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🌛Moon Signs ~ Feeling Through the Elements🌜

There is this misconception that water moons are the most emotional, while earth and air moons are much less emotional. But this isn’t true! Everyone has feelings. Everyone has the moon in their chart. It’s not the quantity of emotion that differs but the quality. In other words, it’s the method of processing feeling that is different.

Water moons process emotion by allowing it to flow, moving with the feeling until it stills or passes. It’s hard for them to detach from their feelings because they are so sensitive to external influences, just like how water can’t help but be stirred when you throw a stone into it. Water moons struggle to keep their emotions hidden inside. Water is always searching for a crack to seep out of, and it requires enormous energy to withhold the force of flowing feeling. Scorpio is the most stoic of the water moons but also the most dramatic. I think of moon in Scorpio as like a deep still pool, perfectly self contained until moved by something external. Then the ripples reverberate through the depths, disturbing what has lain hidden beneath the surface.

Earth moons process emotion through physical action. They are known for being stoic, but their lack of communication shouldn’t be taken for a lack of feeling. Earth moons have a practical attitude to emotions and typically won’t express their inner state unless they can see some benefit from doing so. They seek stability and dependability and dislike dramatic displays of emotion. They are the types to resist being influenced by external stimulae by engaging in compulsive behaviour such as comfort eating (Taurus moon) or obsessive cleaning and organising (Virgo and Capricorn). It is important for earth moons to externalise their feelings in some way by making them part of material reality. Activities like exercising, cleaning, and artistic creation can be far more soothing to the troubled earth moon than endless talking about the problem.

Air moons process emotion through rational thought and communication. They have an innate drive to understand and explicate their feelings, and tend to feel unsettled if they do not succeed. Gemini and Libra moons especially need people to talk through their emotional troubles. Gemini talks to find a way to laugh, to soothe their frazzled nerves by seeing their problem through another’s perspective and realising it’s not so big and scary after all. Libra needs to talk about their feelings to feel balanced. It can be very comforting for them to know that other people have felt like this before and can show them ways to cope with it. All air moons have the quality of observing rather than participating in their feelings. They like their emotions neatly packaged in language, which is frequently inadequate for expressing deep, complex feelings. This can leave air moons with a sense of alienation from their feeling nature which can manifest as self-doubt and neuroses about expressing emotion. Aquarius suffers from this the most, since they are simultaneously the most defensive (fixed sign) and have the most inhibited and erratic feeling function (ruled by Saturn/Uranus).

Fire moons process emotion through dramatising or mythologising how they feel. I think the fiery way of feeling is the hardest to explain. More than any other element, fire moons need to feel that they can learn and grow from emotional expression. Not in a productive sense, like earth moons, or an analytical sense, like air moons, but in such a way that feeling is a form of self-development. By experiencing and reacting to various stimulae, fire moons uncover their deepest selves. Think of how fire burns differently depending on what fuel you use. Fire moons are like that; you never know what reaction they will have to a new influence until you try it. Their expressions tend to be larger than life, external, consuming, and illuminating. Like the mythic hero, a despondent fire moon finds their inner light in their darkest hours. It is important for them to feel like their difficult feelings have a purpose, that there is something to learn about themselves from each emotional reaction, and that by expressing this fully they will illuminate their darker aspects and bring them into the light of understanding. The process of mythologising feeling draws on ancient archetypes, and many fire moons may appear or feel like certain archetypal personalities. There is the eternal child (Aries moon) who loves but cannot control himself; the radiant queen (Leo moon) who is the centre of her own world, which shines and darkens with her every moon; and there is the soul wanderer (Sagittarius moon) who picks up emotions like trinkets and treasures along their journey then drops them when they have outlived their use.

