A Better Word

They say the Fair Folk give journalism majors a lot of grief.

Truths exposed in writing, forms cemented in photographs, stories stripped of flowery prose in favor of concise words. The Fair Folk generally looked down on journalism itself with disdain.

Which made one wonder who would choose to pursue this particular academic career at Elsewhere University.

Some reporters argue learning among the harshest critics on Earth would leave them more than prepared for life beyond the University. Some photographers believe this is the only place on earth to capture something truly extraordinary. Some designers heard even the programs here behave differently, and the words and photos laid out on a screen became something more on paper. Some simply hadn’t known any better.

Bernadette hadn’t known any better.

Elsewhere was affordable, the journalism program seemed decent enough. She liked writing, but did not enjoy chasing victims of the Fair Folk people down for interviews. She liked photography, but knew her writing skills were stronger. So she fell in an unlikely place, a copy editor for the student newspaper. Well, one of. There were many papers, and she’d nearly joined the most prominent one. But the students who worked for it all shared the same bright green eyes, and the rest of the University seemed to avoid that paper like the plague.

Still, she needed experience to graduate in this field, right? Maybe they got a group discount on colored contacts, who knows. People in college are weird like that.

An upperclassman had saved her from venturing too close to THAT paper. He realized she had no salt, no iron, no idea what she had enrolled into. But, like finding her niche, she adapted. Survived her first year without tragedy. (The same could not be said for Sherry from across the hall. One of the Fair Folk had complimented her eyes, and asked if she could have them. Sherry, who hadn’t known any better, jokingly said sure. It’s been months since anyone’s seen Sherry.)

For the most part, the Fair Folk did not venture close to the newsroom. The room itself had been smartly moved the moment time began to behave differently. It was now just a cramped, previously vacant classroom, but with lots of windows. Access to the outside world seemed to weaken the chance of a space being manipulated by time. 

Or maybe that was a comforting lie.

It was a lazy Saturday, salt lines had been neglected and Bernadette was alone when one of the Fair Folk waltzed inside. Silver nitrate burns on her hands betrayed him immediately. His hair was was a dark, voracious black that seemed to leach color from the world around it. His razor-sharp smile held too many teeth. His skin seemed almost translucent.

      “What are you working on?”

A voice that seemed to come from everywhere, and nowhere. Bernadette hadn’t given him more than a cursory glance before returning to the story on the screen. If she was afraid, she didn’t show it.

      “Editing a story.”

      “Chopping up pretty words in favor of boring ones?”

She smirked, adding punctuation to a sentence.

“I like to think of it as finding the best words. No sense in having a bunch of empty, meandering words when you can sum them up with one. For instance, I hate the word ‘very.’ It tells me there’s a better word, but the author hasn’t thought of it.”

The boy hummed at this, an unnerving sound, mulling it over.

      “So what if I told you I find this very boring?”

      “I’d say I’m sorry you find it dull.” 

His head tilted with mild interest. It then turned to sniff at her messenger bag, disgust showing at his inability to open it. She had always been particularly careful about her sigils and rowan. Bernadette hadn’t missed this display, tugging the bag out of arm’s reach before slipping a hand inside. Wordlessly, the boy was handed two sealed pads of butter. It was always good to have butter or cream on hand, in case you were taken. Some Fae found stealing humans more fun than actually keeping them and, in such a case, freedom could be easily bought. 

The boy grinned, ripping off the seals and lapping it up like a ravenous dog, teeth razor sharp and dripping. All the while, Bernadette kept editing the story. When every last molecule of butter was gone, he tossed the packs over his shoulder, turning full attention back to her.

      “What if I said I’m very tired?”


      “Very hungry.”


      “Very happy.”


      “Very pretty.”


The boy threw his head back and laughed, sounding like a chorus of the damned, far too many sharpened teeth glinting in the afternoon sun.

      “Perhaps this isn’t so dull. What’s your name?”

      “Timmy,” Bernadette answered without skipping a beat. His grin widened.

      “No, it’s not. I bet Timmy is that reporter you don’t like. You’d be very mean to give me his name.”

She grinned in return, not at all fazed he knew there was someone here she loathed. The Fair Folk always knew something about something.

       “I can be devious sometimes.”

He laughed even harder, the room seeming to shake with the thunderous sound.

      “What did Timmy do?”

She scowled.

      “He’s a narcissist and a douchebag. Timmy encouraged one of our first-year photographers to capture Genevieve on camera for his story, and we haven’t seen the photographer since.”

The boy whistled, every gap of razor teeth producing a different tone. Her days of playing clarinet had long since passed, but she could have sworn every tone was sharp.

      “Genevieve does not like cameras. But she loves names. Perhaps a trade…”

Four days later, Timmy vanished, and Bernadette opened her dorm room to find the photographer on her futon, paper white and shoveling ramen noodles like he hadn't​ eaten for week. Knowing how obscure time can be in Elsewhere, it definitely could have been a week. His hair now turns green on Tuesdays and bank holidays, but he’s otherwise no worse for wear. And his hands are always burned. Always.

Every once in a while, when the salt lines are neglected, the boy with many voices returns. He has new phrases for her to deconstruct every time.


anonymous asked:

Will you ever go over how the Fair folk feel about and see different fields at the uni? Like Journalism majors or music theory students?

Journalism majors - You write the Truth, and that is dangerous in practice. But you write the Truth with an eye towards your own agenda, and that’s met with cautious approval.

Music theory majors - You understand music! That’s marvellous. They don’t, emphatically don’t, never have; it’s why it entrances them so much. Maybe you can explain it - you’re almost certainly going to be asked.

1. Take a clipboard to school.
You have to be prepared to do homework ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. Carry it in your hand with some paper and your homework clipped onto it and get work done whenever you can. Don’t keep the clipboard in your bag.

