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“This is just the beginning of the amazing adventures of Ash and Pikachu. Their journey is destined to be packed with non-stop action, millions of laughs, heart-pounding perils, and endless excitement. Together, they’ll encounter fantastic friends, evil enemies, and meet creatures beyond their wildest imagination. And as their story unfolds, we’ll unlock the magic and mystery of a most wondrous place–the incredible world of Pokemon.”

  • Pokemon: All trainers must be at least 10 to train Pokemon. If a child under 10 "owns" a Pokemon, it is only permitted if it is registered as a "family pet". They, however, are permitted to accompany older trainers on their journeys, but they may not participate in battles, the league, or any other form of Pokemon Contest.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Who cares what age kids playing the game are. Everyone in this world is going to summon Satan one day or another, let's go ahead and start them off early.

pokemon theory

there’s a picture in mimikyu’s room that looked like ash was in it, and you wonder, is ash canon to the pokemon games?

but we see some kids playing pokemon in a few pokemon centers, so the game Pokemon must exist in the universe of the pokemon in some weird meta way. it’s probably like the equivalent to nintendogs to us; raising virtual pokemon in a game even though pokemon are real, just like how people raise virtual pets even though pets are real

so anyway i think the pokemon anime is an actual show in the pokemon world, just like it is here. ash isn’t a real person, but a character! people tune in to watch the story of a fictional pokemon trainer and his pikachu, because even though pokemon are not made up creatures to them, its still probably entertaining to watch a trainer’s journey, especially since most viewers probably have never seen most of the pokemon ash comes across, like the legendary ones. and in the hano grand resort, theres a pikachu relaxing and the guy next to it says its a celebrity; perhaps the actor for ash’s pikachu and therefore the most famous pokemon in the world?


🌺  Red: Pikachu, Charizard, Beedrill, Kabutops, Lapras, Snorlax…

🌺  Leaf: Jigglypuff, Venusaur, Butterfree, Omastar, Clefable, Ditto…

🌺  Blue: Eevee, Blastoise, Alakazam, Exeggutor, Arcanine, Gyarados…

Leaf and Blue give their Venusaur and Blastoise to Red to train on Mt Silver while Blue takes over the role of Gym Leader and Leaf continues her journey across the world to see all kinds of new Pokemon

Autistic Pokemon Trainers Headcanons

Note: These do not refer to a single person, they can refer to a number of different autistic people in the Pokemon world.

- Trainer(s) developing insanely strong bonds with their pokemon, prefer talking to/being with them rather than people.                                                     - The feeling of certain pokemon’s fur is extremely comforting, can help calm them down if feeling sad or stressed.                                                                  - They may start their journey a few years later than others, maybe at 14 or up depending on the trainer.                                                                                     - Can be extremely good battle strategists, can have specialist-type teams e.g. all normal types or all grass types etc. Can memorize types and advantages and weaknesses pretty quickly.                                                                             - Can have stim toys that they use during battles to keep focused.                     - The trainer’s pokemon get extremely protective of them when they are having a meltdown, making sure other people keep their distance as well as comfort the trainer.                                                                                              - Trainer(s) travel with someone or in a small group, if they struggle with the strategic side of battling they can have someone by their side helping them decide on what to do next.                                                                                   - Saying hello to every passing pokemon they meet; wild or not.                         - Could give their pokemon an Everstone if they struggle with the idea of it evolving.                                                                                                               - Can travel with all of their pokemon outside of their poke’balls, or can keep their pokemon inside to keep them safe.

If you think I missed anything or have headcanons yourself, feel free to add them in a reblog - and have a great day!                                                            


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For some time, people believed that, in the Pokemon world, humans ate pokemons. But the creators said that it wasn’t true.
We have seen Ash & company eating meat during their journey. More than once. But then, if it’s not pokemon meat, what kind of meat is it??? Normal animals don’t exist in the pokemon world…
The answer is simple.
And horrifying.
Think about all the pokemon games you played.
Do you recall ever seeing a human graveyard?
I don’t. Pokemon graveyards, a lot of them.
But never human.
And hospitals?
Neither. Only pokemon centers.
Don’t make me say this out loud.
I know you understood what I am implying.

  • gen 1: fun journey with your rival neighbor :) also stopped a gang
  • gen 2: pretty much the same as gen 1 except your rival is an asshole
  • gen 3: some guys summon a god and nearly end the world by fucking up the ecosystem so bad
  • gen 4: a space cult tries to make their own universe
  • gen 5: an old man uses his puppet son to try and take over the country
  • gen 5 part 2: old man and science man try to initiate nuclear winter
  • gen 6: some dude literally just wants to kill everyone
  • gen 7: a bunch of guys who shop at hot topic are there, but theres also an evil jellyfish most likely capable of easily wiping out pokemon and humans
Hogwarts houses and the games they play


  • monopoly
  • the sims
  • mario kart
  • starcraft
  • plants vs zombies
  • trivial persuit


  • that Google browser game when you have network connectivity problems
  • super mario galaxy
  • world of warcraft
  • silent hill
  • fallout
  • zelda


  • minecraft
  • scrabble
  • journey
  • draw something
  • chinese checkers
  • 1010!


