Starting from 11:17 omg Joe PREACH

and then 12:24 BOOM

People love to play the devils advocate,
it’s not hard to see or even shocking to
realize that we survive too much.
Too many of us survive when we shouldn’t.
We’re so spoiled that everything is
about preserving human life and
keeping everyone alive but we pass on weak genes.
So then every generation the human gene pool
just shows us getting weaker and weaker instead of
just letting natural selection work
itself out and then only strong human
keep breeding and then we would have a better,
healthier gene pool.
But we also have to understand that
natural selection today is no longer purely physical.
It’s gotten harder because now
some of us are so smart we can
play God and we can keep people living forever.
We value life to the point where its too
extreme and people don’t have control of their own lives.
—  Joverdose

Asians Acting Black?

“What it boils down to is: we’re all American, and we’re free to act any way that we want, because we are our environment.”

I don’t act black, whatever that be.

Im not trying to be insensitive about mass shootings, I really feel terrible about what the victims have to go through, but I think its important to spread awareness when these shootings occur. As much as some of you might think getting rid of guns is the answer, we have to be careful about making decisions based off emotions. When was the last time you made a good decision when you were emotionally motivated? Many of us screw each other over by being manipulated by a corrupt person/organization with a special interest during a vulnerable emotional state. We gave up a lot of our rights when the patriot act was passed after 9/11 attacks. More recently KONY2012 had everyone on the net angry and standing for a cause they knew absolutely nothing about, when the crooked leader of the campaign got caught beating off out in public the world saw what type of psychos run these scams. The 2nd amendment was created as an equalizer so the citizens have some form of power if the government decides not to listen. It isn’t for hunting, target practice and fun times. It is to keep America free. Our forefathers wanted the citizens to live in a fair democracy, but they understood the reality that if the government was taken over, the citizens will have a way as a last resort. Imagine if we were unarmed, why should the government listen to us? Because they are nice? Be realistic, they pretty much control much more than they are allowed to, they break a lot of laws already in the constitution, but because the majority of Americans are ignorant and don’t want to spend the time to think, study and understand the law/system. We let them break laws and they are not held accountable for their actions. Once we are disarmed and we become completely dependent on the government, be ready to have our lives ran like the DMV (or any gov agency); Inefficient, disgruntled, and no progress. Look at how wonderful the gov runs anything, school, dmv, court, water/power. There is so much wasting of resources, inefficiencies and SLOOOOOOW or no development. You trust the people now who overspend to trust you with your money? but even more important… your life?