journalists up to no good again

Past Tense

Here I go again (sorry) but I love this scene. I really like all of Karen’s and Ellison’s interactions (and yes I acknowledge the reality of her just “becoming” a journalist is a stretch- I get it I have friends paying good money for a degree) but what I like is how he knows the right buttons to push to get her to not give up, be honest with herself and the situation. You can see her amp up when he describes Frank as a “psycho murderer”.

 I mean she’s exhausted and emotionally drained and angry-Frank just used her as bait, she witnessed some grotesque violence from him [surprise, surprise], and is reeling with the loss of someone who’s story she was invested in.

Which brings me to the tiny little thing that means absolutely nothing but for some reason hit me this re-watch which is the outburst of

 “Because he is not a psycho murderer” and she rephrases her statement trying to grasp what she just saw and accept the reality that he’s gone without her figuring out the truth of what happened to his family and see if he’ll change ( in reference to “What if this is just me now? and  “Then don’t you deserve to know that?”) 

“He wasn’t a psycho murderer”  and then we see her defend her self and get a glimpse at the emotional ties to her past and then Ellison asks “So is the story over” and she gets it .

Just because he’s  “dead” doesn’t mean the story is. 

(look at her I just can’t handle it)