Egyptian God's and Godesses

❤Amun - A creator God, patron of the city of Thebes.
❤Maahes - Egyptian lion-headed God of war.
❤Anhur - An Egyptian sky god and God of war. His name meant “sky-bearer”.
❤Ra – God of the sun, earth, and underworld. He is powerful and protective.
❤Anubis – God of dead, embalming, funerals, and mourning ceremonies. Jackal-headed God.
❤Thoth – God of the moon, magic, and writing. 
❤Apophis - God of snakes, war, and Chaos.
❤Bes - Dwarf God.
❤Geb - God of the earth.
❤Khnum - Ram-headed God.
❤Khonsu - God of the moon.
❤Mafdet - God of justice.
❤Osiris - God of the underworld and the afterlife.
❤Ptah - God of creation.
❤Qebui - God of the North wind.
❤Qetesh - A mother Goddess of fertility.
❤Set - God of chaos, change, deserts, storms, and foreigners.
❤Shu - God of wind and air.
❤Sopdu - A God of war.
❤Tefnut - Lion Goddess of water and fertility.
❤Wadjet - Goddess of protection.
❤Sekhmet - Goddess of lions, fire, and vengeance.
❤Pakhet - A goddess of motherhood and of war.
❤Ma'at - Goddess of justice, truth, and of order.
❤Kebechet - Goddess of purification.
❤Isis - Goddess of magic, marriage, healing, and protection.
❤Hathor - Goddess of love.
❤Bastet - Cat Goddess.
❤Amunet - Wife of Amun, one of the creation Goddesses.
❤Tawaret – Goddess of childbirth who protects women in labour. People wear her image as an amulet to protect them and their children.
❤Kuk - God of personification of darkness.
❤Horus - The falcon-headed sky God.
❤Khepri - God of scarab beetles.
❤Aten - Aten God is the disk of the sun.
❤Ammit - Goddess Ammit was the personification of divine retribution. The Goddess with a body that was part lion, hippopotamus, and crocodile.
❤Atum - “The All” or “Perfection”. His appearance is a man with the double crown. Atum was a creator God. 
❤Nun - The sun God.
❤Montu - Montu was a falcon God of war.
❤Babi - Babi was a fierce, bloodthirsty baboon God.
❤Heh - God of personification of infinity or eternity.
❤Wepwawet - An ancient wolf God.
❤Serapis - Sun, healing, and fertility God.
❤Wadj-wer - God of fertility whose name means the “Great Green”. 
❤Khenti-Amentiu - Warrior God.
❤Resheph - Resheph was a God of War and Tunder.
❤Heka - Heka was the God of deification of magic.
❤Andjety - Underworld God of Rebirth. 
❤Heryshaf - Heryshaf was an ancient creator, fertility God, and God of the riverbanks.
❤Hu - Hu was the God of taste and the personification of the divine command.
❤Shezmu - Shezmu is the Egyptian God of blood, wine, perfume, and the slaughterer servant of Osiris. 
❤Aker - Aker was an ancient Egyptian God of earth and death. 
❤Sia - Goddess of wisdom.
❤Banebdjedet - Banebdjedet is a ram God of fertility with a cult centre at Mendes. 
❤Mehen - Mehen is a protective God who is depicted as a snake which coils around the sun God Ra during his journey through the night.
❤Hermes Trismegistus - Combination of Greek God Hermes and Egyptian God Thoth Gods of writing, magic, and more.
❤Ba-Pef - Ba-Pef was a minor underworld God in Egyptian mythology.
❤Duamutef - In Egyptian mythology, Dumutef was one of the Four sons of Horus and a funerary God who protected the stomach and small intestines of mummified corpses, kept in a canopic jar.
❤Mandulis - Mandulis is a Nubian God depicted anthropomorphically wearing the hemhem crown, consisting of three atef crowns, or ‘bundles’ mounted on ram’s horns with a uraeus (cobra) on either side, each surmounted by a solar disk, or as a human-headed bird.
❤Iah - Iah is a lunar God in ancient Egyptian religion. His name simply means “Moon”.
❤Am-heh - In Egyptian mythology, Am-heh was a minor God from the underworld, whose name means either “devourer of millions” or “eater of eternity”.
❤Nephthys - Nephthys is the Egyptian Goddess of mourning and lamentation, sleep, rivers, the night, service, and the home, a friend and protector of the dead.
❤Neith - Neith was an ancient Goddess of war and weaving. 
❤Serket - Serket is the Goddess of fertility, nature, animals, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites.
❤Seshat - Seshat was the ancient Egyptian Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and writing. 
❤Heqet - Heqet is an Egyptian Goddess of fertility, identified with Hathor, represented in the form of a frog. 
❤Nekhbet - Nekhbet was the Egyptian white vulture Goddess and protector of Egypt and the Pharaohs. She was referred to as “Mother of Mothers, who hath existed from the Beginning”.
