journey letters

Tea/Coffee Readings

How To

You need to find a cup with a wide brim that’s light in colour, find a wide saucer. Pour in lose tea leaves/coffee (you can buy loose tea leaves or rip open a tea bag) into you cup and add boiling water (Do Not add milk) Drink your tea/coffee while thinking about your question, if you dont like tea/coffee take a few sips. When you are finished drinking take the cup in your dominant hand and place your non-dominant handover the top of your cup. Turn the cup tree times in a clockwise direction. Pour any remaining water down the sink. Place the cup upside down on the saucer or a napkin and turn it clockwise three times, turn the cup over look for the leaves that have taken shapes. When you have finished your reading it is customary to turn your cup over, place your index finger on the base of your cup and make a wish

You can twist and turn the cup for new angles to find symbols in your cup, the closer the symbol is to the rim of the cup the sooner it will happen. the further down the longer it will take, tea reading can only predict up to a year. symbols at the bottom of your cup will take almost a whole year to take effect. Common Shapes

Abbey Freedom from worry
Ace of Clubs A letter
Ace of Diamonds A present
Ace of Hearts Happiness
Ace of Spades A large Building
Acorn Financial Success
Aircraft Sudden Journey
Alligator An accident
Anchor Success in business and romance
Angel Good news
Ankle Instability 
Ant success through perseverance
Anvil conscientious effort
Apple Business achievement
Arc Ill health, accidents
Arrow Bad News
Axe Difficulties and troubles that will be overcome
Bat False Friends
Bath Disappointment
Bayonet A minor accident
Beans Poverty
Bear A Journey 
Bed Inertia
Bee Good news
Beehive Prosperity 
Beetle Scandal
Bell Unexpected news
Bellows Setbacks
Bird Good news
Birdcage Obstacles, quarrels
Bird’s Nest Domestic harmony 
Bishop Good luck coming
Boat Visit from a friend
Book Open Expect legal actions, future success
Boomerang Envy
Boot Achievement
Bottle Pleasure
Bouquet Love and happiness
Bow Scandal, gossip
Box Romantic troubles solved
Bracelet Marriage
Branch With Leaves A birth
Bread Avoid waste
Broom Small worries disappear
Buckle Disappointments ahead
Building A move
Bull Quarrels
Bush New Friends
Butterfly Frivolity 
Baby Pregnancy, something new
Ball Completion 
Butterfly Transition 
Cab Disappointment
Cabbage Jealousy 
Cage A Proposal
Camel Useful news
Candle Help from others
Cannon news from a solider 
Cap Trouble ahead- be Careful 
Car Good fortune 
Cart Success in business 
Castle Financial gain through marriage 
Cat A quarrel
Cattle Prosperity 
Chain An engagement or wedding
Chair An unexpected guest 
Cherries A happy love affair
Chessmen Difficulties ahead
Chimney Hidden risks
Church Ceremony Unexpected money
Cigar New friends
Circle Success, a wedding
Claw A hidden enemy 
Clock Avoid delay, think of the future 
Clouds Trouble ahead
Clover Prosperity 
Coat A parting, an end of a friendship 
Coffin Bad news
Coin Repayment of debts
Collar Dependence on others for success and happiness
Column Promotion
Comb Deceit
Comet An unexpected visitor 
Compass Travel, a change of job
Corkscrew Curiosity causing trouble
Crab An enemy 
Crescent A journey
Cross Trouble, ill health 
Crown Honour, success
