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Who You Want To Be

Part Thirteen - Misty

Summary: Everyone knows the story of the hero’s journey to save the world, but no one talks about what comes after. /A short, introspective series that follows the characters from When The World Ends learning how to cope with a ‘new’ world, and discovering where they fit in it./ Rating for mentions and portrayals of PTSD and various other mental and physical issues.

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“The time has come.  Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold.  On your journey, you will meet countless Pokémon and people.  I’m sure that along the way you will discover many things, perhaps even something about yourself.  Now, go on, leap into the world of Pokémon!”

  • Pokemon: All trainers must be at least 10 to train Pokemon. If a child under 10 "owns" a Pokemon, it is only permitted if it is registered as a "family pet". They, however, are permitted to accompany older trainers on their journeys, but they may not participate in battles, the league, or any other form of Pokemon Contest.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Who cares what age kids playing the game are. Everyone in this world is going to summon Satan one day or another, let's go ahead and start them off early.

Pokemon GO One-year Anniversary Celebration Announced!


It’s hard to believe that Pokémon GO launched just a year ago, and what an amazing year it’s been! Since joining us last July, you’ve demonstrated the true power of Pokémon GO and augmented reality gaming by searching for Pokémon in the real world, exploring on foot, building new friendships, and discovering new places right in your own neighborhoods. Throughout this incredible journey, you’ve caught over 125 billion Pokémon and made countless memories along the way. But there are many more adventures still to come.

Just a few weeks ago, the one-year anniversary celebration kicked off with a bang. You and millions of other Trainers went outside to battle in revamped Gyms and participate in Raid Battles with family and friends for the first time, but this was only the beginning of an action-packed couple of months. The celebration continues with a special Pikachu wearing a familiar hat appearing all over the world. From July 6 at 1:00 P.M. PDT to July 24 at 1:00 P.M. PDT, Pikachu discovered in the wild will be wearing Ash’s famous hat from the Pokémon animated series, so make sure you don’t miss out on your opportunity to catch one! You’ll also be able to stock up for Raid Battles and the events ahead with the special limited-time Anniversary Box, which will include Incubators, Max Revives, Ultra Balls, and Raid Passes at a discount in the in-game shop.”

Well folks, it may not be all we wanted it to be, but at least we can get another Pikachu and stock up on some items! Happy Pokemon GO Anniversary! 

Imagine a Pokemon au where Campbell is the professor, but leaves David and Gwen to do the actual work for him while he’s running from the la- er- doing field research.

So David starts Max, Neil, and Nikki on their journey, but because he’s getting itchy sitting around the lab not doing field work, he kinda follows them a bit, so he’s there for their whole journey, letting them handle things while he hangs back and lets them get on with it. As far as the kids know, the only Pokemon has are a Magikarp and a Heracross, and they never think anything of it.

The kids have their journey, even saving the world a bit, and finally make it to the Elite Four. Max gets through all four of them, and he’s ready to face the champion, and-

-it’s David. The champion is David.

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If the all the villains in pokemon were good guys what do you think they would be doing?

Giovanni runs his countless businesses (without the shady stuff of course.) Silver is the future heir of the companies, but he’d rather work on being a trainer and secretly wishes his dad would work less and spend more quality time with him. (though he would never admit it.) Eventually they have a heart to heart and Silver learns just how hard his dad works to ensure he has a comfortable future.

Maxie and Archie teach together at a local Hoenn University. They plan excursions where they (and students that follow their ideals) clean up parks and beaches and spread awareness about keeping the land and sea free of pollution and trash. Occasionally they bicker about what requires more manpower, the health of the land or the well-being of the sea.

Cyrus lives alone (but happy) in an observatory that his grandfather built for him as a child. When he isn’t enjoying evenings reading by his fireplace, he is stargazing with his high powered telescope. He names comets he discovers and occasionally lets passing by trainers come see the observatory if they beat him in a battle. A young girl named Dawn is a frequent visitor. 

Ghetsis never kidnapped children and claimed them as his which means N lives a happy life with pokemon away from people that would try to abuse his gift. N speaks with trainers and teaches them how to better communicate with their teams. (I don’t know how Ghetsis can be anything other than how he is so please forgive me.) 

Lysandre doesn’t let his frustrations of the world get to him. Yes there are selfish people that take and take, but he stands strong and believes that he can help shape the world to be better and beautiful for everyone. Lysandre Labs continues to invent products to help people all over the world communicate and work together as one. His latest Holo Caster model is due to be released and he can’t wait to share it. 

