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First off all of you sweetheart ya don’t have to read this all BUT I’M TOO HIGH RIGHT NOW WITH ALL THE EXCITEMENT I CAN’T STOP MYSELF SO IMMA DO THIS ANY WAY!!!

Yesterday was the happiest day ever!! Due to all of your birthday wishes and gift, I EVEN GET THE PRESENT AT THE LAST HOUR OF THE DAY WHICH MEAN 11PM SO NO REGRET!!


Below gonna be alots~~~ Of Birthday presents I got from lovely people and my friends~~ I’ll be mention all of you in this post get angry at me for spamming your notes like this sweet heart BUT I WON’T REGRET CAUSE I LOVE YOUUUUU!!

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Characters: Dean x Reader, Castiel, Sam

Words: 2110

Summary: The reader has been sick for the past week, but when Dean has to go on a hunt and Cas takes care of the reader, Castiel reveals that the reader isn’t actually sick.

This one shot is dedicated to @soaringeag1e , in honor of her baby girl coming in September!! :D The idea came to me and I just had to write it. So this is for you Megan. And special thank you to @the-thirteenthhour for helping me with this! :) Enjoy!!

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It’s Your Birthday!

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Featuring: Tom Holland (and special guest Tessa Holland)

Warning: fluff af

Prompt: This is actually a small drabble for my best friend (LOVE YOU BEB) because it was just recently her birthday and this is for her.

But it’s a drabble of the reader’s birthday and Tom is overly ecstatic about it. Because he obvi would be.

Sun filtered through the windows as you woke in bed. The large duvet falling off your head as you sat up. The city scape spanned out in front of you, the dazzling orange of the rising sun cascaded over the tall buildings and sky scrapers. Your hair was a mangled mess, as usual in the AM. You yawned happily, turning over to see that the spot beside you was empty beside from the large greyish brown ball of fur. Your eyebrows drew together in confusion and dismay.

“Tessa,” your hand reached out to pet the sleeping dog. She stirred at your touch and rolled over on her stomach, staring up at you with adorable puppy dog eyes. “Where’s daddy?” You asked her, rubbing her belly playfully, looking around the empty bedroom for your boyfriend.

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Summary: You and Danny are enjoying some private time together (Mini sequel to I Love You)

You sat on the couch, watching The Incident that you bought from a kid in Harlem. Eyes glued to the screen, you failed to notice your boyfriend enter with a box of pizza.

“Hey, Y/N,” Danny greeted you, seating himself beside you and giving you a small kiss on the lips.

“Hey, baby. I have a question. Would you be able to punch that robotic worm and make it useless? Will you be able to fight the Hulk? What about Thor?”

Danny chuckled and mumbled a faint, “I have no clue, won’t know unless I try it.”

Your eyes drifted to the box on Danny’s lap. A smile made way onto your face, and you squealed in joy.


Danny chuckled and handed over the box to you. Without wasting a second, you grabbed onto a slice. Before you could take a bite, Danny took it away.

“Dannyyyy,” you whined, trying to take it from him. Unfortunately for you, Danny was wayy taller than you and it was almost impossible to take it back from him. Fortunately, Danny kissed you everytime you tried to grab it.

Deciding to get a little bold, you gave up trying to get the slice back, and instead focused on pecking Danny’s lips. It took him a while, but he soon understood what you were doing. Slowly, he left the slice in the box, and grabbed your waist, and kissing you back. A small smile crept into your face.

Danny's​ hands started roaming your body, trying to feel you all at once. He left your lips, and started peppering kisses down your neck, making you let out a small sigh.

“Stop me whenever you feel uncomfortable. I’ll stop.”

You nodded, afraid that words will spoil the moment. Danny’s hand drifted under your shirt when suddenly, a voice spoke up.

“I’d tell you to get a room, but you are already in a room. So, I’ll have to tell you to lock the door.”

Immediately, his hands were away and he looked at Jessica, annoyed, as you put your head on his chest, mortified at getting caught.

Jessica went out of the room, smirking.

That’s it, the moment was gone. You looked at Danny in the eye for a second, before you both burst out laughing.

“I’ll remember to lock the door next time,” Danny said, as you say on the couch, eating the pizza.