Cup Reward for effort
Curtain A secret 
Cymbal Insincere love
China engagement 
Chair A guest 
Clock Better Health 
Daffodil Great Happiness
Dagger Danger ahead, enemies 
Daisy Happiness in love 
Dancer Disappointment
Deer A dispute or quarrel
Desk Letter containing good news
Devil Evil influences 
Dish Quarrel at home 
Dog good friends 
Donkey be patient 
Door Strange occurrence
Dot money
Dove Good fortune 
Dragon Unforeseen changes, trouble 
Drum Scandal, gossip, a new job, argument
Duck money coming in
Dustpan Strange news about a friend 
Eagle a change for the better
Ear unexpected news
Earrings misunderstanding
Easel artistic success
Egg Prosperity 
Eggcup Danger is passing 
Elephant Wisdom, strength 
Engine news is on its way fast 
Envelope good news 
Eye overcoming difficulties, take care
Face setback
Fairy joy and enchantment 
Fan Flirtation 
Feather Instability 
Feet An important decision
Fence limitation
Fern Disloyalty 
Fir Artistic success
Fire achievement
Fireplace Matters related to your home 
Fish Good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness
Fist An argument 
Flag Danger ahead
Flower Wish coming true
Fly Domestic irritations
Font A birth
Fork A false friend, flattery 
Forked line Decision to be made
Fountain Future success and happiness
Fox A deceitful friend 
Frog Success through a change of home or job
Fruit Prosperity
Gallows Social Failure 
Garden roller Difficulties ahead
Garland Success, great honour
Gate Opportunity, future happiness
Geese invitations, unexpected visitors
Giraffe Think before you speak
Glass Integrity 
Glove A challenge
Goat enemies
Gondola Romance, travel
Gramophone Pleasure
Grapes Happiness
Grasshopper News from a friend 
Greyhound Good fortune 
Guitar Happiness in love 
Gun Trouble, quarrels
Hammer Overcoming obstacles
Hand Friendship
Handcuffs Trouble ahead
Hare News of a friend
Harp Harmony in love
Hat A new occupation 
Hawk Sudden Danger, jealousy 
Head New opportunities 
Heart Love and marriage, a trustworthy friend
Heather Good fortune 
Hen Domestic Bliss
Hill Obstacles, setback
Hoe Hard work leading to success
Holly An important occurrence in the winter 
Horn Abundance 
Horse Galloping Good news from a lover
Horseshoe Good Luck
Hourglass A decision that must be made 
House Security 
Iceberg Danger
initials Usually those of people you known to you 
ink pot A letter
insect Minor problems soon overcome
Ivy leaf Reliable friend
Jester Party or social Gathering
jewelry A present
jug Gaining in importance, good health
Kangaroo Domestic Harmony 
Kettle Minor Illness
Key New opportunities
Keyhole Beware of idle curiosity 
King A powerful ally
Kite Wishes coming true 
Knife Broken relationship 
Ladder Promotion
Lamp Money
Leaf Prosperity, good fortune
Leopard News of a journey 
Letter News
Lighthouse Trouble threatening
Lines straight and clear Progress, journey 
Lines wavy Uncertainty, disappointment 
Line slanting Business failure
Lion Influential friends
Lock Obstacles in your path
Loop Impulsive actions could bring trouble 
Man A visitor 
Map Travel and change 
Mask Deception 
Medal A reward
Mermaid Temptation 
Monkey A flattering mischief-maker
Monster Terror 
Monument Lasting happiness
Moon Full A love affair 
Mountain Obstacles, high ambition 
Mouse Theft
Mushroom Growth, setback
Music Good fortune
