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Dear Diary:

everyone… everyone kept going through all my photos (・・。)ゞ

there’s… there’s kind of a lot, you know! (・:゚д゚:・)

but it’s not my fault or anything!! it’s just… because we’ve done so much! (;^ω^)

i mean… we’ve travelled all over~! (*^ω^*)

and… spent way too much time in creepy dungeons (; ̄Д ̄)

and way too much time killing creepy things! 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

but… i’m much better at shooting stuff now~ (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

and it wasn’t all bad… i mean, i’ve spent so much time with chocobos! real chocobos! (*´▽`*)

and i mean, we can still play kings knight~ 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

and… everything we’ve been through… i’ve gotten to do it all with my best friend~ (☆^ー^☆)

… my… my best friends (灬º 艸º灬)

and that’s… that’s pretty cool, right? o((*^▽^*))o







A star shines on the hour of our meeting.

Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn.

/ˈɛ:l̡ ˈsiˑ.la ˈɛ.rin ˈlu: ɛ ˈgɔ.va.nɛd ˈvi:n/

I greet you!

Gi suilon!

/gi ˈsuj.lɔn/

I greet you!

Le suilon!

/lɛ ˈsuj.lɔn/

Well met!

Mae g'ovannen!

/ˈmaɛ gɔ.ˈvan.nɛn/

Well met!

Mae l'ovannen!

/ˈmaɛ lɔ.ˈvan.nɛn/

At last!

Na vedui!

/na ˈvɛ.duj/

You are welcome here

Gi nathlam hí

/gi ˈnaθ.lam ˈhiˑ/

You are welcome here

Le nathlam hí

/lɛ ˈnaθ.lam ˈhiˑ/

I know your face

Iston i nîf gîn

/ˈis.tɔn i ˈni:v ˈgi:n/

I know your face

Iston i nîf lîn

/ˈis.tɔn i ˈni:v ˈli:n/

Do you speak Elvish?

Pedig edhellen?

/ˈpɛ.dig ɛ.ˈðɛl̡.lɛn/

Do you speak Elvish?

Pedil edhellen?

/ˈpɛ.dil̡ ɛ.ˈðɛl̡.lɛn/

May we speak as friends now?

Peditham hi sui vellyn?

/ˈpɛ.di.θam ˈhi ˈsuj ˈvɛl̡.lyn/

Where are we?

Mi van me?

/mi ˈvan ˈmɛ/

Do you promise?



Do you promise?



Is it done?

I dass carnen?

/i ˈdass ˈkar.nɛn/

Is it necessary?



Is there trouble?



What are you doing?

Man cerig?

/ˈman ˈkɛ.rig/

What are you doing?

Man ceril?

/ˈman ˈkɛ.ril̡/

What did you do?

Man agoreg?

/ˈman ˈa.gɔ.rɛg/

What did you do?

Man agorel?

/ˈman ˈa.gɔ.rɛl̡/


Na van?

/na ˈvan/

With what?

A van?

/a ˈvan/

Which one?

Man pen?

/ˈman ˈpɛn/

Who is leading?

Man tôg?

/ˈman ˈtɔ:g/

Why not?

Avo garo am man theled?

/ˈa.vɔ ˈga.rɔ am ˈman ˈθɛ.lɛd/


Am man?

/am ˈman/


Am man theled?

/am ˈman ˈθɛ.lɛd/





No dirweg!

/nɔ ˈdir.wɛg/




Go away!









Wake up



Let’s go



Come near the fire

Tolo anin naur

/ˈtɔ.lɔ ˈa.nin ˈnaur/

Come with me

Tolo ar nin

/ˈtɔ.lɔ ar ˈnin/

Come, join us

Tolo, govano ven

/ˈtɔ.lɔ ˈgɔ.va.nɔ ˈvɛn/

Save me

Edraith enni

/ˈɛd.rajθ ˈɛ

Release me

Leithio nin

/ˈlej.θi.ɔ ˈnin/

Don’t be afraid



You betrayed me

Nin gwerianneg

/ˈniŋ gwɛ.ri.ˈan.nɛg/

You smell like a monster

Sevig thû úan

/ˈsɛ.vig ˈθu: ˈuˑ.an/

Your head is empty

Dôl gîn lost

/ˈdɔ:l ˈgi:n ˈlɔst/

Evil fate!

Amarth faeg!