Voltron Season 3 Binge-watching Checklist

Since a lot of us are going to be binge-watching the season 3 right when it comes out, here’s a checklist of all the things you’ll need to survive binge-watching the new season:

  • Good internet connection- Trust me, nothing is worse than watching an intense scene and it freezes
  • Tissues- For all those tears :’) 
  • A pillow- For when you want to cradle something; also great for muffling whatever loud noise you make when you don’t want to wake your family/neighbors
  • A blanket- For when you want something to cradle you
  • Water- to stay hydrated and refuel those tears :’’’)
  • A snack- Cause food makes everything better
  • More tissues- Maybe you’ll need them for a sad scene, maybe for a happy scene, maybe you’ll cry tears of joy when you see your fave. Who knows? Might as well grab another box, you can’t be too careful~
  • Comfy pajamas- Why not get comfortable? Especially if you have a Voltron kigurumi ;)
  • Tea + Honey- For that sore throat you’re going to have from screaming
  • Coffee- For those poor souls who live in a different timezone and have to stay up/ those who have to get up early the next day
  • Even more tissues- Just trust me, you’ll need them
  • Sunglasses- Sometimes your fave is just too radiant for you to handle~
  • A picture of Shiro- Even though he might not be with the team, you can still have Space Dad right there next to you for comfort ;)
  • A list of excuses on why your eyes are red and puffy- For when people ask the next day and you don’t want to tell them you’ve been crying over fictional characters

Have fun and remember to tag any spoilers for the people who can’t watch it right away!!! And happy season 3, y’all!



“Hey Joy,” my friends say, “what do people send to your p.o. box?”

Well when it’s not statues of Death fucking, or packs of glitter, apparently the answer to that is Jane Austen manga, 10lbs of organic cane sugar, and bear-shifter porn.

God I love my life.

Big thank you to Claire and Jennifer (sorry I don’t have your usernames to tag you!) for the sugar (and the sweet message attached to it, literally) and to @quinfirefrorefiddle for my very first Manga. I’m so happy it’s Jane Austen Manga, it looks delightful.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to find a way to fit this bag into my pantry. Also this now means I can show you all how to make golden cane syrup :D

ML Requests: Adrien’s Night of Fun

Requested by: @animatedsuperchick19

I took some liberty with this one.

After a long lecture by his father about the Agreste image after Adrien asked a hypothetical question about dating, Adrien was more than annoyed. He was furious. He was 18 and yet he was still being treated like a child. He was still being controlled by his father and he was so sick of it. More importantly he was tired of the ‘Agreste Image’. He got a break from it as Chat Noir but his day to day life felt like a prison. He had so many rules to follow, manners and etiquette to always be aware of. So when Adrien’s father went out of town on an urgent business trip Adrien decided it was about time he had some honest to goodness fun. With some encouragement from Plagg (When did he start listening to Plagg?!) Adrien made a few calls.

The first person Adrien picked up in his private car was Marinette, dressed to the nines as per Adrien’s request. Adrien found her to be stunning. She was in a beautiful blue dress that brought out her eyes and for once her hair was in a bun instead of pigtails. She smiled nervously at him as she got into the car. Adrien grinned. He could already tell this was going to be a great night. Next to be picked up was Alya dressed impeccably as well and finally Nino who- well Nino had made an effort. Nino had worn a dress shirt and tie yes but he still had his jeans on and his cap. Adrien laughed when he saw him.

“Alright Agreste what is this about?” Alya asked the question on everyone’s minds.

“I’m taking you guys out to have a good time. My dad is out of town so he’s not here to dictate how I spend my time,” Adrien explained.

“So basically we are making some stupid decisions tonight?” Alya laughed.

“Most definitely. I already have our names on the VIP list for the hottest club in Paris. I figure we’ll go there first before getting some dessert somewhere and maybe just taking the car out for a spin,” Adrien admitted. It wasn’t the most insane plan a kid could come up with but for Adrien this was likely to result in getting him in quite a bit of trouble with his father.

They went to the club first. Adrien was buying everyone’s drinks and since they had their own private driver no one had anyone qualms about having a drink or two or three. Adrien probably drank more than he should and as a result became more than friendly with Marinette. Marinette seemed to relax around him after she had a drink. Soon they were dancing together, very closely together. Adrien’s hands encased Marinette’s hips as he swayed along with her. His hands touched her hips, her waist, her thighs. Sober Adrien probably would have thought he was being too handsey with her. Drunk Adrien didn’t really care and Marinette seemed to be as hands on as he was. Her hands went from his hair to his chest, to his waist, snaking around to his back and shoulders. About drink four or five was when things started to turn very very bad. He could practically here Plagg’s voice in his head telling him to relax, to take what he wanted and not bother thinking about the consequences and so Adrien ended up making out with Marinette on the dance floor.