Lusamine realizes that she needs to give her children space so they can grow, she can’t control them forever. She continues to work hard as the President of the Aether Foundation and her son Gladion has shown interest in continuing her work. Pokemon are cared for at the Foundation and Lillie, while she isn’t off on her pokemon journey, loves to play with the pokemon when she visits her mom.

Guzma makes it his mission to gather up any youth that feel like they aren’t loved or wanted by their families. They form their own family and train pokemon together. Instead of causing ruckus in Alola, the group works to help the people on the islands and offer tips to those that take part in the island challenges. Though late in his attempt, Guzma takes on the trials and his whole team cheers him on as he finally beats them all.

and while i’m on the subject my personal favourite pokemon headcanon is that the anime is just a children’s tv show in the game world (originally based on Red’s journey and later branching out but re-using the “Ash” character), and this is why pokemon say their species names and there are all those weird bits of lore that completely contradict the games


🌺  Red: Pikachu, Charizard, Beedrill, Kabutops, Lapras, Snorlax…

🌺  Leaf: Jigglypuff, Venusaur, Butterfree, Omastar, Clefable, Ditto…

🌺  Blue: Eevee, Blastoise, Alakazam, Exeggutor, Arcanine, Gyarados…

Leaf and Blue give their Venusaur and Blastoise to Red to train on Mt Silver while Blue takes over the role of Gym Leader and Leaf continues her journey across the world to see all kinds of new Pokemon


Sawada Tsunayoshi was a rather…unmotivated pokemon trainer living in his hometown, trying to avoid actually setting out on his pokemon journey, with only his magikarp for company.  Until one day his mother hired a tutor that was supposed to help Tsuna learn to grow, much to his protests.   The tutor turned out to be Reborn, who promptly informed Tsuna he was set to become the next leader of Team Vongola, a shady organization that always seemed to be linked to dangerous people and incidences happening in the world.  Needless to say, Tsuna wanted nothing to do with this but was told, very bluntly and violently, that he didn’t have a choice.  Reborn was going to make sure he turned into the best team leader and pokemon trainer.   Then Reborn dragged Tsuna out into a pokemon journey he had never wanted or asked for.

So.  Here’s the Au that I’ve been having far, far to much fun with.  I have a bad habit of wanting to create pokemon crossovers for all the series I like, and I’ve had this one in mind for a long time.  It was just supposed to be a couple of fun pictures, but then my mind insisted on dragging story into, and now I have one building in the back of my head.   I might write more about it later and what I’ve come up with for this AU so far, but I just wanted to put get this up.   I do have reasons for picking most of Tsuna’s pokemon, though sometimes the deciding factor behind picking one was ‘okay this is a cool pokemon!’  

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Dr3 boys with their ideal Pokémon team. It’s doesn’t have to be 6 Pokémon at all. And ontop of that how would they interact with their Pokémon? Would they train it and battle or keep them as more so pets? And what kind of trainer would they be?

Gonta Gokuhara

  • You can not tell me that Gonta would not have a full bug team
  • I can see him having a Ribombee, Scolipede, Larvesta, Leavanny, Yanmega, and a Beedrill (Maybe mega if you want)
  • He treats his Pokemon like family and loves and cares for each of them
  • While he doesn’t force his Pokemon to battle he knows that battling is healthy for them and if they want to battle he’ll let them
  • He would be able to talk to Pokemon what with him being raised by Mightyenas of course
  • He hates it when people think bug Pokemon are weak or disgusting
  • They are not!
  • He travels across reigns looking for new Bug Pokemon and to help make people understand that Bugs are friends too!

Kokichi Ouma

  • Ouma is definitely a battler
  • His team would be Zoroark, Gengar, Banette, Mimikyu, Pyrukumuku, and a Male Meowstic 
  • He loves Pokemon battles and watching his fight
  • While he may not seem like it he definitely cares for his Pokemon and will spare no expense to treat them
  • (I can see most of the Pokemon that he picks up on his journey are ones that were abandon by their trainers)
  • His pokemon are fiercely protective of him and are always watching out for him
  • He starts a secret organization of trainers whose goal is to take over the world!
  • (But that’s a lie~)
  • (Their true goal is to rescue abandon and neglected Pokemon)

