journey 2:the mysterious island

Josh Hutcherson Movie Characters for each zodiac signs

ARIES | Nod - Epic

TAURUS | Jess Aarons - Bridge to Terabithia

GEMINI | Robert Kitner - Red Dawn

CANCER | Gabe - Little Manhattan

LEO | Walter - Zathura

VIRGO | Laser - The Kids are alright

LIBRA | Nick - Escobar: Paradise lost

SCORPIO | Max - The Rusted

SAGITTARIUS | Sean Anderson - Journey movies

CAPRICORN | Steve Leonard - Cirque du freak

AQUARIUS | Clapton Davis - Detention

PISCES | Peeta Mellark - The Hunger Games Triology


Happy 23rd Birthday to one of my favorite actors Josh Hutcherson (October 12,1992).

A wonderfully talented guy with a great heart and always super nice to all the many fans he meets and can we all agree that he’s pretty much the sexiest dork on the planet?! lol

Have a fantastic birthday Josh filled with fun, laughter, family and friends. Wishing you many many many more the come ! :)