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HOLLA i get like 746 asks per week about bullet journals so i thought i would compile a bunch of resources here 4 u lovely people ~ these are for the people who have never heard about bullet journaling, for the people that want to try it, or for the people who have been doing it for months :]

tutorial set ups

cute spread insp

page/list ideas

other jounals

+ masterposts

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i recently learnt about sketchnotes and how they would have been quite useful for me, as a very visual learner, and the past 4 years of my life in terms of GCSEs and a-levels - for which i had my last exams ever yesterday. im not angry or annoyed at all

im going to learn how to take sketchnotes just for fun at least, and so i made a few reference pages of different fonts and decorations! seriously if youre a visual learner you need to look up sketchnoting: is good and theres lots about it on pinterest - this has been a PSA!

This is a masterpost containing a lot of masterposts/guides related to studyblrs divided by category. I hope you get a good use out of this.



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Exams / Tests / Studying

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Learn online

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Stress / Anexity / self care

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Just visit this blog

Computer science

Top 10 tips for Computer Science Students
Ace your Computing Science courses


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Journal & planner masterpost by rifa
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All in one

Giant school masterlist by blazeluke
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What Should Reporters Learn in Journalism School?

In a recent piece, I argued that journalism students who want to be writers shouldn’t focus on immersing themselves in things like CSS and JavaScript, as I had tried to do during j-school. For responses, I got everything from “You’re so right!” (from reporters) to “What are you talking about!?” (from interactive and data journalists) to “Wait, why are y’all trying to code exactly?” (from developers who don’t work in journalism).

In the interest of being part of the solution, I thought I’d interview a few of my colleagues here at Atlantic Media to see what they wish they had learned in journalism school, if not more code.* None of the colleagues I spoke with is a traditional print reporter, but between us, we do the types of writing, editing, and data analysis that many reporterly types aspire to. We all went to different schools, and most of us graduated within the past five years or so.

Read more. [Image: Flickr/Puukibeach]

heeeey here are some web resources i found for staying sharp over the summer holiday and keeping productivity up :] i hope they help 

+ masterposts!!!

xoxo sareena

Censorship in Japan

A lot of things on Japanese TV bother me; the lack of channels, the lack of variety, the lack of real content, etc. All of those are mainly based around the fact that Japanese people don’t like to rock the boat too much when it comes to personal opinion. People will never outrightly disagree with you, unless you are close friends perhaps, but my Japanese friends have always used polite…

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New studyblr -- like/reblog so I can follow you!

To all studyblr’s + studyspo’s + motivational/inspirational blogs!!

Please like/reblog this so I can follow you and also get my studyblr more known!:) Im a new studyblr and in need of more studying inspiration :D

A little bit about me: I’m a 4th year law student. Im from South Africa and I go to Rhodes University in a little town called Grahamstown

Why I’ve started a studyblr: Law is a lot of work and at times really stressful as there is quite a heavy workload. Looking at studyblrs and having one of my own has really helped me stay motivated to study and make pretty notes at the same time :P So BY sharing what helps me, I may be able to help others!:)

Lin Zhao: The Rebel Poet Who Wrote With Her Own Blood

Lin Zhao (born Peng Lingzhao) was a woman caught in rapidly changing times. An early convert to the Communist cause, by age 16 she was working with Communist cells*, even running away to join a journalism school run by the Communists. At the urging of Chairman Mao, she, along with many others, participated in open criticism of the government during the Hundred Flowers Movement – the idea at the time being that a hundred schools of thought spring up, and the strongest ones survive.

But it was a trap. Mao’s regime, having “enticed the snakes out of their caves,” abruptly changed course and started jailing dissidents. Lin was sentenced to 20 years in prison, where she was repeatedly beaten and tortured.

But even her stay in prison could not silence her – she continued writing criticism of Mao, using hairpins and her own blood as ink, writing on walls and shirts.

In 1968, she was executed by firing squad.

Her family did not know of her fate until they were charged five cents for the bullet used to kill her.

Her story was all but unknown until 2005, when the documentary In Search of Lin Zhao’s Soul came out, to much critical acclaim. The director, Hu Jie, after hearing of her story, had quit his job to search far and wide for information on her. Several of her essays survive to present day, and a collection of them is currently underway at Stanford University.

* = It must be said, she was hardly pure as the driven snow in her early activities with the Communists, which centered around land reform – she was likely involved in the torture and death of landlords.

(thanks to radicalpostbacc for sending this in!)

J-School, What Is It Good For?

“Print journalism is not a profession. It’s a job, a knack, a talent. You don’t need a diploma, you don’t need to belong to a professional body like solicitors or accountants do. There’s nothing you can learn in three years studying media at university that you can’t learn in just one month on a local paper.” –   Kelvin MacKenzie, former Sun editor

Note: Mr. MacKenzie’s shared his views with Harriet Thurley, a reporter for City University’s XCity Magazine. The story was picked up by The Independent (UK).

a guide to how to be productive in the summer by yours truly

keep up the learning/get a head start for next year’s classes

self care/have some fun with summer 

you’re welcome and have a fantastic summer!

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