People are pissed that Warped isn’t featuring any of the usual main stage bands this year, but I’m actually kind of stoked? This is one of the most eclectic and heavy lineups I’ve seen in a while and I’ve heard some of the side stage bands are actually pretty banging. Change is good guys.


I love ferries ok
i hate cruise liners though
not that i judge
the ones that find
a deck to be
the perfect place
to recline
but ferries have an honesty
they are all about
moving stuff
from A to B
their primary job
its not leisure
they have a different measure
getting stuff shifted
a voyage with a purpose
a journey of necessity
not just a floating battle
with indulgence and sobriety

Journeys - (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) - Prologue

Summary: When Lin asks you to work on Hamilton with him, you’re absolutely ecstatic. But you may be in for more than you thought with deadlines, stress, and complicated feelings for Lin.

Warnings: mild cursing, drinking mentioned, sex scandal mentioned, terrible pick up lines

Word Count: 1620 (oops that’s a little long but oh well)

A/N: Hello! So this is basically my first imagine ever. You have been warned. But even though I’m an amateur, I’m excited to share this with the rest of Tumblr. Please feel free to leave feedback, and to let me know if I should keep this going or not. And if this somehow does get continued, then the next parts will most likely be more interesting, since this is just the prologue. Also, huge thanks to @secretschuylersister for her feedback. You’re the best! Oh, and also: there may be some inaccuracies, as I only have a vague idea of how Broadway works. I hope you enjoy!

Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

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You applauded politely as the man onstage finished his poem. It was about the stars and fate or something like that. You weren’t listening to him all that much.

You checked the time on your watch. You were one of six students from NYU chosen to go to the White House Poetry Jam, which was a pretty big honor. But besides the fact that there were a few recognizable poets and stars there, it could get pretty boring. It wasn’t exactly your idea of a fun night out.

As you stared absentmindedly at the floor, you noticed a few heads from your group turning out of the corner of your eye. Another man took his place on the stage. You looked up, hoping that this one would be even the slightest bit interesting.

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The Story So Far by Windows Down Mag
Vans Warped Tour 2016 7/23/16 Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Tinley Park, IL