Dear Taylor,

Hey taylorswift! You’ve been following me for about 5 months now and I’ve yet to introduce myself properly! I’m Bri and I’m 23 years old. I live in Alabama and I’m a junior in college. I’m majoring in Journalism/PR with a minor in Art.

I spent most of my teenage years being sick. When I was 17 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. With Endo, the uterine lining that usually gets cleaned out during “that time of the month” goes up and out of your fallopian tubes into your body instead. It attaches to anything and everything, creating it’s own blood vessels. Then when that time rolls around again, the masses shed as well releasing even more into your body and building up. (I’m sorry if it’s TMI, but it’s what Endo is/does, and there’s not really any other way to explain it.) It can fuse your organs together, erode through them, and sometimes even get into your blood stream and end up in your lungs.

I’m “lucky” enough to only be Stage 1. My spots tend to grow on nerve endings, so even though there aren’t a lot of them, at my worst pain, I can’t walk or barely breath and sometimes end up in the ER. There is no cure. It’s invisible and can’t be detected by any medical tests. The only way to know for sure that you have it is surgery. Before I finally found a doctor that listened to me (and 7 years later he’s still my doctor) all the others said I was mentally ill or a drug seeker. 

After graduating in 2010 I went to college for a year but then “dropped out” or put it on hold. I had a job for a while but had to quit because of the Endo. That’s when I fell into a deep depression. Over a 3 year span I was diagnosed with lesser illnesses (high blood pressure, hypothyroid, sleep apnea, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome), and that caused me to have doctor’s appointments 3-4 days out of the week. I was on 20+ medications, and I did nothing but stay in my room in the dark alone on my computer. I didn’t go to college, I didn’t have a job, and I didn’t have many friends.

Flash forward to January 2014. I found out about an event that was going to take place in D.C. that March. It was going to be the first ever Endo Awareness March. The second I found out about it, I knew I had to go. At this point I wasn’t as depressed, but my life hadn’t changed much. That February I had my 3rd surgery to remove the Endo spots that had regrown, and less than 3 weeks later I was on a plane by myself, and I went to D.C. for the march. That trip changed my life.

I met so many incredible women who just understood me. They knew what I felt, what I was thinking, and what a struggle living every day was. When I came home after that trip I was a brand new person. It literally changed me in 3 days. A week later I reapplied for college, and was soon accepted. I made the decision to live on campus instead of at home, and this terrified my parents because of how quickly I went from nearly suicidal to on top of the world. But they supported me, and boy did I excel. That September I made a huge decision to step out of my comfort zone and applied to be on a leadership team at my college. I didn’t think I’d get a position but I did. I did that. I set a goal and I achieved it. Making the team is one of the best things to ever happen to me. In March of this year, on the exact same weekend as the 2nd Endo Awareness March in D.C., I was in Kentucky at an orientation workshop. My team and I did a skit/dance (every team was required to) in front of 1200 people, I introduced myself first to strangers, and thought of how just a year before I would have laughed if anyone told me I would do all of this.

1989 has been the anthem of the new me. It keeps me positive, happy, and has brought so many new and amazing people into my life. On the team I’m known as “the Taylor Swift girl” and my teammates even call me Bri Swift. Whenever one of your songs comes on they all look at me cause they know I’ll be up dancing and singing along. Your music inspires me to be me, and to not let anything or anyone control my life. You’ve shown me that being weird is okay, and it’s okay to be myself totally and completely. I just wanted to thank you for that, and I want you to know how much I respect you and love you. You’re an incredible woman and an incredible role model.

I get to see you in concert (for the very first time ever!!) on October 24th in Atlanta. Of course meeting you would be a dream come true, but I’m so excited to hang out with you and 55,000 other people that night. I’ve survived a bunch of rainstorms, and I think finally, I’m clean.

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I want to major in journalism but I know they require you to double major with journalism and I was wondering if it mattered what major I chose. i was thinking about psychology but don't know much about NYU's psych department. can you tell me about it like how hard it is to get into that and things like that. also how hard is it double majoring?

