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Submit your questions for a new Issue Time on transgender body positivity! 

You can submit questions here until Wednesday 2/22. Answers will be posted on Refinery29′s tumblr Saturday 2/25. Anyone is welcome to participate, but we especially want to help transgender and nonbinary people of all genders.

And now, meet our panelists…

Rylan Jay Testa, Ph.D., Psychology Professor

Dr. Rylan Jay Testa is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Rhodes College and the Director of the Health Behavior and Disparities Lab. Dr. Testa is a clinical psychologist and transgender man whose research focuses on understanding and preventing self-destructive health-related behaviors, such as suicide, eating disorders, and substance abuse in marginalized communities.

Daniel Friedman, Founder of Bindle & Keep

Daniel Friedman is founder of Bindle & Keep, a NYC-based custom suit company serving all gender identities. He also costars in the HBO film SUITED which follows the stories of five gender nonconforming people in their journey to wear clothes that accurately reflect the way they feel. 

Justice Roe Williams, Executive Director of BodyImage4Justice & Fitness Coach for JusticeBodies

Justice Roe Williams is a published poet originally from Atlantic City, New Jersey.  He is a founding Director of BodyImage4Justice (BI4J), an holistic wellness and fitness program for the LGBTQ community that primarily focuses on Trans Bodies. Prior to his work at BI4J, Justice organized to free political prisoners for low income communities and young people in the South End, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain and Roxbury areas of Boston.

Aydian Dowling, CEO of Point5cc and Point of Pride

Aydian Dowling is a Transgender Activist and Entrepreneur, owner of Point5cc Clothing and President/Founder of Point of Pride, Non Profit. Aydian has documented his transition since 2009 via his Youtube Channel, ALionsFears, and is most commonly known to be the first Transgender Man on the cover of the worlds biggest mens magazine, Men’s Health.

Precious Davis, Diversity & Inclusion at Columbia College Chicago and LGBTQ Activist

Precious Davis is lauded nationally as an award winning diversity professional, social justice facilitator, and educator.  She currently is the Assistant Director of Diversity Recruitment Initiatives at Columbia College Chicago, her alma mater from which she received a BA in Liberal Arts. Precious currently implements and oversees the Campus Wide Diversity Initiative and is the first woman of color to hold this position.

Davis finds deep meaning in engaging individuals in conversations surrounding bias, bigotry, and prejudice in their communities on the basis and belief that humans can coexist with one another positively through the embracing of each other’s differences and the celebrating of  each others human diversity. With over 15 years of diversity training, leadership development, and social justice education experience Precious is a highly demanded speaker and panelist who has been featured at: The University of Chicago, Northwestern University, The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The University of Michigan, The Chicago Community Trust, Reed College, Hampshire College, and Loyola University Chicago.


Oh Journey <3
This game never ceases to amaze me.

This one is not needle felted!
It’s 1mm felt glued together. And to make it posable (!!!) I glued wire between the yellow and red parts. THIS THING IS COMPLETELY POSABLE EVEN IF ITS JUST 1MM THICK

The wanderer will follow somewhen (not in the near future). This will be one of my most desirable projects of all time. A posable and accurate NF of the wanderer from Journey.

Been struggling to motivate myself recently and decided to do a good old before and after. The one on the left is me 4 years ago at my prom and the one on the right Is me at the gym today. I weighed about 175lbs back then and had been struggling with terrible eating habits along with binge eating. I now weigh 146lbs. I still have squishy bits but that’s okay 

My Reasons for wanting to lose weight.

I’ve been avoiding writing this because I feel like its going to be long but whether anyone reads this or not hopefully someone will see this and will have a clear understanding of what they need to do to get or keep themselves motivated.

