[NEWS] 160726 SM artists to skip this year's 'Idol Star Athletics Championship'

SM Entertainment artists will not be appearing on MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships” this Chuseok.

On July 26, a source revealed that SM Entertainment will be sending around 350 employees to Hawaii in honor of their 20th anniversary of the founding of the agency. The timing of this conference coincides with the filming for the athletics championships which will take place late-August. Since the trip will include artists such as Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, EXO, Red Velvet and more; SM artists will be unable to participate in the athletics championships.

The trip to Hawaii was scheduled since last year and the date could not be altered. It looks like fans will have to wait until the Lunar New Year athletics championships in 2017 to see SM artists compete.

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  • SM:Expect a red velvet comeback in July! Maybe August.
  • YG:!!!
  • YG:BlackPink comeback at the end of July!!! Or August 1st... Or 8th... Maybe the last day of August who knows. It'll be an ultimate gg battle!
  • SM:lmao, bitch u thought. XD get ready for an exo & SHINee comeback!!!
  • YG:
  • YG:fucK!
[NEWS] 160726 SM Entertainment artists and staff to fly over to Hawaii for 20th anniversary celebration

S.M. Entertainment is scheduled to hold a pep rally in Hawaii at the end of August.

A representative at S.M. revealed on Tuesday that, S.M. is planning on hosting a pep rally for all their employees and artists.

The grand scale event will accommodate 350 staff members, as well as all the signed celebrities on their roster, such as BoA, Girls‘ Generation, EXO, Super Junior, Red Velvet and more.

To account for the overwhelming number, S.M. will be using a chartered plane to transport all the participants to Hawaii.

S.M. have reportedly been matching their schedules since January to free time for the pep rally. The event is in commemoration of the company’s 20 year anniversary last year, which they were too busy to celebrate. They will also be incorporating obstacle courses and team building workshops into the pep rally.

The representative added, “there is a lot of emphasis and meaning behind the pep rally, and so most of the staff and celebrities will be attending.”

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Is it just me or...

I have this weird feeling that Red Velvet will become the next f(x) in terms of treatment/promotion.Before y’all start killing me,I just wanna say I’m BOTH a MeU and RV stan.

Ok so the reason I thought of this is because:

1.There’s still no fandom name,reality show or solo concert. Usually groups would get their fandom name or solo concert two years after their debut and well its been two years…where is it? But then again,its still the first half of 2016,so lets wait and see.But reality shows?!? NCT got one immediately after NCT U debuted!! 

2.Increase in lack in promotions. RV got such amazing promotions,comebacks and concepts last year it was beautiful.But this year when they released OFTN,SM wasn’t really promoting it correctly since the views weren’t increasing that fast like Dumb Dumb.And then,SM says RV will have a comeback this July,but I see no teasers nor MVs and July is ending this week.It’s kind of like f(x) back in the day,they had amazing promotion but then it slowly started to fade.

3.No help to members whatsoever. Yeri gets SO much hate on the internet and is SM giving at least ONE statment about it,defending one of their youngest artists? NOPE! It reminds me of when SM would overwork Krystal so much that she would faint on stage,yet they still made her do more promotions when they know too damn well she had anemia and also about Sulli’s hate on the internet too.

Soooo yeah,and again this is just my theory so please chill.

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