When I was looking into which major I should choose, I tried to find one that I enjoyed and that didn’t require a lot of credits so that I had plenty of time to complete it as well as my journalism major (since I was in LSP, I didn’t have a lot of extra space credit-wise). A lot of students will choose a social science like psychology because they work with journalism in a lot of ways and they don’t require a lot of credits for the major. I know quite a few people that were psych majors at NYU and the opinions varied depending on what classes they were taking, but I do know there are some really cool classes. I don’t think the psychology major classes are hard to get into as the intro classes are pretty large. You can get an idea of what courses they offer/have offered by checking out this website!

Double majoring can be fine or it can be difficult. It all depends on what your majors are, your scheduling, and how you do with those subjects.

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Hey! How's it going? What college do you go to? What's your major?

Hey! I’m good, you? I attend the illustrious Bennett College in Greensboro, NC and I’m a Journalism and media studies major. ☺️

Reading the Paper is an Arts Major in Management

The Daily Nation and the Standard
have me spoilt rotten
with their convenient size
and ease with which they can be read.

Reading the Hindustan Times
turned out to be a disastrous affair –
I sat there in the middle
of the posh lounge,
a steaming cup of masala chai
placed with perfect precision
upon the marble tabletop
by an eloquent waiter in a bow tie.
With a nod and smile of gratitude
I lifted open the Hindustan Times
and like an overly inebriated fella
it scattered its flimsy pages
all over me like confetti.

What a mess, what a total mess,
of news spread across
the hardwood floors,
bringing all the waitstaff
(five bobs of bow ties)
to their knees in a matter of a jiffy
and one me stunned into inaction
hands still raised holding a single sheaf.

There’s no crawling back
to a seat of dignity
after that clumsy display
and such fuss over
a newspaper longer
than one’s torso.


Hey Tumblr! So in the fall I’m going to be attending Howard University as a media/journalism/film major focusing in film. I currently can’t afford to buy a camera or a computer and so I’m selling clothes to help raise money. I’m selling my cloths on poshmark (my poshmark name is @strangelilbird) however if you don’t have poshmark and see something you really want don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll sell it to you. I’d appreciate as much support as you can give y'all I really do need a camera and a computer this fall! Love y'all 💕

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Rolling Stone and UVA: The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism Report

RE: An anatomy of a journalistic failure.
I’m really glad that this article was written, as it is an amazing learning tool for future journalists. It highlights pitfalls that journalists can face.
Personally, I was concerned when I wrote this. I reflected on my own techniques and the way that I have handled pitfalls. Although this is an extremely negative situation, something positive has come out of it for students of journalism. Read this case study if you can.
Did Rolling Stone do the right thing?

It just hit me like a ton of bricks that I'm a journalism major.

Like all my efforts to change into another major and to stick to my pre-law curriculum have failed because I am a journalism major with no declared concentration. I love print journalism, I’ve never done broadcasting but I love the idea of the advertising concentration.

I still have 2 semesters left to decide but it’s not that long once you think.

I started January 2013. I may be 21 when I graduate from a two year program but at least I’m graduating. 

New Studyblr!

Hey everyone!

So I never made a formal introduction and I thought I should!

My name is Savannah, I go by that or Jeanelle (my middle name), I’m 16 (starting my junior year of highschool in the fall), and I live in Santa Monica, California. Im still very undecided about what I want to do later on but right now it seems to be double major in Comparative Literature and French, hopefully moving to France after highschool.

Im a huge Shakespeare nerd and love English, will be in AP English in the fall, and have been in honors for 9th and 10th grade. I’ve done HP Geometry and HP Algebra 2, was in HP Chemistry. So If you need any help with anything I’m most comfortable with English and then math.

Most of this blog will be tips and tricks for studying/staying relaxed while studying, as well as fitness and lifestyle. The tips will be tagged as #ref, calming stuff as #relax, and fitness stuff as #fit. My own posts will all be tagged as #mine, and that’ll be stuff like my various study spots and my guides on how I set up my journals.

So, yeah that’s basically an introduction to me, I’d love to talk to you all. This blog is my secondary blog to my main @thrust2thewall so if you follow me on here, its likely that I’ll follow you back, it’ll just be from that blog.

Imagine finding out about accidents that had been happening the last few days at your college. The media says they are murders but you don’t believe them. Something strange was going on – you just didn’t know what.

Word Count: 4,608

Triggers: Mention of Murder, Smut, Drinking, Fluff, Fighting of Monsters.

**I don’t own the gifs! Credit goes to the owner!**

(I’m sorry this got so long. I couldn’t stop once I started.)