I’m not doing it for attention. Maybe I am, there’s a lot that goes through my mind when I think about all of the things that I want during and after my weight loss journey. Shallow reasons are natural to have but of course I do want to be healthy…. I’m doing it because I’m sick and tired of being uncomfortable. I’m sick and tired of looking in the mirror and hating what I’m seeing. I’m late everyday for everything because I cannot find an outfit that doesn’t make me look fat. I’ve been late constantly to work for the past few months because I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the house without changing my outfit 40 times. I cringe sometimes when I see how amazing some women look, especially when you can tell, for them, it’s effortless. The fact that there are females (mainly on IG) that do not have to try to look good because they always do…it does make me a little jealous.  I want that effortless look. I want to take 3 minutes to get dressed. I want to feel comfortable in EVERYTHING I wear, I don’t want to spend time trying to cover up my body. I want to be able to wear tank tops, short sleeves, crop tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, strapless things, fitted tops, high wasted jeans, HEELS, have shoulder length hair and wear any kind of hairstyle. I want to be comfortable with my appearance, I want to take full body pictures. I hate taking pictures, so much, I hate when people try to take pictures of me. I don’t want to be scared to look into mirrors outside of my house. I don’t want to be afraid of going around guys and good looking females because I feel like they’re making fun of me. I want to be strong physically. I don’t want to be fucking “plus size”. I want to wear those clothes that have been sitting in my closet for MONTHS/ YEARS because I can’t fit them. I don’t want to be fat. I want to be able to walk into almost any store and purchase something I want, because I can actually wear it and not look like it’s suffocating me. In no way shape or form do I want to look like a bodybuilder. I want to be able to start running without being winded and go up stairs without burning legs or being out of breath. I want to take full body pictures. I want to stop comparing. I want to be someones inspiration. I want to be comfortable, strong, happy and STYLISH! I want to be a different person as far as attitude. No one wants to be miserable… The ultimate words I want to hear at the end of this journey of mines is “OMG YOU LOOK SO GOOD, YOU’VE LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT!”. I want friends and family to be happy for me and proud of me. I want people to see that I’ve actually accomplished something. I want that genuine feeling of happiness and sense of accomplishment. I want to be everything I’ve always dreamt of being.

Dirk gently and clothing

I have a theory that clothing is super symbolic in this show. Feel free to argue with me.

So, according to the costume designer (is that who they were?) dirk’s jackets change colour so that he goes from standing out to blending in more, and his car also changes accordingly I assume. Only as dirk blends in more, todd starts to stand out, and todd’s clothes get more and more ridiculous and his appearance more striking.

So as well as their clothes mirroring their internal state, i.e. dirk starts to settle while todd starts to come apart, I think this also might be reflecting the effect they are having on eachother?

So, even more obviously: In the scene when todd finally fully gets on board and really believes, which in my opinion is the hole digging scene, this is the first scene we see todd wearing the pretty eye-catching shirt thay dirk gave him (I think?). And as todd stands out more he also gets better at reading the universe’s clues, and he gets more involved, and gets more like dirk.

Also, at the end, dirk is sad and alone again and in completely dull, ordinary clothes, and this time it’s todd who brings him back to himself, by giving him a piece of his own clothing. Something unusual, and as he points out, something pretty unique as there are only a few left. So dirk gets to fit in (at least with some people) and todd gets to do something useful and maybe start to absolve himself by helping others and we sort of come full circle, clothes wise.

Don’t even get me started in Ken and barts clothing journey, or the ‘wear a jacket’ scene.


tagged by @cityrat to do six selfies of 2015! this is more dec 2015 - november 2016 but whateva still a journey and its chronological :)

i tag anyone who wants to do it! also: (as long as your want to/havent already done it) @scumbugg @zektheterrible @orchidcinema @efgf @ybag @genderlesskid @mosqking @tomatosita

Zelda’s Log #1.5: Travel Preparations

A/N: Happy Easter/ Pesach lovelies! Have some short stories, all of them written during these days. Props to @damnitsizzi for the idea for the second section, and @gathino for noting the importance of Zelda’s middle name(s).

Happy reading! I hope you all have a great week!


I. The Princess’ new clothes

‘Your wardrobe is bigger than mine!’

After their return from the beach, Link and Zelda wasted no time preparing to depart to their next destination. And that started with the proper gear.

Zelda was amazed at the amount of outfits and sets of armor Link had gathered during his journey. Considering Zelda’s clothing consisted of a tattered white dress, her adventuring clothes - miraculously rescued from a chest on her bedroom at the castle, the nightie he gave her on the night of her arrival, and some underwear, yes, his wardrobe was outrageously vast.

Some items certainly caught her attention more than others.

‘What are Gerudo vai clothes doing among your belongings?’, she asked full of suspiciousness, picking a breezy, semi-transparent turquoise top from a chest.

'I… had to infiltrate into Gerudo Town’, he answered with a blush, 'it had to be done in order to advance into my quest’.

