Repost from @ninamariepa via (December 2012) since I decided to just cut my hair off after I damaged it with keratin treatments and heat. No perms were the culprit of this madness.
In the top pics you can see my hair was thinning and breaking. My hair was pretty much always that length.
Top right was the night I looked in the mirror and decided this mess had to go. Look at the ends, you can see straight through them.
Bottom left is right after #bigchop December 2012 Maybe like 2 weeks later.
Middle bottom is few months later spring 2013
Bottom right is like 2 months ago. My hair didn’t even fit in the frame. It’s do much thicker now.
I’m currently between #brastraplength and #midbacklength #journeytowaistlength #naturalhair

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