You lie in bed staring at the ceiling. Nothing that the media was saying could be true. You knew enough journalism majors to know that they had to be covering up for something. It had been keeping you up. The college peers that died were all girls you had known, not very well, but enough to recognize the loss. Normally you didn’t like to think about this sort of thing, but there was something that was driving you crazy. The thing that made it seem impossible. They were all were in your art class. None of these girls seemed like people who would end up being killed. It had to be something else, but you didn’t think that there was anything else it could be.

You lived in a room in a house that you shared with multiple friends, but your housemates were out of town for the weekend for some music festival, so it was just you. For some reason, this made the house seem bigger. You didn’t like that feeling so you locked yourself in your room and stayed in your bed unless you had to use the bathroom or get food.

After hours of staring, you pull out your phone and begin scrolling through Tumblr and watching a few episodes of your favorite Netflix show. You knew you weren’t going to sleep very well tonight. You do this until you drift into a short sleep.

Suddenly, you awaken to a knocking at the door. You freeze and sit up quickly You look over at the clock on your bedside table. It was 7:00! Who would come see you this early? You hesitate because you are already spooked. But you decide it’s no big deal. You put on your slippers and walk down the stairs slowly. The door knocks again, and this time it’s a little more aggressive. You run down the rest of the steps and look through the peephole. You see two men standing there in suits. They didn’t look like murderers. You unlock and open the door and you just then realize that you are in nothing but a thin tank top and booty shorts. You blush in embarrassment. The man with the short hair chuckled. You look down.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N?” the one with the long hair asks.

“Can I help you?” you ask with a quiet voice. The men pull out cards from their pockets.

“Yeah actually, we are agents from the FBI investigating the murders of Kelsey, Maddie and Leanne. Can we come in?” they ask, but they are already on their way in the door. You open the door wider for them to come in, then you turn around and lock the door behind the three of you. They walk into the living room and the one with the short hair sits down. You stand by the door of the living room, too shocked to move any more.

“The FBI?” you wonder why the feds were involved with this case. It wasn’t that big yet. “Why do you need to talk to me?”

“Just some rudimentary questions that we need to ask the people that these people knew. It seems you knew all three of them? It says here that you were in the same art class?” the long hair one was doing all the talking while the short hair seemed like he was checking you out. You convinced yourself that it wasn’t likely because he was an FBI agent and you didn’t know how old he was, but you were only 22 and figured that was strictly forbidden to get with a witness.

“Yeah okay,” you rub your eyes a little, waking yourself and sitting on the chair across from the short haired one.

They started asking very normal questions at first. Things about the girls’ personalities and friends. But then they started asking stranger questions, like quirks about them and something about cold spots and a lot about the diet. You didn’t see how it could be relevant but you cooperated and answered honestly.

At the end of the questions, they seemed oddly dissatisfied, like something was supposed to happen and didn’t. Like they didn’t get the answers that they wanted.

“Well thank you for your time,” the one with the long hair crossed off a name form the paper in front of him and started packing up his bag. The one with the short hair walked over and handed you a card with a phone number.

“Hey and if anything comes to mind, give us a call,” he said with a stern voice. “And maybe we can talk about it at lunch sometime..?”

You swore that he winked. The long haired one whipped his head around and called over his partner. The short haired one rolled his eyes and walked over and received a small lecture. He didn’t look like he was listening.

They both walked over together and the long haired one looked you straight into the eye and apologized for his partner.

“Sorry about my partner. He’s a new agent,” he said it with such a bitter inflection that it sounded almost personal. The short haired one just kept his hand in his pocket and looked down. Not in shame but in frustration. He didn’t look at you again.

You walk them out and you close and lock your door. What a strange morning.


“Dude! You couldn’t have let me have a little fun?” Dean exclaimed to Sam, hitting him in the shoulder.

“We are undercover! You can hit on ANY other college girl. Just not that one!” he scowled. “We need her help!”

They get into the impala and Dean starts the car to drive back to their hotel. Sam looks over the notes he took and they talk about the case until they roll into the parking lot of the hotel they were staying at. They get out of the car and Dean turns around.

“Okay but if we solve this case, I get to ask her out,” he says to Sam.

“Okay. Fine. We’ll see how she likes you then,” Sam smirks.

Dean goes straight for the couch and lies down on it while Sam sits at the table and starts researching.