Nail Malice
Necklace complete Admirers
Necklace broken The end of a relationship 
Needle Admiration 
Net A Trap
Numbers Indicate a timescale, the number of days before an event occurs
Nun Quarantine
Nurse Illness
Nutcrackers Difficulty is passing
Oak Good fortune
Oar A small worry, help in difficulties
Octopus danger
Opera Glasses A quarrel, loss of a friend
Ostrich Travel
Owl Gossip 
Oyster Courtship, acquired riches
Padlock open A surprise
Padlock Closed A warning
Palm Tree Success, honour, happiness in love
Parachute Escape from danger
Parasol A new lover
Parcel A surprise
Parrot A scandal, a journey
Peacock Riches
Pear Comfort
Pentagon Intellectual Balance
Pepper A troublesome secret
Pig Material success
Pigeon sitting An improvement in trade
Pigeon Flying Important news
Pillar Supportive friends
Pipe Thoughts, solution to a problem, keep an open mind
Pistol Danger
Pitchfork Quarrels
Policeman Secret enemy 
Pump Generosity
Purse Profit
Pyramid Success
Question Mark Hesitancy, caution 
Rabbit Timidity, be brave
Railway Long journey
Rainbow Happiness, prosperity
Rake Be organised
Rat Treachery 
Raven Bad News
Razor Quarrels, partings
Reptiles Treacherous friend
Rider Hasty news
Ring Completion
Rocks Difficulties
Rose Popularity 
Saucepan Anxieties
Saw Interfering outsider
Scales A lawsuit
Scepter Power, authority 
Scissors Domestic arguments, separation
Scythe Danger
Shamrock Good Luck, wish coming true
Sheep Good fortune
Shell Good news
Ship Successful journey 
Shoe A change for the better
Sickle Disappointment in love
Signpost Draws attention to the symbol to which it points to
Skeleton Loss of money, ill health
Snake Hatred, an enemy 
Spade Hard work leads to success
Spider Determined and persistent. money coming
Spoon Generosity 
Square A symbol of protection, comfort, peace
Squirrel Prosperity, after a hard time
Star Good health
Steeple Slight delay, bad luck
Steps An improvement in life
Sun Happiness, success, power
Swallow Decisiveness, unexpected journeys
Swan Smooth progress, contented life
Sword Disappointment, quarrels
Table Social gathering
Teapot Committee meeting 
Telephone Forgetfulness causes trouble
Telescope Adventure
Tent Travel
Thimble Domestic changes
Toad Beware of flattery 
Torch A turn fir the better 
Tortoise Criticism
Tower Opportunity, disappointment 
Tree Changes for the better 
Triangle Something unexpected 
Trunk A long journey, fateful decisions 
Umbrella Annoyances 
Unicorn A secret wedding 
Urn Wealth, happiness
Vase A friend in need
Vegetables unhappiness followed by contentment 
Violin Egotism 
Volcano Emotions out of control
Vulture Loss, theft, an enemy in authority 
Wagon A wedding
Walking Stick a visitor 
Wasp trouble in love 
Waterfall prosperity 
Weather Vane a difficulty, indecisiveness
Whale business success
Wheel  good fortune
Wheelbarrow  a meeting with an old friend 
Windmill  business success
Window open good luck through a friend 
Window closed disappointment through a friend 
Wings messages
Wishbone a wish granted 
Wolf Jealousy, selfishness
Woman Pleasure
Worms Scandal
Wreath Happiness ahead
Yacht Pleasure
Yoke Being dominated 
Zebra Overseas adventure
Triangles Good Karma 
Squares Use caution
Circles great success 
Letters Usually refer to friends, family, and people you know
Numbers indicates time, months and years

