PSYCHO-PASS Movie Pamphlet.

I got my hands on this one at the last moment. I saw they were selling it at the movie premiere, but I mistook it for a poster. So when I went to the movie again I immediately bought one. I owe this to Hiyuura-san, because if it weren’t for her, I’d never have it in the first place. And that would be a shame.

I have the whole pamphlet scanned in, but I’m putting up only these scans because the remaining ones are nothing but Japanese text. I doubt you’d be interested in that. I’m not going to translate the pamphlet, sorry. I have more important and interesting things to do translation on. However, if anyone is interested, I’ll upload the rest.)

The cover is actually silver, but my scanner doesn’t see the things the way I do. ==  

Please, in case you wish to share it and post it elsewhere, don’t forget about the credits. >3


Okay guys, here’s the deal. Since my summary is going to be very, very detailed, I decided to cut it into several posts (I am not sure if it’ll take three or four posts). The main reason was, of course, to put an end to your waiting. If I post the summary like this, you won’t have to wait and read a post of like 6K words. XDD What do you think? Shall we stick to this plan? Or would you prefer to wait? Now you are going to at least have an idea of what the summary will be like. I need to know your opinion on this. Please, let me know. I am very dedicated to this thing so…

2,1K words = the first 18 minutes of the movie. The first two days are actually the least detailed. What I have started to write from this point on is much more detailed. Shinkane shippers, stay tuned. I’ll make sure the Shinkane interactions are described properly, with dialogues etc. I have watched the movie 2 times, after all, I’ve sure taken some notes. Anyway, some of you might find particular details unnecessary, but I feel like every tiny detail is important. I’ll try to update very soon, stick with me. >3

A reminder: I am not a Shinkane shipper, rest assured. No strings attached =)

I appreciate your patience. I hope you’ll enjoy this::::3


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kouginoweek​ day 1: moments

“There’s no betrayal in friendship.”


 PART 1, PART 3 , PART 4, PART 5 

Here you go.) I appreciate your opinion and kind words. I am happy if you enjoyed part one.) You are fantastic >3 I didn’t have much time to proofread part two, sorry. But I gotta go to sleep now. And I never forgot I have some asks pending, I’ll try to answer them tomorrow.

By the way, they are going to hand out the Gino booklet starting this weekend or something (I put the Akane booklet up yesterday). I am not in Japan anymore, but fortunately my dear friend at whose place I was staying (and who accompanied me to the PP movie twice) are going to see the movie for the 3rd time for the sake of the booklet (which I will put up as soon as I have it scanned). That being said, I am going to have my summary even more detailed because she is going to check all the things I am not so sure about). Brace yourselves. ^_^ I’ll try to update asap but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to pull it off as fast as I did with part two. Part three is gonna be bigger. Anyways, I hope this part turned out okay.

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