I was going to make a short video for today, but anxiety got me out of that 😅

Exactly one year ago I started my journey here on Tumblr! 🎉
Thank you to all of those who have been with me ever since, and of course also to those who joined in later. It’s been quite a journey so far, and it’s far from at its ending point 😉


these are SO late, i’m sorry. these snaps are from my trip to japan in october. all the pictures are captioned, so please read them!

i saw a lot of cool things while i was there, but my day to odaiba was definitely my favorite. i walked nonstop for about 9 hours, starting from where i was staying in asakadai, taking the train to tamachi, walking to odaiba, and then back again. i was so excited all day, i didn’t even eat until about 9pm. XD

most of these are related strictly to digimon adventure and digimon adventure 02.

digimon adventure tri related photos here!!!

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Hey. I just wanted to let you know that you are my favorite writer on here. I wouldn't care if you released a new piece once a year or once a day. I would just feel lucky enough to be reading them. Keep doing what you're doing babe.

My heart is full to the point of bursting by so many amazing people I have in my corner. Taking this time to appreciate every thought, message of love and gentle words received, yesterday and since I started my journey here over two years ago. I cherish you all more than you could ever know, and always will, even when I’m no longer writing.🤜🤛💕💋

Yule Ball


Request: Hi! Could you write about how newt has a crush on a shy hufflepuff who’s also a writer at hogwarts? Lots of fluff please!

I don’t think I have a ton of fluff in here but I tried to put some in, I hope it’s still okay :)


Your glowing face was what newt loved to see, even when it was potions class and Galatea kept taking points away from hufflepuff.

You were a hufflepuff as well, it made newt happy that you both shared the same house colours.

You were a fifth year, you and newt had been in the same hogwarts journey since you started here.

He remembers when he first talked to you. You were both at in the great hall, you had sat alone, quietly writing in a book.

He remembered introducing himself, only gaining a small confused look from you.

You still hadn’t talked to him after five years. He’d always try and start up a conversation, but you would always reply with a short answer or none at all. You were always writing in that book of yours.

The Yule ball was coming up, and even though newt didn’t have many friends, (always being too fascinated with Care of Magical creatures Class) all of his friends had dates.

Now, newt is a very shy person himself, never really liked doing super social things.

But then again neither did you.

“Please turn, and read page 394” Professer Galatea droned on, peering over her glasses before returning to her book.

Newt sighed and looked over at you.

You had a piece of hair curled around your finger, part of your tongue stuck out of your mouth.

Newt smiled slightly at this little action, before being stared at by the professor, burying his face in the book.


By lunch time, newt almost felt like he was ready.

he was going to try to ask you to the Yule ball

The boys hair was very tangled after running his hand though it so much, debating whether he should go into the library or not.

Deciding that if he didn’t he’d probably regret it, he stepped in slowly, making sure to make little noise.

And there he saw you. You’re hair was now in a messy ponytail, but it still looked amazing to him.

He noticed however, that there were other students surrounding you? And they seemed to be laughing?

He walked up closer to you, and noticed someone had put a sleeping charm on you.


And as soon as newt noticed, all the younger years who castes the spell ran off.


He shook your right shoulder gently, pulling a strand of hair that was stuck on your eyelash.




You nose made a funny noise as your woke, and you scratched your head…

“What happened…”

You looked at newt for the first time in a while. His hair looked as fluffy as it did before, and his eyes sparkles as much as normal, but his tie was untucked, as if he was in a panic.

Newt saw the book you had been writing for five years on the ground. There was all kind of research of different creatures..

“Some third years put a sleeping charm on you” newt mumbles, getting nervous again.

“Mm…well thank you for helping m-”

Your eyes looked dull until you realized your book was gone.

“Oh my god.”

Heat raised an eyebrow and got the book with his wand.

“It was on the ground…”

Though you would never do this normally, you stretched out across the table and gave newt a little hug.

“Thank you” you mumble back to him.

You sat in silence for a little while after that.

“So…y/n…um…there’s the Yule ball coming up and….”

Newt had your focused completely on him, and he was amazed how he hadn’t melted away yet.

“I was just wondering…if you wanted to go?…’s okay if you don’t you’ve probably already gotten asked…”

You reached over the table again, giving an even tighter hugs, your hands brushing briefly.