An Open Letter to my Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I pray that your patience with me will be as much as the love you’ll have for me. I’ll be the most challenging person you’ve come in contact with, but I promise you I’ll be worth it. I have so much I need to work on for myself and my only hope is that you’ll be supporting me in any way you think we will benefit as a team. I promise to love you and everything about you, I promise to be your number one supporter and cheerleader. I pray that as I work on myself, you’ll be working on yourself so that we can be the ultimate team God would want us to be. I’ll admit I’m very self conscious and stuck in this “being way too passive” phase. But I’m working on it for me, for us and our future family. My promise to you is that I’ll work hard now, working and getting a degree that’ll lead into a career so that we maybe able to take care of and provide for our future kids. I can’t wait to meet you and start our journey together. But until then, just know I pray about your well being and that we will have the patience and strength to endure each other and all other trials we shall face. I pray that we’ll have that fairy tale love and happily ever after when the time is right, and we’ve become who we are meant to be to meet each other I pray you’ll walk in my life soon, so that we may start our journey together, but for now. I love you,

  • your future wife
A third year law student from Massachusetts named Raven wrote about how she imagined she and her female friends and classmates would look back on this time. ‘On November 8, 2016, we felt a sense of devastation, powerlessness, and disappointment that we had never felt before. So we cried. And then we squared our shoulders, picked each other up and got to work. We moved onward and onward, keeping in mind that we would never, ever allow ourselves to feel again as we did that day. And though our anger and disappointment fueled us, it did not consume us; make us cynical or cruel. It made us strong. And eventually, one of us will crash through that highest, hardest glass ceiling. And it will be because of our hard work, determination, and resilience. And it will also be because of you.’
—  ’What Happened?’ by Hillary Clinton

Hobbit/LotR Ask Meme: Theflightytemptress, Cuddlyaxe and Anonymous asked 10. Favourite weapon? 

“Forged long ago in the lost Elf kingdom of Gondolin, Orcrist, the ‘goblin cleaver’, was a legendary blade, well known to the wise of Middle-earth and infamous among their enemies." 

"Having disappeared for centuries, the sword would reappear in, of all places, a Troll hoard, where, among the detritus and ruin, it catches the eye of Thorin Oakenshield. To the Dwarf, well versed in the crafting of fine weapons, it is a sword of peerless craft, but it is Elrond, lord and lore-master of Rivendell, who is able to name the blade and tell Thorin of its prestigious lineage." 

"No finer sword could a king of any race wish for." 

I cannot conclude if this a letter to someone who has experienced so much pain or to myself, but…

Dear You,

Is it selfish to believe you deserve the happiness you have begun to receive in your life? I fully believe in appreciating the rain in your life because it helps you appreciate the sunshine in your life so much more, but sometimes it feels like you’re experiencing 1 day of sunshine for the countless months of rain. After what feels like a year of rain I feel like I can finally grasp the sunlight, the rays of sun are within reach of my outstretched fingertips. My body craves for the vitamin C that that big ball of gas provides. It’s like I’m a plant that has adapted to being able to function in the night time, and for the ever rare occasion? Sunlight. But darling, this sunshine feels so good right now, I don’t know if I’ll ever want it to go. I am realistic, I know that the clouds will come back, the downpour will start to come down again, and I’ll once again have to learn how to surf the waves during a storm. But as the tears flow down my cheek, as I stare at the mountains I once called home while driving to my new home, I cannot help but laugh. The memories I’ve created in the shortest amount of time, the lessons I have learned. I have learned that life’s biggest blessings come in so many different forms; in sunsets that show us that some endings are as beautiful as new beginnings, in the sunrises that remind us that we get another chance to get it right, and in the people that walk into your life and bring the spark that reignites your dying flame deep in the cave you locked your heart in, regardless of how long they stay for. So again, maybe someone will think I’m foolishly selfish for thinking I deserve this sunlight I’m experiencing right now.. And maybe they’ll just think these are words on a page to get notes or likes or attention, but I’m learning to not care. The happiness that has found it’s way into my heart is sourced from the love and faith I have learned to give to myself. I cannot remember the last time I wrote something beautiful that wasn’t because my heart was so sad, I cannot remember the last time I didn’t begin to resent the person who said, “You’re so strong, you’ll be fine. You always figure it out.” For the first time in what feels like an eternity, my words are rich in happiness and joy, they’re not the metaphorical swords, arrows, and knives I used to use to slash away at the Demons of my life and the ghosts I’m haunted by from people who are no longer here. I may be strong, I’m not all that sure I’m fine, but I do know life works its way out. The heart heals and grows. People come and go, but you’ll never be alone. Life can feel like hell, but you will get the good you deserve. I promise that. You see life is not meant to be limited by destinations or journeys, people who care what you wear, say, date, or how you act, drama, or comfortability. It is about being selfish, if selfish means only surrounding yourself with people that inspire you to grow, having no expectations and letting life show you what it has to offer when you just let go, cutting out toxicity, and learning to be truly happy. So reach for the sun, reach for and grasp the stars that you are composed of, and don’t look at all the times you wanted to give up and quit, but what you’ve accomplished because you kept going. You’re so strong. You’re so beautiful. You are worth every smile and every tear that your body emit, and you are worth the tears and smiles and laughter others have for you. You are worth love and life and happiness. You are worth everything good this world has to offer, because you’re something good in this world

