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7 Actresses Whose K-Drama Outfits Have Blessed Us With All The Fashion Inspiration We Need

7 Actresses Whose K-Drama Outfits Have Blessed Us With All The Fashion Inspiration We Need

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Dramas are fun to watch in general, but they’re even more fun to watch when the outfits of the characters define who they are and amplify their personalities. It adds to the appeal of every scene, and if the stylist is good, then the looks follow the mood of the situation, whether it’s gloomy, happy, or everything in between. While some outfits may seem intense, there’s always something we can…

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Submission: The Gods Have Lost Their Minds (Or: Maui is not a damn BABYSITTER, Moana needs to stop laughing, Obito's hay fever causes copious amounts of destruction, and Kakashi wants to electrocute something. Probably Maui. Possibly the brain-dead chicken.)

“Can you STOP SNEEZING LAVA for TEN MINUTES, please?” Maui tried to keep the edge of despair out of his voice as he watched the bizzare half-demon kid launch himself backwards off the boat from the force of the glob of molten rock that just erupted from his mouth and nose.
Beside him, Moana was trying to stifle laughter as the ocean deposited the now waterlogged boy on the deck once more.
The demigod wanted to bash his head against the nearest hard surface that wasn’t liable to break as a result. “How do you even HAVE allergies this bad right now? We are in the middle of the OCEAN. There are no plants, there is no dust, so unless you are allergic to SEA WATER, there is NO LOGICAL REASON for you to be sneezing like this.”
Obito at least had the grace to look sheepish. “I just have a sensitive nose, the spray off the water has a similar effect to someone sticking a feather up my nose.”
“I will shove Moana’s oar up someone’s ASS if you all don’t shut up!” came the aggravated voice of the last human passenger on their little canoe of miscreants. Or, well, humanoid. Kakashi had been a minor storm god, but Maui stealing his powers had trapped the silver-haired and white-eyed spirit in a mortal, teenage body, much to his annoyance.
Now, they were on their way to Lolotai to confront a certain klepto-crab in an attempt to retrieve Maui’s hook as a first step on their bizarre quest to saving the world. Assuming that Obito’s sneezing or Kakashi’s creative temper didn’t get them all killed first.
Maui wasn’t going to hold his breath.
- - - - - - - -
Okay, maybe it was Moana’s mouth that was going to kill them. In other news, Kakamora are VERY flammable.
- - - - - - - -
Tamatoa was surprisingly easy to trick. A few (admittedly cheesy) lines from Moana and he would not. Shut. Up. Obito started sneezing from the amount of sand kicked up during the giant crab’s fight with Maui, and Tamatoa abandoned his meal in favor of dodging lava, allowing the group to escape with Maui’s hook.
This left them with the last leg of their journey to finish - the voyage to Te'Fiti. He was RESOLUTELY ignoring the two kissing teenage boys sitting by the boat’s rudder, writing it off as the result of adrenaline from nearly getting murdered by Tamatoa. Now if only Moana would stop CACKLING like a CRAZY WOMAN while steering.
- - - - - - - -
Of all the words Maui would associate with Te'Kah, ‘Mother’ was NOT one of them. Seeing Obito launch himself at the lava demon, not to attack but to HUG it (HER, Maui reminded himself, not that he could tell) and start crying tears of joy that looked suspiciously like liquid metal was now VERY HIGH on the list of things Maui never expected to see, but has somehow seen anyway on this clusterfuck of a quest. To then discover that Te'Kah and Te'Fiti were one and the same was somehow LESS of a shock. And then he got to watch the divine version of introducing one’s significant other to one’s parents, and decided that returning to his pebble-pile island where things made sense wasn’t so bad an idea after all.

Dating Joy would include...