“I’d love that”

Because of The Beloved
my heart is happy,
my soul illuminated.
From The Beloved’s greenery
hundreds of blessed rivers
are flowing to the rose gardens.
In order to enter into your rose garden,
the soul makes peace with the thorns.

 Choose love. Choose love.
Without this beautiful love,
life is nothing but a burden.
The Journey starts here
Don´t go off Sightseeing.
The real Journey is right here.
The great excursion starts
from exactly where you are.
You are the World.
You have everything you need.

You are the Secret.
You are the wide opened.
Don´t look for the remedy
for your troubles outside yourself.
You are the Medicine.
You are the cure of your own sorrow

—  Rumi
From Beyond The Veil

Here lies the first foundation stone of The Unholy Chapter -I-

At a time when the true path of Theistic Satanism/Diabolism is being overshadowed by the inane rise of Rational/LaVeyan Satanism with organizations such as The Church Of Satan and The Satanic Temple The Unholy Chapter rises within the shadows, a legacy of the long hidden path of Classical Satanism and Devil Worship.

Atheistic Satanism is a contrived abomination gestated from the mind of Anton LaVey, not a real Satanist but a former Circus Entertainer, Charlatan and money making Guru with fake red plastic horns on his head.

He knew nothing of the path of Diabolism which has resided underground for centuries in Europe hinted at in the Dark times of the Witch Craze and the scandals of the Court of King Louis XIV.

The Unholy Chapter is a long overdue corrective to Rational Satanism, a Dark Unholy Conclave in possession of knowledge of the Black Magick Arts of Diabolism, Demonic Sorcery and Satanic Occult Sciences.

Here the journey starts ~ here the veil begins to lift upon Rites, Arts and Mysteries long hidden beyond the veil of the Devil’s Churches practicing in their unseen Cabals!


Hi! So I have been following many studyblrs for a while now and finally decide to make one of my own. I’m making this blog to help get me motivated in school again as I have found that I have lost a lot of my motivation over this year. I also hope to meet some lovely people on here so we can get motivated together. I thought an introduction would be a good way to start this journey so here is a little about me.

facts about me

  • i’m seventeen
  • i’m from Canada
  • i’m in grade 11
  • i’m a Ravenclaw
  • i’m INFJ
  • i have two cats named nick and nora
  • my current favourite class i’m taking is classical civilizations with latin closely following as my second favourite.
  • i hope to study biomedical science in university

classes i’m taking at the moment

  • English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry 
  • Physics
  • Latin
  • Classical Civilizations
  • Intro to Social Science
  • Functions

some studyblr i like

@brainiakk  / @theorganisedstudent / @studyquill / @em-spacestudy / @studyign / @intellectus / @yxnggong / @opheliastudy / @zeestudies / @polcry / @arystudies / @katsdesk / @studypetals / @academicvibes / @academiix / @engincrd / @1995aes / @studywithinspo / @studentstohelit + so many more

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day.

~ Luna 🌙

Well! I did it yall! I made it to 200!
This was about where I was before I accidentally lost everything. It was a hard blow to take, but the fact that most of everyone that was following me before followed me here makes me super fucking happy and super fucking blessed. 

I’m not good at these listing things, but I’m going to do my best to try and not leave people out.

So let me start with those special few that have pushed me here.

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Farm. Tape. Breath.

Kelly woke up slowly. Her head ached, and her mouth was dry. She shifted in bed, the room a little bit too warm. She had the sudden sense of drowsy vertigo that comes with waking in an unfamiliar place. Normally, after a second or two, memory would rush in and fill the gaps - oh, right, I spent the night at Beth’s place - but as Kelly blinked herself awake, nothing in the room looked familiar.

She yawned, and her mouth didn’t open right. It was restricted. Blocked. Something was covering it. She reached up to remove the obstruction, and - wait. No, she didn’t. Her hands were stuck. 

Tied. Mouth taped closed.

The panic crashed over her, quick and sharp. She thrashed, not really trying to free herself or accomplish anything in particular - mostly, just moving in terror. She did that for a bit - probably less than a minute, though Kelly really had no idea. She stopped, feeling herself start to hyperventilate. 