And lastly remember this; life’s outcome is determined by the way you take control of the thoughts that jumble through your mind, so take a reign on everything that crosses through your beautifully chaotic, scary, and wondrous mind and choose to focus on the thoughts that will bring you closer to the sun.

And for all the times you will feel like giving up, that it’s the end…. What if the end is simply a new beginning?


Someone who has learned to surf the waves and touch the stars.

—  IG @rachelmburgess
Dear Pretty Little Liars

I’m going to post this now, a week before the final episode (UK viewing time, I mean lol) 

So enjoy my mushyness

Oh man. Where do I begin? Do I say thank you or thank heavens you’re finished? Well normal, cynical me would go with the latter. But I’m going to go with the former first. Because I do have so many reasons to be grateful to this mad series. But I’m just going to tell you the most important 3 to me.

My safe haven. PLL was always a safe place for me. It helped me get through one of the worst periods of my life. I was miserable, my family was falling apart and I was breaking with each minute. PLL helped me through that. Sure, my life isn’t 100% better since then, it’s coming rather close to being the same again to be completely honest, but that isn’t important.  I found you when I needed you most, the most welcome distraction ever. I started watching this series just as season 3 started to air, maybe 3 or 4 episodes in to s3? All that time, like many fans, you’ve kept me glued to my screen. No matter the ridiculous plotline, the cringeworthy one-liners “It’s Andrew, Babe”  And all the Dilaurincest (Can I copyright that?). You kept me going and I thank you for that. Thank you for saving me.

Ezria. Oh man, be still my beating heart. Ezria is what initially brought me to this show. I’d seen the couple referenced a number of times in various fanfics and I just looked them up. I was hooked on them. I loved watching my OTP progress throughout the show (Apart from 4b. Rule #1 of being an ezrian, we don’t talk about 4b).  And my sweet cinnamon roll Ian Harding. And my smol bean Lucy Hale. You two have chemistry that was so powerful and strong, I was in awe. I still am. I hope to see you two work together again - TV land has lost a powerful pairing. But Lucian will live forever. As will Ezria. I have loved watching you grow from making out in a college bar to being husband and wife (and hopefully both still alive).

Tumblr. You fuckin weirdo’s, I love you all so much. Legit, I do. So many amazing people I’ve met on this site thanks to PLL! Luce (@ezriaisbaepll), Em (@xhalseyx), Eim (@whodafuqisa), Mackenzie (@redcoatblackveil) , Alivia (@prettylittleliarsbiga) , Ally (@addictedtoprettylittleliars), Jenny (@dominicsherwod), Ronnie (@stanakvtic) , Elaine (@vandergomery-left-me-in-tears) plus so so so many more of you who I love so damn much! (Hint: they’ve all been tagged so you can follow them if you don’t already, but of course you do cause they’re all bloody awesome people who are amazing friends and amazing humans in general)I can’t say that enough. Thank you for the laughs, the love, the friendship, and more importantly - the memes. I know many of you may leave tumblr or may disappear once changing fandoms/URL’s, but I hope none of you become strangers, cause idk what I’ll do without you lot.