Keeping track of assignments and important dates helps clear your mind. You don’t have to worry about remembering everything because all of it is written down. If you have a lot going on at once, start a bullet journal. If you can, divide your planner into sections based on different activities. For example, my bullet journal has 4 major sections: school work, extracurricular activities, community service, and general life issues. This creates order in the midst of chaos and also enforces the idea of taking everything one at a time. Your planner shouldn’t overwhelm you.

3. Get the biggest calendar you can find and hang it on the wall.
The purpose of the calendar is to allow you to establish a general time frame for everything you need to do. PLAN AHEAD. Make sure EVERYTHING is on that calendar. Being overwhelmed by your planner is bad because it leads to a stressful day; your calendar takes on the role of allowing you to see the big picture. Having everything written down on a calendar creates a sense of urgency that’ll decrease the likelihood or duration of procrastination.

4. If you’re taking multiple AP classes, dedicate at least one day of the week to each subject.
I had 7 AP’s so I studied a different subject each day. For example, every Monday was Macroeconomics day. I took my econ review book to school on Mondays and studied whenever I had some extra time. Start doing this 3 or 4 months before the exams in May to avoid cramming and excessive stress.

5. Sleep whenever you can but avoid sleeping on the way home from school.
If you enter your home feeling sleepy the bed is going to be extra enticing.

6. If you NEED to pull an all-nighter (try to avoid them), drink a cup of straight up black coffee (no sugar) and take a 20 minute nap.
It takes some time for the caffeine to kick in so you might as well get some sleep. You’ll eventually get used to the bitterness.

7. Sometimes you need to skip school but don’t skip unless you absolutely have to.
If you do, you better not sleep in! Wake up normally and get to work ASAP. Do the makeup work and turn it in the next day, even if you don’t have to.

8. Study smarter, not harder.
Figure out which study methods work for you. Note-taking is time-consuming so try to find alternatives. You don’t have to make everything aesthetically pleasing to post it on tumblr. In fact, if you’re compelled to take pretty notes just to post it on tumblr, LEAVE NOW. DO NOT WASTE TIME.

9. Do homework for the learning experience instead of the grade.
Don’t copy work from your friends. If you use homework as a study resource, you won’t have to worry about long review sessions before a test. I have never studied for a Spanish test but the lowest score I’ve ever gotten on one is a 93. How? I did my homework.  

Perfection = waste of time. Don’t spend 10 hours writing an essay if you know you can get the same grade by only spending 2. I used to believe that the most important thing was being proud of everything you put your name on but none of that matters when you haven’t slept in 48 hours.

11. Complete the difficult tasks first.
One of the many reasons people procrastinate is to avoid difficult tasks. If you save the hardest assignment for last, you’re more vulnerable to wasting time.

12. This one is very bad because it involves lying but it saved my grade a couple of times: ALWAYS turn in your homework.
Why? Rarely missing an assignment gives you a good reputation and teachers tend to trust hardworking students. If you ever forget to do an assignment and you’re known to be a good student, your teacher is more likely to believe your excuse. Or, if you really left it at home, he/she/they might give you an extra day.

Can’t turn in your essay because you told yourself you’d print it in the morning and forgot? No worries! It’s in google drive! Need a past assignment for reference but have the copy at home? No worries! It’s in google drive!

14. Your study space significantly impacts productivity. Organize your room/space to maximize concentration/productivity.

15. MOST IMPORTANTLY, give yourself some time off.
If you don’t, you’ll eventually burn out and nothing will be able to motivate you again. I like to go watch a movie alone once in a while because it clears my mind for 2 hours. Being constantly bombarded with due dates can lead to massive anxiety issues. And guess what? You can’t get anything done if you’re having multiple panic attacks or if you’re in bed all day because you’re depressed. Take care of yourself. School can wait but your physical and mental health can’t.

The Gals in college.

 I’ve been asked this a 100 times so..

  1. Hope Solo –> School: Washington ; Major: Speech Communications
  2. Syd Leroux –> School: UCLA ; Major: History
  3. Cap America –> School: Monmouth ; Major: Special Education
  4. Becky Sauerbrunn –> School: UVA ; Major: English
  5. Kelley O’Hara –> School: Stanford ; Major: Science, Technology and Society
  6. Whitney Engen –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Political Science
  7. Shannon Boxx –> School: Notre Dame ; Major: Psychology/African-American Studies
  8. Amy Rodriguez –> School: USC ; Major: Psychology
  9. Heather O’Reilly –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Education
  10. Carli Lloyd –> School: Rutgers ; Major: Exercise Science and Sport Studies
  11. Ali Krieger –> School: Penn State ; Major: Advertisement/Public relations
  12. Lauren Holiday –> School: UCLA ; Major: Sociology
  13. Alex Morgan –> School: UC Berkeley ; Major: Political Economy
  14. Morgan Brian –> School: UVA ; Major: Kinesiology
  15. Megan Rapinoe –> School: Portland ; Major: Sociology
  16. Lori Chalupny –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Sociology
  17. Tobin Heath –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Communications
  18. Ashlyn Harris –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Communications
  19. Julie Johnston –> School: Santa Clara ; Major: Communications
  20. Abby Wambach –> School: Florida ; Major: Leisure Service Management
  21. Alyssa Naeher –> School: Penn State ; Major: Kinesiology
  22. Meghan Klingenberg –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Business Administration
  23. Christen Press –> School: Stanford ; Major: Communications/Psychology
  24. Emily Sonnett –> School: UVA ; Major: Sociology
  25. Kealia Ohai –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Journalism and mass communication
  26. Crystal Dunn –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Sociology
  27. Sam Mewis –> School: UCLA ; Major: English
  28. Casey Short –> School: Florida State ; Major: Criminology
  29. Andi Sullivan –> School: Stanford ; Major: Management Science and Engineering
  30. Jane Campbell –> School: Stanford ; Major: Psychology
  31. Rose Lavelle –> School: UW ; Major: Sociology
  32. Lindsey Horan –> SKIPPED COLLEGE TO GO PRO
Anatomy 101 - Anthony Ramos x Reader

Summary: Anthony is an art student who needs someone to model nude. He chooses the reader, who happens to have an unadvisable, annoying crush on the sunshine-y boy. 