Kelly forced herself to lie back, to calm down. Assess the situation. She breathed in slowly through her nose, trembling. Okay. What did she remember?

She was out, running to the store for some groceries. It was dark. Not that late, but late enough that she couldn’t really see who else was in the parking lot as she walked to her car. She remembered the sense of somebody behind her. 

And that was it. Everything past that was a blank.

Kelly felt the panic rising up again. She squeezed her eyes shut, focusing on her breathing. Long, slow breath in. Hold it. Long, slow breath out.



It helped a bit. She opened her eyes, looking around the room.

It wasn’t much to look at. Kind of a rustic look - rough, timber-paneled walls. No windows. Lit entirely by a large lamp in the corner. No furniture but the bed she was on, and an enormous TV mounted on the opposite wall.

Kelly tested the ropes again. Her wrists didn’t get any give at all. Her ankles were bound as well, just as snugly. She could probably writhe her way off the bed, onto the floor, but… then what? The door looked solid, and even reaching the knob would be difficult, if not impossible.

Catch your breath, Kelly told herself. Deep, calming breaths. 

Just as she was starting to calm herself again, the TV turned on.

A woman’s face filled the screen. She was pale-skinned, with fiery red hair and an easy, sensual smile. “Hi there,” she said, in a sugary-sweet voice. “Welcome to the Farm!”

Kelly didn’t like the sound of that.

The woman continued. “You’re probably very frightened right now. Don’t be! There’s no need. You didn’t intend to come here, I imagine, but I promise you - this is, hands down, the best thing that’s ever happened to you in your entire life.”

Kelly was starting to freak out again. The situation was terrifying enough, but this woman’s bizarre commentary was pushing things into a territory that she didn’t think she could handle. She took another deep breath, trying as best she could to not lose her grip.

“The Farm is one of several of our Personnel Onboarding Facilities. We’re an international organization that specializes in, well, filling whatever needs our clients have. That’s what you’re going to do! Once you finish your processing here at the Farm, you’ll be shipped off to one of our central hubs for role specialization, customization, and finally, your assignment!

“Believe me - whatever you end up doing, it’ll make you happier than you’ve ever been in your life.

“Maybe you’ll be the trophy wife to a multi-billionaire. Maybe the mistress of some up-and-coming politician somewhere in the world. Maybe just a fuckdrone in one of our corporate facilities, or something more esoteric, for a client of ours with more… outlandish tastes. The possibilities are endless!”

Kelly groaned, yanking desperately at the ropes again. She could feel something happening to her, some part of her mind giving way somehow. She was going to go crazy in this room, she could tell. Just totally snap.

Deep breaths. 

That helped. More than expected, actually. Really made a difference. Kelly could feel her heart rate slow.

Actually… shouldn’t she be more panicked?

That’s when she heard it. A low, quiet hiss. She noticed the smell, too. Something was being pumped into the room. Some kind of gas. A sedative. Oh no, ohhh no, fuck fuck fuck…

Her head swam. The woman on the screen was talking again. 

“By now, you’re probably starting to feel the effects. Don’t worry! That’s just the first step of the process. We want to make sure you’re nice and soft and compliant when we come to pick you up and start your journey here with us. Just go ahead and breathe deep.”

Kelly took a deep breath. She didn’t even think to try and stop herself. She could feel the gas, whatever it was, filling her lungs. It clouded her mind. 

“That’s great,” the woman on the screen encouraged her. “You’re going to do so well here.”

Kelly’s scalp tingled. Her vision grew a little blurry. There was a warm swell inside her chest, somewhere equally between painful and pleasant. She took another deep breath. She knew she shouldn’t. She couldn’t remember why. She couldn’t remember what was going on. 

“Again. Deeeeep breath. Let it all in, let it all out. Doesn’t that feel nice?”

Kelly murmured a vaguely affirmative noise from behind the tape. It did feel nice. She was drifting through a soft warm blurry cloud. She just breathed, in and out, soaking up the atmosphere of the room. The woman was still talking, but her words were just background noise now. Kelly’s breath was slow, deep, and steady. She was happy.

(Another very old request. Been trying forever to get something for this one. Great set of words, I thought, but I couldn’t make them click. Then I saw this picture and the whole story just popped into my head instantly. Hope you like it. Thanks for asking.)

