journey to the center of my mind

I live for this: 5 pm sunsets, where the colors in the sky seem to smile at me. I live for road trips, for quiet walks, for days when I’m surrounded by my favorite people. I live for those moments, you know, when I’m reminded that the world isn’t that hard and cold of a place. Experiences that bring me back to my own center, long enough for me to rediscover my own light … and to realize what it means to be alive. 

Blessings & More … Our Journey to Balance 

I think we need to talk about Mikey’s anger. 

In “Journey to the Center of Mikey’s Mind”, when his brothers are trying to find Mikey’s inner self they’re confronted by 4 aspects of his personality. Anger, Gluttony, Annoying, and Weird. 

Out of all of his personality traits: Anger is the biggest. While his other personality traits are regular sized with the exception of his annoying side which happens to be quite smaller than his brothers probably expected. 

But Anger is huge, his anger towers over all the other personality traits and you would think that he would act much more like Raph with his temper and angry outbursts. 

Look at Leo, Raph, and Donnie’s reaction to confronting Mikey’s anger: 

They’re shocked. And while it’s hard to see their exact facial expressions, you can definitely see that Donnie & Leo’s eyes are widened with shock and awe at Mikey’s inner rage. It’s like they never knew Mikey held this much anger within him and that’s what this post is all about: Mikey’s Anger

We all know Mikey to be a laid-back guy with a big heart, he doesn’t like conflict and he would rather have confrontations sorted out with a hug rather than a fist. But he’s willing to fight when push comes to shove and he’ll do anything to protect his family from harm. 

Besides the exception of Leo and Master Splinter, Mikey’s able to keep his anger under control better than Donnie & Raph combined (at least in the 2012 version. Donnie in the 2003 series was the biggest pacifist). He’s able to take a breath and calm down before jumping to conclusions. 

So imagine their surprise when they confront his anger head on inside of Mikey’s mind. How this towering giant is looking down on them and their sudden realization that their baby brother has been able to keep control of this monster of emotion. 

And the realization that Mikey has more pent up anger than he leads on

Mikey keeps his anger under control by moving forward and staying kind & positive in the situations around him. But that doesn’t mean that his anger is gone because it’s a constant part of who he is. 

Can you imagine if Mikey lets this anger loose on a enemy or even worse: on one of his brothers? I think he has enough anger inside him to kill someone. 

This was a great insight of Mikey’s mind and how it works, but I just hope that they don’t throw this entire episode away in favor of more slap stick situations. I want Leo, Raph, and Donnie to treat Mikey a little different after saving his inner self. 

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Leo Called Mikey “Little Man” In Our Recent Episode!

After Lil Mikey defeats the Neutrinos, Leo runs to Mikey and you gotta listen close, as hes running he says. “Yea little man!” and picks up little Mikey.




Simple Stress Relief Stream Spell

Components Needed:

  • Clear, Clean, Swift-Flowing Stream, Creek, or River
  • Three Stalks of Heal-All (Common Self-Heal, Prunella vulgaris)*

At the creek bank, touch the heal-all to each shoulder, and as you draw them away, visualize them pulling with them a tangled, snarled mass.

Dip the stalks into the stream, visualizing the cold water sweeping the tension away, cleansing the stalks, and say:

My body relaxes.

Touch the stalks to the center of your chest, visualizing them drawing out heavy, viscous oil.

Dip the stalks into the flowing water, visualizing the heaviness washing away, the stalks cleansed, and say:

My heart lightens.

Touch the stalks to your forehead, and as you lower them, visualize the stalks removing dense, hazy smog.

Dip the stalks into the cleansing water, watching the creek dissipate the fog. Say:

My mind clears.

Toss the stalks into the water, to take and transform your stress as they journey  downstream. As you watch them swept away, say:

By stalk and stream, and by my will, so it be.

* If you can’t get heal-all, you can substitute three stalks of fresh rosemary. 

I wish you a day full of ordinary miracles;

miracles we hardly notice and sometimes take for granted.

A fresh pot of coffee you didn’t make yourself.

Green traffic lights on your way to work.