❤Mut -  In Egyptian religion, a sky Goddess and great divine mother. Mut was the mother Goddess , the queen of the Gods at Waset, arising in power with the God Amen.
❤Meretseger - Meretseger is a Goddess with head of the snake.
❤Hededet - Hededet is a scorpion Goddess of the ancient Egyptian religion.
❤Anuket - Anuket was the personification and Goddess of the Nile river in the Egyptian mythology.
❤Meskhenet - In ancient Egyptian mythology, Meskhenet was the Goddess of childbirth, and the creator of each child's Ka, a part of their soul, which she breathed into them at the moment of birth. She was worshipped from the earliest of times by Egyptians.
❤Eye of Ra - The Eye of Ra is a being in ancient Egyptian mythology that functions as a feminine counterpart to the sun god Ra and a violent force that subdues his enemies. The Eye is an extension of Ra’s power, equated with the disk of the sun, but it also behaves as an independent entity.
❤Renenutet -Renenutet was a Goddess of nourishment and the harvest in ancient Egyptian religion.
❤Amunet - Amunet was a primordial Goddess in ancient Egyptian religion.
❤Menhit -  Menhit was originally a Nubian war Goddess in Egyptian mythology.
❤Hatmehit - Hatmehit in the ancient Egyptian religion was a fish-Goddess. In ancient Egyptian art Hatmehit was depicted either as a fish, or a woman with a fish emblem or crown on her head. She was a Goddess of life and protection.
❤Sopdet - Sopdet is the ancient Egyptian name of the star Sirius and its personification as an Egyptian Goddess. 
❤Anput - Anput is a Goddess in ancient Egyptian religion. She was the Goddess of funerals and mummification, the mother of Kebechet and possibly from Ammit also.
❤Hemsut - In Egyptian mythology, Hemsut was the Goddess of fate, destiny, and protection in ancient Egypt. 
❤Raet-Tawy -  Raet-Tawy is an ancient Egyptian solar Goddess, the female aspect of Ra. Her name is simply the female form of Ra’s name; the longer name Raet-Tawy means “Raet of the Two Lands” (Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt).
❤Wosret - Wosret meaning "the powerful" was an Egyptian Goddess with a cult centre at Thebes in Upper Egypt. She was initially a localised guardian deity.
❤Mehet-Weret - Mehet-Weret is a Goddess of the sky in ancient Egyptian religion. Her name means “Great Flood”.
❤Tenenet - Tenenet was an ancient Egyptian Goddess of childbirth and beer. 
❤Werethekau - Werethekau "great one of magic, great enchantress" was an ancient Egyptian deity. She served as the personification of supernatural powers.
❤Anat - Anat is a major northwest Semitic Goddess.
❤Min - Min was the God of reproduction.
❤Qebehsenuef - Qebehsenuef "he who refreshes his brothers" is an ancient Egyptian deity. He is one of the four sons of Horus in Egyptian mythology, the God of protection and of the West.
❤Heh - Ḥeḥ was in Egyptian mythology, the personification of infinity or eternity in the Ogdoad, his name itself meaning “endlessness”.
❤Petbe - In Egyptian mythology, Petbe was the god of revenge. His name translates as Sky-Ba, roughly meaning Soul of the Sky, or Mood of the sky. 
❤Tutu - God of protection of tombs, later guarded the sleeping from danger or bad dreams. Master of demons. Tutu’s iconography is anthropomorphic, consisting of the body of a striding, winged lion, the head of a human, other heads of hawks, and crocodiles projecting from the body, and the tail of a serpent.
❤Apedemak - Apedemak was a lion-headed warrior God.
❤Weneg - Weneg was a sky and death God from ancient Egyptian religion, who was said to protect the earth and his inhabitants against the arrival of the “great chaos”.
❤Hemen - Hemen is the falcon-God, who holds a cobra between its claws.
❤Tatenen - Tatenen was the God of the primordial mound in ancient Egyptian religion. His name means risen land or exalted earth, as well as referring to the silt of the Nile. As a primeval chthonic deity, Tatenen was identified with creation. He was an androgynous protector of nature from the Memphis area.
❤Bata - Bata from Saka is an Egyptian bull-God of the New Kingdom, who represents together with his brother Anubis.
❤Apis - A live bull worshipped as a God at Memphis.
❤Aten - The God disk of the sun.
❤Gengen-Wer - Goose God.
❤Hapi - God of the Nile.
❤Heket - Goddess of frogs.
❤Nut - In Egyptian mythology, Nut was the Goddess of the sky.
❤Seker - Falcon God.
❤Selket - Goddess of scorpions.
❤Sobek - God of crocodiles and alligators.


