Nevermind~ Nirvana
Bleach~ Nirvana
Sounds Good Feels Good~ 5SOS
Suck It And See~ Arctic Monkeys
Aja- Steely Dan
Crimes of Passion~ Pat Benatar
Crown of Creation~ Jefferson Airplane
Bark~ Jefferson Airplane
Fun House~ the Stooges
Ramones~ End Of The Century
¡Uno!~ Green Day
The Velvet Underground live at Max’s Kansas City~ The Velvet Underground
Europe ‘72 Tour~ Grateful Dead
Workingman’s Dead~ Grateful Dead
Wake of the Flood~ Grateful Dead
Unknown Pleasures~ Joy Division
Killers~ Iron Maiden
The Number of the Beast~ Iron Maiden
The Book of Souls (limited edition European triple heavyweight)~ Iron Maiden
Low Budget~ The Kinks
Dark Side of the Mood~ Pink Floyd
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band~ the Beatles
All the Time~ Culture Shock
Troops of Tomorrow~ the exploited
Fleetwood Mac~ Fleetwood Mac
Rumors~ Fleetwood Mac
L.A. Woman~ Doors


….seriously though if they don’t put him back up again when I visit in July/August I’m gonna post it note the shit out of that wall. How dare you not let us have fun.


The Lapis and I in the 2nd 3rd and 4th pictures got asked to do those poses like 15 times hahaha. It was awesome.

I was the Jasper, the Lapis I did the pictures with is @cosplayingcongoer, and The Grand Highblood is @serpentinesylph!

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