journey to self realization

Take a stand and speak your truth. Realize you are worthy of being loved and don’t let anyone treat you less than. It is up to you to respect and protect your spirit. This is your life and your journey. Make the best of it. Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your happiness.
—  Melanie Koulouris

Science, math, geography, history, biology, language, art and physical education cannot be conceived, explained, observed or even exist without CONSCIOUSNESS.  ~Anon I mus

Okay, so I understand why everyone’s all about Sara Lance having a crush on Supergirl/Kara Danvers in the upcoming crossover… But HELLO, Alex Danvers?

Alex Danvers who is ALSO pretty and smart and tough and capable and funny and a badass?

Alex Danvers who has just started on the journey of self-discovery after realizing that she likes girls?

Alex Danvers who is coming to terms with her sexuality, a la Lindsay Carlisle?

Alex Danvers who was swept off her feet by the smart, tough, capable, beautiful Maggie Sawyer, who shares a lot of traits with the smart, tough, capable, beautiful Sara Lance? 

Like, even if there isn’t any flirting… I feel like Alex Danvers and Sara Lance should at least get a scene or two together. 

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okay so in the radfem/terf "gender critical" community theres a few "dysphoria experiencing female/males" and i just... as a transman I don't understand it? i guess its their choice but it just seems very... self loathing.. like they are punishing themselves for being trans? i dont know i guess i dont mean to call anyone out but it is just upsetting to me in a way 'normal' terfs aren't? like a cis woman who is a terf is bad enough but... trans people too? I guess i just cant understand it.

ive met real trans folks who are terfs and honestly being around them is so uncomfortable and everyone just feels kinda bad?? trans terfs i think are trans folks w a lot of internalized transphobia/misogyny and i wish them the best in their journey of self discovery but i also hope they realize how theyre hurting others

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i kno lots of my fellow bare peeps hc ivy as bi but i hc her as lesbian personally bc how she is in my head she sleeps around because shes looking for love. i mean, she likes sex and all, but shes so desperate to find a spark with someone because shes afraid shell never fall in love and doesnt wantt o be alone. with jason she finally feels this, except it actually isnt love/infatuation its bc hes gay and like Gaydar is real guys. she doesnt know it at the time but she becomes super caring towards him because hes gay and closeted like her. anyway one day nadia casually mentions going on a date with a girl and ivys like You Can Do That? and it sets her on this really painful but fulfilling journey of self discovery where in the end she realizes she is and always has been a lesbian. though she wishes she found out sooner she, along with peter, helps out other lgbt youth while raising her daughter w jason :)

Hey guys,

I know it’s been a super long time since I was active on here. I’ve been on a self realization journey and I’ve learned some valuable things about myself. I will still continue to be inactive; I’m not going to delete this blog but I am closing it. If you wish to follow my very active Pokémon blog you can find me at 

Maybe it’s hard right now because you’ve stopped settling,

you’ve stopped compromising, giving your power away.

Maybe it’s hard right now because you’re no longer

numb, in shock, or wishing your life away.

Maybe it’s hard fighting for the light in you, but

it’s heroic, too. Yes, it’s a mark of bravery,

to finally realize your self worth …

Reflections … Our Journey to Balance 

Every now and then, I like to flip my perspective. 

Instead of focusing on the path ahead, 

on dreams, goals, aspirations, desires,

I imagine myself at the end of life looking back.

Some don’t like to do this, in fact, they would never dream

of doing this - some would consider the act too morose, too macabre …

It’s natural to fear death, so why forward the clock?

But I have to ask; from this perspective, 

how would you wish you’d have lived?

Perspectives ~


I’ve finally conquered my fear (for the most part) of lifting free weights. The other day I even lifted with no sleeves! My glorious arms wagging about!!!

At this point in my self love journey I’m realizing the power that I have, myself, with representation. I hope other women who see me sweating and taking up space on a bench will gain the courage to do that too, if they want to.

One of my goals for this year was to be able to look into the mirror while I’m lifting and be happy with what I see. And that goal is actually becoming a reality!!!

You can do or be anything you put your mind to! Have an amazing day!

Before I have surgery I’ve decided to go to a Buddhist retreat, I have been looking for one for over a year now and found a one I really like. This will help me on my journey of self development, realization and enlightenment. I’m really excited about it :) Been practicing yoga and meditation everyday for months now and it has changed my life in the most amazing ways.


My hair was the bane of my self esteem, I struggled with styles and spending hundreds on weave just masking that I had very broken and damage hair so I went natural unknowingly. At the beginning I didn’t wanna take pictures of my hair because I still didn’t feel confident and I thought it looked ugly with short hair.

I educated, I evolved, I transformed and my hair flourished as well as my well being. It’s amazing what could happen in just a year… Now when I see myself In the mirror I can’t help but smile, I can’t help stare back and think “Damn I am one beautiful black girl.”

It’s called a natural hair journey because it is a journey of self realization and revolution, and I would do it all again if I could. As black people we have the most unique and versatile hair on this planet, they may says its nappy or unattractive but whose else’s hair can defy gravity? Break all laws of physics? Let’s face it… BLACK GIRLS/PEOPLE ARE MAGICAL