So yes, thank you Pretty Little Liars. I don’t know what I would have done without you. It’s a bittersweet goodbye. Cause as much as I never want the show to end, it’s ending at the right time. I hope that one day I can force my children to sit and watch my old PLL dvd’s with me, just like my family does with Dallas and Blackadder. It’s been one heck of a ride, and I hope many others choose to follow the same track

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“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" 

(Spencer Hastings/Winnie the Pooh)

To write is a risk. One sets
out, not knowing why. Or rather, in her motionless
nomadry, from cell to cell, lost in the oscillating face of
night, the traveler pursues signs as if pursuing her own
semblance in the semblance of absence, without
recognizing her home, that dark and immense and
quiet cave standing in the depths of the self, which has
never moved. Ah, still so much pride in what I write. So
much haste, overlooking the changeless, ignoring the
need to die into learning. I, the beggar on every
journey. Constant passenger in the cage of time.
Hunter of my oldest soul, my frailest, most fertile
sentiment. I who unravel my frayed memory, goaded
by a talent for incessant questioning, an incessant
nostalgia for the invisible design. What to expect from
the cursive city? Astrologers teach it on the outskirts. It
is practiced by those who hunt for the grave of your
shadow, where loving is easier. Those who yearn for
your silence as I do, for those white horses galloping in
your night dreams, as if they belonged to us …

María Negroni, from “Letter to Myself,” Night Journey (Princeton University Press, 2002)

This is where the sky begins,
Right here, gaping
From the soles of our feet.
To stare at on open sky
Is to search for our freedom,
Our future.
I want to get to know you
Drama soaks into the soil
Like soap on skin,
But the sky is still free.
The shooting star I’m wishing on
Might be a satellite yet,
But I’ve got to follow it
To discover if it’s worth the risk.
The wonders are endless, right here,
Where the sky begins.
—  IRL Love Letters: Long White Cloud
coming out

Okay guys, so I just wrote a long letter to my boyfriend. In there I explain to him that I’m a boy and that I’m going to start a transition. I also explain that I love him but that I need to transition in order to be who I really am and finally be happy. I’m freaking out but am also glad I put all my feelings on a page, it’s liberating!

Now I’m probably just gonna read it again and again and freak out until he comes back on sunday aha!

Wish me luck!


└ My first-ever attempt _φ(・_・ with calli marker pens as an adult leftie who struggled with traditional calli pens.

A new “dream~” to work towards? (⌒-⌒; )

                                    You are forced to be a good loser,
                                    everything has run past you and away from you.

                                    —ARTUR LUNDKVIST

“… Now that it is raining, that night voices irrupt,
the belly of night, blue inspiration. That everything
collapses into itself; heroes flee, silence bellows, the
closed is open, part is whole, the ambiguous ambiguous.
Now that I lose myself in cities I have not yet been,
perplexed by the accident of things, by existence
heedless of meaning and vast and multiple and empty
as a poem addressed to God. That these lines at the
edge of my body finally consume the nonexistent and
its joy, this elusive interregnum that is myself, that
shady corner of the illegible garden where the deceitful
lady does her writing. And everything happens so
slowly, terror and tension, that future lost like an
affliction, desire that has been a vice for years, everything
happens as if brought along by a visitor, a part of
myself larger than I, which has an unfulfilled dream
whose idea escapes her like a promise. And nothing is
wrong with that, everything must learn to lose, to
return to the realm of the unknown, even the most
enduring love, the one that does not recognize itself.
Now that songs do not matter, or matter to the degree
to which they fail (because beauty is revealed—solely—
in what falters), that I am alone, alone in the blind
house, I, the sensual bride of dusk, and someone
whispers in my ear the art of gardening… .”

María Negroni, from “Letter to Sèvres,” Night Journey (Princeton University Press, 2002)

‘the list’ moodboard

following a small town girl on a journey through letter form as she attends riverdale high the summer after one of riverdale own sophomores commits suicide, leaving behind a list of rhs finest and the events leading up to the teens demise.

will guilt eat them alive? find out by reading my newest short series the list inspired by riverdale and 13RW.🎤💰🔪🎸✨🍒📄💔

coming soon