journey of nishiyuu


These are photos I took at the Idle No More rally in Wemindji, James Bay, back in early January.

This was one of the most powerful events I have ever had the privilege to attend. One late January morning the community in Wemindji, James Bay, marched to their band office to raise their voices together to send encouragement, support, and love of the Idle No More movement. There was no media coverage. There was no major political figure. Elders, youth, members, and guests of the community prayed, spoke, and danced to remind each other not to give up hope and to continue fighting for their rights, respect, and respect of the land. The energy, dedication, and passion from the youth and old together at this movement was powerful and emotional. 

The emotion and energy from the people of Wemindji on this day have helped to fuel the fire, drive, and endurance of the Journey of Nishiyuu. They are apart of the Journey of Nishiyuu. They are sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, and all friends of the walkers. The young and old of this quiet and remote community spoke up to give their support to the Idle No More movement on the day Chief Teresa Spence and First Nations’ chiefs across Canada became, in the opinion of Wemindji’s youth, a ‘divided nation’. Less than a week after James Bay’s Matthew Coon Come stepped into the House of Commons against the support of the nation he was representing, six youth and an elder guide from Whapmagoostui, Hudson Bay, came together and entered into a journey of unity and change. 

The Journey of Nishiyuu reaches their intended destination tomorrow. Leaving Whapmagoostui, Hudson Bay, on January 16, 2013 and traveling by foot through the thickest of winter, the original seven young and old journeyers have increased exponentially in number and, after an incredible journey across the land, tomorrow will reach Ottawa, Ontario.

I encourage everyone to give their admiration, support, and positive energy tomorrow as First Peoples and those in support of unity, change, and a more positive future look ahead tomorrow afternoon.

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The original seven. Photo by Matthew Mukash


The Journey of Nishiyuu  (TEASER)

“Six young Cree men and a guide started the epic Journey of Nishiyuu on January 16, 2013, to carry a message to embrace and celebrate culture, hope, peace, the protection of Mother Earth, unity and healing of all humanity.

The seven walkers embark on the historic snowshoe journey from their hometown of Whapmagoostui, which is located along the coast of Hudson Bay in Northern Quebec, to Ottawa, Ontario - this is The Journey of Nishiyuu.

This montage features moments from the first 200KM and the eventual arrival in Chisasibi, Quebec. More footage will be added until the feature documentary is released.”