The Limit Does Not Exist

Calling all geek girls… and geek guys! Heather Cabot is an angel investor, journalist, adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and co-author of Geek Girl Rising. We discuss the power of a major identity shift as Heather shares how she’s translated her journalism skills into new pursuits. Plus, taking the leap into digital journalism and investing tips!

concept: i don’t have any deadlines, any finals, any exams. i can enjoy everything i want, pursue every interest of mine, without any pressure. i create and gain knowledge, while sharing my passion with others. everything is good.


12.48 am // more anatomy notes (๑>ᴗ<๑) i’m actually really nervous for the finals in may as i just looked at some past papers and the questions are so hard??? but that’s motivated me to keep on working hard and i’m determined to give it my all!! 

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Trying something new with a simple spread. P.S. thanks to all of you who gave me advice about my second planner! I’ve decided to use it as a calendar and planner for special events, while my bullet journal will remain for school assignments and stuff like that… // side note: I cut out this pic of Van Gogh from an art museum map and I’m kind of in love with it

I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”

-Vincent Van Gogh


some of my favorite spreads from march so far!! i’ve been really inspired by cheyenne’s spreads and doodles over at @studyrose and i incorporated some of them into my spreads this month! aside from some spelling mistakes, the colors make me feel so happy and being able to get creative is such a nice outlet for me while in school 💫

There is a fury to Terry Pratchett’s writing: it’s the fury that was the engine that powered Discworld. It’s also the anger at the headmaster who would decide that six-year-old Terry Pratchett would never be smart enough for the 11-plus; anger at pompous critics, and at those who think serious is the opposite of funny; anger at his early American publishers who could not bring his books out successfully.

The anger is always there, an engine that drives. By the time Terry learned he had a rare, early onset form of Alzheimer’s, the targets of his fury changed: he was angry with his brain and his genetics and, more than these, furious at a country that would not permit him (or others in a similarly intolerable situation) to choose the manner and the time of their passing.

And that anger, it seems to me, is about Terry’s underlying sense of what is fair and what is not. It is that sense of fairness that underlies Terry’s work and his writing, and it’s what drove him from school to journalism to the press office of the SouthWestern Electricity Board to the position of being one of the best-loved and bestselling writers in the world.

—  Neil Gaiman, (x)

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