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Journey to the Cemetery
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“Journey to the Cemetery” from the 2004 movie. This is my favorite instrumental bit from the movie, I’m in love with the violin, Christine’s “Phantom of the Opera” reprise, and when it kicks in with the full orchestra :)


It’s early evening in Friendship Cemetery, the local graveyard in Columbus, Miss. The white tombstones are coated with that yellow glow you only see right before dusk.

Students from the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science are spread out among the gravestones. They’re dressed up in costumes: A tall brunette is wearing a dark maroon dress her grandmother made. A young man wears a top hat and leans on a walking cane.

Tonight is the final dress rehearsal for Tales From The Crypt — a rite of passage for students at this school that’s now in it’s 25th year. Summar McGee, 16, and her classmates are telling the stories of the people buried in this cemetery. A journey they started back in September, in Chuck Yarborough’s U.S. history class.

Yarborough’s a history buff who loves knowing a little bit about everything — and a lot about a lot of things. His students hail from all around the state, and he prides himself with knowing a piece of history from every place they’re from.

“If I can tell them something interesting about their home place, I’m sending them the message that their place in this world matters and so do they,” he says.

Through Performance, Mississippi Students Honor Long-Forgotten Locals

Photo credit: Elissa Nadworny/NPR

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Journey To The Cemetery | The Phantom of the Opera

In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came
That voice which calls to me and speaks my name…

Little Lotte thought of everything and nothing
Her Father promised her that he would send her the Angel of Music
Her father promised her… Her father promised her…

Okay, there is a lot going on in this picture that Leaf Lady was kind enough to tweet out today.

First of all: YAAAAASSSSSS!!! Jen and Colin filming together!

Okay, now that my CS fangirling is over … this scene has a huge fan, lots of smoke and it appears they are set up for an overhead shot of the scene.

Ginny is there. Can’t see anyone else but Lana and Bex were filming on location today, too. 

The promo (and filming reports from 5x12) tell us that they start out their Underworld journey in the cemetery … is this scene maybe all of them finally leaving? That 5x17 is their escape?

Ruby & Mulan are resurfacing in the next episode so wouldn’t it make sense to get everyone back to Storybrooke? 

Also, the label on that bag says tarp diaper and the childish humor in me just couldn’t ignore that. Teehee.

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Phantom of the Opera 30 Day Challenge

Day 12: Favorite instrumental portion of the score

Journey to the Cemetery from the movie version

I know the thing probably meant from the stage musical but I love this portion of the movie score, especially listening to it after watching LND and hearing the melody from Beneath a Moonless Sky at the beginning


Journey to the cemetery by RawlMtz Photography


Phantom of the Opera - the Graveyard

I’m a real sucker for this kind of combo:violin, organ, opera, piano and this movie/ost nails most of it. XD