You make a bowl of oatmeal and start chowing down. You were really hungry for some reason. You never felt this hungry in the morning. You thought about the girls in her class and the questions that the agents asked her. They were all strange. Not questions you thought that they would ask. After thinking about them for quite some time, you realized that you had stopped thinking about the case and the questions, but thinking about the boys that had been in your living room. You thought about how hot the two of them were. They were super jacked and nothing like what you expected FBI agents to look like. You thought about the short haired one and how attractive he was. You told yourself to stop and got up to do the dishes in order to keep your mind off of them.


After a long time researching, Sam turns over in Dean’s direction.

“Dean!” there is a silence.

“Yes?” he replies slowly. He sits up and faces Sam.

“Are you still thinking about that college girl?” Sam looks disgusted.

“I’m trying not to!” Dean exclaims. He looks away from Sam to hide the smile.

“And how’s that going?”

“Mmm. Not good.” he replies an then falls back onto the couch. “Can’t shake her.”

“Well good news,” Sam says pointing to his computer. “By the looks of it, your girlfriend may be in trouble tonight.”

Dean perks up. “What do you mean by trouble?”

“It turns out that these really aren’t murders. They are feedings. There’s this creature that’s scent induced a victim to feel hungry and fattens them up, and then comes to feed on them. Those weren’t knife wounds, they were teeth marks,” Sam explains to him. “Let’s just hope it hasn’t gotten to, Y/N yet.”

Dean looked sympathetic and then jumps up. “ME!”

Sam looks at him like he has three heads. “Me what?”

“I’ll stay with her! Me! I’ll watch over her tonight. You can go get more info on the case!”

“You are such an idiot,” Sam mumbles. “But fine. I have to go to the crime scenes tonight anyway. You can watch her while I do that.”

Dean smiles and nods. “Mmm. Thanks bro.”



At about 9:30pm, you are sitting in the kitchen making yourself the third bowl of mac and cheese that night, when you hear the door again. This time, you got spooked. The lights were all on and it was obvious that you were home. You got very afraid and didn’t know what to do, so you grabbed the nearest kitchen knife and walked slowly towards the door. You looked through the peephole. The short haired agent. Just the short haired agent. You were confused, but you opened the door.

“Did you leave something?” you ask, turning around slightly to peer into the living room, checking to see if they had left something behind.

“No, Y/N, actually we have a concern that you might be in some danger tonight,” he says slowly and calmly. How could he be so calm about this?

“What do you mean danger?” you panic a little. Stepping back.

“I was assigned to stay with you for the night to keep watch,” he says looking down at you and then upon noticing the knife you were holding, he chuckled. “Or…it looks like you’ve got it covered.”

With a big grin, he turned around and started walking out the door. You grabbed his arm.

“No…” you look at him desperately. “Stay.”

He turned and grinned. “Gladly.” he took off his jacket. His shirt underneath left nothing to the imagination. You couldn’t help but stare. This pleased him. You felt a little uncomfortable.

“Water?” you ask. He shakes his head.

“No thanks, Sweetheart,” he sits on the couch and looks at the floor. You walk over to him and sit down across from him.

“So…why am I in danger? Who is coming to get me?” you ask, really scared for the answer. “Did you find out who did it?”

The agent looked at the ground for a few seconds longer and then looked up, still clasping his hands between his knees.

“Do you want the real answer to that question or the ones the police are going to tell you?” he asked. You are now really skeptical as to how this man passed any test allowing him to be an agent. But you wanted the truth. You swallowed and looked away for a moment.

“I want the real answer,” you look at him and wait for him to speak.

“Okay,” he smiles. “Well to start, I’m not an FBI agent. Neither is my partner. He’s my brother. My name is Dean. His is Sam. And we are hunters.”

“Hunters?” your grip on the knife that you were still holding gets tighter.

“We hunt things that you wouldn’t even believe that exist. Things like demons, ghosts, witches…creatures that kill. Like the one that we suspect is hunting you and your art class,” he says with a serious face.


Looking into Y/N’s eyes was like looking into glass. They were beautiful and full of wonder. Dean didn’t normally think this way but it was alarming how much this girl was doing to him. She was taking this demon thing much better than he thought she was. She was very quiet. This was new to him. Telling someone about the whole “hunting” job. This was normally up to Sam. But he couldn’t keep it in this time. It wasn’t possible. Not with her.


