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Hey, hi, hello. So i was thinking about old shugo chara fanfictions I used to read and I remembered how much I loved yours! I know you wrote Rima Can't Spell years ago but I was wondering if you had any ideas of what would happen to everyone later on. Sorry to bother you but ive succumb to the nostalgia. Have a great day!

So you’re asking for a sort of Rima Can’t Spell: Where Are They Now? special?  Alright alright I gotcha anon here ya go

Nagihiko: Studies abroad at HAAAAHHHVAAAHHDD and becomes an attorney, where he spends the rest of his life working in international delegation and using his abuse of the thesaurus to swindle international trading companies out of money

Rima: Has no idea what Nagihiko’s job entails, tells people he’s a hired civil thug who carries a gun. Majors in journalism at college and becomes an online film critic where she spends the rest of her life working from home in glamorous silk pyjamas and writing in-depth critical analyses of Adam Sandler movies. Her second-favourite hobby is making her editor cry because she’s too technologically-impaired to turn on spellcheck. The only thing she considers a “job” is the fact that she has to function as half-housewife due to Nagihiko’s long hours, much to her unending annoyance. She probably blogs profusely about how the washing machine refuses to cooperate with her life, the soaring price of leeks and “why mommy drinks” 

Ikuto: Becomes CEO of Easter Corp and the obsession of trashy tabloid magazines because of his beautiful model face and perpetual bachelor status. There’s a period of time where nobody can walk down the street without seeing Ikuto’s shit-eating mug on the cover of a newspaper or tabloid; in revenge, Yaya makes a collage of these various smug Fortune 500 faces and proceeds to mail it to him. The Fifty Shades of Grey jokes run rampant and everybody screams

Amu: Turns into that one girl you know from high school who has a different career every time you talk to her. She disappears for long stretches of time to go volunteer to build schools in Uganda 

Utau: A racecar driver. No I’m kidding she’s probably co-shareholder with Ikuto at the company, goes into philanthropy, and turns into that weird one-hit wonder singer who gets recognized by early 2000s music enthusiasts while she’s out at a bar, where she gets begged to sign their napkin/boobs

Kukai: Much to his unending horror, once in a while someone will recognize his girlfriend, come up to them, and ask her to sign a napkin/their boobs. He has to watch this over the rim of his beer glass, eyes staring in numb horror. He becomes a salesman and sells cars. He is too good at selling cars. He forces all of his friends to buy his shitty cars because “dude, buddy, bro, homie, look at the mileage, look at this, beautiful wheels” 

Yaya: Works at a daycare, where she’s able to spend the rest of her life doing what she’d do anyway (colour with crayons and use third-person pronouns). She learns to fake professionalism in front of middle-class working mothers. Rima routinely shoves her children off on her, much to everyone’s terror

Tadase: Becomes Prime Minister of Japan, embezzles millions of dollars into nuclear development, appoints Hatsune Miku as a cultural ambassador and marries Saeko in Denmark the dream is real thank you everybody I’m so glad we could have this talk

Printed off my next 4 chapter packets just so I could use my cute little clips I got from Barnes & Noble. They are magnetic book marks but also scented in case any of you have missed the scratch and sniff stickers from elementary school! Also featured my fine liner set and new moleskine.