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Drew my sleepy kitty friend, Smuggs!!
#cats and #couches on a lazy afternoon… sounds nice…
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Today has been…interesting. I worked out about 3 times to day which is good. Controlled my eating pretty well. The book we are reading in class is making me feel lost I guess it’s farenheight 451. I’m not sure if I even like it, it’s making me sad and I’m overthinking things. Which sucks. I have an awful cold right now with a nasty cough. I’m fasting tomorrow too.


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Dear Open Journal: Job Magic

So my significant other has an interview tomorrow. Typically, she is super scared of interviews for jobs because while she is incredibly intelligent she has trouble expressing herself to strangers, which is a common problem among math brains like her. I asked her if I could do a little energy manipulation on her to help give her a boost from the spirit energy way and she was receptive to that idea. 

I grabbed some green masking tape and created a circle in the middle of the living room to symbolize the working area as a balanced and stable environment. I then created a triangle out of the masking tape within the circle to symbolize the threefold process of magic, where the process of “change” of energy will take place. I lined out a vector, facing the other direction, which extended beyond the circle, indicating that the focus of the reaction (of the change of energy) will happen in a specific direction of my choosing. Looking like this: 

Within Node #1 (the labelled circle bit) I placed her “Interview Thoughtform” I created a while back which has been sleeping in dormant until needed for interviews. I awakened it, fed it, and then invited it to participate in this ritual. [Notes on thoughtform creation.] I placed the thoughtform in the west because of the element of Water and what it represents. The thoughtform was created to assist with communication and emotions during the interview. In Node #2 I placed a “Get-That-Job Spell Bottle” I had made for her previously which held all the pre-concieved desires of the job she would like, which matched this current job she has the interview for (eek!!). I placed this bottle in the East, which represents Air, because it pertains to intellect, memory, and financial success.  So far I’ve got two previous and completed forms of magic within this ritual of magic…Inception. In Node #3, which is located at the end of the vector I placed her Resume, which is also the cumulation of her achievements in the academic and material world. The Vector points North, which represents Earth, materialism and job success. 

After cleansing myself and my energy I began to work. I entered from the East and cleansed the whole set up with white sage smoke and words of blessing for this spell. I walked around the parameter in a clock-wise fashion three times while fanning white sage into the alchemy symbol I’ve created on the ground. White Sage is useful for more than just purification, it’s also good for courage, strength, and grounding (Roth, 2016). I stopped at the bottom, at the south, at the place of Fire, and invited our ancestors, our deities, the elements, and our spirit guides to be with us during this spell and assist as they could to help us reach our goal within a set time period that I mentioned. I then stopped at each Node and charged the items. After they were sufficiently charged, and I had built up and focused enough energy from the earth and my own energy within me, I asked my SO to enter from the east and walk in a clock-wise manner to where I was in the south and then step inside the sigil on the ground.

The main things I was missing in this spell, until my SO stepped inside, was an object identifier for HER and an object identifier for the JOB LOCATION. You can’t have a spell without those things! Otherwise you just aren’t being specific enough. Having my SO part of the spell satisfied both those requirements. When she stepped in the circle I placed my hands on her back and thus labelled her as “the one on which the action of change is do be done on” and also “the representation of location” because the job is in her hometown where all her family and friends reside. Therefore, she satisfied all the requirements and was also to be the FOCUS of the change of the energy build and manipulated by the spell. Phew!

With my hands on her back I gave her a brief warning and then had a good portion of the energy from myself and from Nodes #1 and #2 accumulate within her. Standing in the Southern position of fire, the position of change, I pushed her in the direction of the vector, of focused change, and the energy followed her passed the Vector and into the North, into the job. She said she felt like her chest was tingly like a warm fire was present in her body right before I pushed her thru the Vector.

So! To recap: We’ve got energy manipulation, change, fire, transmutation, all the elements, alchemy, sigils, spirit energy (deity/ancestor/spirit guides) involvement, druid knowledge, spell bottle, thoughtform, and physical movement within this particular ritual. I love magic!

I was exhausted afterwards. I ate some pretzels (salt and bread), drank some tea, had my SO brush my hair, then I went outside under the stars with my dogs in order to ground and center afterwards. Self care is sacred.  Don’t forget it.

As a good friend of mine, @tisalwaysteatime, recently said: “A little bit more good energy her way won’t hurt.” Thanks for inspiring this evenings magical events.