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The Glow of a New Sun: Part III


“You weren’t gone long.” Nesta stroked Cassian’s toned, tanned, tattooed, and bare forearm as he kissed her cheek. “Helion thinks it’s a boy.” Helion and Azriel both inspected her as though staring directly at the bump would give them answers.

Cassian kissed her once more and whispered into her hair, “Then I think it’s a girl.”

“So do I.” Azriel gave a half grin. Knowing him, he was already taking bets. Especially if Lucien and Helion disagreed with him.

“I thought Elain already knew!” Varian, who usually remained quiet during family gatherings, called over.

For half a beat, Elain looked scandalized. Her expression quickly melted into an impish smirk. “What would be the fun in telling everyone now?” As soon as Nesta and Cassian had announced the pregnancy to her, she gave a sly expression and informed them that she already knew.

Nesta’s eyes narrowed at her sister, but she couldn’t help from smiling. With those doe brown eyes and easy charm, Elain could get away with slaughter and anyone who beheld her would brush it off.

Feyre flinched at something invisible and winnowed to Nesta’s side, offering a chair. “You might need this.”

Not one moment later, Rhys and Mor and Amren winnowed directly in front of where she sat, shoving each other and growling. Cassian subtly positioned himself in front of Nesta and raised an eyebrow at the three fae whose names struck fear into the hearts of those who didn’t know them personally. “And you call me a dog. What fresh hell is this?”

As much as her tiny frame would allow, Amren squared up to Cassian. “It’s time to open presents.” He could tell from her expression that this was serious business. The tiny ancient one was seconds away from finding a gauntlet and chucking it in front of her High Lord and his cousin.


“You don’t have to open all of them now.” Helion assured Nesta and Cassian as they looked at the daunting stacks everyone carried in their arms. “In fact, some of these might be better for you to open privately. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities.” He looked at Elain, who took the bag he hid behind his back.

Her eyes bulged but she didn’t dare touch the lacy contents with her hands. “I don’t think this will fit her when she's​ not- Oh!” Helion let out a dark chuckle as Elain handed the bag back to him and blushed furiously.

Cassian softly dragged his knuckles along the back of Nesta’s exposed neck and she could tell that he couldn’t wait to see that gift- Couldn’t wait to see her wearing that gift- Couldn’t wait to see her no longer wearing that gift.

Lucien used the brief distraction to his advantage and stealthily placed a small bag on Nesta’s lap.

Removing the orange tissue paper from inside, Nesta unwrapped the first gift and showed it to Cassian. They both admired the immaculate handiwork.

“I didn’t make it, of course. It’s from a small shop I happened upon during my recent visit to the Dawn Court.” Lucien admitted. “It plays a tune I thought to be quite enchanting.”

Thanking him and thinking she was going to hate the mechanism within weeks of introducing it to her child, Nesta placed the gift on a small table Azriel procured.

“Me next!” Mor stepped forward, bumping Rhys out the way with her hip. Toting a large cubed box, she offered it to Cassian, who was silently disappointed to remove his hand from tickling the tip of Nesta’s pointed ear.

Unwrapping the box slowly and taking joy in his friend’s impatient snarl, Cassian opened the top. It contained perhaps a million cotton onesies. Each with two slits that could be unbottoned in the back.

“You. Traitorous. Bitch.” Rhys spat and pointed a finger at Mor. “You told me to scrap these. You insisted they wouldn’t like the white.”

“And then stole away into your home. Taking them all for myself.” Mor folded her arms and raised her chin, obviously pleased with her cleverness. “If you want someone to be angry with, it was Feyre’s idea. She thought it’d be funny.“

Wanting to avoid conflict, knowing Mor and Rhys would likely soon attempt to drown one another in the Sidra, Helion offered another one of his gifts.

His wink made Cassian nervous. As well did his comment of, “I thought it’d be nice to bring gifts for the couple to enjoy.”