Natus Est Ex Mortuis - On this day, May 15, 1909 James Mason was born, an English actor…One of Hollywood’s biggest stars. His iconic films included ‘Odd Man Out’, ‘The Desert Fox’, ‘A Star Is Born’, ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’, ‘Lolita’, ‘North by Northwest’, ‘Prisoner of Zenda’, ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’, ‘A Touch of Larceny’, ‘Bigger Than Life’, ‘Julius Caesar’, ‘Georgy Girl’, ‘The Deadly Affair’, ‘Age of Consent’, ‘Heaven Can Wait’, ‘The Boys from Brazil’, ‘The Verdict’, ‘Mandingo’, ‘Murder by Decree’ and ‘Salem’s Lot’…

803: The Mole People

I hate this movie all out of proportion for how bad it is.  I mean, yeah, it sucks, but looking at it as objectively as possible, I’m not sure it merits the volcanic rage it inspires.  Maybe I just really, really despise John Agar.  Or maybe it’s the racism, or how it fails to tell us anything about the title creatures, or the shitty ending in which ‘happily ever after’ is snatched away at the last moment from the character who most deserved it.

Okay, maybe The Mole People really is totally loathsome.  Let’s examine this.

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My Movie Recommendations

Includes foreign movies.
No particular order, just as I think of them.

Gay Themed = *

  1. Suicide Room (2011) *
  2. Ghost Graduation (2013)
  3. The Butterfly Effect (2004)
  4. Stand By Me (1986)
  5. The Borrowers (1997)
  6. Race To Witch Mountain (2009)
  7. The Thief Lord (2006)
  8. Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005)
  9. The Basketball Diaries (1995)
  10. The Breakfast Club (1985)
  11. Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (2008)
  12. Sky High (2005)
  13. Enchanted (2007)
  14. The Little Vampire (2000)
  15. Cool Runnings (1993)
  16. Hocus Pocus (1993)
  17. The Goonies (1985)
  18. Wild Child (2007)
  19. St Trinian’s (2007)
  20. Hugo (2011)
  21. Fantastic Four (2005)
  22. Hotel Transylvania (2012)
  23. Jumanji (1995)
  24. Ice Princess (2005)
  25. Five Children and It (2004)
  26. Addams Family Values (1993)
  27. Paul (2011)
  28. Night At The Museum (2006)
  29. The Witches (1990)
  30. Mysterious Skin (2004) *
  31. 21 Jump Street (2012)
  32. Coraline (2009)
  33. 2:37 (2006)
  34. The Sixth Sense (1999)
  35. My Own Private Idaho (1991) *
  36. Interstellar (2014)
  37. Timer (2009)
  38. Rise of the Guardians (2012)
  39. The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009)
  40. The Dark Crystal (1982)
  41. Boyhood (2014)
  42. Pump Up The Volume (1990)
  43. Beetlejuice (1988)
  44. Tuck Everlasting (2002)
  45. Running on Empty (1988)
  46. Labyrinth (1986)
  47. The Way He Looks (2014) *
  48. Heathers (1988)
  49. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)
  50. Orange (2015)
  51. Black Butler (2014)
  52. The Covenant (2004)
  53. The Silent Thief (2012)
  54. Inkheart (2008)
  55. John Carter (2012)
  56. Battle Royale (2000)
  57. The Covenant (2006) 
Upcoming Watchalong Dates

FALL 2017

Hey everyone!

As many of y’all know, I’ve taken a month off to enjoy the summer, and now I’m back for a fantastic fall season of Watchalongs! 