Originally posted by 1krystaljung

(You’re Yeri lmao)

  • Total badass couple everyone loves but is also kinda jealous of
  • Lowkey you  guys always look so good together, not couple outfits but you guys just always tend to pair well with outfits that make everyone turn to stare
  • You’re always putting your hand on her thighs. Like when you guys are seated somewhere or you’re just hanging out at the dorms. Your hands just fall to her thighs. 
  • Joy doesn’t even notice it until Yeri points it out. 
  • “(y/n) always hands their hands on your thighs, why?”
  • So Joy asks you and you admit you love her thighs and it’s just relaxing
  • Every time you do it from now on Joy smiles to herself and she might tease you once or twice about it
  • One day after Joy pranks Yeri, Yeri comes to you asking for your help to get her back. You aren’t really sure about it at first because you know how Joy gets with pranks. 
  • It’s not until you get back to your apartment and Joy scares the hell out of you that you go to Yeri and start planning how to get her back. 
  • You and Yeri spend weeks on the plan to prank her back. Joy gets suspicious because you don’t usually spend so much time Yeri. 
  • When Joy asks about it you panic and tell her you’re cheating on her with Yeri. 
  • She doesn’t believe you (because you would NEVER cheat on her) and starts hitting you with a pillow. “What are you hiding you idiot??? Tell me!”
  • So you text Yeri that the prank has to happen soon because Joy might find out. 
  • The next day Joy and Irene are in the practice room when you and Yeri shut off all the lights and music. It’s all dark and Joy tries to find Irene. 
  • You and Yeri sneak into the room and creep up behind Joy. 
  • Wendy (who you guys also enlisted to help) counts to three then turns on the lights. 
  • You and Yeri scream at Joy as the lights switch on and Joy straight up hits you in the face as she’s yelling. 
  • Irene is on the floor terrified…..collateral damage from the prank.
  • You land back on the floor from Joy’s hit. Joy was angry but then she saw that she hit you and went to your side apologizing. 
  • Yeri is the only one cracking up about to die from laughter. 
  • You’re massaging your jaw. 
  • Joy smacks your arm. “Why did you that? Stupid.”
  • You shake your head. “You’re hitting me again after you just punched my face? What are you a boxer?” 
  • You’re never pranking Joy again you’d rather not get hit. 
  • You apologize to Irene for lowkey traumatizing her. Yeri is still laughing.
  • Joy starts smiling seeing how regretful and guilty you look. “Serve you right for scaring me jagi…” Then she softens and wraps her arms around you. “I’m proud you did manage to get me back though.”
  •  Lazy hangouts with lots of cuddling and making out
  • So much making out the other members start throwing things at you guys telling you to get a room
  • But also sweet cuddles that leave the other members jealous so they throw a pillow at you guys telling you to stop rubbing it in that they’re single.
  • You suggest to Joy that you move hanging out and cuddling to your place only, for the other girls’ sake, but Joy refuses. She loves showing you off because you’re the best (boy/girl)friend ever.

Mystic Messenger x Pokemon! This was a collab with @mocakochi! Please give her lot’s of love when she posts her part of the collab! I made them back in January but I keep forgetting to post them! 

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LEGION Recap: 1x04

I have truly and too deeply loved many television shows in my time. I have written tens of thousands of words about some of them, hundreds even! But there have been a few among them that I have loved specially, personally. Shows that make me feel off-kilter in my joy, almost suspicious that someone peered into my soul, and found there a well of spooky sweet stylized absurdism, and they hauled up a bucket of the stuff, and from it made Twin Peaks, and Pushing Daisies, and Legion.

So that may be partially why these are only getting longer.

Season 1, ‘Chapter 4’

First up here I just want to give a quick shout-out to the masterpieces of cagey chiasmus that are FX’s episode descriptions.


Anyway full disclosz I first watched ‘Chapter 4’ with my bff Jen, right after consuming a strong cocktail, a cup of Turkish tea, some champagne, and a mug of ice cream in fairly quick succession. I proceeded to lose my mind THOROUGHLY and with GREAT VIM.

Here is how it started:

Me, singing at the black screen: “Shooww me Jemaine Clement!”
First shot:

Me: [screams]

“Good evening,” Jemaine Clement addresses us from his Mylar lounge, and like, yes Jemaine, it is, thank you. He proceeds to deliver a short lecture about human nature as the camera slowly pulls back. We are the root of all our problems, he proposes, through our own confusion and anger. “Violence, in other words, is ignorance,” he declares, and he should have stopped there, but then blurts out “Figure your shit out, that’s my…what I’d say.”