“So…do we just wait here for it?” you ask him, not knowing what to do in the situation. You were a sitting duck. He explained to you that was why you were feeling so hungry today and that you weren’t really hungry, your body was just being tricked. You wouldn’t have believed him if your stomach wasn’t normally the size of a pea. He told you that you had to keep your mind off the hunger, and to not give in.

“Well, we can distract ourselves by playing a game…?” he asked looking pretty innocent. You smiled. The thought of that wasn’t so bad.

“Okay…but what kind of games do hunters play?” you ask, actually curious. You looked him up and down and smiled. Now that he wasn’t an FBI agent, you understood why he was so attractive. He was young, and rough and definitely not anywhere close to a “law abiding citizen”. You looked down so that he couldn’t see the smile creep across your face.

“Well, nothing like go fish,” he chuckled. Hearing his laugh gave you the shivers. “How about a nice old game of never have I ever?”

“What??! By the sounds of it, you’d win in a heartbeat! Hunter life is much more thrilling than a college girl’s life!” you were shocked by the request.

“Well that’s where you have me wrong! I don’t have that life, so you’d be surprised what you might have done that I haven’t. This could get interesting..” he said, giving you a grin that you couldn’t resist. You give in and shake your head.

“I can’t believe I’m playing a game with a complete stranger that I learned, four minutes ago, kills demons,” you get up and go to the fridge, grabbing a beer for each of you. You put them on the table and he takes the top off with his hand. You are stuck staring at his arms flexing to open it. You look away quickly and hope he didn’t notice. You sit and use the bottle opener to get yours. You take a sip and accidentally slam it on the table in front of you. You were so nervous. You were trying to forget about everything, but nothing left your head. The only time you forgot was when you were thinking about Dean. You didn’t like either of those choices, so you tried to focus on the game. “Alright. Who is gonna start?”

Dean leaned back in his chair, chugging about half the beer so fast. You could tell drinking was not a game for him. He swallowed and jumped right in. “Never have I ever gone to college.”

The grin that swept across his face was wicked. He established right then and there what the game was going to be like and it scared you a little. You took a deep nervous breath and decided to go for it. You put a finger down and spoke.

“Never have I ever killed someone…” you decided that you didn’t want to know the answer to that, so you quickly added “…or something.”

“Nice catch, Sweetheart,” the creases next to his eyes got deeper as he smiled. Looking at you and shaking his head. “Be careful what you ask for..”

You watched him chug the rest of the beer quickly and as he put the glass down on the table, you watched him get up and get another from your fridge, helping himself. You watched him walk over, watching his jeans fall against the back of his legs. You had to turn away fast so he wouldn’t notice. What was happening to you? You were hungry, but not for food this time. You were hungry for him.

“Never have I ever had sex with a boy,” he flashed a grin as he turned around, opening the beer and taking a sip. You looked at him with shock and you slowly put down a finger. “Not a virgin, huh?”

“That’s none of your business,” you tell him as he sits down next to you on the couch.

“Maybe not, but I don’t regret asking,” he said the words with such confidence that you stopped questioning him and starting thinking about the next never-have-I-ever. He leaned back and sighed, unbuttoning the top button on his shirt. He was getting comfortable.

“Never have I ever impersonated an FBI officer,” you said with a teethy grin and as much sass as you could. Dean smiled and looked impressed.

“Now you’re playing the game,” he put his finger down and held up his eight fingers. “I told you this would be fun.”

About a 45 minutes later, you were down to two fingers each and Dean was through 4 beers. You were on the beginning of your third.

“I must say, this is the most fun I’ve had on lockdown…since I found out I was on lockdown,” you say to him, giggling and blushing a little. At this point, you didn’t feel like there was a stranger on your couch anymore. You felt like you knew him. You felt like even if you did know him, you would only know this much about him anyway. You look up at him and smile. It was your turn.

“Never have I ever made out with anyone outside of college,” you bite your lip and look him straight in the eyes. He raises his eyebrow. You knew that he was only pretending to have not seen that coming. He seemed like he had tons of practice with this sort of thing. That only made him more attractive. He leaned forward and rested his arms on his knees, not breaking eye contact.

“Oh my, Sweetheart. It looks like we have a problem,” he grinned and his tongue touched his lips for a split second.

