journey tattoo

I wasn’t going to go to the gym today, just going to sit around and be lazy but then I saw a YOI post and I was like “fuck…what would Yuri do? He’d take care of his body. UUGHH *drags self to gym*” and I’m really glad I did. I even tried out some of his workouts! I will make my gay ice skating boys proud! Gonna be the spiciest katsudon ever ;D

Finally can wear high waisted jeans w/ out feeling uncomfortable!
As of five months ago I started a weight loss journey. When I first started I was 178 and standing today, I am in my 50’s. It’s still not where I wanna be but I’m still pushing everyday and continue to eat & live a a healthy lifestyle! I can’t wait to see what this year brings me & I definitely can’t wait to see not only a body transformation but a transformation in life. For my wellbeing, happiness, & whatever success I put my mind to. Since this journey I’ve been more happier and confident, not cos of the weight loss but more of the stronger mindset I have built and the determination and willingness to not give up. It is only the beginning for me!

Let’s appreciate the differences in these pictures here. The fest one was taken well over a year ago and the second one was taken today. Now I think I *technically* weigh more in the second picture but omg does my body look totally different or what?!?! Guess this is what going to the gym does!!!! I’ve been wanting to do a transformation picture to get me more motivated but I’ve never really seen a difference til now! Just gotta keep going!!!