Did I mention that I’m in a paper-making and book arts course?  This is a hand bound journal I made.  Kettle stitch binding, with end leaves and chip board covers and spine.  Book cloth encases the spine, and some hand marbled paper (though I’ll have to admit that the cover paper isn’t mine; it was left behind by someone else in the free scraps drawer) as the covers.  I’m not sure what kind of paper this is that I used for the pages, since none of the shelves in the studio are labeled, but it’s a light weight paper with the lines from the deckle wires evident.  It holds up really well to my pilot gel pens.  The edges of the pages are deckled as well since they were torn by hand.  I’m planning on making a bunch more for gifts or something.

🌸 Witchy Positivity Journals 🌸

First things first…what’s a  “witchy” positivity journal?  A positivity journal is like a regular journal, except that you use it to store positive thoughts, and positive energy.  Instead of venting and scrawling all of your negativity into it, you use it to inspire, motivate, and condition yourself into think more positively.  It becomes “witchy” or “magical” when you allow it to be so.  Consecrate it, fill it with positive magical energy and experiences, etc.  

Wouldn’t this just make it a positivity grimoire?  No, absolutely not.  A grimoire, or book of shadows, records spells, knowledge, etc about the craft, where this doesn’t necessarily have to include that (though it can if you want, it’s your journal after all!)  This is a personal book about you, your thoughts, your feelings, and your inspirations and aspirations, magical or not.  But, as a witch, making everything a magical experience is very cathartic and uplifting on it’s own, don’t you think? 

How does this pertain to witchcraft?  Great question!  It’s all about energy, and intent, honey bee!  You are imbuing this book with your positive vibrations, you’re writing with the intent of becoming a happier, and more optimistic person.  Now, doesn’t that sound like magic to you?

What gets put into a witchy positivity journal?  That’s the fun of it, sweetheart, you can put absolutely anything in it you want.  But here are a few suggestions:

🌸 Positive thoughts and affirmations
🌸 Inspiring and motivating quotes
🌸 Self-care and self-love spells
🌸 Lists of magical items that bring you positivity (crystals, herbs, etc)
🌸 Recipes for tinctures, elixirs, etc, that make you feel good
🌸 Things you’re looking forward to
🌸 Deity work, spiritual work, energy work, etc
🌸 Good things that have happened to you that day
🌸 Draw and charge positivity sigils on the pages
🌸 Record dreams that give you hope
🌸 Track your magical progress and magical goals
🌸 Literally anything that makes you happier and more optimistic

At the end of the day, this is your journal and you can do whatever you want with it.  As a witch myself, and someone who tends to be pretty negative, and low on energy, practicing the craft by constantly doing spells, rituals, etc, can suck up all of my energy and free time.  So, I started journaling, but making it a magical experience, and it’s been so helpful.  I’m sure people have heard of this idea before, but I felt the need to share this idea with other witches, especially other spoonie witches, because it makes you feel active in your practice, while also reserving some of your spoons!

Stay inspired, witchy, and positive honey bees!

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