/ˈa.marθ ˈfaɛg/







Go kiss an orc

Ego, mibo orch

/ˈɛ.gɔ ˈmi.bɔ ˈɔrx/

I can say what I wish, and you won’t understand me

Pedin i phith in aníron, a nin ú-cheniathog

/ˈpɛ.din if ˈfiθ in a.ˈniˑ.rɔn a ˈnin uˑ.xɛ.ˈni.a.θɔg/

I can say what I wish, and y'all won’t understand me

Pedin i phith in aníron, a nin ú-cheniathagir

/ˈpɛ.din if ˈfiθ in a.ˈniˑ.rɔn a ˈnin uˑ.xɛ.ni.ˈa.θa.gir/

Thank you

Ni *‘lassui

/ˈni ˈlas.suj/

Thank you from my heart

Guren *glassui

/ˈgu.rɛn ˈglas.suj/

You did well

Agoreg vae

/ˈa.gɔ.rɛg ˈvaɛ/

You did well

Agorel vae

/ˈa.gɔ.rɛl̡ ˈvaɛ/













I’m here to save you

Odulen an edraith angin

/ˈɔ.du.lɛn an ˈɛd.rajθ ˈaŋ.gin/

I’m here to save you

Odulen an edraith anlen

/ˈɔ.du.lɛn an ˈɛd.rajθ ˈan.lɛn/


Goheno nin

/ˈgɔ.hɛ.nɔ ˈnin/


An ngell nîn

/aŋŋ ˈgɛl̡l ˈni:n/

I love you

Gi melin

/gi ˈmɛ.lin

I don’t speak Elvish

Ú-bedin edhellen

/ˈuˑ.bɛ.din ɛ.ˈðɛl̡.lɛn/

I speak Elvish

Pedin edhellen

/ˈpɛ.din ɛ.ˈðɛl̡.lɛn/

I am ___

Im ___


I don’t know



I know



My Lady

Hiril vuin

/ˈ̡ ˈvujn/

My lord

Hîr vuin

/ˈhi:r ˈvujn/

My child



My son



My daughter









Have joy and laughter

Savo 'lass a lalaith

/ˈsa.vɔ ˈlass a ˈla.lajθ/

I must go

Boe i 'waen

/ˈbɔɛ i ˈwaɛn/

My heart shall weep until I see you again

Guren *níniatha n'i lû n'i a-govenitham

/ˈgu.rɛn niˑ.ˈni.a.θa ni ˈlu: ni a.gɔ.ˈvɛ.ni.θam/

Sleep well

Losto vae

/ˈlɔs.tɔ ˈvaɛ/

Rest well

Posto vae

/ˈpɔs.tɔ ˈvaɛ/

Sweet dreams

Ollo vae

/ˈɔl.lɔ ˈvaɛ/

Until next we meet

Na lû e-govaned vîn

/na ˈlu: ɛ.ˈgɔ.va.nɛd ˈvi:n/

Until then

N'i lû tôl

/ni ˈlu: ˈtɔ:l/

Until tomorrow



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expectopaula  asked:

Ron: Ginny, do you know where my broom is?

Ginny: nope.

Last Gsans asks..

..were answered TvT= apologizing to these Anons who had to wait an eternity, hope you’re still around somewhere to see and be satisfied. I won’t be accepting nor answering any asks regarding Gsans in public from now on, but feel free to ask me privately off anon or in chat. I’ll gladly answer or explain in a fitting way, if you’re confused. Gsans is the original creation of Borurou, and my inspiration was mainly Junkpilestuff! Please, don’t ask Borurou Echotale-related things! Feel free to look through all archive/tags to find your answers as well! Thank you for the patience and understanding shown ♥

Sing me a Song, of a Lass that is gone…

The month of the fairies is here. Celebrations, Dances and rituals to praise the creation of Mother Earth. I’m looking forward to see some ladies joining me.🌳🍃✨

The red-cloaked Wanderer sits pensively atop the head of a ruined War Machine, his long scarf coiled in the sand below him.  Near him, a single cloth dolphin weaves drunkenly in the cool air of the Underground; it passes him lazily once in awhile, the contact causing the Wanderer’s cloak to shimmer as it lights up for the briefest of moments.

He senses a presence within the Underground, hears the soft shift of sand behind him; turning his head to find the source of the sound, he calls out quietly, his voice welcoming despite their surroundings.

]| Greetings. |[

[[And with that, this blog is officially up and running!  This is my first ever Tumblr RP blog, so… I guess you could consider this an RP starter? ;w; I’m not entirely sure how this stuff works.]]

Into The Badlands

All quotes taken from Season One.