Warnings: Swearing!

Word Count: 2,966

A/N: It is officially the first day of the Write-A-Thon! I may have stayed up until 12 just for this, oops. But I’m super excited because I love Anthony Ramos and I love this AU and there is just a LOT of love to give, okay??

askbox | masterlist

Really, when it came down to it, Anthony Ramos had asked you to be naked for him three times in total.

Let’s get some context in here.

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verseofthedead  asked:

I feel Journalism majors would risk all their time trying to get interviews from people who have gotten in touch with the fae. The school paper reads like old Weekly World News. The writers all go by a handful of pseudonyms. They want a big story... It comes at a price. Every once in a while a reporter goes missing. A month later a story will come in by an unknown author, it always read like a creepypasta. No given name, written in first or second person, there is always a dark twist at the end.

Once in a while a particularly well-written or chilling piece will gain attention on the web and for a little while the school paper is praised for showcasing up and coming creative writers. The section in which these stories tend to be lifted from is reserved for journalism major’s Last Known Pieces; it’s more an obituary than anything else. But no one off campus needs to know that.
I do genuinely love the idea of the paper reading like an intentionally batty paper click bait-kinda dealio. It’s regarded as satire by a good half the campus.

my grandparents were super crazy and loud last night when we brought them inside at midnight and they woke up my dad. he didn’t say anything i just saw him sitting up in bed looking exhausted. he works mornings.

i told my mom that today and she was like eh he can deal with it. i was like yeah he knew your parents were cuckoo for cocoa puffs when he married you. she said actually before we started dating!

they met in college because they were both journalism majors. one day mom got wind her hometown high school was cutting the journalism budget. she volunteered to go down and speak at some thing where they were supposed to convince a committee to keep the program. she asked all around the program and nobody wanted to go except this weird dude who she thought was hitting on her. nobody else would go not even the guy she was dating. finally she was whining about it in the newsroom of the school paper and my dad was like .. i’ll go. and she was like thank god im not gonna be by myself.

so they go down there and they give little speeches to which no one really listened and then they went to my mom’s parents’ motel where they lived and had cake to celebrate my aunt’s birthday. grandma was there but grandpa was asleep. on the way back up to fresno state she’s like talking about how fucking nutso her parents are like all the bizarre shit they did when she was a kid and the weird prejudices they have, and my dad was really like. quiet. but he was always quiet and mom couldn’t really read him, so she just figured she’d made him uncomfortable and called it a wash.

she told me she hadn’t rly considered him as a romantic prospect, and she was still in the flagging ends of a not-quite-relationship, so she wasn’t like trying to impress him, she wasn’t pretending to be nicer or smarter or more civilized than she was, she wasn’t trying to hide her childhood from anybody, she was just sitting there as her worst, best, most true self, venting about her family, and they got back to school and went their separate ways, and a month later he asked her out.

mom was telling me about this and she was like, i was just puzzled. like i had to have misunderstood, like he knew i’d lived in a motel.

and i was like he liked you anyway.

i just think that’s basically the ultimate. yk? like there you are venting about and making fun of your dysfunctional, racist, humiliating family, and this guy is riding in the car with you watching you and listening to you and falling in love with you.

last christmas we were playing a jeopardy board game with my brother and his girlfriend and yk how on jeopardy they stop in the middle and alex gets an anecdote from each contestant? my mom pretended to be alex trebek and asked my dad to recount how he met his wife, and he was like “i was a junior at fresno state and i was running late to professor waters’ class, and i was going down the hall, when i saw this heavenly light emanating from under the door…”

he makes my mom laugh.

i feel like that’s all i’ve ever wanted.

Constant | Part 2

Vernon x Reader

3013 words

Synopsis: After moving in with you, Vernon needs some help controlling his reactions to you. He deals with it in the only way he can think will work.

Warnings: a wet dream what has my mind done I’m sorry

I update this series every week on Sunday close to 6 pm EST

Part 1

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You know, a lot of people don’t realize this but….

The animals at the zoo represent so many opportunities for biologists around the world to learn basic information about, well, animals! We get research proposals all the time from researchers, both among our own staff and globally, seeking permission to include the animals in their research. We approve the proposals that are of the greatest scientific value, that have potential to help us even further improve our qualities of animal care, and that are certain to cause no harm of any form to the animals. Recently two papers were published in major academic journals by scientists from regional universities that contribute some fascinating information to the global body of knowledge about animals.

Dr. Bonnie M. Perdue (Department of Psychology, Agnes Scott College) published: Perdue, B.M. 2016. The effect of computerized testing on Sun Bear behavior and enrichment preferences.            Behavioral Sciences 6, 19; doi:10.3390/bs6040019

The field of comparative cognition investigates species’ differences and similarities in cognitive abilities, and sheds light on the evolutionary origins of such capacities. Dr. Perdue realized that, while cognitive studies commonly are conducted with animals such as dogs, elephants, primates, and even giant pandas, many animals have never been studied. So, she applied some standard methods, using an ingenious rugged computerized touchscreen apparatus, to our sun bears. Bears typically use their tongues to explore and manipulate their environment and, she found that the bears actively engaged the touchscreen menus with their tongues.

The screens had dabs of honey on them in the earlier trials, to draw the bears’ attention to these novel objects. Once familiarized with the screens, the bears proceeded to learn to interact with specific color- or shape-targets on the screen in exchange for treats. Soon, the bears were preferring to interact with the computer screens more than any of the other enrichment items available to them. This study discovered a new method by which bears can be studied and showed that the experiments were preferred by the bears who actively involved themselves at every opportunity. This is fascinating stuff!