‘How funny’, she chuckled, 'I bet you made a cute vai’, and winked at him.

'Actually, it made me realize how creepy some men can be’, he shuddered.

'A good lesson, indeed’, she affirmed, putting the Gerudo clothes back on the chest.

'All these clothes have special properties, and have been enhanced’, he noted, knocking on one​ of the chests, 'feel free to use them for your research’.

‘Thank you!’, she beamed, jumping, hanging to his neck, and kissing him full on the lips. ‘But I still am going to the clothing store. I need proper gear, just like you’.

Link didn’t even question her demands, still startled by her sudden display of affection.

II. Comfort Food 

'Zelda, you skipped breakfast again’.

Link realized it was the third time during the week she did that. As far as he remembered, she was not a person of such habits.

'I am so sorry! I got carried away’, she apologized, receiving a platter of bread, fruits, and scrambled eggs.

She ate silently, supervised by the prying eyes of her guardian, who watched over until there was no food left.

'Don’t let your research make you careless about your health, please’, he pleaded as he took her dish.

That tone… He is not happy about this, Zelda noted. 'I’ll be at the lab with Purah’, she informed him, getting up from the table, 'I’ll be back before dinner’.

His answer was just a deep huff.

Zelda returned before dinner as promised - despite Purah’s puppy eyes.

On her way back, she got soaked with a sudden rainfall. By the time she was at the door, she was dripping wet.

'Go get yourself changed’ - he handed her a towel - 'food is almost ready’.

She went upstairs, putting her damp clothes to dry on the rail, and changed into her nightgown.

The smell of pumpkin soup filled the air, and beckoned her to take her place at the table. Before sitting, she noticed something new next to the counter.

‘It’s an indoor stove’, Link informed her. ‘I bought one from some acquaintances I made in Gerudo Town’ - he poured soup in one bowl - ‘It arrived while you were at Purah’s’ - he served the other one- ‘It is pretty useful, since it also heats up the house’.

Zelda held the bowl for a few seconds, to warm up her hands, and revel into the scent of herbs and spices.

‘It was my mum’s recipe’, he revealed her, ‘She used to make it for pop and I on rainy days’.

Zelda flashed a beaming smile at his words, and ate a spoonful.

Flavors burst in her mouth, and a warmth spread all over her body. It was not just the temperature from the food, there was from other things: effort, dedication, tenderness. Things that come from food made with love and care - which should always be appreciated.

She devoured the bowl in minutes, scraping the leftovers with a chunk of bread, which had the same fate as the soup.

‘I swear I’ll never skip a meal again’.

‘Alright’, he answered. ‘Seconds?’


III. Filling in the blanks

‘Zelda’, Link whispered as lightning struck somewhere in the distance, filling the room with a flash of light, ‘are you awake?’

He heard a chuckle at his back.

I should be making those kinds of questions at this time of the night, you know, little spoon?’, her left index poking his cheek from behind. ‘What is keeping you awake, besides this lovely weather?’, she asked, raising to seat on the bed.

‘I can’t remember my full name’, he sighed, turning face up, 'Do you?’

'I do, Sir Link Philipus, son of Sir Wolfram and Lady Agatha’, she answered in a ceremonious tone.

'I am most grateful’, he replied, mimicking her formality, ‘Princess Zelda Adeline Philomena Hyrule, daughter of King Rhoam and Queen Augustine’.

'Goddesses! You remember mine?!’, she chuckled, hiding her face, 'It’s so embarrassingly pompous!’

'Hard to forget’, he noted, 'just as your enthusiasm at my knighting ceremony’.

'I am sorry for that’. She placed her right hand on his chest.

'Nevermind’. He corresponded her gesture, caressing the back of it. 'What else you may know about me that I might haven’t remembered yet?’

'It depends’, she slid herself under the blankets, 'Ask and I tell you what I know’.

'Fair’. He lifted his left arm, so she could cuddle to his side. She happily clung to his body. 'It may take long, are you up to this?’

'Sure’, she affirmed, 'it’s not as if we’re sleeping soundly anyway with the storm outside’.

'Okay, here it goes…’

Take It All Back

Part Three

Summary: Still stuck in an alternate reality, Jensen navigates through a day full of ups and downs. 
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Journey)
Word Count: 1775
Warnings: Mentions of possible pregnancy. 


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