Nesta swiped the porcelain container from his hands and eyed the honey inside. She could practically Helion’s velvety deep voice in her mind saying, “It’s not as though you need it.”

Slamming the lid shut she declared, “I think I’m done opening presents for now.”

The ensemble groaned, but didn’t argue. They’d learned the hard way that testing pregnant Nesta was a bad move. So they dispersed and mingled amongst themselves. Feyre and Varian attempted to stop Amren from sneaking the golden bejeweled music box into her pouch. Nesta and Cassian wouldn’t have minded much if she did.


“What was that, friend?” Nesta wasn’t scared to grab a High Lord by the collar. Especially not when he deserved it.

She was shocked, however, that it wasn’t Cassian’s hands instead of her’s doing the deed. She was also shocked that Helion would risk embarrassing her. Anyone else, sure. Even Cassian was fair game. But Helion never disrespected Nesta.

Helion placed his hands over hers, but did not make an attempt to pry them away. “Easy. Rhysand told me to, my dear. You know I wouldn’t have acted so without a very good reason.”

She loosened her grip and was half tempted to lunge for Rhys’s throat.

She might have if Cassian hadn’t put his hands on her shoulders, rubbing small circles on the inked flesh.

“Why?” She averted her piercing eyes to look at Rhys, who did not shrink from her glare, but looked compassionate instead.

“Because I know you. You were happy in the moment. But I can tell you’re bursting at the seams.” Rhys wasn’t wrong. Not a bit. She was his sis. A nickname he meant to annoy her with, but also one he meant with every fiber of his being.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the green present. “You should take a minute. Breathe. Open this, if you want. Let yourself feel.”

Nesta finally let go of Helion and held out her hand. Rhys set the lumpy bowed surprise gently in her awaiting palm.

Weighing the gift, she turned to Cassian. “There’s no note.” She stated the obvious. “It’s for us, Cassian. Not just for me. For all of us.”

“I’m right here, Nes.” He always would be.

“Can we go to the water?” Cassian nodded and took her free hand in his own, kissing the back of it twice.

As they headed away from the company of the two High Lords, Helion placed his hand on her shoulder. “You’ve heard this far too many times, I know. But he would, Nesta…”

Nesta shook his hand off and closed her eyes, feeling the whisper of the wind. “I know,” her always steady voice cracked.

The gift in one hand, and the other holding the hand of the love of her eternity, Nesta made her way towards the glittering river.

“Smile” thoughts:

  • What a beautiful, gentle episode. The Return of Doctor Mysterio seems like an increasingly apt introduction to the series. And this post, on The Pilot, seems to hold true for now.
  • “Keep smiling” was a grotesque concept, but they never veered off into the full horror of that scenario. It never got close to becoming the “don’t blink” or “don’t breathe” equivalent. If this were a series 8 episode, we’d get close-ups of Clara’s eyes and mouth, as she desperately tried to keep control over herself. But this is series 10 and this is Bill Potts, and for the most part, it serves to underline her happiness, her joy, her excitement.
  • The police box scenes were simple and effective. By chance, my dad picked the BBC Audio (I know basically no one listens to those) “The Gods of Winter” to listen while driving on Friday, and it makes the same observation. In Smile, we can see just how poignant it can get when handled by a much better writer.
  • To have a Doctor resolve 98% of the plot, including parts which Bill could easily have figured out herself (e.g. what was in the pods) was a puzzling choice after the second episode became such a triumphant moment with both Amy and Clara. But since this is Moffat breaking his own formula (through the extension of Frank Cottrell-Boyce), I cannot help but find that is very deliberate.
  • Instead, the Doctor is placed into the role of the tutor and the position of a lecturer, while Bill continues to be his student, reinforcing their dynamic from the Pilot. It works because we see how much Bill loves this and because I know this is still going places…
  • I’m very slowly actually becoming interested in what is in the Vault and Nardole’s story till here.
Chocolate Mysteries

Could I request one where Batsis sneaks around the manor to secretly make valentine chocolate and the batfam finds out and tries to find out who it’s for?

Batfam x Reader

“What is she doing?” Dick whispered as they peaked into the kitchen where you were baking something of sorts.

“I have no idea, but something’s wrong with her.” Jason added as he watched you place some chocolates into a box.

“What do you mean?” Dick asked confused.

“The smile on her face.” Damian rolled his eyes at how obvious it was.