Alexis Noel (a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech) and her colleagues published: Noel, A.C., Guo, H-Y., Mandica, M., Hu, D.L. 2017 Frogs use a viscoelastic tongue and non-Newtonian saliva to catch prey.           Journal of the Royal Society Interface 14: 20160764. 

Frogs can capture insects, mice and even birds using only their tongue, with a speed and versatility unmatched in the world of synthetic materials. How can the frog tongue be so sticky? In this multi-faceted study that included some frogs here, used high-speed films of frog feeding to understand the behaviors involved in tongue-feeding. Then they used high-tech measurements and characterizations of frog tongues at Georgia Tech to investigate the structural properties of frog tongues and saliva.

They found that the tongue’s unique stickiness results from a combination of an incredibly soft and stretchable anatomy soft and a saliva that simply does not follow the normal rules of how liquids respond to pressure. The tongue acts like a car’s shock absorber during insect capture, absorbing energy and so preventing separation from the insect. The unique saliva spreads over the insect during impact, grips it firmly to the tongue, and yet it slides off easily once it is back in the mouth. This combination of properties gives the tongue 50 times greater work of adhesion than known synthetic material (such as everyone’s favorite, the sticky-hand toy). These insights offer many new ideas and models for applications in industry and engineering. Yet more proof that frogs are the coolest animals on Earth!
To learn more things people dont realize about zoos here ~>  Zoos Queues

anonymous asked:

Is the college au available for update? I can't see the date on mobile. Thanks for your work.

sure is

Gran Knows Best by smokesforsterek (1/1 | 2,889 | G)

“Derek Hale, when are you going to ask that nice young man to marry you?” Grandma Hale asks from her spot on the porch, overlooking the backyard.
“We’ve only been dating for 6 years,” Derek huffs out a breath, a small smile appears on his face.
“‘Only'” she says trying mimic him, “like 6 years is two weeks. If he was a woman he would be begging for a ring at this point,” she jokes.

or the one where Gran and Laura knock some sense into Derek about finally asking Stiles to marry him.

not really casual by bibliosexual (1/1 | 2,714 | PG13)

He might be down for casual stuff, theoretically—in fact, he kind of expected he would be, and he’d even started down that path by making out with a random girl during orientation and then a different random girl later that same night at the freshman bonfire—except that then he walked into Biology on the first day of classes and there was Derek, and suddenly no one else looked half as interesting.

What’s Left of Me by Takentothenext (1/1 | 3,632 | R)

Derek was the bold one who struck out into his new life without hestitation. Stiles had been the emotional one; uncertain and a little broken. How was it then, that Derek had become the one pining for what he couldn’t have?

New Jeans by jesslikeschub (2/2 | 10,343 | R)

Stiles is a broke college student who likes to party and eat garbage. So he’s getting chubby. And there’s a certain stud of a lacrosse player who doesn’t mind a bit.

A Comprehensive Study in Getting a Boyfriend via Persuasive Essay-Writing by Luddleston (1/1 | 14,591 | NC17)

Stiles is a junior Journalism major who takes Rhetorical Strategies because it covers his English requirement. He’s also trying to be subtle about the way he keeps checking out his professor.

Derek is a grad student teaching his first class ever. He also has the most annoying student on the face of the planet, and is done reading essays about the history of male circumcision.

Flirty e-mails are exchanged, Stiles spends way too much time in Derek’s office, and they fall in love over a mutual hatred for APA formatting.

Less Than Average by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 2,768 | NC17)

Derek feels insecure about a certain…personal attribute.

Please Go Slowly by brokenpromisesandhope (1/1 | 4,293 | R)

Stiles and his boyfriend Derek are going to school 1300 miles apart, that’s scary.

Falling in Hurt by FangirlWolfie (1/1 | 13,935 | NC17)

Derek was a bit broken, not pieced together right.

Stiles was everything Derek wasn’t. Alive, vibrant, social, popular.

He was also cold eyes, soft moans and long fingers.

Derek had known he should stay far away from Stiles Stilinski.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could recommend articles or books for someone who is not an anthropologist but would love to be one. It could be of any topic, but friendly towards someone who doesn't have an advance knowledge in this study field. Maybe you could recommend your favorite first articles/books that made you fall in love more with anthropology when you were just starting to study it. Thank you! P.s. I LOVE your blog; I have learned so much and it's really entertaining 😊

Thank you!! This is a tough question, and I hope others comment some other sources. 

Geertz, Clifford. 1973. “Thick description: Toward an interpretive theory of culture.” In The interpretation of cultures. 

Geertz, Clifford. 1974. “‘From the native’s point of view’: On the nature of anthropological understanding.” Bulletin of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 28 (1): 26-45. 

Malinowski, Bronislaw. 1922. “Introduction.” In Argonauts of the Western Pacific. 

Farmer, Paul. 1996. “On suffering and structural violence: A view from below.” Daedalus 125 (1): 261-283. 

Abu-Lughod, Lila. 2002. “Do Muslim women really need saving? Anthropological reflections on cultural relativism and its Others.” American Anthropologist 104 (3): 783-790. 

Foucault, Michel. 1976. The history of sexuality

Chomsky, Noam and Edward S. Herman. 1998. Manufacturing consent. 

Chomsky, Noam. 2016. Who rules the world? 

Mead, Margaret. 1928. Coming of age in Samoa. 

Bohannan, Laura. 1961. “Shakespeare in the bush.” Natural History. 

Said, Edward. 1978. “Introduction.” In Orientalism. 

The Combahee River Collective. 1977. “A Black feminist statement.” 

Bourdieu, Pierre. 1992. “Price formation and the anticipation of profits.” In Language and symbolic power. 

