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hi! i saw one of your posts with you not encouraging anyone to major in journalism for college. what makes you say so?

Journalism is a craft. You learn by doing it. Join your campus paper, apply for internships or pitch freelance stories to the local paper.

Major in something that interests you. When you get your journalism job, you’ll know something other than journalism.

Minor in journalism or learn skills that journalists need to have: multimedia skills, code and design.

on the windup world of the nervous tick

(cat, during bizarro, 1k. this isn’t the fic i meant to write.)

“She’s available.”

She doesn’t know why she says it. In fact, she knows that Kara has all the boy trouble in the world right now, with the Three’s Company stage show playing out just outside the glass walls of Cat’s office on a near-daily basis.

Maybe that’s why she says it.

And besides, if Adam wants to take Kara out, then nonsense like that shouldn’t stop her from saying yes. Cat wasn’t lying, wasn’t stretching the truth even the tiniest bit, when she had said she was Adam’s biggest fan. He’s smart and kind and his Twitter feed is both amusing and sufficiently peppered with social issue awareness.

Kara could do much worse.

So could Adam, for that matter. Cat has liked exactly one of Adam’s previous girlfriends, until she discovered the girl was a journalism major who had applied for internships at The Daily Planet and not The Tribune. Kara had never applied for a job anywhere besides CatCo.

In the end she’s not sure who she thinks she’s doing a favor here, but they should both thank her.

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It just hit me like a ton of bricks that I'm a journalism major.

Like all my efforts to change into another major and to stick to my pre-law curriculum have failed because I am a journalism major with no declared concentration. I love print journalism, I’ve never done broadcasting but I love the idea of the advertising concentration.

I still have 2 semesters left to decide but it’s not that long once you think.

I started January 2013. I may be 21 when I graduate from a two year program but at least I’m graduating. 

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Hi! So I'm writing a fanfic about the 7 + Reyna and Nico in college and I can't really come up with ideas about what their majors would be. Do you have any ideas?

  • Annabeth is painfully obvious 
  • I myself am a sucker for oceanographer Percy so Marine Biology is usually my go to for him 
  • Jason I could see as a History major with either a double major or minor in Poli Sci 
  • Piper I love as a journalism major, but that’s just personal preference 
  • Leo as a mechanical engineering major 
  • Hazel I could see being a sociology major (I am completely unbiased here) or maybe psychology cause she always wanted to understand her mom more growing up and so that kind of calls to her… idk 
  • Frank I could see as a biology or anatomy major because I envision him becoming a physical therapist of sorts so he would need a foundational science for that
  • Nico… idk I’ve always liked the idea of him going to art school for some reason?? idk just the idea of him finding art as an outlet for the feelings he has such a hard time talking about is cool to me but other than that maybe an archeologist // anthropologist 
  • Reyna is hard cause we don’t really know a ton of her interests outside of the Legion but I could see her as a Poli Sci major, like her and Jason in some of the same classes and always having very intelligent debates about leaders of the past and all that jazz :) 

hopefully this helped a bit??? good luck with your fic, I’m sure it’ll be great!! 

I was in the middle of an assignment when it struck me – I really should make one of those Tumblr pages that quite literally everyone is talking about, hence how I ended up in this situation. What is the first post supposed to be about, anyway? I’m thinking that introducing myself would be a good start, so, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Laurence Smythe, and I’m a Journalism major. I love to read and write, and I’m in Delta Tau Delta. Not quite sure what else to say, so I think I’ll just stick with a simple ‘hello.’

ok so like i’m a journalism major and something i don’t understand is how so many interviewers and journalists still call him matt……. like do u fact check? do u listen when he introduces himself?….. it’s like standard for publications to have the interviewee repeat the spelling of their name back to the writer……. and yet

but what do i know i don’t work for the nme

If you’ve been following the blog, you know I’ve been prepping for a Regency ball, but on a Catherine Morland budget. I thought I’d share the final result, but you can stay tuned for more posts about future outfits, accessories, etc.

To refresh your memory, here’s the dress I started with. (Acquired at Ross.)

External image

I removed the sequins and added a blue ribbon around the middle. (And I’ll probably add blue ribbon to the sleeves at some point too.) The dress Jane Bennet wears in the 2005 “Pride and Prejudice” film was my inspiration for alterations and improvements.

External image

As you can see, unless I wanted to be scandalous and have bare shoulders, I needed sleeves as well. I used a pattern I had drafted back in 2011 (because when I was in college I majored in Journalism but unofficially minored in miscellaneous crafts). I HIGHLY suggest drafting your own sleeve pattern. It comes in handy and helps you understand clothing construction better.