  • animal crossing
  • pokémon
  • terraria
  • monster hunter
  • neko atsume
  • harvest moon

if you took Dragon Ball, The Little Mermaid, Jurassic Park, Vikings, Egypt, Nightmare Before Christmas, Venice, politics, Native American’s having their land taken by Europeans, Japan, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Pokemon, wrestling, actual historical pirate information, El Dorado, Pinocchio, giants, zombies, angels, mermaids, Italy, various different religions, dwarfs, clowns, monkeys, samurai, magic, world politics, philosophy, superheroes, literally every super power you can think of, talking animals, cyborgs, futuristic technology, mad scientists, lasers, tyrannical governments, assassins, forbbiden history and secret messages, MLK and Malcolm X, ancient kingdoms, Alice in Wonderland, Ghibli, Blackbeard, Mecha, and literally hundreds of other references that i can’t think of right now, combined it with the Heroes Journey and a healthy dose of Piracy, mixed it all together in a huge pot, you’ll end up with One Piece

Around Christmas time, Pokemon, without even announcing it, puts a free bit of DLC, the only DLC that they claim they will ever make fore a Pokemon game, on the Eshop for Sun and Moon.

When you come into the game, while wandering Alola you will be approached by an old man who tells you that he has come to Alola to put his journey to rest in retirement and gives you an old map.  You take it to the wooden dock on the island with the canyons and the man with the Magikarp boat says that he recognizes one of the islands on the edge of the map, and offers to take you to this location, but mentions that it is very far away.

You arrive on the island and find a small campsite with a notebook on a rock by the tent.  The last page of the book says that the owner has been all around the world searching for all the Pokemon to complete his Pokedex, and that this location is home to the final entry.

You leave the campsite and enter the forest which is very dense and offers only small pockets of sunlight.  Even though the path is covered in tall grass, no Pokemon appear and the music is really peaceful while at the same time invoking a sense of mystery.  Eventually you enter a clearing and see what appears to be the ruins of a temple.  As you go inside you can examine the walls, telling you that the glyphs on the walls depict a small Pokemon with a long tail and big feet, while the word “Mew” is the only legible word in the Unown writing that covers the walls.

As you enter the main chamber you find the torches lit as well as light shining down through a hole in the roof.  There standing in the middle of the room is a boy with a red hat and a red coat with a Pikachu following him around. 

You approach him and he offers you a battle with just a gesture.  His team is the strongest of any game, all 6 members of his team being at level 100.  The most difficult thing about this battle is that his Pokemon carry the same mechanic as yours from the Pokemon Amie and Refresh features, where they occasionally endure knock-outs and push themselves through the bonds that they share. 

Once the battle is finally over, you shake hands as equals.  Then the two of you hear a specific Pokemon cry from the back of the temple.  You follow him back to where the back room has collapsed away revealing a beautiful sunset cliff face where Mew is floating in its pink bubble watching the sun set.  As you two approach, Mew turns, noticing you two.  It takes off in its bubble flying over the ocean.  The boy waves to you with a smile before sending out his Charizard and following it into the setting sun. 

I often find myself wondering about the kids in the pokemon world who don’t leave school at age ten to embark on a pokemon journey. Maybe they get a starter pokemon at that age, but keep going to school, practicing battling and going on small adventures during the summer breaks. Maybe its popular for kids to go on a big gap year before college, battling gyms in foreign regions, fulfilling childhood dreams they could not achieve beforehand, perhaps due to pressure from their parents, or their own career goals.

Or what about the kids who do become trainers at ten, but after a year or two deciding that it’s not to for them, and return to school, showing off to their old classmates about all of their adventures, whilst secretly feeling insecure about how far they’ve fallen behind academically. What about the kids who were never great at battling, but never did go back to school, and now struggle to get by and find work?

Just some thoughts~

Okay but question. If kids in the Pokemon world rarely stay in school once they hit the age that they’re legal in their region to obtain a Pokemon and go on a journey, what about schools? Like not trainer schools, but actual schools, where you learn about math, science, etc. Would people have to pay to go to them? Instead of it being free? It would make sense I think for it to be that way, because honestly why would the League (which is basically the government, I guess?) spend money on schools when kids are going to up and leave once they reach so-and-so age? These are the questions that don’t matter but that I’m honestly curious about.