Duggan, Lisa. 2003. “Introduction” and “Equality, Inc.” In The twilight of equality? 

Harris, Marvin. 1976. “History and significance of the emic/etic distinction.” Annual Review of Anthropology 5: 329-350. 

Benedict, Ruth. 1934. Patterns of culture. 

These are in no particular order. Just the order I remembered them. 

Any article you can look at that’s from a major anthro journal like American Anthropologist or American Ethnologist or things like that is also good. A lot of the ones I want to recommend are actually from queer theory, not anthropology. I tried limiting it to that field specifically. Actually I lied some are queer theory good luck figuring out which. 

Anything by any of these authors is also worthy. 

You may be able to find a lot of these as PDFs online but you didn’t hear it from me. 

Edit: you can also find films or short videos featuring a lot of these people, especially Chomsky

anonymous asked:

What about the journalism students? The too curious for their own good types who always want to know where this student went or what this means. I doubt they would always fare well.

Journalism majors! There’s no overarching Elsewhere feelings on the major as a whole; they are wary of people who will do so much for the truth, but on the other hand they have a lot of admiration for storytellers and careful persuasion.

Jackpot (Nakamoto Yuta)

Rated: M
For Sexual Situations, and Language

Word Count: 4,600+

Reading Time: 15-25 minutes

(A/n: Hello! So, this isn’t my first story (it is my first for tumblr), but it has been awhile since I’ve written anything and actually posted it. I originally wrote this for a friend and revised it so I could share it here. I hope you enjoy it. Hopefully this won’t be the first and last story I share here, but who knows with my lazy butt. Happy Reading!) - Suhspectacles 0-0

Originally posted by jaehyunshotpack


A cool summer’s night breeze drifted over her bare skin of her arms and back as she was escorted from the black limo. She had now set foot in unfamiliar territory for quite possibly one of the best excuses her fiancé had ever giving her; gambling. You see, on every other occasion, ________ loathed being asked to attend some fancy pants event as his arm candy. People were usually very stuck up and snobbish, lacking the fun or entertainment that she much desired. Being the fiancée of a high-powered attorney had its downfalls, like; being dragged around and shown off like a trophy.

 You see, before ________ met her fiancé, she had high hopes of becoming one New York’s greatest reporters. She was in her second year of college, journalism as her major, when she met him. Now usually when it came to overly attractive men, she made sure to look, but keep her hands to herself. She knew no good could come from a pretty face. But this man, one year older than her, was relentless in his pursuits. Flowers, gifts, candy, the works, he gave her everything she could have ever asked for.

 But ________ didn’t have an eye for the gifts he threw her way, no, she took the bait for other reasons. You see, after this young man told his mother just how much he longed for the companionship of this female, she sought to buy ________. So, the young lady struck a deal with his mother. She’d go out with the lady’s son, if she in return helped with her career. Now a few years later, she’s engaged to the dull, spoiled, momma’s boy. And though they met in the states, he had on intentions of keeping here there when his businesses all resided in Seoul. So now she was truly stuck with him, living halfway across the world.

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The Reunion

Summary: It’s time for the Riverdale Class of 2019 Ten Year Reunion! Betty Cooper is excited to see all of her old classmates, but there’s one classmate in particular that she can’t seem to get off her mind…

Chapter One

“Hello and welcome back to Riverdale High School! Please take a moment to find your name tag - you’ll notice it has your yearbook picture on it to help people better recognize you.”

Betty smiled brightly as the man in front of her searched for his name tag. She watched with curiosity as he plucked one off the table - Benjamin Nisher.

She tried to remember any sort of memory she had with him. She seemed to recall something about… chess club? Or maybe it was the book club? Whoever he was, Betty was drawing a blank.

Oh well, you can’t know them all.

“Ethel,” Betty turned to the young woman standing beside her, “Would you mind going back into the kitchen and checking on our appetizers? Guests are arriving and I want to make sure the wait staff is prepared to start making the rounds.”

Ethel nodded with a smile and headed off toward the cafeteria, leaving Betty alone at the welcome table. She looked around, smoothing the skirt of her dress before readjusting the floral arrangement for the millionth time. As former student body president, it had been her responsibility to plan the ten-year reunion. Which worked out surprisingly well, coinciding perfectly with Betty’s career as an event planner.

She remembered being in high school, dreaming of being a reporter. She had even followed those dreams to Boston University, majoring in journalism and graduating with honors. Unfortunately, dreams were quickly dashed when she found herself glued to a desk instead of out in the field, everything she reported on feeling lackluster when compared to her times in Riverdale.

She had been tasked to interview an up-and-coming event planner in the area when things finally clicked into place. Before she knew it, she had applied for an internship with the company, quickly rising through the ranks before finding herself second-in-command of one of the most elite planning companies in the United States. She loved every ounce of her work - the planning, the use of creativity, the organized chaos of it all - it left her buzzing with satisfaction. And now here she was, back at her old high school, with everything seeming to come full circle.

Ten years. It had been ten years since she’d graduated high school. Ten years since she’d left the borders of this town. Ten years since she’d seen him.

Her heart sighed at the thought of him. She wondered where he was now. She’d heard rumors - everything from being in jail to thriving in New York - but the only truth she knew was in his novel. His tale of Jason Blossom’s murder had mild success across the country, and wild success in Riverdale. He had sent her a copy when it was published, a simple “Thank you” scrawled on the inside cover. Nothing more. It was the only real communication she had received from him since graduation.

The door opened, and Betty brought herself back to reality. Plastering on her best smile, she welcomed an alumni couple as they approached the table. Giving them their name tags and sending them on their way, Betty mentally kicked herself for getting so lost in the haze of adolescent memories. There was no use thinking of him, she reminded herself, because wherever he was he was long gone. He had even RSVP’d no to the reunion.