Ryoma Hoshi

  • He used to be a famous up and coming trainer
  • But after what happened….
  • He stopped battling all together
  • His team would be Persian. Luxray, Liepard, Female Pyroar, Incineroar, and an Eevee (which was a gift to him from…)
  • After what happened his Pokemon became very close to him and are always looking out for him
  • They make sure that he remembers to eat or to wake up
  • In a way his Pokemon are the only reason he is alive today
  • Their all he has left
  • And he’ll make sure to protect them no matter what
  • (And they’ll make sure to always have his back no matter what)

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • His team would be Golurk, Cofagrigous, Sigilyph, Relicanth and an Excadrill
  • He is not much of a battler himself, though he appreciates the beauty of Pokemon battles
  • He sees his Pokemon more as his partners than anything else
  • He is on a journey to learn more about how the world used to be and those he travels to many ruins
  • Thus he has the Pokemon he does, to help him
  • He treats them with equal respect and usually lets them out of their Pokeballs
  • If they wish to battle then so be it
  • If not then he’ll ignore any trainer who approaches him and continues on his way
  • He is oddly in tune with his Pokemon and is able to understand what they are trying to tell him

Shuichi Saihara

  • His team would be  Floatzel, Alakazam, Tranquill and a Growlithe
  • Now this may seem like a random assortment but these guys help him on his detective cases
  • Floatzel helps find people lost at sea, Alakazam helps him see things through different angles, Tranquill helps looks from the sky and always knows how to find him and Growlithe helps him track people via scent
  • He doesn’t really enjoy battling that much but it is sometimes necessary 
  • He travels reign from reign solving different cases from around the world
  • He really cares about his Pokemon and hates to see them hurt
  • (He hates the fact that he sometimes puts his Pokemon in danger because of his job)
  • He tends to spoil his Pokemon a bit with gifts and snacks from whatever money he earns from his cases


  • He was create by the Professor to help him gathering data on Pokemon across the reign
  • His team is Lucario, Aggron, Lanturn, Ampharos, and a Rotom
  • He really cares for his Pokemon
  • Though Rotom has a bad habit of not wanting to go in it’s Pokeball and instead hangs out inside of Kiibo (It can’t control him so thats good at least)
  • Kiibo doesn’t mind too much, it actually kind of tickles when Rotom travels throughout his body (though it does freak out some people)
  • When Rotom enters his system he can actually communicate and have a general conversation which can be quite pleasant sometimes
  • (It’s not so pleasant when Rotom is making fun of him for getting lost again…)
  • He enjoys battles but won’t make his Pokemon fight if they don’t wanna fight

Rantaro Amami

  • Honestly he just likes traveling around
  • His team is Gardevoir, Sylveon, Absol, Crawdaunt, and Salamence
  • He tends to treat his Pokemon a bit like pets, since he loves to spoil them
  • (And so does his sisters)
  • He doesn’t mind battling much, I mean hey it’s some free exercise for his team
  • But if he feels like his team doesn’t want to battle then he’ll just refuse to battle
  • He’s just a wanderer traveling from place to place to see what the world has in store
  • (Plus he gets to send his sisters some pretty awesome pictures)

Kaito Momota

  • He absolutely loves to battle
  • His team would be Clefairy, Solrock, Lunatone, Bewear, Minior, and Braviary
  • He loves all of his Pokemon and trains with them
  • He doesn’t care if he gets hurt as long as they have fun that’s all that matters
  • Don’t try to talk trash about his team
  • Will literally fight you if you dare make fun of his team
  • They are awesome no matter what anyone else says!
  • His goal to become Champion and show people that anything can happen if you believe in your Pokemon! 

“Hello there! Welcome to the world of pokémon! My name is Oak! People call me the pokémon Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called pokémon! For some people, pokémon are pets. Others use them for fights. Myself…I study pokémon as a profession.” -Professor Oak

Today is your first day of Pokémon. I’m going to be your guide. Kitten’s the name, and I’m a trainer by trade! It’s great having you join us Trainer! I can’t wait to see what your journey in the Pokemon world will show you!!

Card 1-What will I learn on my Journey?

Card 2- What lessons do I need to take with me?

Card 3- What should I leave behind?

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In the Pokemon world you come across many vending machines throughout your journey, each one carrying the three main drinks of the games: fresh water, soda pop, and lemonade. In Unova, back in the 1960s before convenience was the main focus, it was incredibly popular for each of the three drinks to have vending machines that were specifically catered to them, and while there were other designs that were used (and stores and those individuals who could afford them had their own custom made ones), there existed with each of them one main, popular design that appealed to the masses’ eyes and made sales for that specific drink skyrocket.