For my new followers, I host a HUGE Saturday Watchalong almost every weekend, from 4PM EST until 10 or 11, depending upon the length of the movies! These watchalongs are mostly movies, but occasionally I’ll put on a “theme” night or month, because it makes me happy and everyone seems to enjoy when I stick to a fun theme to keep everyone feeling fantastic!

Every Friday night / Saturday Morning, I post up the day’s planned shows, and a half hour to showtime, I post up the link to the room that the watchalongs will be in! YOU DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING BUT CLICK ON THE LINK! I provide you the chatroom and the movie! Make sure you follow the tag “my watchalong” on my blog to always be notified of a watchalong post!

All are welcome to join my weekly watchalongs! We are a Johnlock-centric watchalong (we like to TRMOJAS everything we watch, LOL), but I do encourage all new friends to come in and chat! Lurkers are also welcome, if you just want to get a feel of what we’re all about! It’s a great way to meet like-minded people in the fandom of all ages and nationalities! Check out some Watchalong Advice here if you’re new to the concept! 

AGAIN, WE LOVE NEW PEOPLE. This is a social event for a lot of us (myself included) and many look forward to welcoming new people to the fandom!

That all said, I’ve been finding it easier to plan the watchalongs ahead of time, so here’s a list of upcoming watchalongs for this season. Note, wherever I have N/A, I am in need of a host for that day due to personal life plans!

Anyway, hope to see you all here!



  • Sept 9: HEROES NIGHT – Wonder Woman / Deadpool ® / LEGO Batman
  • Sept 16: SPACE NIGHT. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 / Star Trek / Titan A.E.
  • Sept 23: HOLMES NIGHT – Great Mouse Detective / Sherlock Holmes (2009) / Game of Shadows
  • Sept 30: FAIRY TALE NIGHT:  The Princess Bride / Ever After / Beauty and the Beast (2017)


  • Oct 7: GHOSTS AND GHOULS  Ghostbusters (2016) / Paranorman / The Corpse Bride
  • Oct 14: WITCHES AND MONSTERS – The Witches / Hocus Pocus / Hotel Transylvania
  • Oct 21: SILLY AND SCARY – Nightmare Before Christmas / Sweeny Todd ® / Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Oct 28: HOSTED BY @tali-zora Practical Magic, The Craft and The Addams Family


  • Nov 4: GAIMAN NIGHT – Coraline / Mirrormask / Stardust
  • Nov 11: NARNIA NIGHT – Lion, Witch & Wardrobe / Prince Caspian / Dawntreader
  • Nov 18: BOOKS ARE BETTER? – Inkheart / Golden Compass / TBD
  • Nov 25: ADVENTURE NIGHT – Journey to the Centre of the Earth (TBD) / Road to El Dorado / TBD


  • Dec 2: TBD.
  • Dec 9: TBD.
  • Dec 16: TBD.
  • Dec 23: TBD
  • Dec 25: CHRISTMAS DAY “Request a Movie” WATCHALONG
  • Dec 30: TBD

Stuff below the cut are for my own reference. Thanks! 

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anonymous asked:

Assalamu alaykum Mariyah, please forgive me for my ignorance and stupidity but what is the religious significance of Palestine for us? May He takes there once it's liberated inshallah!!!

wa alaykumusalaam, its *Mariya

okay so the religious significance of Palestine in Islam:

- Masjid al-Aqsa was the first ever Qiblah in Islam

Abdullah Ibn Umar (ra) narrates, “We prayed along with the Prophet (saw) facing Al-Quds (Jerusalem) for 16 or 17 months. Then Allah ordered him saw) to turn his face towards the Ka’bah (in Makkah). [Sahih al-Bukhari]

- Bayt al Maqdis (Masjid al-Aqsa and Qubbatus Sakhra) was the centre of Rasulullah’s night journey and ascension into Jannah (Isra and Mi'raj)

- Masjid al-Aqsa was the second masjid built on the face of this Earth.