“Nobody is innocent here.”
“They’re my family.”
“Your future has begun.”
“Let’s see what he’s made of.”
“I’m beyond jealousy at this point.”
“He’s stronger than you think.”
“I have always protected him.”
“Don’t pretend it doesn’t hurt. I know it does.”
“I’m pregnant.”
“I need the truth.”
“I should kill you where you stand.”
“I never had a choice. Now you do.”
“If I came here to kill you, we wouldn’t be talking.”
“Come back. Let’s start over.”
“You make a habit of spying on people?”
“You stink.”
“There’s nothing special about me.”
“I am trying to save her life.”
“An enemy is anyone I name.”
“You can never outrun who you are.”
“We need to send a message.”
“No one comes after my family.”
“We both know I was doing you a favor.”
“I am not the enemy.”
“I understand more than you think.”
“You wanted to fight. Now fight.”
“You underestimate your enemy in a battle; odds are you won’t live to see another.”
“I’ll have to find a proper way to repay you.”
“I’d rather have you hate me for the rest of your life than stand over your grave.”
“Do you really have such little faith in me?”
“This particular tradition is one I think we should change.”
“Why would we cater to a group of rivals that wish us dead?”
“Focus. Fight through it. Don’t let it control you.”
“I don’t think of her that way.”
“Did you even know I was gone?”
“Don’t compare me to her!”
“You think going to a new place will change who you are?”
“I pulled myself up. No one helped me.”
“Lead them.”
“Why the sudden burst of curiosity?”
“I’m finally seeing things clearer. Realizing who I can count on and who I can’t.”
“You didn’t come here to reminisce about the bad old days.”
“Your resting state is war.”
“We could run away together.”
“It’s always gonna be me and you. I will be by your side when the wolves reach our door, howling for your blood.”
“Don’t do this. I’m innocent!”
“You really are a stupid, petulant boy, aren’t you?”
“We have a traitor in our midst.”
“I have no reason to hurt you. In fact, we both want the same thing.”
“I have nowhere else to go.”
“You don’t fix it by running. You fix it by fighting.”
“Because he’s arrogant and old.”
“You decide your own future.”
“You always told me power is taken. Well, I finally listened.”
“The journey has just begun.”

[ @mezasepkmnmaster ]

Finding that perfect, sweet fruit Noibat adored was a difficult task.

Taking a page out of the Sound-Wave Pokemon’s book, Clemont had decided that taste testing every berry and fruit in the forest was an inefficient use of his time. Using the very same logic that Noibat employed, Clemont had constructed a small, handheld sonic emitter, resembling a heavily modded megaphone, that used sonar to evaluate the food itself without even having to touch it.

The only downside is that if the food was even remotely close to being overripe, the sound waves managed to oscillate at just the right frequency to cause the object of his analysis to burst into a sloppy sauce-like mess on the ground.

Just like it did in that very moment.

“Process of elimination…” Clemont grumbled, jotting down a few notes onto a pad before he proceeded to sling a small bag of perfectly ripe – and uncombusted – berries onto his back and made his return trip to his group’s makeshift camp.

On his return, Serena and Bonnie were already well into preparing the trainers’ meals. That left Clemont with a moment to rest as he deposited the sack right next to Ash and the newly hatched Noibat before he took a seat on the other side.

“I think your discerning newborn will find these most appetizing,” he used his other hand to wave the device in exposition, “given that I tuned my new ‘Delicious and Nutritious Sonic Taste Evaluation and Projection Apparatus’ to the frequency that Noibat typically uses.”

He gave a quiet chuckle, “Only some… er… minor setbacks.” He quickly brushed off a spot of mashed berry from the arm of his jumpsuit.

The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey Starters:
  • “Good morning.”
  • “If you ever need me, I shall come.”
  • “May I tempt you with a cup of camomile?”
  • “Where is the meat?”
  • “Well, that could’ve been worse.”
  • “More of a letter-opener than a sword, really.”
  • “I said, drop him!”
  • “I have never been so wrong in my life.”
  • “I do believe the worst is behind us.”
  • “I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.”
  • “You’re homesick, I understand.”
  • “You’ve been sitting quietly for far too long!”
  • “The world is not in your books or maps. It’s out there.”
  • “Home is behind you, the world ahead.”
  • “It seems that we have lost our burglar.”
  • “Think furnace, with wings!”
  • “What have I got in my pocket?”
  • “Have they got any chips?”
  • “Always you must meddle, looking for trouble when none exists.”
  • “You can’t reason with them, they’re half-wits!”
  • “We’re making a long-term deposit.”
  • “The wild is no place for gentle folk, who can neither fight nor fend for themselves.”
  • “I thought to myself, ‘there is one I can follow’.”
  • “You! What were you doing? You nearly got yourself killed!”
&& // avoid making boring muses !

i’ve noticed a big problem in the rp community that also often occurs in the fanfiction community, and that’s boring, perfect OCs. if you find that the conversation dies quickly when you rp with someone, either you’re rping with boring muses or – you have a boring muse.