A familiar voice rang out across the hall, and Betty looked up to spot her lifelong best friend walking toward her.

“Veronica! Hi!” Betty rushed out from behind the welcome table and embraced her. “How are you? It feels like it’s been forever.” 

“Wonderful!” Veronica beamed, “Tonight is our first night out without the baby. Archie was incredibly nervous, but we simply couldn’t miss this! Especially since it’s a Betty Cooper event! Plus,” Veronica winked at her, “I needed a good excuse to wear this.” She backed away and gave a small twirl to show off her slimming black cocktail dress, complimented by violet heels and her signature pearl necklace.

“You do look amazing.” Betty laughed, “As always.”

“As do you!” Veronica cooed, “Seriously, Betts, that dress is gorgeous with a capital G! Blue has always been such a great color on you.”

Betty blushed at the compliment, her heart warming in the glow of her friend’s affection. “So, where is Archie?”

“Parking the car, probably double checking that all he has all the baby photos ready to show off.” Veronica laughed. “What can I say, he’s one proud father.”

“Talking about me?” Archie appeared, a smug grin on his face and a familiar blue and yellow jacket slung over his shoulders.

“Archie, it that -”

“His letterman’s jacket?” Veronica rolled her eyes, “Yes, it is. Babe,” She gave him an accusatory look, “I thought we agreed you’d leave it in the car.”

“Oh, come on Ronnie! I’m reliving high school!” Archie pouted dramatically, “Just let me have my fun.”

“Alright fine - but just for tonight. Then it goes back in the attic where it belongs.” Veronica smiled and placed a single hand on his chest, leaning in and kissing him sweetly. “Now come on. Let’s head inside and let Betty finish her work. She’ll join us later.”

“See you on the dance floor Betts.” Archie joked, winking at her and dramatically spinning around to show off his “moves”. Veronica laughed at him before pulling him away, the two of them disappearing into the gymnasium.

“Betty,” Ethel scrambled up to the table, “The appetizers are ready to go, but Josie just grabbed me and said somebody moved her earpiece after sound check, she can’t find it.”

Betty sighed. It wouldn’t be a true event without at least one problem to be handled. “Okay, I’ll go talk to her. I’m sure it’s nearby. Do me a favor and keep greeting our alumni okay?” Betty placed an encouraging hand on Ethel’s shoulder before moving down the hall, welcoming people as she went.

She was halfway to the music room when she spotted him.

8 Tips for Journalism Majors

1. A journalism professor once asked me why I didn’t get a specific piece of information and I said “They didn’t tell me about it.” She said ” No, you didn’t ask.” I’ll never ever forget this: If you don’t ask, they won’t tell you.

2. Try and say yes to all kinds of story assignments. You never know what you might learn or who you might meet.

3. Keep rewriting your questions. Make them better and more open-ended. You want your subject to talk about things they weren’t planning on talking about. The more questions you ask, the more unique information you have for your story/article.

4. When interviewing someone, some longer pauses in conversations are okay. They’ll feel like they need to fill the silence so they’ll continue to speak. Just listen.

5. Notice everything. What they’re drinking, eating, wearing, their gestures, their speech patterns. No detail is too small.

6. I hate when professors tell me there’s stories all around me but it’s true. I just have to stop being lazy and actually pay attention. Be in the know! Sign up for local newsletters, read local blogs, read flyers on cork boards at the coffee shop, read everything you come across.

7. If you don’t write for the school paper, even once or twice, you’ll have nothing to use for when you’re applying to internships and jobs. So please, get some clips in while you can.

8. Learn all about social media and how to use it to your advantage. Track your online work, see what people are responding to and engage them. Branch out. They won’t come to you, you have to go to them. That applies to everything in journalism and life, too.

starlightprincess17  asked:

Hi! I'm a Cultural Anthropology student transferring form a community college to a big University in the fall. I'm a little nervous about keeping up and was wondering if you have any book/ article recommendations to help me brush up on upper division concepts and prepare for the type of work done on the quarter system vs semester system. or just good reads in general. The school is UC San Diego if you need specifics. Thank you for your time.

I’ve only even been to semester schools, so I can’t really help you there. Below I’m reposting a list of readings I’ve suggested to others before (see FAQ), and surely people will comment here others: 

Geertz, Clifford. 1973. “Thick description: Toward an interpretive theory of culture.” In The interpretation of cultures.

Geertz, Clifford. 1974. “‘From the native’s point of view’: On the nature of anthropological understanding.” Bulletin of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 28 (1): 26-45.

Malinowski, Bronislaw. 1922. “Introduction.” In Argonauts of the Western Pacific.

Farmer, Paul. 1996. “On suffering and structural violence: A view from below.” Daedalus 125 (1): 261-283.

Abu-Lughod, Lila. 2002. “Do Muslim women really need saving? Anthropological reflections on cultural relativism and its Others.” American Anthropologist 104 (3): 783-790.

Foucault, Michel. 1976. The history of sexuality.

Chomsky, Noam and Edward S. Herman. 1998. Manufacturing consent.

Chomsky, Noam. 2016. Who rules the world?

Mead, Margaret. 1928. Coming of age in Samoa.

Bohannan, Laura. 1961. “Shakespeare in the bush.” Natural History.

Said, Edward. 1978. “Introduction.” In Orientalism.

The Combahee River Collective. 1977. “A Black feminist statement.”

Bourdieu, Pierre. 1992. “Price formation and the anticipation of profits.” In Language and symbolic power.

Duggan, Lisa. 2003. “Introduction” and “Equality, Inc.” In The twilight of equality?

Harris, Marvin. 1976. “History and significance of the emic/etic distinction.” Annual Review of Anthropology 5: 329-350.

Benedict, Ruth. 1934. Patterns of culture.

These are in no particular order. Just the order I remembered them.