In Darkness and in Light, where Truth is still Truth,

Selene Blackwell /|\

#fresh basil drying in the shade of the back veranda, accompanied a bit further down by bunches of stevia and spearmint. Soon I’ll head out to #harvest mugwort, wormwood, nettles, lemon thyme, and rose geranium, and add them to the bundles waving in the breeze. But first, hawthorne #tea and some time alone with my #journal and a #book #herb #herbs #herbal #harvesting #grow #food 

Too Much Caffeine

Who knew that 5 shots of espresso could do one so much harm? Sure, I’m not exactly suffering from heart palpitations, but the shakiness that I haven’t experienced in so many months returned with the wrath of a pack of angry stallions. Couldn’t even hold a pen right. As a result, my latest journal entry is barely legible. I got the message across though:

I’d like to get out more. Make my name and my voice heard.

The time between waiting for competitions at my speech club is too great, and I’m an impatient person. Better to occupy that time with honing in my voice and ability to tell stories than to waste it away rotting in bed, drinking too much coffee and waiting for the world to pass me by outside my window.  

Besides, it might still be a while until I get my microphone and sound equipment. Once I do have all of that, I’d like to have a bit of fun.   

Today’s Tools:

 - TWSBI Eco (B)

 - Rhodia Graph Notebook

 - Iroshizuku Tsutsuji 

 - 5 Cups of Coffee


Photo Series: Still Life: “Objects in window sill” by Ken Whytock
Via Flickr:
Drumbo, ON March 2017 Journal: Using the rule of three objects, became more interesting when the objects are abstract because of this filter.

I’m so chatty tonight?

I wanted to embroider but I can’t muster the mental energy. I’m thinking I’m going to play Stardew Valley and probably work my Herbalist’s book that I’ve started. Probably going to make a wish list of journal supplies. I’m 25 and some how I feel like I’m too old to participate in Bullet Journals……….

What are you doing on this Tuesday evening?

How virtual reality can create the ultimate empathy machine

Chris Milk 
TED2015. 10. 16. Filmed March 2015

Notes from the TED talk. 

“I used the tools given to me as a film maker has to an audience and films is an incredible medium, it allows us to feel empathy for people different from us. and worlds completely different from our own.” 

Film = group pf rectangles in a sequence. has been same throughout it’s history. 
VR telling stories in different ways that film cannot do. 

“build the ultimate empathy machine” 

“putting you inside a frame” 

“emotional reaction”

Frame = window into other worlds - so through the window into the world =VR 

Explaining VR is like “dancing to explain architecture” difficult to explain as it is. 
A very EXPERIENTIAL art medium. 

Fee your way inside of it. making you PRESENT. Sitting with her. Feeling her humanity in a deeper way. 

Using VR to change minds. Bringing people who aren’t affected by situations there. 
Connects humans to other humans. 

Notes to take away from video. That VR is a very EXPERIENTIAL and EMPATHETIC story telling medium. look into the works of the VR studio works of Verse & their sphere filming technique. 
VR could be very political- bringing politicians and others into situations. 
Potential to change the world, compassion, empathy and connection. 

💐 as promised, here’s a hand lettered quote from one of my favorite movies (aaand, the only one that made me cry): la la land! y'all should really & seriously watch it (if you haven’t). 💕 i really love the aesthetic + jazz music. alsoo, i found dead flowers near a tree in front of our school, so i gathered them up. (lowkey proud of myself for this picture) 🌹


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in january; dear diary,

Her face buried in my neck as she sobbed was enough of an I love you, but her fingers were like claws trying to rip off my skin and keep me bare. The waves outside our car envied her eyes, the slow rise and break in the warm hazel orbs, the dull churn of memories she’d witnessed the death of too many times. I could see how broken she was, like the endless water outside our car as she lifted herself above me to rest on my chest, and small tears dotted the corners of her eyes to accompany the shifted weight of loneliness drowning in her chest. She never held me like this; I was as lost as I could have ever been trying to hold something I’d thought was whole all this time.

I offered my fingertips as solace, my lips as a safe shore, the entirety of my body as a lighthouse to guide her to ease, but she shook and shook like I was a storm, like my eyes were coals and she was a blazing inferno I would wholly consume; she shook like my fingers were jagged rocks, her breath caught in her throat like she would never walk on sand again and the soles of her feet would always kiss little pieces of glass like they were promises for a smoother pain. I’d never felt my arms fill with paranoia as they had when I thought I would never cure her, never see her smile again, but it was all I could think about as she confided in me her most terrifying feelings of doubt.

The soft bloom of an untamed heart would surely fear growth and metamorphosis, so closely related to aspects unyielding of those effects mingled with wilting, but the raw sting and pull of imperfection was an intimacy I knew well with Nash, the damaged, thin, and distant look in her eye, when she had her headphones so dug into her ears that they surely must have hurt, caught me every time.

I told her once, in our bed, as we sought the refuge of night and dark, that I had always feared the ocean, I had always feared the black depths of the unknown that I could never conquer.

But I lied. I had always feared the ocean, until I kissed her.