journey into noir

Adrien Agreste Headcanon: LOZ inspired

I bet that Adrien is one of the biggest legend of zelda fanboys in all of paris. Link is the embodiment of everything he wants to be.

He goes on adventures, he fights evil, he is free to go wherever his heart takes him, he is willing to fight evil for the sake of the woman he loves.

So you bet Adrien is down with Link.

So you can bet that Adrien would jump at the chance to be like Link.

I also imagine his first crush was Zelda, probably why he likes Ladybug’s wise and kick ass approach to things

So Imagine an akuma that is like an evil wizard appears and makes everything like a fantasy setting. Ladybug is like (What is going on) Chat noir is having a freaking field day with it. He would make so many legend of zelda jokes. Ladybug would just groan but let the cat have his fun.

While they are journeying up the tower, chat noir says something like.

“Do you think there is a princess that needs rescuing? This is a fantasy book theme, there is usually a princess.” 

“Have a thing for damsels in distress do you?” Ladybug teases.

“Not if they do nothing but wait to be rescued. I like the ones that try and do something, ones that help in the final battle like Zelda.” Chat noir smirks

“Knowing your luck, it will probably be chloé that needs rescuing.” Ladybug pointed out.

“My luck isn’t always bad, I have rescued a cute princess that has been helpful before.” Chat noir flaunts with a smirk.

Ladybug was now curious.

“Oh have you now? And who pray tell would this be?” Ladybug asked with intrigue.

“While you were off on your ‘Secret mission’ I had to play bodyguard to a princess against an evil artist.” Chat noir answered, watching ladybug closely.

Ladybug turned red for a second once she realized who he was referring to.

“Aren’t you lucky.” Ladybug recovered, quickly speeding just a bit ahead of the cat to hide her blush.