Day 1: the dreamer

“Everything starts with an ambition from the heart, an aspiration from the brain, a dream from the soul, and #273 was a person with this characteristics.

With all their hopes in mind and an opportunity in sight they start their journey.

Here’s the beginning of their stories.”

#273 is a human who wish to travel the galaxy since they were young, joining a group of merchants, they run away from their home planet to make their dreams come true.

I’m starting inktober (this time i will finish it) with the amazing Space Travelers prompts from @dropthedrawing 

My Nygmobblepot Journey

Alright, this is my entire Nygmobblepot journey from start to present. Here we go, it’s a long one…

-I started watching Gotham with a completely open mind. I knew very little about it and the characters, as I’m not necessarily a huge Batman fan I guess. (I’ve just not watched it is all.)

-Personally I like to find ships when I watch shows because it makes the show more interesting to me however with this one I didn’t really have any. 

-I did have favorite characters though, and right from the beginning too. My top two were Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma. Naturally. 

-I loved them so much. I wanted them both to rise to the top and be happy. I relished the moment they first talked in the GCPD. I mean come on, my two favs talking for once?? That’s insane. I loved it. 

-THEN THEY BECAME FRIENDS. Ed saved Oswald and one thing led to another and suddenly my two little children were friends. I was ecstatic, could not have been more happy. 

-I was happy with just that, my “jump to conclusions” brain didn’t even think it possible that they would ever like each other as a romantic partner. 

-Then stuff started to happen and I was like wait a minute. Wait just a frick frackin minute. How had I not thought of it before? OF COURSE! Oswald and Ed! They’d be beautiful together. A power couple beyond belief!

-At that point, a couple episodes before Oswald actually admitted his love for Ed, my brother was insisting that that could never happen. It wouldn’t happen. That’s ridiculous and clearly crazy. 

-I almost believe him, but there it was right in my face. The way Oswald look at Ed, the way they acted around each other, I couldn’t deny that it was a thing. It was totally a thing. 

-When Oswald admitted he was in love with Ed I literally ran around the block because I had to much energy to get out of my system. This beautiful thing had snuck up on me. I didn’t know how to handle it. 

-I became so invested in their relationship. not that I wasn’t already because I enjoyed them just being friends, but to the extreme. I was so obsessed with the possibilities. My family thought I was crazy. 

-Then IT happened. The glorious truth was about to come out, I was finally about to witness a possibly legit Nygmobblepot moment on screen. Then SHE happened and fuuuuucked my entire life up. 

-I was beyond pissed okay, beyOND angry. I had been given this hope, been teased, and then was spit on. Why in the world would they fuck everyone over that bad? 

-I was perfectly content with my boys just being friends. I was happy with them being friends. And now? They’re literally enemies. 

-I didn’t ask for a ship. I mean I wouldn’t even be complaining if it worked out but it didn’t. And now two of my favorite characters are heartbroken and so am I. I feel personally attacked by the way this played out. 

-I understand that it probably never would’ve worked, but damn it they didn’t have to suggest it even would. I was content with them being friends, I would’ve understood if they stopped being friends, but why did it have to go that way? 

-To watch two characters who made each other so strong and happy, absolutely rip each other apart was so hard. 

(Warning! *Spoilers*)

-They didn’t kill each other, which gave me some kind of hope. It’s probably a mistake to hope but I can’t help it. 

-And now with this new episode? Sofia taking care of Oswald like that? Kind of reminds me of something a certain someone did for Oswald nearly two seasons ago. The only person Oswald had ever fallen for, Ed. 

-If Oswald falls for her it’s going to probably kill me. 

-For one, she’s got an ulterior motive. How could she not? He doesn’t know that and she’s manipulating him into trusting her which will fuck him up even more when she screws him over. 

-Two, he’s weak now having just gone through some terrible relationship issues. It may’ve technically been a friend break up, but it was still a break up. So he’s really not in the best mindset for falling for someone. 

-If anything I’d want Oswald to go back to his previous mindset about power over love rather than jump right into this new thing that he used to despise and look down on. I know he’s grown and changed but I don’t want this woman to make him weak and break him, furthering his doubts about love all together. 

