In english:

Hi again !

So last time I was talking about make more english translations for my posts.
I actually wanted to make an english version of one of my “drawned reflexion” about the importance of nature and travels in video games, so here it is, I think it’s a good time to do it. There is probably a few mistakes, please forgive me.

en français:

Donc, ça fait un moment que je voulais faire une traduction en anglais de ma note sur la représentation de la nature et du voyage dans le jeu vidéo. Vous pouvez retrouver la note originale en français ici : http://ulyssemalassagne.tumblr.com/post/65514628050

same dress, 8 months apart.

I know weightloss wasn’t something I needed in the first pic on the left, but I did need a kick up the arse to get healthy. I ate so badly and did not take care of my body at all. Now I may be thinner,maybe too thin to people , but I am healthier, fitter, can literallly run a marathon (well we will find out that part in a few weeks) and I am working on building muscle and becoming the fittest, and strongest I can possibly be. health should always come first, and potatoes.

We can be informed by so many externalities that can end up on our journal pages.

At the end of the day we want to be able to pick up our books and see ourselves. Not the person we dislike or who dislikes us, not the father/mother who speaks death to us or the boss who misuses his/ her power to give us hell; not the enemies that call us by the wrong names or the people that hurt our souls. We want to see ourselves.

Who are you? What are the greatest lessons you’re learning this season? How will you prevail? Write that down.

Too often we train our minds to despise documentation and it’s not because of the work: it’s because our documentation has become the “Chronicles of those who Misuse my Existence” or “Anals of the Ones who don’t Call Me by Name” or “Prose to Those who Love Me Least”. That’s when you need to reclaim your documentation.

Ferociously guard who makes it into your handwritten book and be vigilant about attributing credits to them.
Documenting is power. We hand that power over to those who mutilate our souls when we empower their journeys instead of our own in our writings.
Be encouraged to put yourself and your incredible journey on the page.

I Love you,

Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination to Succeed Is Strong Enough - Og Mandino

We are all afraid of failing, and this usually keeps us from doing a lot in our lives. It’s like staying on a diving board, without jumping off it: our fear is keeping us from having fun and experiencing happiness. However, everything changes when in our mind we are strongly committed to… Read More

#transformationaTuesday hella of a lot of change

Left: (16) unhappy and unsure of myself just trying to please my parents and be the daughter they wanted. I was trying to push so many of my feelings away of how I felt and how I was. I was completely trying to lie, cover up and make up for how truly unhappy I felt. I turned to over eating as a way to cope and was at my heaviest.

Right: (19) much happier with my own self and being. Slimmed down and have grown into myself. I’ve become the guy I always knew I was. No longer lying just living. I am more confident and than I was back then. It’s been a long journey from where I started but I still have a lot of a long way to go and work on.

So for anyone out there in that spot I was 3 years ago No matter who or how many people give you shit for it just continue to do you. Be your true authentic self always. I’ve learned that being yourself and staying true to who you really are will save your life. Be patient and Don’t give up just yet.