Abu Dharr said: “Once I asked Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) what was the first mosque established on the earth; he said “Al-Masjid Al-Haram.” Then I asked him: then, which mosque? He replied: “Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa.” I then asked him what was the time period between the establishment of the two mosques; and he said: “forty years.” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

- The reward for Salaah prayed in Masjid al-Aqsa is 500 times greater than in any other masjid apart from Masjid al Haram and Masjid an Nabawi

“Prayers in Al-Masjid Al-Haram are equivalent to 100,000 Prayers, and Prayers in my Masjid (in Madinah) are equivalent to 1000 Prayers, and Prayers in Baitul-Maqdis are equivalent to 500 Prayers.” (Tabarani)

- Masjid al-Aqsa is mentioned in the Qur'aan 70 times. Here are two of the ayahs:

سُبْحَانَ الَّذِي أَسْرَىٰ بِعَبْدِهِ لَيْلًا مِّنَ الْمَسْجِدِ الْحَرَامِ إِلَى الْمَسْجِدِ الْأَقْصَى الَّذِي بَارَكْنَا حَوْلَهُ لِنُرِيَهُ مِنْ آيَاتِنَا ۚ إِنَّهُ هُوَ السَّمِيعُ الْبَصِيرُ 17:1

- Muslims are advised to travel to Palestine for the sole purpose of praying Salaah in Masjid al-Aqsa

“Do not set out on a journey except for three Mosques i.e. Al-Masjid-AI-Haram, the Mosque of Allah’s Apostle , and the Mosque of Al-Aqsa” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

- Dajjal will be killed by Isa عليه السلام  in Bab Lud (a small town in Palestine)

“Ibn Maryam (Jesus) will kill Al-Dajjal (the Anti-Christ) at the door of Ludd” [Ahmad, Jaami’ Tirmidhi]

- Palestine is known as the land of the Prophets as Rasulullah led all the Prophets in Salaah during the night journey. Also many Prophets lived in Palestine or came to Palestine at some point in their lives.

Zaid Ibn Thabit (ra) reports that the Prophet (saw) said, “How blessed is Al-Sham”! The Companions (ra) asked, “Why is that”? Rasulullah replied, “I see the Angels of Allah spreading their wings over Al-Sham”. Ibn Abbas (ra) added, “And the Prophets lived therein. There is not a single inch in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) where a Prophet has not prayed or an Angel not stood” [Jaami’ Tirmidhi]

- Ibrahim عليه السلام migrated from Ur to Palestine and lived there for most of his life with Saarah, Ishaq and nephew Lut (the graves of Ibrahim عليه السلام and Ishaq عليه السلام  are in al-Khalil (Hebron)
- Ya'qub عليه السلام  raised his 12 sons in Palestine and Yusuf عليه السلام was taken from here
- Musa عليه السلام was directed to come here from Egypt (Musa and his brother Haroon passed away before reaching Palestine)
- Dawud عليه السلام conquered Jerusalem
- Dawud عليه السلام’s son Sulayman عليه السلام lived in Palestine
- Aramiah عليه السلام (Jeremiah) preached here
- Zakariya عليه السلام was the Imam of Masjid al-Aqsa and he made du'aa for a child in Aqsa at the age of 90 (he was granted Yahya عليه السلام )
- Maryam عليها السلام stayed in the Aqsa compound and was given glad-tidings of Isa عليه السلام in Aqsa

Important figures and Palestine
Imam Shafi'i was born in Gaza
Ibn Hajar al Asqalani lived in Askalan
Ibn Qudamah al Maqdisi lived in Nablus
Musa ibn Nusaye lived in Hebron
Imam Ghazali taught in Masjid al-Aqsa and wrote one of his famous books near Aqsa (i think it may be Ihya Ulum uddin)

I pray Allah grants us the honour to visit Palestine again and again and that we are alive to see the country liberated inshallah.

Day [uhm… Eight?] of The Twelve Days of Holiday Shipping

Sanctuary, pre-series, Henry and Ashley family time (and a dash of Helen in at the end), rated G, Baking. (Set in the same universe as Caroling.)

“Gah! Ashley! What you doing in there?” Henry asked, looking into the kitchen. There, by the island, stood little Ashley, way taller than usual because of the stool under her feet. Around her was a mess of flour, sugar, pans, paper and Magnus’ cooking bible that wasn’t to leave the library, “On pain of death.”