-Then we have Ed, sweet stupid Ed. I kind of like the way he’s being humbled a little. I think he’ll get his intelligence back eventually but it’s interesting to see Ed deal with some challenges that don’t involve his love life for once.

Alright so to wrap it up I’ll put my semi-realistic-but-probably-won’t-happen theory…

-Okay so I’m thinking that one of the ways Nygmobblepot could become a thing again is going to happen over time. 

-It’s a possibility that both boys will be hurt and lost beyond personal repair. Grudges and egos set aside, they’re both so beaten down by life that they need each other to bring themselves back. 

-Obviously, Oswald could get tricked into something with Sofia, trusting her would be a mistake but he wouldn’t see this until after. Somehow he needs to loose everything, have no one. All his money, respect, and loyal servants are gone. He has nothing. He already looks on edge as it is, he’s fragile and sad and it wouldn’t be hard to take advantage. 

-It would go a little bit differently for Ed. He’d with Zombie Butch/Grundy now and is trying desperately to get his brain back in working order. Somethings got to happen to make him loose hope. He’ll get money with the fighting and try to fix his brain, but maybe nothing works like he thinks. What he needs is time, and to exercise his brain, reteach it. But he’s broken too, and he’s loosing hope. 

-But there’s got to be a way. Who is Gotham would be willing enough to take all that time and help him? Certainly not his new pal Grundy, or anyone else he use to associate with.

-Maybe Ed would go to Oswald and in his own head, just be ‘using’ him to make himself smart again. He apologizes to his ex-friend, and Oswald, who at this point has no one either, accepts his apology thinking it’s sincere. 

-Then they get started, Oswald takes the time to sit with Ed and help him get his brain unfrozen again, and says little riddles until Ed understands them. With practice and patience Ed gains back his intelligence bit by but, but also he’s starting to realize that Oswald was truly a good friend. 

-Once their both feeling like themselves again they can rebuild their empire and get back into the underworld of Gotham.

-If they’re able to put the past behind them it may be possible for them to be friends again.. or maybe eventually more. But I’d settle for just friends. 

So that’s it, my Nygmobblepot Journey. My thoughts on all of it, good and bad. But I want to know, what’s yours? Where do you think the show is going and what has been your reaction so far? 

Use ( #my nygmobblepot journey ) so I can read your journeys too!

Hi! So, I just joined tumblr and even though my blog isn’t just about Taylor Swift and being a swiftie (which I totally am, in case you’re wondering) like 90p/cent of the people I follow are swifties… well, at first I followed 2 or 3 swiftie blogs but you guys are so, so, so supportive of each other and Taylor that I got on the swifties train and it’s so amazing how you share your love.

I’m bit introverted and some posts surprise me (in a very good way) and I  think to myself “ Oh wait, I also feel this way! Is this something people talk about? Cool…”

 Therefore thank you so much for what you’ve shown me and for what you are going to show me! I can’t wait to start this journey here with you!

Feel free to text me, I’m looking to meet new people!

Ps: I’m really sorry if the text is confusing but it’s so late and I’m so sleepy… 

Xoxo :D

First time ever really posting anything on Tumblr. But hey! No one really follows me anyways except my best friend SOOOO. I’m going to just document some of my crossfit journey on here :) STARTED crossfit three weeks ago and it is AMAZING. Been working out in the gym for a solid three years, and just got bored of the same old routine and I thought that I would switch it up and try something new! It all started when I watched ‘Fittest on Earth’ on Netflix and it blew my freaking mind! I just sat there the whole time thinking to myself ‘one day I want to be in that field with those people’. I started doing my research, following other people’s journey with fitness and crossfit specifically, and I fell in love with the sport. It literally tests every part of your body, and helps you push your limits, which I love. So many people have been a HUGE influence in me making this decision and I’m so grateful for the example they set. CUUZZZZZ I’ve struggled hardcore with body image, I’m just going to put myself out there and post as much as I can about my awkward steps through crossfit. ALSO. This shirt makes it easier for me to do box jumps… obviously. 


Thanks to @barbells-and-sirens, @oatsnjen, Brooke Ence, Katrin Davidsdottir, and Nikki Blackletter for being so freaking bad ass and helping me without even knowing it aha. Here’s to new stuff in life!