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“There’s no betrayal in friendship.”


PSYCHO-PASS Official Profiling 2

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stoneoceans asked Joushuu or Yotsuyu Yagiyama ?

Actually, as strange as it may sound, I really like Joshuu, yeah sure I wanna punch him in the throat, but still….on the contrary, this guy… this skinny bitch grrr

At first I thought he was a stand, I must admit his design rocks (and his headband is really cute, and the little house on his tummy is cute also…)

(+thx Naki for making the plastic wrap work)

The signs as Psycho-Pass characters

Aries: Yayoi Kunizuka

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Taurus: Akane Tsunemori

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Gemini: Shogo Makishima

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Cancer: Mika Shimotsuki

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Leo: Shion Karanomori

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Virgo: Nobuchika Ginoza

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Libra: Sakuya Tougane

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Scorpio: Tomomi Masaoka

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Sagittarius: Shuusei Kagari

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Capricorn: Shinya Kogami

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Aquarius: Kirito Kamui

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Pisces: Joushuu Kasei

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[TRANSLATION] PSYCHO-PASS OFFICIAL PROFILING 2: 100 A&Q about Psycho-Pass universe 2

PP Staff answers 100 questions asked by fans

Here yougo, the last portion of the questions. I am terribly sorry as always for thedelay. But this time it’s actually not my fault. As I said on my twitter, myInternet connection died on me last night. >_______> The questions this time are about characters. Happy Easter everyone! ˆ____ˆ

Questions 001-050

Questions 051-100

051. Q: Ginoza-san seems to like addressing Akane as anata*. Is there a reason behind this?

A: To Ginoza, Akane is a person whom he can naturally address this way.  

052.Q: Having become an Enforcer, Ginoza-san started drinking alcohol. Hasn’t he thought about starting smoking?

A: He’s a non-smoker.

053. Q: In the first OFFICIAL PROFILING book it was stated that it had been 20 years since Ginoza-san had a girlfriend. Does this mean that he had one when he was 7?

A: We leave it up to your imagination. It’s something that only Ginoza himself knows.

054. Q: Ginoza-san’s favorite food is bread. What kind of bread does he like in particular?

A: Baguette.

055. Q: In the situation where any independent action by Enforcer is forbidden if there’s no Inspector nearby, how does Ginoza-san walk his beloved dog Dime?

A: He walks it in a walking machine, hidden behind a hologram.

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PP Staff answers 100 questions asked by fans

From December to February fans hadthe chance to ask PP staff questions about the universe, characters etc. bysubmitting them to PP official website. The 100 most interesting ones would bechosen and published in the profiling book. Here is half of them. This is 100% official. Most of the questions here are about the universe and latent criminals. Maybe one of your unasked questions has actually been answered. >3 If you have any questions concerning this, do not hesitate to ask. The next part will be up tomorrow because I thought 100 questions would be a bit too much.

Some answers are kind of meh… I mean, why would they choose the ones they were not gonna answer anyway? “It’s up to you what to think”, huh? Like why am I even asking you this then?!! Phh. Sorry, I absolutely needed to rant.

Questions 001-050

Questions 051-100

001. Q: Do natural disasters occur in the PSYCHO-PASS universe?

А: Yes, they do.

002. Q: Marriage partner selection is done by Sybil, but is it possible to marry someone else other than those recommended by Sybil?  

A: It is possible. However, as it would be equivalent to as if they were told that they wouldn’t be able to find happiness in marriage, ordinary citizens desiring optimum happiness, determined by hue match, tend not to ignore Sybil’s recommendations.

003. Q: In the world of PSYCHO-PASS Valentine’s Day has sunk into oblivion, but what about holidays like New Year’s Day and Christmas?

A: Seasonal festivities no longer exist as well. But there must be people out there who preserve these traditions on a case-by-case basis.

004. Q: Does space exploration still take place in the world of Sybil?

A: No. Japan is the only well-functioning country, and, as it pursues an isolationist policy, space exploration is no longer needed.

005. Q: What kind of sensations would touching a holo-outfit bring?

A: Since hologram is projected onto clothes, when someone comes in contact with it, they can feel the fabric of what a person is wearing underneath the holo. Holograms are not tangible by nature.

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PSYCHO-PASS Movie Pamphlet.

I got my hands on this one at the last moment. I saw they were selling it at the movie premiere, but I mistook it for a poster. So when I went to the movie again I immediately bought one. I owe this to Hiyuura-san, because if it weren’t for her, I’d never have it in the first place. And that would be a shame.

I have the whole pamphlet scanned in, but I’m putting up only these scans because the remaining ones are nothing but Japanese text. I doubt you’d be interested in that. I’m not going to translate the pamphlet, sorry. I have more important and interesting things to do translation on. However, if anyone is interested, I’ll upload the rest.)

The cover is actually silver, but my scanner doesn’t see the things the way I do. ==  

Please, in case you wish to share it and post it elsewhere, don’t forget about the credits. >3


Sorry, I totally forgot about this thing. Upcoming profiling book served as a reminder. So I decided to get it over with. So basically this is PP 2 timeline translation, the timeline they presented at the GINNOCENT WORLD exhibition I visited on the 9th of January. I took pics of the whole thing, which covered the timeline from 2020 up to 2115, the end of PP 2, that is. So I translated only the PP 2 part of it since there is no official timeline yet, except for this one from the exhibition. If there is any additional info on this in the profiling book, I will add it, of course, and put it up again. I hope you’ll find this interesting. There is one thing that wasn’t actually stated in the anime, but it’s stated here for some reason. And that makes Tsunemori Aoi’s abduction look even sketchier. == Anyway here you go. >3

P. S. Please, do not forget the credits when posting elsewhere.

  •  October 20th, 2114.

The MWPSB major special case 107, a case of indiscriminate serial bombing incidents, was solved.

Inspector Shisui of Division 2 disappeared; Enforcer Yamatoya of Division 2 was killed in the line of duty.

A Dominator (1 in number) was missing; at the scene of the disappearance the “WC?” message was discovered.

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