Any article you can look at that’s from a major anthro journal like American Anthropologist or American Ethnologist or things like that is also good. A lot of the ones I want to recommend are actually from queer theory, not anthropology. I tried limiting it to that field specifically. Actually I lied some are queer theory good luck figuring out which.

Anything by any of these authors is also worthy.

You may be able to find a lot of these as PDFs online but you didn’t hear it from me.

Edit: you can also find films or short videos featuring a lot of these people, especially Chomsky @starlightprincess17

Ferus Ferrum

It would be difficult to secure funding for a literary journal in a standard university - at Elsewhere, most professors wouldn’t dare. Going to the Dean to beg for money, it would be too much like a deal, a favor owed - even if the Dean wasn’t one of them, you didn’t make tenure at EU by taking unnecessary risks.

So it’s difficult, but not impossible - which is why everyone is slightly in awe of Professor Howell, when the petite, soft-spoken poetry professor announces to her classes that she’s looking for volunteer readers and editors.

They call the journal Ferus Ferrum, and their submissions come from across the country. The staff are all English or Creative Writing majors - they know the Rules, and Professor Howell trains them well. The editors learn how to create an email database, how to solicit submissions without “please” or “thank you”; they choose pen names and debate different weights of paper and call the printers to ask if their toner contains iron oxide.

When the first issue is printed they have a release party, with pizza and cake and a tray of vanilla pudding from the dining hall tucked into the corner. There is a palpable but unspoken amazement in the air that they made it, that the journal is sitting in front of them finished, and no one was mysteriously disappeared or even “borrowed,”, and everyone is filled with awe and pride and a fierce kind of victory over the particular entropy of Elsewhere.

So of course, at the end of the party Professor Howell makes an announcement to her staff: she’s leaving.

Not for good. They’ve never known a professor to leave EU, although they don’t think about it particularly hard. She’s pregnant, she tells them, and she’s going to take the next year off for maternity leave. She’s convinced a colleague to take over advising Ferus Ferrum, Professor Chapel, and he’s new.

As they walk back to dorms and parking lots, Howell takes her editors aside. He’s new, she tells them, and they nod, but they don’t understand. They’re writers and they learned the Rules quick, and they all secretly believe that the people who don’t realize the strangeness of Elsewhere are hiding something.

Professor Chapel walks into the first editorial meeting of the next year and the poetry editor looks to the nonfiction reader on her right and they both think, “Ah, he’s new.” Chapel grins freely and stammers and bleeds apologies. He has a tattoo that is a reference four-places removed from a Dickinson poem, and he gushes at length about an obscure short story he read in his first year of grad school. He’s a wonderful professor, and an excellent advisor, and he hasn’t the faintest clue about the Rules. The Ferus Ferrum staff, new and old, take one look at him and realize he’s a sitting duck.

With the steel resolve of their first issue backing them, the head copy editor immediately begins organizing the troops. Two fictions readers who work together at a cafe smuggle out salted bagels and a photo editor delivers them to Professor Chapel’s office every morning. Someone produces a fountain pen with a ring of iron below the grip and hands it over as a welcome present. In meetings they make sure to rib him when he missteps around the “school traditions,” and make an inside joke of talking to the crows. He is constantly puzzled by the salt packets that make their way into his bag, his coat pockets, the corners of his office.

It’s a massive undertaking, and requires almost as much coordination as putting the journal itself together. Which is why it’s so disappointing when “Professor Chapel” walks into a meeting late with sharp teeth and golden eyes.

(They give him back a couple days later, thankfully. At least he doesn’t complain about the salt packets anymore.)


anonymous asked:

is it bad i really want to kiss you right now? ”
“ do me a favor, kiss my ass. ” Bughead! Please and thank you.

as you wish, anon! hope you enjoy the mini-fics.

“is it bad i really want to kiss you right now?”
Future!Fic where Betty and Jughead go to NYU together and share a dorm. 

Betty was sitting in her bed, typing furiously. Every ounce of rage she had was being pummelled at her poor keyboard, and she hadn’t realized her delicate fingers were practically being willed by liquid anger coursing through her veins, until the spacebar on her laptop got jammed in on one side, as if to say stop it Betty, breathe, give me a break too. Pressing the other side more softly, it eventually released. She put the computer to the side and flopped her head into her pillow, trying to get a handle on her breathing, counting out her inhales and exhales.

The dorm was small, and her bedroom even smaller, and her anger over the transpiring of her day’s events seemed far too big to contain in said four walls. Continuing to count her breaths, she walked down the stairs, waved to the RA, and sat outside against the brick walls of her college-mandated living arrangement. If only Jughead hadn’t left the forms to the last minute, perhaps their dorm’s placement would be closer to ideal. Oh well, what could she do?

Once she could feel the molten blood under her pale skin stop rushing, Betty sat up, smiling and proud that she hadn’t dug her nails into her palms as a stress response. Jughead would be so proud, her heart swelled at the thought. Even though the beanie-clad boy had a tough exterior, it was really just hiding the big heart of a child who wanted to be loved.

He cheered her on from the sidelines of everything in her life - cheerleading in high school, to right now, pursuing her major in journalism at NYU. The building with the small apartment her and Jughead called home directly overlooked a busy street, and if not sirens, then honking taxis or the shared rooms’ music floated through the thin apartment walls at all hours. But anywhere Jughead was, she could make it feel home, so there wasn’t too much to complain about. He was with her, after all.

Finally, the boy of the hour came out the door, chest heaving, wearing nothing but a white tank top and black sweats. She stood up and threw her arms over his shoulders, crossing them at the wrist.
“Betty? Where were you? I was so worried, I—“ He stopped mid sentence.

For some reason, Betty looked more beautiful under the flickering streetlight than ever. Her hair looked like stardust spun into strands of gold, as though the very glow of the stars overhead coursed through each thread of it. Instead of tied up into a ponytail, her hair was down and wavy. Her eyes glowed a green akin to the leaves on the little bushes outside the entrance of the door, but laced with a sparkle under the smattering of worn old mascara from earlier. 