  • For fresh water it was a group of Tympole set against a pale, baby blue background, each of them jumping up high into the air from many small, rippling puddles that each spilled out ‘fresh water’ in the tiny waves to perform in unison the move bubblebeam. To further add to this, the fresh water bottles were depicted to be captured inside each of the bubbles.
  • For soda pop it was a Simipour set against either a pastel blue or white background depending on the city or town you lived in (the reason for this being that when the design was first thought up, the two person team of artists involved argued excessively over what color to use for it, and so it was decided that it would either be one color or the other depending on the location it was placed in) with one of its legs raised high in the air and its arms spread out wide above its head, its tongue sticking out to catch the “water” that was being spewed from the “geyser” in front of it. The “water” was of course soda pop, and “the geyser” was a soda pop bottle that was made to look as though it grew naturally from the earth.
  • For lemonade it was a Galvantula standing behind a classic lemonade stand that had been placed only a few feet away from the Nimbasa Ferris wheel on a sunny, summer afternoon, imitating a bartender by mixing the sugar, water, and the juice that had been squeezed from the lemons by its Emolga friend and business partner inside tiny glasses with its four legs before pouring them into lemonade cans for the long line of eagerly awaiting Pokemon to snatch them up. It is the only one of the three vending machines to have an elaborate backdrop painted for it, and because of this lemonade for a long time was the more popular of the three drinks among children.
It’zzz time for a new adventure!

Good luck to all of the new Trainerzzz who are/will be starting their journeyzzz in Alola! I hope you are all excited and fully prepared! Zzzt!

Remember to be brave, strong, kind and determined. Befriend lotzzz of different Pokémon and meet a lot of people! Follow your dreamzzz and aim to be the very best together with your team! Zzz-zzt!

I hope that you will learn a lot about yourself and grow through this experience, azzz well as form new everlasting bondzzz with your Pokémon.

As for me, I’ll be right by your side all of the way! You can count on me for support! I believe in ya, future-champ! Zrrrrrtt!

Let me leave you with some advice: Treat all Pokémon as equalzzz, remember that winning izzzn’t everything, and don’t be afraid of the darkness. Remember thozzze and you are guaranteed to get the very best experiencezzz out of your journey! Zzt!

Now, enter the world of Alola! 

Your very own legend izzz about to unfold! Become a light that will shine upon Alola in it’zzz darkest hour. A world of dreamzzz and adventurezzz with Pokémon awaitzzz! Let’zzz go! Zrrrrrtt!

The Boy From Pallet Town: Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) from Kanto to Kalos.

Kanto: The Rookie. Ash starts as an excited but immature and naive 10 year old boy from Pallet Town.  He’s not really much of a trainer as much as he is a kid trying to be a trainer, and he’s always one step behind everyone else, especially his rival Gary Oak.  The hot-headedness and self-centered ego hinders his progress throughout his journey and he needs the guidance of Misty and Brock to help him out along the way.  Despite his flaws, Ash does have a kind and selfless heart when it comes to the well-being of Pokémon, putting his life on the line before his Pokémon in times of danger.  Overtime, he gets a better handling of battles, but still has a lot to learn.  Especially when his lucky winning streak runs out, and his neglect of handling his disobedient Charizard ends up costing him the Indigo League.

Orange Islands: The Learner. Ash is still immature as he was at the beginning of this arc, but he ends up taking a few humility lessons and battles (such as Lorelei) to deflate his ego and make up for his loss in the Indigo League.  His arc with Charizard highlights this and his battle with Drake gives him his first real full 6 vs 6 battle.  But while he may become better in terms of training and battles, so has Gary Oak, whose victory over Ash ignites an old rivalry anew.

Johto: The Experienced. The early episodes highlight a contrast of power between him and those starting out in Johto such as Casey.  The team he posses from the Kanto region could easily allow him to breeze through the Gyms without much trouble, but it has detrimental effects such as Charizard being unable to properly train to the next level with the lesser experienced Pokémon, and Ash relying on his old dependable Pokémon instead of training the new ones he caught.  Ash is not exactly mature (still has a hot-temper and can be foolish) but he is experienced enough to handle Gym battles without pity badges and is able to handle the League battles a lot better than before, culminating into beating his old-time rival Gary in a full battle.  But there are still trainers much more experienced than him such as Harrison, if only barely.

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