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Saw this book at the doc. The first part of the book was T.J. teasing her and embarrassing her over and over again. 

I like that it shows her thinking to herself how she really feels or maybe something she wants to do to get back at him, and recognizing that she could participate in the that behavior, but that she makes the conscious decision not to because she knows it’s not nice, even though he had teased her a lot in the past. She isn’t motivated by a need for revenge but instead her own efforts to embody kindness and awareness no matter how she actually feels. 

It’s easy to let emotions and the satisfaction that our ego selves crave let us be just as bad or worse than someone who has wronged us. But by taking that moment to observe our own thoughts and emotions and to keep them to ourselves because we don’t want to be part of that negative behavior, we can stop perpetuating needless conflict that is mostly about defending/avenging the ego and does not actually serve anyone positively. 


I’m black as the moon, heritage of a small village
Pardon my residence
Came from the bottom of mankind.

All foods have correspondences, think of your favorite meal growing up… Doesn’t it bring a rush of memories and feelings when you have that meal? Try eating at least one meal a day with a little magic. Be mindful of every bite you take and really feel the energy of the food being passed onto you! Below are some of my personal correspondences, but this is a great opportunity to make your own!

Celery- fresh starts, health, cleanliness
Apples- wisdom, sexuality
Peanut butter- comfort, a link to the past
Kale- energy, health, endurance
Spinach- beauty, health
Honey- wealth, luxury, ancient wisdom
Berries- fun, joy, sexuality
Avocado- sacred femininity, peace
Olive oil- ancient wisdom, celebration, power
Coconut oil- flexibility (duh!)
Dates- kindness, generosity, wealth
Bread- comfort, energy, community
Salt- cleansing, protection
Pepper- passion, energy
Cinnamon- warmth, comfort, love

So add a little magic to your mealtimes and be mindful and intentional of every bite!

Double Berry and Cream Candy Gummies

The joy of homemade Double Berry and Cream candy gummies is that I can sweeten with sucralose and not enter a pact of the devil with the bathroom the moment Maltitol goes past my lips ;) 

Ingredients (make 50 gummies)


  1. in a saucepan empty two of the jelly powder sachets and 15g of unflavoured gelatine. Add the 400ml of water, keep on stirring until all is dissolved and simmering
  2. Pour the water based gelatine in the moulds taking care of filling each mould just up to the middle.
  3. Put the saucepan back on the stove with the remaining 23g of Jelly powder and 15g of unflavoured gelatine, this time though, add the coconut milk and stir until all is well mixed and dissolved.
  4. Pour the coconut milk gelatine in the top half of each mould. Do not overfill cause you’ll have to take them to the fridge and if overfilled they might spill.
  5. Rest in fridge at 4c for 45 minutes to an hour. De-mould :)

Nutritional Values per candy: 19 calories, 0.3g carbs, 1g fat, 1g protein.

Hi everyone. Welcome! Today is a very exciting day for me… I’m looking forward to sharing our world through images that reflect my emotions and perceptions. I am in awe of photography and its ability to capture and reflect this extraordinary world that we live in. I’m excited to share with you my love of nature, the arts, fashion and much more in the hopes that the images will inspire, promote conversation and bring you joy. ❤ Halle

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