He scoops up his glass to take a drink, but the liquid inside has turned into a solid ice cube. It slowly slides out and falls to the floor, the camera obligingly zooming back in so that he can start over.

Hi so I love every fucking thing this scene is doing and I’m only halfway through it. Rather like me and this show I guess.

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European Hotel Rooms and Backstage Secrets (Vatya) - Izzy

AN: This is a chronological compilation of Violet Chachki surprising Katya Zamolodchikova. I hope you like it because this took me forever!

Also if anyone wants to chat, hmu cause I love to bounce ideas off of people!

xoxo Izzy

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anonymous asked:

My Headcanon: Chara is the only one who legitimately enjoys Papryus cooking, and the first night he cooks, eveyone just stares at Chara with worried looks on their faces as Chara wolfs down the spaghetti and after clearing the bowl, without any sarcasm, holds the bowl up and asks for seconds, much to the horrified faces of everyone else.

This is the cutest mental image in the world anon oh my god

Papyrus about to cry tears of joy while Sans instantly becomes suspicious but isn’t sure exactly what he’s suspicious of

the kid can’t be serious, right

there’s something going on

But nope, it’s just Chara having extremely weird standards

Ezria Wedding Clues (Updated)

Note: These are clues pointing to an Ezria wedding and Ezria proposal, NOT the fact that Ezria are together. We’ve had more clues about Ezria getting back together, but this does not focus on that.

  1. At Paley Fest 2015, Marlene told Patrick J. Adams that he might need to come on the show to be someone’s best man. He played Hardy, Ezra’s best friend. Marlene later tweeted me and once again hinted that Hardy will be back.
  2. Marlene DMed me last year promising that Ezria will have a happy ending.
  3. Marlene tweeted a fan last year saying that “I would never have an Ezria wedding off-screen,” meaning she wouldn’t have them get married NOT on TV.
  4. Lucy has hinted many times recently in interviews. “I can say something very special and romantic happens for my character that a lot of the fans of the show will appreciate.” Later, she said, “Something pretty special happens in their lives” about Ezria. She also said they have a lot of “impactful scenes” and she’s filmed a lot with him. (Yes, I know, ‘impactful’ is not a word.)
  5. Ian said that season is very romantic, “at least to him.”
  6. Executive producer, Charlie Craig, said that there are a lot of exciting developments for Ezria’s relationship this season, in the first half and second half. Then Marlene said that the proposal is in the summer season and the wedding is in the winter season. Hmm?
  7. Troian hinted that Spoby aren’t endgame. Tyler personally doesn’t think that Haleb have developed enough in time for the wedding. They mentioned Emison when talking about the wedding, kinda making it a little too obvious for it to be them. (Not that it would be them anyway.)

Clues Suggesting That the Proposal Already Happened!!

  1. Ian described the season as “joy is suspicious.” This means that they’re likely very happy until something happens later on. This would make more sense to have the engagement first, and then, for example, Nicole comes back and they’re engaged.
  2. Marlene said this while they were filming 7x09. “But it’s going to be very, very romantic. All of the Liars are getting epic romance this season. They’re having a lot of fun with it. At the table read, when the proposal was read out loud, a lot of people were crying, especially the Liars, because it’s so romantic.” This means the table read has already happened for the proposal.
  3. Lucy has been wearing the same ring on her ring finger for a couple episodes, at least that we can see of it.
  4. Assuming Ian is talking about the proposal when talking about Ezria romance, and Lucy is talking about the proposal when talking about Ezria romance, it already would’ve been filmed several episodes ago.
  5. Shay posted a snap of Lucy and immediately deleted it. I never saw it, but perhaps you could see the ring in the video? (This is a less obvious clue.)

This is the picture Lisa posted where you can see Aria wearing a large ring on her ring finger. 

And, later on, she took this picture for a sponsored post. Notice she took the ring off. Why would she take it off? 

There’s also a video on Snapchat of Lucy wearing it. You can find it here. (It’s easier to see as a video.)