“She’s abnormally happy, no one experiences that much joy in this household.” Tim explained as you sealed the boxes tightly.

“Wait those are Valentine chocolates.”

“Thanks for pointing that out Captain Obvious.” Tim said sarcastically while Dick pouted, “But who are they for?” Jason questioned angrily.

“She doesn’t have a boyfriend does she?” Damian interjected, “Nope, I made sure of it.” Dick replied as you walked out the kitchen.

“We should get to the bottom of this.” Jason proclaimed much louder, “Guys I think we’re reading too much into this-” The group ignored Tim and they quickly chased after you. Tim face palmed then proceeded to follow them.

“Who is he?!” Damian demanded while Jason shined a light above you as you sat down in your desks chair.


“You heard us, who is he or she?” Dick glared at you, “Wait is that a lamp?” You looked up at the light source.

“No questions, we’re the ones asking the questions here.” Jason clarified while you rolled your eyes, ”What are you guys even talking about?”

NO QUESTIONS!” Dick repeated, Tim stood in the background questioning his family’s motives.

“Will you guys just-”


“Oh that’s what you guys are talking about.” A smirk made its way on your face, you decided that this could be your opportunity to fool them.

“I didn’t mean for you guys to find out.” You said innocently while Dick almost fainted at your words, “Your are dating somebody!” Jason wailed, collapsing to his knees.

“I will find them, and I will kill them.” Damian promised menacingly as he pulled out his sword, “Wait you had that this whole time?” Tim asked flabbergasted.

“I was kidding!” You quickly said, Damian sheathed his sword.

“Then who are the chocolates for?” They all asked in unison.

“It was suppose to be a surprise, but living with a family of detectives I should have know better. I made chocolates for all of you, which if you would have checked your rooms you would have found them on your beds.” You explained, the boys quickly hugged you, much to Damian’s refusals, “Well you should have said that earlier.” Dick grinned.

“Well you guys keep cutting me off-”

“Shut up, it’s in the past now.” Jason waved it off while you rolled your eyes.


It was that time again; mail call.

Every month, all the Avenger mail that’d been cleared is delivered. Some people, like Steve, get sack fulls of letters, gifts, and treats. Others, don’t get much, if any. You remembered how excited and nervous you were when you got your first bundle. You’d cried over every single letter, even though only one was particularly emotional. You uploaded them all onto a digital album, and kept the originals in a box.

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Favorite Things-chapter 1

(Max- The Resident)

Favorite Things Masterlist

Summary- Max has a new tenant. Can he win over his new resident without her discovering his secret?

Author’s Note- We’re gonna go ahead and pretend that Juliet doesn’t exist, which is pretty much my head cannon anyways. I love Max. I don’t care if I shouldn’t. Lol. This will eventually be a multi chapter story. Probably not very long and will get eventually really smutty and explicit. I’ve had this idea running through my brain for a long time…this prompt finally gave me the push to start. Lol. Prompt is Red Velvet from Jeffrey Dean Morgan Rarechar Content Event. This chapter is just creepy stalker fluffiness.

Word Count- 1688

Tag List- Let me know if you want on or off! @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @ladylorelitany @melodicdolls @ninjacuddlepile @neganscatleesi @thatwriterizzy @jeffreydeanmorganrarechar

Tag List is only people who specifically requested to be tagged in everything I write or people who said anyone can tag them in anything. Lol. If you are on my Sunny Days tag list and want to be on my “everything tag list” just let me know!

Originally posted by jeffrey-daddy-morgan

Max had first seen her in a coffee shop down the way. She sat next to the window with her laptop and latte. She looked so serene as she watched people walk by with her brown eyes. Every few minutes she would smile to herself and her fingers would tap furiously against her keyboard. Occasionally, she’d pause and twirl a curl of her caramel locks or nibble on her plump rosy lip. She never looked at him. Why would she?

He came back the next day and every day after that. She was always there. She quickly became the highlight of his day. He watched her for 2 weeks. She was always happy and polite to those around her. He wondered who she was and what she did. He wanted to get closer. Smell her perfume. Brush up against her skin.

He didn’t work up the courage to speak with her until he saw her frowning at her screen one day. He walked by and saw that she was scrolling through a real estate site. Maybe this was fate. She was supposed to come into his life for a reason. To give his life reason.

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