“What’s that?” you ask, leaning in close to him, thinking about how pretty his face looked up close.

“I didn’t have to go to college to know that’s something you have to do before you leave,” he smiles and opens his mouth with a look of curiosity. You stare at him for a moment and you lean in a little more to close the gap between you and your lips hit his. They tasted like beer and a touch of salt. You accidentally moaned a little upon the collision. The relief of tension was too much. You could feel him smile through the kiss.

Not even 4 seconds into the kiss, there was a sudden crash from the upstairs, alerting you and Dean. You pull away from each other and are forced to your feet. You panic. You’ve never done this before. His voice gets deep and a lot less inviting.

“Stay down here. I’ll be back,” he runs upstairs, pulling the serrated knife from his belt as he went. She hadn’t even seen it there.

You heard him reach the bedroom right beside the stairs. You stood completely still and listened. There seemed like there was a struggle, then a crash and then more of a struggle. You could hear Dean fighting. His grunts sounding painful but for some reason she got the impression that he had done this millions of times before. You cringed at that thought.

Suddenly, everything went silent. That wasn’t good. Everything was quiet for a half a minute, and you decided to yell up to Dean to see if he was okay. Nothing. There was no reply. You walk up the stairs slowly and hesitantly. You see a foot sticking out from the room the crashing was coming from. You ran over, noticing Dean lying face down on the glass covered floor. You flipped him over to find him unconscious.

“Dean!” you grabbed his face and tried to shake him awake. The gash on his forehead was bleeding quite a bit. “Dean!!!”

As you were trying to resuscitate him, you heard a noise behind you and you turn around to find a creature so different and horrifying than you’ve ever seen standing behind you. It started for you and you reached down and grabbed the knife from Dean’s hand and let it run right into it. The creature winced a little and backed up. It looked at you with it’s demonic eyes and it started at you again. You gripped the knife tightly and ran towards it. It didn’t have time to run as you slashed the knife right across the neck of the creature, slicing it’s head clean off. The head fell to the floor and the body collapsed. You were breathing heavy and you fell to your knees over Dean staring at the disembodied creature that lay in front of her. You then turned around and looked at Dean and closed your eyes. Oh god…what had you done?

“Wh…what happened?” you heard Dean mumble a little, reaching towards his head. You were relieved that he was still alive and you turned your body towards him and climbed on top of him, doing the first thing you thought to do, kissing him on the lips, right there on the ground. Dean seemed surprised and a little out of it, but he still kissed like liquid chocolate. He was delicious. He broke from your lips for a moment and looked around. “Did you kill that thing?”

“Yeah..” you answered kind of ashamed. He looked at you with wonder.

“God you’re sexy!” he grabbed your face and kissed you harder than before, demanding his tongue into your mouth. The electricity flowing between you two was incredible. Before you knew it, your clothes were scarce and you were grinding on his pulsing crotch. You unsnapped your bra and Dean took one look, winced and took a sharp intake of air as he caught one of your breasts into his mouth. You gasped and as you grew impatient, wetter than ever, you slid off your panties and yanked down his boxers. His engorged member lied right before you and he was moaning for you to take it in you. You smile and decide you want the upper hand for a moment. You lean down and begin licking it from top to bottom, feeling it move beneath you. You grasp it with one hand and finger yourself with the other. He watches you and you swear he’s about to blow. You swallow his cock suddenly and he cries out in pleasure. His grunts making you wet. You suck him for a little but you could only wait for so long. You guide his cock to your soaking folds and sit on it, pushing it up inside you, deeper than you thought it could go. You start to ride him, leaning down and pressing your breasts on his chest and kissing him, biting his bottom lip as you do it. You start humping him, giving him everything you got. He groans in pleasure and throws his head back. You kiss his neck and drag your hand down his chest. The feeling of him inside you is enough to get you close and you ride him for no more than a minute more before the feeling is so much that you cum. Your whole body joins you for this, feeling your inside pulsing against his hard member. You watch him as he grips the floor with his hand and you feel him cum inside you. You moan loudly and you grind on him a few more times to get it all out from him and then you collapse on him. He looks up at you and smiles. “Damn….”

You put your head on his chest and hum softly. He rubs your back.

“Never have I ever felt that good, Y/N,” he says to you. Your look up at him and smile.

“Never have / ever felt that good, Dean,” you respond with a sleepy voice. He wraps his arms around you and pushes the hair out of your face.

