Joy (Red Velvet) dancing with this lovely man. This is cute! ❤️
و به کوتاهی آن لحظه شادی که گذشت
غصه هم خواهد رفت
آنچنانی که فقط خاطره ای خواهد ماند

That fleeting moment of joy which passed
Sorrow too
shall pass
 that only a memory 
shall remain.
—  کیوان شاهبداغی

Seulgi: Ooo guys! We all need code names!

Seulgi: Okay, I’ll be Eagle 1

Seulgi: Wendy will be “been there, done that”

Wendy: *shrugs*

Seulgi: Irene will be “currently doing that”

Irene: *chokes on her water*

Seulgi: Joy will be “it happened once in a dream”

Joy: What

Seulgi: Yeri will be

Yeri: *sweating*

Seulgi: Eagle 2

Yeri: Oh thank god

Random dude: Hello beautiful, this seat taken?

Irene: Yes. These seats are currently being occupied by my ghost friends.

Random dude: I’m sorry. Your what?

Irene: My ghost friends. Hideous lonely men who met with an early death from good old fashioned schoolyard bullying. You know why? They tried to cross me. So why don’t you just keep on walking, go home, rest, die it doesn’t matter.

Day One Thousand.

on a midweek dinner 
away from home we 
charted the course of
our intertwined lives

slowly at first
hesitant to misstep 
we danced around dreams
and spelled out answers

until the pretenses fumbled
and suddenly words tumbled
outpouring truths i’d kept to myself
only to find you’ve been thinking the same things too

suddenly the fog cleared
and my life began anew 

Idol life ships #8

Introducing Cupid with lots of love~!


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Group name: Cupid

Label: YG Entertainment

Position: Main dancer, sub vocalist, maknae

Concept: Classy/sexy

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Female best friend

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Being a trainee with Jisoo was much more bearable because of her goofy personality. You two would always stay after practice hours to help each other out. This caused the two of you to get takeout at the grocery store quite a lot. You two would joke about what happened during training while eating food and sitting on the edge of the sidewalk.

Male best friend

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Joy is always excited to spend the day with you! She loves going out to the cinema to watch movies with you. I feel like she’s a bit scared to watch horror movies so she’ll cling to you and then totally deny it didn’t happen!


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Yoongi will be the grandpa to your grandma. He’ll love lazing around with you but will also invite you to the studio when working on new music. He knows he won’t be able to concentrate on his music when you’re around but will feel lonely without you. Please nap lots with him, he’ll love you forever.

Other activities

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Everybody loved your dance performance. Some say it’s because you’re already so popular that you placed first but almost everyone agrees that it was because you’re so talented.

Please continue supporting Cupid, Loves~!


Red Velvet ’#Cookie Jar’ MV Teaser #2