Her cheeks and lips were a warm, rosy, invited shade of red, and every one of her breaths came out a breathy swirl of white in the cold November air. Her lips were curled up into a smile. She looked like a work of art, painted by the finest artist with the most beautiful array of pigments he’d ever seen. Jughead wanted nothing more than to meet her lips and kiss her over and over again until the lines on her forehead, marking her confusion and bitterness over what he’d known was a horrible day disappeared.

“Is it bad I really want to kiss you right now?” his voice didn’t come out as smoothly as it had sounded in his head, but rather shaky as he hitched on his own breath.

He couldn’t help himself. Just as the thought left his head, his lips met with hers and she sighed. It felt like home. Try as she might, their small dorm didn’t give her the unforgettable sensation of being at home but his lips evoked just that. His hands rested gently on her waist, as hers rested on his broad shoulders.

Just like when they were teenagers, his heart pounded against the inside of his chest and every single sensation was heightened. The butterflies in her stomach still battered up a storm at his scent of cigarette smoke (a horrid habit, he was well aware,) and deodorant mixed with something all on it’s own. His chapped lips scratched at hers faintly, but she could barely feel it. Their lips broke apart, as her thumb traced the smattering of beauty marks on his skin. She smiled at him, and he could have sworn his heart still stopped every time.

“Betty, it’s freezing cold out here. Lets go back inside, alright? Then you can tell me all about these horrible injustices committed by your english professor,”
“Oh, alright,” She sighed, as he kept one hand on the small of her back as they reentered the worn brick building.

Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but if Betty and Jughead were together, anywhere they went felt like home.

“do me a favour, kiss my ass.”

set in present time, where jughead has been attending Southside high for a while now.

Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Jughead were sat in a booth at Pop’s, enjoying an after-school break. Well deserved honestly, it was exams week at both Riverdale and Southside High, and they were all worked to the bone.

“I am likely failing that exam,” Veronica said, taking a long sip of her chocolate milkshake before setting the glass down.

“Yeah, me too, Ronnie.” Archie agreed, his face in his hands as he sighed.
“Am I allowed to add that I feel I did pretty well?” Betty said jokingly.

“NO!” They said, in unison. Jughead rolled his eyes at the two, they were sickeningly affectionate in public as Veronica nuzzled into Archie, the two barely comfortable in the vinyl booth.
“If you two want so much room, go get a room. We’re in public, you know.” Jughead said, sardonically, biting his tongue when Betty laughed.

The truth was, he, no, they, were just as sickeningly affectionate as the couple across from them, who were now looking at what appeared to be cat videos on Veronica’s phone, based on the meowing sounds.

Jughead too, loved kissing every inch of Betty’s body, cuddling with her on cold nights and he knew she loved it too. She kissed him on the cheek, smirking at his blush.

“You know, for such a disgustingly sweet person yourself, you seem pretty annoyed by Archie and Veronica. They’re not that bad,” She said, her fingers lacing with his on her left shoulder.

He tried to keep up a cold exterior, but around the beautiful blonde girl next to him, he barely bothered. She’d crack it so easily. 

Betty felt her phone let out a beep, so she took it out of her back pocket to answer the incoming text. Betty’s face screwed up in disgust? Anger? Her lower lip jutted out as she stared at her screen, and all Jughead could think was how much he’d love to take those lips on his own, and kiss her until he could barely breathe. He tried to distance the thought.

“Oh great, now Ethel texts me that she found the exact exam we just took online. I could have used it for preparing!”

“Betty, you’re kidding.” said Archie, looking practically livid. She slid her phone across the table, as he opened the link Ethel had sent to a PDF that showed their exam exactly.

“Betts, I’m sure you did fine, don’t worry about it,” Jughead said, smiling at the beautiful girl sitting next to him. She took a sip of her smoothie, lips removing from it with an audible pop. He stared at her lips again, less-than-decent thoughts entering his stupidly adolescent mind.

“Well if I don’t do fine, our stupid teachers can do me a favour, and kiss my ass.” Betty said bitterly. Veronica giggled a bit at Betty’s uncharacteristic foul language, before her own attention was diverted to Archie, still looking incredulously though Betty’s phone. 

Jughead’s voice dropped an octave lower as he whispered in her ear, “I mean, I would, but we’re in public, you know.” And then his hand dropped from the small of her back to over her behind, and she tried to ignore his fingers toying with the hem of her skirt, occasionally brushing the soft skin.

“Well, lets go somewhere less public,” she whispered back, looking suspiciously at the two teens across from them, a wave of relief washing over her that they hadn’t heard anything.

“Uh, guys, I-uh, gotta go now. My mom needs some help…” she said, standing up and trying to think of a convincing lie as she took her phone from off the table.
“At the Register?” Jughead offered, knowing Betty was a terrible liar.
“Uh, yeah! How’d you know?” She said, trying to play it off as though Jughead hadn’t just filled in her own unconvincing dishonesty.
“Just a guess. I’ll walk you there,” He said, a mischievous glint in his eyes that she had picked up on.

“Uh, sure Betty,” Veronica said, skeptically. “See you later,” Archie added, as the two teens dropped their share of money on the table for the meal, and almost sprinted out of the diner. 

“Those two are going to go fuck, aren’t they?” The raven haired girl added, rolling her eyes.
“Probably,” Archie said, noticing Betty and Jughead’s lips locked to one another right outside.

well that was fun! I always love writing these little ficlets. but as it’s rather late, I don’t think I’ll be able to write any more tonight. I’ll write the rest of them, as well as the endings for my current 3 WIP fics tomorrow, if my stupid writers block lets up. 

if you want to send me more requests from this list, here’s my ask!