joy in dance form

magpiers  asked:

Sorry if this has been asked already - do you have any tips for someone just starting out with Bastet?

No worries! It hasn’t. Bastet is quite motherly and protective of her devotees it’s very important to remember that when starting off with her. There is no real right or wrong way to do it but you can start off by lighting an incense to her and praying to her. Start a talking relationship with her. After you do that you can move into operating in her energy.

She has dominion over sex, fertility, marriage, magic, music, childbirth, prosperity, joy, dance, and healing. The pleasures of life basically. 

Operating any forms of magic with these ^^^^^ Would be your strongest suite when using her energy. 

She protects against infertility, dangerous childbirth, illness, evil spirits, and bodily injuries. She’s a matron of magicians and healers. 

If you wish to become a devotee I highly suggest you dedicate yourself during the time of her festival (Bubastis festival). If you wish to do so faster a new moon is good enough. She’s attributed with both the sun and the moon, her color attribute is green. 

She loves perfume and incense. Perfume “Salve” is preferred. Offer her precious creams, perfumes, or offerings that benefit her sacred animal the cat.

Also, something interesting is that I made my daily personal care as a devotion to her as well, using certain creams or perfumes that she likes. She cares a lot for your health (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual) so make sure you take care of yourself or you might get scolded. 

anonymous asked:

I don't need luck. I'm not worried that you'll step on my feet or that you won't be able to learn. Anybody can dance; it's a form of joy that comes from the heart itself. I just have to find you the right song.

I sure hope you’re right. Maybe the right song will make me less stiff.