Te Treebay - Four Corners EP

Macon, GA artists Jowin & Sabir release the genesis of their collaborative venture Te Treebay with their Four Corners EP. The group originally known as T-Tribe play off of each other almost like fraternal twin brothers that understand each other throughout the tracks, which contain alternating production by Jowin & Sabir. This very brief 4 track EP serves as the foundation to the group’s modus operandi, evidently being two minds speaking on their personal experiences with the current status of the human condition. Expect a full length LP by Te Treebay in the near future.


Jowin - Moods and Modes (Music Video)

Season starts now.

The Trilogy Crest is now available for purchase at

Designed by Chibuyum, The Trilogy Crest is a custom SD card/USB package modeled after the crests from Digimon Season 1. Includes Jowin’s entire 2013 album trilogy. Streamable here:

Custom-designed crest
USB Adapter
Project: Rebloom
Jowin Actually Has Friends
Three unreleased Jowin tracks
300+ MB of free space

Hanami (“花見”, lit. “flower viewing”) is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, “flower” in this case meaning cherry blossoms.

Written & produced by Jowin & Mark II.
Sample: Utada Hikaru - “Sakura Drops” off Deep River.
Alternate cover artwork by Duval Timothy.
From the album Midnight Kids For Japan.

All proceeds from this single go directly to GlobalGiving’s Japan Tsunami & Relief Fund.

Jowin - Cosplay Girl Pt. 2 (Plue Starfox Remix)

Cosplay Girl Pt. 2 Plue Starfox Remix by PlueStarfox

Our resident beatsmith Plue Starfox remixes JoFTW’s signature single “Cosplay Girl Pt. 2” to great effect; transforming the funky vibes of the original track into a sensual listening experience. Like the chemistry? Check out their past collaborative project Luff, Jowin. Be sure to download this track & also purchase Jowin’s recent release The Wallflower Project (click here to read our album review) which contains the original.

ps. We are very close to determining the winner of our Plue Starfox EP contest. Down to two artists in our scope. Results will be released soon.

Cosplay Girl
  • Cosplay Girl
  • Jowin
  • Hyaline


For the past two days Cosplay and the mixtapes: Larwin, Hyaline, and The Wall Flower Project have been on repeat. Jowin is a Nigerian-American born rapper who lives and goes to school in Georgia. At first listen to any of mixtapes they seem like they were created by a veteran in the hiphop game, but Jowin has only been on the scene for about 4-6 years. And let me tell you I don’t need to review any of the albums because they are all ill. However, I seem to find myself returning to play this song. Cosplay is just such  unique track. It is fucking crazy, yes fuck was needed, that anyone could rap about anime and cosplay and have it actually be a eally dope track. Let me tell you this kid is seriously has some talent if not rapping then producing. In producing Jowin is just amazing. His skills are of those who have been producing all their lives. And when he produces it seems his peculiar-ness comes to life on the track with sampling of television shows such as Gilmore Girls which is just unheard of. Jowin really is talented and deserves the upmost respect in the hiphop game because he is at a level that I can say some are not at. Be sure to check out Jowin at Bandcamp to get his mixtapes.



Back2Pluto x Anime4Breakfast presents:
The Runners File Vol. 1 (One Year Anniversary)

Around this time last year, we dropped The Runners File Vol. 1 mixtape with Anime4Breakfast. Good times. If you haven’t heard it yet, peep. Has features from Illecism, Kool Klux Klan, Trade Voorhees, Jowin, Uno Hype, NAK, Curbside Jones and more.

Latest Pick-up: Jowin/The Trilogy Crest. We put you on to Jowin in our latest post. He’s a kid who’s recently graduated from college, and a celebrated member of the Goon Garden clan. Support his latest project because, it’s well thought out and something totally fresh concept wise, from the lyrics to the Digimon inspired package they come in. Also, this project delivers art in a more personal yet professional form. Pick it up at

Guest Interview: Lumo and Jowin (Part Two)

Every now and then we and B2P like to give freelance writers a chance to showcase their talents.  A while ago the homie Lumo interviewed a B2P veteran artist Jowin about his music.  Well Lumo and Jowin are back once again with a new interview, this one focusing on Jowin’s project Circumescent and his current and future endeavours. 

