Te Treebay - Four Corners EP

Macon, GA artists Jowin & Sabir release the genesis of their collaborative venture Te Treebay with their Four Corners EP. The group originally known as T-Tribe play off of each other almost like fraternal twin brothers that understand each other throughout the tracks, which contain alternating production by Jowin & Sabir. This very brief 4 track EP serves as the foundation to the group’s modus operandi, evidently being two minds speaking on their personal experiences with the current status of the human condition. Expect a full length LP by Te Treebay in the near future.


Jowin - Moods and Modes (Music Video)

Season starts now.

The Trilogy Crest is now available for purchase at

Designed by Chibuyum, The Trilogy Crest is a custom SD card/USB package modeled after the crests from Digimon Season 1. Includes Jowin’s entire 2013 album trilogy. Streamable here:

Custom-designed crest
USB Adapter
Project: Rebloom
Jowin Actually Has Friends
Three unreleased Jowin tracks
300+ MB of free space

Jowin - Cosplay Girl Pt. 2 (Plue Starfox Remix)

Cosplay Girl Pt. 2 Plue Starfox Remix by PlueStarfox

Our resident beatsmith Plue Starfox remixes JoFTW’s signature single “Cosplay Girl Pt. 2” to great effect; transforming the funky vibes of the original track into a sensual listening experience. Like the chemistry? Check out their past collaborative project Luff, Jowin. Be sure to download this track & also purchase Jowin’s recent release The Wallflower Project (click here to read our album review) which contains the original.

ps. We are very close to determining the winner of our Plue Starfox EP contest. Down to two artists in our scope. Results will be released soon.

Hanami (“花見”, lit. “flower viewing”) is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, “flower” in this case meaning cherry blossoms.

Written & produced by Jowin & Mark II.
Sample: Utada Hikaru - “Sakura Drops” off Deep River.
Alternate cover artwork by Duval Timothy.
From the album Midnight Kids For Japan.

All proceeds from this single go directly to GlobalGiving’s Japan Tsunami & Relief Fund.


OMG!!!this drawing was created with millions of dots only!!!!!!!


Back2Pluto x Anime4Breakfast presents:
The Runners File Vol. 1 (One Year Anniversary)

Around this time last year, we dropped The Runners File Vol. 1 mixtape with Anime4Breakfast. Good times. If you haven’t heard it yet, peep. Has features from Illecism, Kool Klux Klan, Trade Voorhees, Jowin, Uno Hype, NAK, Curbside Jones and more.
Moonlight Bounce
Hey Luna.

TaStE of WhImSeY 

Her nails are moonlight
her soul is creamy white

thought she was a ghost and I was toast ethereal seeking new host my imagination obviously doing the most

but to my delight
she was real
her spirit was bright

Let us open the doors
what you waiting for
daylight savings time?
cashing in what you find

When present with the sublime do you seek to rewind time I wonder if you’re mine or am I out of my mind right kind wrong world line

life is funny ain’t it
thats why bob ross loves to paint it

I get so panicked
when I’m not in control
when I see her glow
When there are things I don’t know
Is this my planet?
Where should I go
click my heels three times
let my bean stalk grow
My whimsy fairy tale
too young to be old

yes I’m smiling right
dark vanished in this light
cheered up without a fight
I suck at poker
always a fragile queen
heart in full view
head always full of dreams

oh she pretty
yea she quiet

how ya’ll gonna offer reviews
when you didn’t try it or buy it
we can’t all be perfect
some of us made of queries

How about you check my data
articulate and accurate
a shooting star worth capturing

typed the p’s and q’s
dotted my eyes too
blinked back my sight
breath in 1 to 2

the scaffold cliffs
the space time rifts
on a floating sphere
I’m glad there’s whimsy here.