NOTE: i do not write this in arrogance or superiority so forgive me if it comes across as such – i write from personal experience, as someone who has made these mistakes myself and also as someone who has had trouble playing against muses with these traits – i hope it helps you !

without further ado, here are the worst crimes committed in the art of muse-making:


there’s nothing wrong with a goody-two-shoes; honestly, sometimes they’re preferable over the rebel trope. but it’s when your character is just so good that they’re snow white – that’s when we have a problem.

your muse should never be perfectly “good”. even the most good-hearted people make mistakes in real life out of a brief moment of selfishness or even just a desperate decision. instead of making ‘good’ or ‘perfect’ their trait, go for 'moralistic’ – this means that your muse tries their best to do the right thing (but they won’t ALWAYS succeed).


icky icky icky. the beautiful muse with so many talents who everyone loves and everyone has a crush on them? get that out of here. nothing screams boring! more than a fantastical character made out of what we wanted to be when we were 11 years old. give your muse grit – they’re friendly and fun, but selfish as hell. they’re destructive and make bad decisions, but they’re always there for their friends. combine good traits and bad traits and make a good balance between them for a likeable yet REALISTIC character.


their parents died. then their foster parents abused them. then they ran away and were homeless. they had to pay their way through school with a terrible job. they had an abusive lover. they got married then divorced. they have depression. they don’t believe in love anymore – just stop.

look, tragedies are great. they are the best way to change the direction of a character’s backstory and show how they got to where they are in the present. but do NOT layer on tragedy over tragedy just so other characters will love them through pity and sympathy!! dealing with a character that knows nothing but sadness and victimises themselves all the time will likely make other roleplayers uncomfortable more than anything. try to stick to one major or two minor negative events in your backstory to keep things realistic – and try to avoid making your character talk about them too much.


this is not always only to blame on a badly-constructed muse – sometimes, though sadly not often, the muse is interesting. but this type of roleplayer usually goes in looking specifically for a romantic relationship and nothing else (worst of all, they join a group JUST for a character whose fc they love), and they tend to neglect everyone else in favour of whoever they’ve picked as their love interest. once they have the relationship, the muse isn’t much on their own and becomes defined by that relationship. eventually the roleplayer (and probably everyone else) will get bored and the fun is dead.

never rp for romantic relationships, guys – put value on friendships, dramatic plots and especially on character development/exploration; and don’t be afraid to (tactfully!) end relationships in order to start new ones!

in summary, you should never go into creating a muse with perfection as the goal. leave room for development, for the character to realise their flaws, address them, and get past them using plots and connections – enjoy the journey !!

3 months ever since the first massive Flowey fanart…and now, it’s back by popular demand! (sort of).

Now with 150% more flowers than the original, I decided to focus on the minor Flowey RP blogs and toss in a few AU Floweys in here! It was quite the journey really, hopping from rp blog to rp blog, discovering so many stories and interactions.

Welp, I had a lot of fun drawing this! Now it’s time for the credits down below:

But before we continue, I’d like to give a special thanks to:

- @mount-ebott-population-one for reblogging my first post to suggest a list of Floweys, really helps in finding them! For that, you get to be redrawn in this one too!

- @coolblackeagle10 for reblogging my first post and suggesting a list of other AU Floweys!

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Alright, so I was meant to do this ages ago, but never got the chance. But to all, new and old, followers, I’d like to send my huge appreciation… for dealing with my haughty and bratty muse and this mess of a mun. Sadly I can’t tag you all (even though I’d love to), but I’ll be listing a few close friends I’m always so happy I met, as well as a small bias list at the bottom. That said, I really am appreciative of every follower I have, you guys are awesome, and seeing some of you on the dash, or reading your comments on random posts or in asks is always amazing. You keep Rp fun and enjoyable, and the spirit of this fandom (in my humble opinion) is fucking amazing. I know the Naruto fandom gets a lot of slack for being clicky and negative, but I’m yet to see enough of that for it to be true in my eyes.

The said, I have interacted with people from other fandoms and even those void of a fandom at all, and I have met so many amazing characters with such interesting and dynamic portrayals. You guys honestly keep my muse running all day every day. Thanks for being so splendid, I hope to interact IC/OOC with more of you this year!~

Bias list under the cut:

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Nightclan - This clan is so few on warriors that their new leader is wondering if they will make it through leaf bare.
Dawnclan - Seeing as it has the most warriors it often end up rather hungry with so many mouths to feed.
Duskclan - The warrior code is not followed correctly here due to its cats not hearing it as an importance.
Dayclan - These cats are the most stable and active cats with their tiny numbers only a few above nightclan makes all the difference.
APPLICATIONS END IN 3 WEEKS STARTING TOMORROW message 0_midnight Sad_sluggg or CalypsoThePotato on kik to apply!!!