A catchy sing along song on the radio.

Someone to open the door for you.

A warm smile from a stranger.

A compliment.

The fastest line at the grocery store.

A phone call from an old friend.

A warm blanket against the cold …

My friends, let us cultivate and nurture conscious awareness, let us cultivate and nurture mindfulness, lets make heart centered living a goal, let us live inspired and empowered … Blessings, Our Journey to Balance

“What has been the most difficult part of your journey?”

“The seven days I spent in a Pokémon Center waiting for my starter to recover.”

“If you don’t mind sharing, can I ask for more details?”

“Combusken took quite a beating when I battled Winona. It didn’t help that her newly acquired Fighting type made her weak against Flying-type attacks, but she was my best chance against Winona’s Skarmory since all my other Pokémon strong against Flying-types were taken care of by Winona’s Altaria. She evolved to Blaziken shortly after that, so I thought she would be fine. I then used her against Wattson’s Magneton, and even if she had the type advantage, she still took quite a beating from the paralyzing attacks. Her Blaze Kick was what won me the badge, but I didn’t even have enough time to celebrate, as the moment we were proclaimed the victors, Blaziken hit the ground with a loud thud. I knew something was wrong right then and there, since how she fainted wasn’t normal. All the color in her face was gone, and her body felt ice cold.

“Wattson personally accompanied me in taking her to the Pokémon Center, confirming my suspicions that her fainting wasn’t ordinary. It didn’t make it any easier to swallow what the nurse had said—Blaziken was suffering from an extreme form of fatigue that had developed over the past month. It was only then that I realized that Blaziken had been exerting way too much effort—she probably had double the number of battles all my other Pokémon had combined. I broke down right then and there, cursing myself for being such a bad trainer. It took quite a lot of talking from Wattson to snap me out of it—that man sure knows how to make everything seem positive. His hearty laugh helps a lot.

“They were the longest seven days of my life. In the first three days, she didn’t make so much as a stir. I never left her side, and I had to be reminded by one of the nurses to eat. When she let out a very soft cry on the fourth day, I almost jumped at her to give her a big hug. The doctor told me that she was much better, but she still needed a few more days of bed rest so she could completely recover.

“Wattson had visited me on the fifth day, asking me how she was doing and how I was doing. He was a real sweetheart—I didn’t expect him to follow up at all, especially after that rather unpleasant breakdown I had in front of him. I’m sure you already know this because of your father, but gym leaders aren’t only skilled trainers—they’re amazing people as well.

“By the seventh day, Blaziken looked like her normal self again, but I promised her that I would take it easy on her from then on. Feeling the warmth from her body as I hugged her was the most relieving experience I’ve ever had. It was a real eye-opener on how lop-sided my training across the team was, and surely enough, I began to see the entire team improve after relying on Blaziken less. She still comes out as a star whenever I use her, but I could feel that she appreciates how she’s carrying a much lighter burden than before.

“It just goes to show how you really have to be smart in treating your Pokémon. They aren’t the ultra-powerful machines that you imagine when you’re young. They’re much, much more nuanced than that, and they rely on your training as much as you rely on their strength. I hope it doesn’t take one of their Pokémon having a seven-day bed rest for other trainers to realize that.”

One of my favorite things about Kanto/OI Era OS is how much they really emphasized that Ash and Co were on a actual journey in terms of realism.

Like sometimes (a lot of times) they’d get lost because they weren’t following the map correctly, they’d get hungry and worry about if they have enough food to make it to the next Pokemon Center. They’d make comments about how tired they are, maybe comment on their lack of sanitation, worry over supplies in general. It’s like they really emphasized how prepared and knowledgeable you have to be if you want to make it in the Pokemon world and showed how grueling going on a actual journey can be.

I think one scene that stuck in my mind the most in that regard is when they make it to Vermillion City after spending several episodes being lost and meandering around and theyre pretty much on the verge of tears and cheer happily. They’re tired, hungry, dirty and are about to collapse from exhaustion but god dammit they made it, that’s such a looked over aspect of Pokemon Journeying that I wish it was emphasized more (not just in the anime)