They sing . hella . good.

Moneyx3 - Dizzy Bates, J.Mitch (OFFICAL MUSIC VIDEO) (by Jovix20)

Feedback for @byunsoobun

So I was able to make a trade with @byunsoobun a little while ago, where I’d traded my BTS HYYH pt.1 white for her Vixx’s hyde album, and so here’s the feedback on it!

I was very happy to trade with Jovon. We had great contact, the responses were good and quick and we agreed on everything very quickly. She sent me pictures of the album and also told me where there were little dents and she also sent me proof pictures that she sent me the album. 

She even included some freebies, exo stickers, that was very sweet of her! She packed the album safely with bubble wrap and overall, I’d really recommend her to trade with. Honestly think I’ve never had a better trade.

Thank you again! <3