In my last interview with Jowin, I described him and his music as “hip-hop”, something I now greatly regret. The man has too many layers to his sound and to his art to be classified so simply. On his new album, CircumescentJowin has truly crafted a style all his own, owing as much to “hip-hop” as it does to many other styles and genres. And if any of this progression continues, Jowin is certainly on his way to greatness. Lumo:  What’s up man? How are things on your end?

Jowin:  Things are going good. Looking forward to the end of this cold weather. 

Lumo:  So, you just released your new album, Circumescent. How long did you work on that project and what was the experience like?

Jowin:  I started on Circumescent at the end of 2011, around November. It was a different type of experience. I grew as I was creating the project. Usually I make projects all in one moment of time. But I wanted to make something that represented a more multidimensional version of “me”. And to do that, I needed to grow with the project itself. Lumo:  You’ve also mentioned before how Circumescent would be the last release of “the 2013 trilogy”, which includes Project: Rebloom and Jowin Actually Has Friends. What is the overall, connective theme between all three of these projects?

Jowin:  Well, the art direction for all the album covers is connected, thank Mark II for that. But other than that. There’s no real artistic connection between all of them, not intentionally at least. If anything, they are all very different from each other. Project: Rebloom is me at my most accessible. JowinActually Has Friends is a concept album about friendship. Circumescent is an album where I mesh all of my influences on one body of work. I call it a trilogy because they all are apart of my 2013 run, the connection between them is more about the time period. In that sense, it was intentional.

Lumo:  How do you think your artistry has progressed since you released Project: Rebloom back in February?
Jowin:  I’m way more abstract now. That’s probably the biggest change. The meanings behind my songs are a lot less in your face, now I’m less about getting a concrete message across and more about getting a feeling or idea across. My production is more coherent now too. There’s definitely a signature style going on there I think. Lumo:  I remember reading on Twitter how you chose to omit samples from your production while you were making Circumescent. Can you go more in-depth about why you felt an album without samples was the best way to go?

Jowin:  I couldn’t get the sound I wanted to achieve through sampling. At least not conveniently. It wasn’t me seeing the art of sampling as beneath me or anything, it’s just for what I wanted to do sonically, to have that complete control over the groove, I had to grow beyond sampling. I needed to be able to make every single sound do exactly what I wanted. Though I will say, making this album has made me prefer making non-sampled beats. It’s just faster and more intuitive to me.  Lumo:  When we talked about some of your favorite artists in our last interview, Hikaru Utada, Fred Hammond and Teddy Riley were among the names mentioned. Were any of those artists influences on your latest release? Were there any direct influences at all on this project?

Jowin:  Teddy Riley is probably the biggest influence on the album actually, namely on a lot of the drum work. Gospel in general is an influence on the album through a lot of the chords and some of the lyrical references. And two of Hikki [Hikaru Utada]’s albums, Deep River and Exodus, were influences. Matter of fact, Circumescent’s track listing as far as the order and which songs made the final cut, is loosely based on Deep River’s track listing. Lumo:  What color and number do you think best capture the feeling and vibe of Circumescent? Why? Jowin:  Yellow and Blue. Yellow is animated, Blue is calm. That’s the vibe. The number is 0, balanced like a circle. Lumo:  Which song on the album do you think perfectly sums up everything about the album itself? Why?

Jowin:  “Anything”. The first line sums up everything and the rest of the song goes in depth about the ideas behind that. Who am I, what defines me, can anyone even be defined if who you are in the moment is always changing, is what you want now going to be what you want in the future. I don’t want to over explain but I hope that gives some context when you listen. 

Lumo:  Sabir is an artist you seem to be affiliated with in some respect. You dropped a song with him a couple of months ago, on which you sung the hook. What can you tell us about him and his artistry?

Jowin:  We’ve been friends since middle school and have been making music together since then too, that’s about 9 years now. Two things I’ll say: Sabir is really good at tapping into messages that inspire people. And he is really good at finding samples that feel right.  Lumo:  Anything upcoming you want to let our readers know about?

Jowin:  We will slowly be rolling out a lot of visual content on, I hope you all will enjoy it! Lumo:  Alright Jowin, thank you very much for your time! Any shouts? 

Jowin:  Thanks to everyone who gave Circumescent a listen! Much luff! Special thanks to both Lumo and Jowin for allowing us to feature them once again, and apologies for the delay!