“You’re safe now, Baby,” he kisses your forehead and you nuzzle yourself into his chest feeling safer than you ever had. “By the way, that was pretty bad-ass.”

You awoke to a loud knocking at the door. Dean sat up quickly and looked around. The creature that you killed the night before was lying in pieces on the floor. It startled you, and for a moment you forgot that wasn’t a dream. And then you remembered the sex. Wow. That was good sex. You watch Dean as he gets up and started collecting his clothes and getting dressed. You grab yours and put yours on as fast as you can. You run down the stairs and you answer the door. It was Sam. You open it and smile, stepping aside so he can come in.

“Is my partner here?” he asked.

“Your brother?” you wink and smile. “Yeah he is. He’s upstairs.”

“Thanks…” Sam hesitated and started to walk up. You follow him. You look up, and at the top, there is Dean with no shirt on. There was blood covering his forehead. The gash very evident. “Oh my God, are you okay??”

Sam runs up the stairs and greets his brother, looking down at the creature and cringing. You follow soon behind with a garbage bag. You open it and collect the pieces of the creature that lay on the ground. You tie the bag and then turn to the boys. “Should I just throw this away?”

“Um…yeah, why don’t we take that…” Sam grabs it and they all walk down the stairs. You open the door and step out of the way so that they can pass you. You follow them out to their car and smile seeing the really pretty model.

“Hey, my dad had one of these,” you rub your hand across the hood and Dean smiles, placing his hand over yours and helps you run your hand across the rest of the hood. Sam looks over and gives Dean a look.

“Since when do you let other people touch the Impala?” he gives Dean a strange face and continues packing the car. You face Dean and look at him with sad eyes.

“I really don’t want you to leave..” you say to him, trying not to sound so clingy. But to your surprise he looks down and grabs your hands.

“You still have my number?” he squeezes your hand and leans in to kiss you. “Call anytime, Baby. Maybe we can get that lunch I was talking about.”

He winks at you. You nod and you look back at your house.

“Absolutely! But right now, I better go clean up that mess upstairs before my housemates get home..” you bite your lip and then kiss him once more, making this one sweet and tender, his lips barely even pressed to yours. Just a touch. “I’ll call you.”

“You better!” he shoves his hands in his pockets. “Thanks for saving my ass in there.”

“No problem, Hunter,” you smile and turn around, walking back into your house and continuing to smile as you close the door. You stand with your back to the door and you sigh. Nothing could be better than the way you felt right then.


“So…I’m assuming you got what you wanted?” Sam turned to Dean and the look on his face said it all. Sam smirked and shook his head.

They got into the car and drove, Dean with the same face the whole ride.

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Welcome to Tallahassee and to Florida A&M University! 

Quick Facts

  • Founded in: 1887
  • Mascot & Colors: Rattlers / Green & Orange
  • Student Body: nearly 11,000 students
  • Academic Programs: offers 54 bachelor’s degrees, 29 master’s degrees, three professional degrees and 12 doctoral degrees.
  • Popular Majors: architecture; journalism; computer information sciences and psychology.
  • Notable Students: 
    • Anika Noni Rose - Dreamgirls, Princess & The Frog
    • Will Packer (filmmaker) - Stomp The Yard, Obsessed, Takers
    • Althea Gibson (athlete) - First African American to win Wimbledon women’s single crown.

Your hosts while here will the be the ladies of  Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. They’ve made sure you have somewhere to sleep tonight and will meet you tomorrow to begin your campus tour! You’ll be staying in those dorms about two buildings down. For now, you’re free to take your things up to your rooms and unwind or enjoy the campus. Room keys and ID badges will be dispersed in the lobby of the dorm.


riding-blind asked:

college au where sam is an animal science major and gabe is a journalism major and he's assigned to do a piece on the ag program and he shows up on palpation day so the first time he meets sam, sam has is in a cow rectum up to his elbow and gabe is really not sure why he is finding himself attracted to the tall man in plaid with his arm literally inside a cow - maybe it's the ponytail (sam in a ponytail makes me laugh)


Oh Lord, and poor Gabriel is so embarrassed, which means he keeps cracking really awful jokes, and making Sam turn bright red while his arm is still jammed up the cow’s backside.

They end up telling the story of how they met at their wedding.  :-P