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Can you pls explain everything about the Gorillaz bc I see you reblogging literally everything but I don't understand what it is? Is it a band? A web series? Comic? I need to understand 👻💕

Alright homie

Gorillaz is a virtual band. It’s the brain child of Damon Albarn (from the band Blur) and Jamie Hewlett (known for a lot, but he does Tank Girl and it is A++ ). Damon does the music, while Jamie deals with the art and story line. 

So the basics are that they created a fictional band to represent the music. And it’s a really cool concept! They’ve done a lot and it’s been well over 15 years since their first album came out, yet they still hold considerable influence. 

I’m gonna give you a short summary of the characters and story, just so you can get a feel for it. 

We’ll start with Murdoc Niccals, bass player, satanist, pickle, and genius mastermind behind the band. He’s not the nicest guy around. That’s for shizzle. But he’s really amusing and gross.

2D (real name Stuart “stu” Pot) is the vocalist (Damon Albarn provides his singing vocals). He’s very dimwitted and gets bad migraines, so he’s just like throwing back pain killers like there is just no tomorrow. He’s very sweet tho and loves horror movies and has creepy black eyes and his hair fell out and turned blue???? science side of tumblr help ?????

Russel Hobbs is the drummer (precious baby, he is often overlooked). He is a v talented musician and comes from Brooklyn (distant chants of “USA” can be heard). He’s super duper cool and can channel ghosts but is v tormented at the same time. Also, he was voted third most sexy cartoon musician by in 2010. Just saying. Russel is boyfriend material.

Then we have little Noodle. Tiny little guitarist who FedExed herself from Japan to the UK when she was like 8?? (She’s 10 when they make their debut). She’s grown so much and now she’s 25 (my bby has grown so much). Did I mention she’s a super soldier??? So he’s hella smart, talented, plays every damn instrument and speaks every language, but is also a human weapon! Holy cow!

So long story short (and trust me, it’s a long story) these guys get together, make music, get into various shenanigans (like trying to get a movie going for themselves, but that falls through). They split for a bit after their first album (phase 1). During that time period, there’s lots of self discovery, especially for Noodle. She comes back, slays some zombies, conceptualizes and writes their second album (Demon Days, phase 2). So lots goes on there. Everyone comes back ,they make music, Murdoc is making weird underground deals with people, Noodle goes missing, band falls apart (oh man). Then we get to Plastic Beach (phase 3). Murdoc makes this album, kidnaps 2D, makes a Cyborg Noodle, real Noodle and Russel are nowhere to be found at the beginning. 

I’m not gonna go into detail

I recommend reading Rise of the Ogre (it’s long, but you will learn everything up until phase 3, which is the easiest to catch up on in my opinion. Just go to the right side and click download). For phase 3 I suggest watching Journey to Plastic Beach. It’s 15 minutes long, and you get to hear loads of Murdoc monologue. Also, listening to his Pirate Radios is really helpful too. Also, I recommend watching their music videos and G-bites, cuz they’re v entertaining and the G-bits are v cute. 

Hope this helped some! 


Here are all of the short music preset loops made by Gorillaz exclusively for the Gorillaz iElectribe app on the Apple iPad. 


On August 31st 2001 and November 16th 2001, Cartoon Network’s Toonami aired a special edition of a late-night block called The Midnight Run, which featured music videos from both Gorillaz and Daft Punk.

Jamie Hewlett says his main influence for creating Gorillaz were Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros, Popeye, Fantastic Four, and various celebrities from real life.

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