journey into noir

Imagine Ancient Greek (AG) Ladybug being born into the Amazonian tribe and AG Chat Noir being a young prince who seeks her out because he’s heard stories of her godly mother and hopes to rid himself of the curse of misfortune that his godly mother brings him.

Imagine that AG Ladybug only agrees if AG Chat Noir will allow her a place in his court and allows her to participate in sports alongside the men.

Imagine that on the journey back to AG Chat Noir’s kingdom they stumble across two lost animal spirits (Tikki and Plagg) and provide them with food and direction. Imagine that in return, they grant AG Ladybug and Chat Noir the powers of the Miraculous.

Imagine that shortly after that, the two become the go-to heroes for perilous quests in their kingdom and travel all over Greece and into other countries to complete their tasks.

Imagine that in the end, they agree to marry and their union is blessed by Tyche, Nemesis, and especially Aphrodite