OK Lang Maging Single sa Valentines
03 Feb 2012 | Music Museum

Sharing you this VerJube Photographics’ teaser, hooked with Yeng Constantino’s different facial expressions but more stunned with her three-song-mashup performance, Goodbye to Love (The Carpenters), Hiding Inside Myself (Kenny Rankin) and Bluer Than Blue (Michael Johnson). Beautiful arrangement, Yeng’s musicality stands out.

It’s a SOLD-OUT concert, congratulations Yeng! The Rockoustic Princess provides a successful Valentine musical presentation dedicated for singles instead of the usual date night show for couples, she conceptualize the show, decided which songs to perform and chose the musicians she wanted to play with, a benefit show for Bosom Buddies.

Sister duo Krissy & Ericka opened the stage for Yeng, with special guests Jovit Baldivino and Paolo Valenciano. She performed a powerful duet with Jovit entitled Too Much Love Will Kill You. Yeng’s kilig moment with Paolo Valenciano were memorable, first time to see Yeng blushing with her simple infatuation. They have a good chemistry onstage as they performed  Afterimage’s Tag-ulan and Rey Valera’s Kamusta Ka.

APO’s Mahirap Magmahal ng Syota ng Iba, Hotdog’s Perslab, Agaw-Agimat’s Sabi Nila, Bituin Escalante’s Kung Ako Na Lang Sana, Rachel Alejandro’s Mr. Kupido, Eraserhead’s ‘Wag Kang Matakot & With A Smile, Rivermaya’s Umaaraw, Umuulan & 214 are some of the OPM hits she performed. And we’re lucky (makin’ me crazy) to watch the live version of her original song Pag-ibig (with Mica Caldito on guitars), her versions of Someone Like You (Adele original) and If I Ain’t Got You (Alicia Keys).

Best of all, we’re proud to witness Yeng’s solid supporters again, they prayed for the success of the concert and of course of Yeng’s success too, dressed in pink shirts with the catchy “OK Lang Maging Single sa Valentines” design, screamed their hearts out and cheered for Yeng all throughout the concert. They’re amazing! Keep it up guys! ;)

Talentadong July!

Fresh from a post regarding a kiddie talent search, I read that another SM mall is hosting auditions for two of the country’s biggest talent searches today!

ABSCBN’s Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 is set to hold auditions in SM City San Lazaro this Tuesday, July 12, 2011.  PGT Season 1’s winner was singer Jovit Baldivino, followed by Season 2’s Marcelito Pomoy, also a singer.  I wonder if Season 3 will present to us a different kind of talent.  These past seasons, we’ve seen magicians, dancers, and other such performers. 

Also in SM City San Lazaro, TV5’s big win, Talentadong Pinoy will also hold auditions on July 25, 2011.  Talentadong Pinoy actually came seasons earlier than its rival show, hence it has a solid and strong following. Hosted by Ryan Agoncillo, the show is one of the network’s strongest platforms drawing very good ratings (and advertisers) for TV5.

Looks like its gonna be a talentadong July in SM City San Lazaro! You may also visit their FB Page here for more info.


Last night was off the hook. Went to a concert unexpectedly, thanks to my friend’s father, we were kinda like V.I.P’s. Jovit Baldivino, a kid who has an amazing voice and Ezra Band who were fucking great performed last night. Amazing, amazing.

I know it’s too crappy. We only got our Nokia phones, no one brought their SLRs nor digicams. I’m not really a fan of them but after last night they blew me away. Voices were really, really good. After that went to a nearby bar to drink a bottle or two. Overall, that was one heck of a Friday night. 

Friday nights are always the same in this town. :)

Mula Sa Puso

Ewan ko pero everytime naririnig ko yung part na…

Nais ko'y ikaw ang laging yakap yakap

Yakap na sanay walang wakas

feeling ko ay hirap na hirap si Jovit.

Ang taas naman kasi. C'mon, erbody sing! Hit it! 

Nais ko'y ikaw ang laging yakap yakap

Yakap na sanay walang wakas

Sana'y laging ako ang iniisip mo

Sa maghapon at sa magdamag

Blog Title

Ako: Nico, tignan mo ‘tong post na 'to!
*Tumingin kapatid ko tapos binasa namin yung post.
Nico: Hala. Hahaha.
Ako: Ito pa oh.
Nico: Hahaha!
*Napatingin si mommy sa laptop, e nasa page ko ako.
Mom: A crazy little boy called Jovit. Woooo. Kapal!