journey of a fatty


Like many, activist Stacy Bias was incensed when she saw Nicole Arbour’s hate-filled “Dear Fat People” video. But she decided to turn her anger into positivity and sketched out these awesome merit badges (that you can totally buy). They’re fantastic on their own — but Bias’ journey makes them even more important.


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, with all sorts of trepidation: my before photos (AKA me yesterday)!!! Will be using these clothes for all the pictures because they’re revealing but I’m not half naked.

Name: Jess.

Current weight: 95kgs (209lbs apparently)

Current clothing size: AU14-16

First goal weight: 86kgs (approx. 189lbs)

Long-Term Goal Weight: 65kgs (143lbs)

Ultimate Goal Weight: 55kgs (121lbs)

Clothing size that would be cool but not necessary: AU10

Food I’m willing to give up: Almost anything that isn’t made from cocoa beans or caffeine.

Food I want and am willing to work out hard for: chocolate and coke (but not crazy amounts, obviously. Weekly chocolate hits aren’t too hard to manage)

Exercise I’m willing to do: Anything! Seriously, I love working out once I get started. My left knee gives me some trouble but working through it gives me such a sense of satisfaction.

I want to get to the first goal weight by my birthday (July 20th). That’s almost 10 kilos in a little less than 7 weeks. I think it might be possible. Only one way to find out!