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emma frost is probably ridiculously consumerist. because she’s learned not to trust people, but things? things are forever. and the things she loved as a child she can still love, and yet there are other things that can bring her new joy. emma frost who wields her money in pursuit of her own happiness, who buys herself bouquets of roses and perfectly foamed lattes and sheets with astronomical thread counts. emma frost who has cabinets full of beauty products, with a variety of creams and moisturizers and a couple of foundations and just because she wears all one color doesn’t mean she wears only one brand of lipstick. emma frost and her seven different options for scented bubble baths.


I was ranting about ROTG to a friend about how dark it is and yeah this thing about Jack Frost ensued.

You know Jack has been alone for 300 years, right? And he has no idea why.

He has no clue who he is. All he knows is that he has amazing frost powers and was taken out of a pond by the Man in the Moon, the one person who can explain things to him, and MiM doesn’t even try to make contact with him again.

And not a lot of people like him. He’s cocky and a bit arrogant, but nobody gives him a chance. Nobody thinks about Jack Frost with joy. They think of the cold and suffering, so when he shows up everyone gets lost or tells him to. He can’t ask them why, and he gets no answer from MiM, so he’s completely lost and alone.

Jack has killed people, hundreds of people, and he knows it. But he can’t help it. It’s not his choice to be the giver of winter. But knowing that he kills people and can’t do anything about it…it takes a toll on you.

And then there’s the fact that other spirits, like the Tooth Fairy, Sandman, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus can all be seen by humans. He can’t. He tries so hard to be seen and recognized and feel loved but for some unknown reason humans can’t see him. He tries and tries and tries and never succeeds.

BUT at the same time he doesn’t give up. Despite the odds being against him he keeps trying. He makes people happy despite the fact that he himself can’t really be happy since what he wants is (seemingly) impossible. Which I think is the saddest part, but I also the most uplifting part about his character.

This also leads to the fact that I think he’s SUCH a good role model for kids. No matter what he doesn’t give up, which is what kids need to learn. Don’t ever give up, because if you work hard enough your dream will be fulfilled.

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im ready 2 swing at all you tasteless people i can;t believe im gonna have to have this debate with y’all again

cheese by itself is gross, tomatoes are gross, peanuts and peanut butter is gross, cheesecake is gross, carrots are gross, raspberries and cherries and blueberries and cranberries are gross, cucumbers and mushrooms are gross, milky ways and coconut and almond joys are gross, Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, pudding, jello, and beans are gross