External image

I went to JoAnn’s to match the fabric as much as I could. The white from the store was noticeably whiter (like bleached fabric white), so I washed it and dipped scraps of it in tea until I got something less neon, and something more muted. I ended up with fabric that looked too dark to my eye, but was less atrocious than the fluorescent color. The above photo is a draft. I pinned it in place to make sure it would work and gauge the gathering I was going to be able to do (my philosophy is that more fabric means more room for pleats and covering up mistakes).

External image

Here’s me posing right after I finished attaching the final version of the sleeves. So proud. So tired.

External image
External image

The two photos above are how it looked when I was all dolled up for the ball. I accessorized with a necklace I inherited from a relative, white gloves, a fan, a shawl (not pictured) and a beaded headband.

My dress (and sleeves) lasted the night! I was most proud of that. I’ve done a lot of cons and dances where costumes have been perfect for all of five minutes before falling apart. I had a lot of compliments on my dress and proudly told folks I bought it at Ross.

A vast majority of the ladies sported Regency dresses, in some fantastic colors and patterns, but I still felt like I blended in slightly with my modern frock. I really liked that the fabric was flowy and stretchy because I needed the flexibility to dance.

Future plans: Maybe add ribbon to the sleeve edges, buttons up the back for effect and a subtle lace border along the neckline. I may do none of these things though.

Verdict: I did what I set out to do; I went to a ball in a great dress. In the future I may make my own legit Regency dress from scratch, but this serves me well for now.

Let me know if you have any questions! It’s a real treat to attend a ball and feel like your favorite Jane Austen heroine, and I think you should feel good about it whether your living on an Emma Woodhouse budget or living the Catherine Morland life.

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Regency attire on a budget: The finished dress! If you’ve been following the blog, you know I’ve been prepping for a Regency ball, but on a Catherine Morland budget.
Israelis Overwhelmingly Rank Obama ‘Worst President for Israel in The Last 30 Years’ - 2 February 2016

A new poll shows that Jewish Israelis rank Barack Obama as the “worst” U.S. president for Israel in the last 30 years, the Jewish Journal reported.

An overwhelming majority of Israelis, 63%, put Obama in the “worst” category, while former President Jimmy Carter came a distant second with 16% voting him as “worst” president.
The survey, which was conducted by Panels Politics in Tel Aviv, asked Israelis to vote for the presidents they thought were “best for Israel” and which they believed to be the worst. The list included Obama, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.
The Jewish Journal noted that even among the Israeli left, which comprised 7% of those polled, 35% believed Obama to be the worst. Carter again was second worst with 21%.
Clinton topped the “best” list, with 37% of votes. This despite the fact that Clinton, a Democrat, clashed with Netanyahu, spearheaded a failed peace process, and was opposed to Jewish construction in the West Bank, Gaza and eastern Jerusalem.
As the Jewish Journal explains: “Israelis remember Clinton fondly because, unlike Obama, he was able to convince them that Israel is dear to him.”
Panels Politics conducted a similar survey in 2012, before the collapse of Israeli-Palestinian talks under Obama, and, notably, before the Iran deal. The poll found that 47% of Israelis viewed Obama as “pro-Palestinian while 24% said “neutral and 21% said “pro-Israel.”
In 2015, however, 60% of respondents said the Obama administration was “pro-Palestinian,” and only 9% said it was “pro-Israel.”
For the Jewish Israelis who identified as religious, 81% said Obama was “pro-Palestinian.”

Below are the results of the 2015 survey:

Worst for Israel in the Last 30 Years

Obama            63%
Carter             6%
Bush 1            4%
Bush 2            3%
Reagan           2%
Clinton            0%

Don’t Know    12%

Best for Israel in the Last 30 Years

Clinton           37%
Bush 2            33%
Reagan           8%
Bush 1            6%
Obama            3%
Carter              2%

Don’t Know    11%

Real Self Love Day 7

Day 7 - Take a look back on the week. What did you learn about yourself through the daily prompts and or challenges? Are there any things you realised / learned that you want to do in the future?

This last week was tough on me.  I was sick, pmsing, and exhausted.  I was in a terrible mind set.  I didn’t do any journaling (so major fail there).  I ate my feelings.  I let other people get to me and make me feel negative things about myself.

This challenge and the prompts are definitely helping open my eyes.  Heck that one day I even thought I was good and didn’t use self love things as destructive things for my life and once I started reading other answers, I realized I did and I had been so oblivious to it when I was thinking of the answer.  Goes to show I still have a lot of work identifying what can be destructive and what is not. 

I am going to really work hard to journal this week - more than just about my eating and exercising.  How I’m feeling, my moods, what has frustrated me, what has made me happy, etc.  I need to spend more time on myself and doing things that make me feel good such as doing creative things like crocheting, etc.

I have a lot of work to do and some backtracking to  do now that I’m on the mend.  I cannot keep letting stuff like this drag me down.  I need to gain the strength and confidence to get through things like illness and stress or I will never reach my goals.