Henry shuddered, remembering when he took her hard cover copy of Journey to the Centre of the Earth to his room to read and the subsequent punishment. Feeding the lamb/lion chimera thing nearly lost him an arm (he had been half asleep at the time) but reaffirmed one thing. When Magnus said a book was to stay in the library, it stayed in the library.

“I’m making mommy cookies,” she told him happily, her hands working something in the mixing bowl.

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1114: At The Earth’s Core

Well, as long as I’m Journeying to the Centre of the Earth via MST3K, there’s this.  I don’t know if it’s possible to be the Rob Liefeld of prose, but if it is, Edgar Rice Burroughs is our man – his books are peopled entirely by musclebound, practically-naked individuals who never strike a realistic pose.  I can’t stand his writing, and the more a movie based on his work deviates from the source material, the better I tend to like it.  I haven’t read the novel At the Earth’s Core, but the movie version is dull, stilted, and generally misconcieved, so I suspect it’s fairly faithful.

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“I see,” said Hermes, “the seven regions which comprise the visible and invisible world; I see the seven rays of the word-light, of the one God who traverses them and governs them by these rays. Still, O master, how does mankind journey through all these worlds?”

“Dost thou see,” said Osiris, “a luminous seed fall from the regions of the milky way into the seventh sphere? These are germs of souls. They live like faint vapors in the region of Saturn, gay and free from care, knowing not their own happiness. On falling from sphere to sphere, however, they put on increasingly heavier envelopes. In each incarnation they acquire a new corporeal sense, in harmony with the surroundings in which they are living. Their vital energy increases, but in proportion as they enter into denser bodies they lose the memory of their celestial origin. Thus is effected the fall of souls which come from the divine ether. Ever more and more captivated by matter and intoxicated by life, they fling themselves like a rain of fire, with quiverings of voluptuous delight, through the regions of grief, love, and death, right into their earthly prison where thou thyself lamentest, held down by the fiery centre of the earth, and where divine life appears to thee nothing more than an empty dream.”

Can souls die?” asked Hermes.

“Yes,” replied the voice of Osiris, “many perish in the fatal descent. The soul is the daughter of heaven, and its journey is a test. If it loses the memory of its origin, in its unbridled love of matter, the divine spark which was in it and which might have become more brilliant than a star, returns to the ethereal region, a lifeless atom, and the soul disaggregates in the vortex of gross elements.”

Hermes shuddered at these words, for a raging tempest enveloped him in a black mist. The seven spheres disappeared beneath dense vapors. In them he saw human spectres uttering strange cries, carried off and torn by phantoms of monsters and animals, amidst nameless groans and blasphemies.

“Such is the destiny,” said Osiris, “of souls irremediably base and evil. Their torture finishes only with their destruction, which includes the loss of all consciousness. The vapors are now dispersing, the seven spheres reappear beneath the firmament. Look on this side. Do you see this swarm of souls trying to mount once more to the lunar regions? Some are beaten back to earth like eddies of birds beneath the might of the tempest. The rest with mighty wings reach the upper sphere, which draws them with it as it rotates. Once they have come to this sphere, they recover their vision of divine things. This time, however, they are not content to reflect them in the dream of a powerless happiness; they become impregnated thereby with the lucidity of a grief-enlightened consciousness, the energy of a will acquired through struggle and strife. They become luminous, for they possess the divine in themselves and radiate it in their acts. Strengthen therefore thy soul, O Hermes! calm thy darkened mind by contemplating these distant flights of souls which mount the seven spheres and are scattered about therein like sheaves of sparks. Thou also canst follow them, but a strong will it needs to rise. Look how they swarm and form into divine choruses. Each places itself beneath its favorite genius. The most beautiful dwell in the solar region; the most powerful rise to Saturn. Some ascend to the Father, powers themselves amidst powers. For where everything ends, everything eternally begins; and the seven spheres say together: ‘Wisdom! Love! Justice! Beauty! Splendor! Knowledge! Immortality!


16 Nov 2015 // 7/100 Days of Productivity
Attended close to four hours of tutor today after school and I came home feeling like a dead fish. Just had some food to eat, and now I’m quickly going to try and finish my school homework.
Tonight’s plan:
Complete English metalanguage list
‣ Finish ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ by Jules Verne